OLTL Update Friday 1/7/11

One Life to Live Update Friday 1/7/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
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Natalie holds the shot gun on Marty in the cabin and reminds her that she (Marty) has no choice but to stay there. Marty has no phone, no car and no way out of there. She tells Marty maybe she should look in the paper for a job because when Natalie gets done reporting Marty for stealing her medical records, Marty won’t be shrinking anymore. Natalie then goes out the door, confident that she has Marty right where she wants her. She falls over and appears to be having a contraction.

Bo tells John that he suspects that Inez might be lying about the two of them having sex.

In the courtroom, Téa has successfully gotten Nate acquitted. Todd and Dani stand beside her while she tells them she knows that Nate did not do it. They ask why she would know that. She replies that she knows that he is trying to protect “somebody.” Hearing that, Todd asks who Nate would be protecting. They view him hugging his mother and Todd asks if she believes that Nate is protecting his mom.

Jessica wants to leave the hospital after having contractions. Viki and Charlie tell her it’s too soon.

Echo walks into Dorian’s home and demands that Dorian pays her for damages.

Clint rushes to be with Jessica in the hospital. Outside, in the hall, Brody asks Vivian if she can assure him that everything is going to be okay with Jessica’s baby. She warns Brody that she would be lying if she told him that everything was going to be all right.

In the cabin, Natalie tells Marty that she is not going to let Marty tell John the secret and ruin many people’s lives. But once again, Natalie falls over in a contraction. Marty tells Natalie she can lie all she wants but must realize that she is in labor.

Echo tells Dorian that she owes her for damages. Dorian owes her for chiropractic care when she fell down the chimney as well as a hair touch up and manicure and many other things including the $10,000 for the work Dorian hired her to do. Dorian tells Echo that she did not take any pictures and she does not owe Echo for that. But she could sue Echo for the damages to her chimney. Echo tells Dorian she knows that she (Dorian) and Viki cooked up this little scheme to get her (Echo) out of the way.

Jessica tells her parents that she knows that she is going to be okay. They cannot assure her that.

Natalie breathes and tells Marty that she’s fine now. She probably just ate something that didn’t agree with her. She’s not due for weeks. She tells Marty she must know that this was not planned. She and Brody did not plan to sleep together. Marty does not know anything about it and cannot keep threatening her. Marty tells Natalie the John deserves better than a lying, cheating person like her. Natalie asks Marty who she is to be saying that to her. Marty again reminds Natalie that her contractions are only a few minutes apart and she needs to know that she needs medical care and cannot ignore it.

Vivian tells Jessica, Brody, Viki and Charlie that she cannot guarantee that the baby will be okay if she delivers it now. In fact, she knows that there are serious risks.

Bo tells John that Rex suggested to him that Inez could have slipped something in his beer so that that he would believe that they had sex. John reminds him that the question is, why she would do that.

After the court hearing which Inez was not able to hear or know about, Dani fills her in on the details about how her mom suggested that there could be many other suspects besides Nate.

Téa tells Todd that she thinks it’s kind of sweet that Nate wants to protect his mom. But he is worried that if this kid goes to jail, he will have two daughters crying about imprisoned boyfriends. He tells her she needs to make sure that Inez goes down. She reminds Todd that she is there to defend Nate and not prosecute his mother. He asks her what kind of a mother would let her son take the wrap for her.

Outside the courtroom, Nora meets with an assistant who can clearly tell that she has some personal issues with Inez and her son. Nora tells her, the last time she checked, murder was still a crime in the commonwealth, regardless.

As soon as Inez is alone with Nate, she tells her son they have to talk. But when people pass by, she tells him they will talk later.

Téa tells Todd she has no idea why Inez would let her son sacrifice himself for her. She tells him, she does not want to go to the judge with her own suspicions. Overhearing that, Dani asks her mom what suspicions.

After Echo tells Dorian she knows that she and Viki are working together to run her out of town, Dorian tells Echo she has some wild suspicions. Echo tells Doran she knows that she and Viki are now thick as thieves and very threatened by Echo getting close to Charlie.

Vivian tells Jessica, Brody, Viki and Charlie that if she delivers a premature baby, there could be many life threatening risks.

Natalie tells Marty that she is okay to drive and get to the hospital. Marty tells her she better be careful. Natalie asks Marty if she could care less about her. Marty tells Natalie she cares about the baby. Natalie then goes out the door to her car but then notices that it looks like her water has broken.

The judge reconvenes in the courtroom and announces that he will grant Ms. Delgado’s motion to dismiss the case against Mr. Salinger. He needs the D.A.'s office to make more of an effort to find other suspects or build a better case against Nate before he will listen to them. When they can do that, they can re-file these charges. Hearing that, Nate stares at his mom afraid this could mean trouble for her. He urges the judge to wait.

Natalie finds herself at the mercy of Marty to help her with her desperate situation ready to give birth all alone in this abandoned cabin.

At the hospital, Vivian tells Jessica and her family that she recommends doing the C- section in order to save her life; although, it might endanger the baby. Jessica does not want to do that. But everybody else wants her to do that in order to save her life.

Echo tells Dorian that she knows how to get all the attention form Charlie she wants. It’s all in regard to her drinking problem. Charlie is a recovering drunk and obligated to help her. Hearing that, Dorian tells Echo that is an all time low to be exploiting a man’s alcoholism to get what she wants. Echo then tells Dorian that this is from the woman who tried to kill Charlie by poisoning him with alcohol. She tells Dorian she better pay up.

Clint asks Vivian why this is happening to Jessica when it has not happened when she gave birth to Bree. Vivian tells him that since the gun shot wound to the abdomen, it’s causing new complications. Overhearing that, Charlie remembers his attempt to shoot Mitch Laurence when he accidentally shot Jessica instead. Clint then takes him outside and rips into him. Viki urges Clint to calm down.

When Echo is gone after persuading Dorian to write a check, Dorian immediately calls her bank and demands they put a stop payment on the check she wrote to Echo. She then concludes that she needs a drink. She then realizes, before she grabs it, that maybe she needs a meeting, or as mayor, maybe, she needs to support the local A.A. and drinking prevention.

After Clint, Viki and Charlie find out that Jessica’s baby could die because of Charlie’s mishandling of the gun, Viki protests to Clint that he can blame Dorian also for urging Charlie to shoot Mitch Laurence. They argue, and Charlie is distraught. He leaves. Viki furiously tells Clint that he has no right to take out his frustrations on her husband. He deserves Clint’s respect.

Marty tells Natalie that she cannot go anywhere. Her water broke. She is susceptible to infection and at risk. Natalie then tells Marty that she will call for an ambulance. Marty then asks Natalie if she plans to use her phone. Marty smashes Natalie’s phone just as Natalie has done to hers. Marty then pulls the gun. Natalie tells Marty she cannot just leave her there. Marty tells Natalie she may “watch her.”

Outside in the hospital, John asks Bo if it might just be a bit coincidental that Inez’s son is getting arraigned for murder and that Eddie got shot on the same night when Bo was with Inez and does not remember anything.

After the judge dismisses the case and tells Nora and the D.A.'s office, they need to find other suspects, Nate stands up and tells the judge that he is guilty. Téa then urges the judge to let her talk to her client alone. But Nate tells her it’s okay and firmly announces to the judge that he killed Eddie Ford. Téa and Dani do not want to let him do that. Dani demands to know why he would plead guilty to something he did not do.

John informs Bo that Inez would be a perfect suspect to kill Eddie. She had means, motive and opportunity. She could have easily drugged Bo so that he had no way of knowing that she snuck out to kill Eddie. Bo then concludes that now Inez has gone from being a liar to being a murderer.

Echo finds Charlie at the hospital and tells him that she has a terrible run in with Dorian. It got her so upset that she had to “do this.” She then pulls out a bottle of booze. Seeing that, he tells her he needs to help her get rid of the booze and take her to a meeting and offer her the support she needs. She then can see that he is distraught about something and asks him what is going on. He tells her that his stepdaughter could lose her baby because of him. She asks him what happened. He explains that the last time he had a relapse, he was ready to kill the piece of slime who killed his son Jared, but accidentally shot Jessica instead. And because of that, Jessica may not be able to have children. Clint ripped into him. He can see in Viki’s eyes that she blames him, too. Hearing that, Echo then tells him he need not be intimidated by Clint who is nasty and hateful. But he tells her that he is distraught to have lost his son. He’s afraid that he will lose Viki. If he loses Rex, he has had it. Hearing that, Echo puts her arms around Charlie and promises to be there for him, and that they can get through this together. Dorian appears unseen watching them.

Inside, Jessica tells Brody that she is worried that she may never be able to have another child again.

Clint tells Viki if she thinks he’s going to apologize to the man who shot his daughter, she has another thing coming.

Natalie urges Marty to do something, reminding her that she is a doctor and knows what could happen if she abandons her when she’s about to give birth. She protest that she knows that Marty hates her, but she must know that she is not responsible for Cole going to prison, and she did not make Marty lose her baby. But Marty is not going to help Natalie.

When Charlie is alone and feeling abandoned outside of Jessica’s hospital room, he finds the bottle of booze that he threw in the trash for Echo.

Echo attends an A.A. meeting at the hospital. Dorian spies upon her unseen. Echo stands up to share, introduces herself and declares that she is an alcoholic. She then tells the group that she did not think she needs this meeting. But she just ran into somebody that she cared about and whom she lied to. Her friend is suffering. She knows if she told him “the truth” it would hurt him more.

Brody talks to Clint outside the hospital room telling him he loves Bree just as if she were his own. Clint tells Brody just like he loves his Jessica. He is courteous to Brody and tells him he needs to go and make some calls.

Inside Jessica’s hospital room, Viki tells her daughter that she has to be there for her daughter and for Brody. She cannot assume that she will lose the baby nor that she will not be able to have another baby. She reminds her that Brody will be there for her. But she has to stay healthy. Brody then enters and asks Jessica if she has decided.

John then calls and leaves a message for Natalie that goes to voicemail. She cannot answer it since Marty has smashed her phone.

Natalie tells Marty that she could not have leaving her there all alone to give birth on her conscience. But Marty remembers that her sister had to give birth on her own. Marty then tells Natalie she wishes her the best of luck and leaves 

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