OLTL Update Thursday 1/6/11

One Life to Live Update Thursday 1/6/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Téa surprises everybody at Nate’s arraignment hearing by telling them that she needs the charges against her client (Nate) to be dropped. The judge asks her under what grounds. She replies because she knows who killed Eddie Ford. She then announces that it’s Todd Manning who killed Eddie. Everybody is shocked. And Todd walks through the door to overhear.

At the hospital while Brody and John are with Jessica, they wonder where Natalie is. She has not even answered her calls from John.

Natalie has taken Marty to a cabin out in the woods. Marty awakens to see Natalie standing over her with a shot gun and asks what is going on. Natalie has “plans” for Marty.

Both John and Brody haven’t a clue what it is that Marty was so desperate to tell Jessica.

Marty awakens and admits that she does not remember what happened before she passed out. Natalie refreshes her memory to remember Marty ready to ruin her wedding and ruin Jessica’s, Brody’s and John’s lives. She then asks Marty if she’s “looking for this”. And she pulls Marty’s cell phone out of her pocket and smashes it with her boot.

In the park, outside Nate’s trial, Bo admits to Inez that it seems very odd that he does not remember sleeping with her. She asks him if he is accusing her of making it up.

When Todd enters the courtroom to hear Téa announce to the judge that she knows that he killed Eddie, Todd demands that they let him in while he is about to hear his wife accuse him of murder. The judge lets Todd stay and warns Téa that this better not be another stunt in his courtroom. Téa then affirms to the judge that she does have proof. She then turns to face Todd knowing he will say something.

When David calls Dorian, she tells him that she never wants to see him again. They lose their connection. And she tells him that she has made a New Years Resolution to move on. He tells her she does not understand. He loves her and has never stopped loving her. But she does not listen..

Blair is ready to open the locked box from Elijah so that she can move on. Cristian is beside her. They talk about it being a Pandora’s box. He tells her that she’s going to find some sort of peace after she opens it and will be able to put her past behind her and find some hope for her life.

Downstairs, when James is with Starr, they talk about whether they should be just friends or if they have stepped over the line. He tells her that he realizes that regardless of what they may feel for each other, she knows that she will always love Cole. She affirms that of course she does. He is the father of her child. He then tells her that they have to do something about their dilemma. Hearing that, she tells him that she has given it thought also. He then tells her that he has started dating someone else.

In the courtroom, Téa tells the judge that there was no evidence at the scene linking Nate to the crime. There was no DNA or fingerprints. Nora protests that the gun was found in his possession. But Téa tells the judge that the gun was found in his home but there is no proof that he used it. And she tells the judge that there should not be any trial against her client when there is another viable suspect. She turns again to face Todd. He protests that he believes he’s been framed by Marty Saybrooke. In response to that, Téa announces to the judge that there is yet another viable suspect; Marty Saybrooke.

Natalie holds a big shot gun on Marty and tells her that she’s tolerated too much and Marty has pushed her too far. And she tells her that she learned a lot from her grandpa Asa. Marty asks Natalie what she’s going to do. Shoot her?

Bo tells Inez he is not accusing her of lying. But maybe she does not remember exactly what happened either. He knows that there were a lot of empty beer bottles. He does not want to accuse her of anything but he needs to know what happened. He reminds her that his marriage has been put in some very serious jeopardy. Hearing that, she tells him she knows. She just got into a run in with Nora and it got very ugly. He tells her that Nora is devastated. Matthew is not speaking to him. And he’s certain that she might have some problems with her boys. This affects both of their lives. And after remembering talking to Rex and hearing that he (Rex), got drugged by Stacy Morasco in her desperate attempt to get Rex to sleep with her, he knows that things like that can happen.

In the courtroom, Téa tells the judge that there are many more viable suspects besides her client including not only Todd and Marty, but both of Nate’s brothers. And the fact that Nate has been convicted is a rush to judgment. So she needs all charges against her client to be dismissed.

Blair asks Cristian if he thinks he knows how to open the safe. He tells that he might know how to pick a lock since he grew up in Angel Square. He then finds a way to open it and tells her there is nothing standing in the way of her seeing what is in that box. And he asks her if she is ready. She replies she guesses. They then take out what appears to be a drawing rolled up on paper.

After David gets the guard to let him use his phone to call Dorian, he protests to her that she does not understand. She tells him she understands that he’s been the meat in a sandwich with the Olson twins and gallivanting with many women and making in public on Facebook. But he tells her she must know that that is a fabrication. He is in jail.

After James admits to Starr that he is going to date other people, he tells her that he knows that she has to stand by Cole and if she’s with him, then it will only make her feel guilty. Hearing that, she is clearly not ok with the thought of him moving on. And he indicates that his decision to date other people won’t enable him to get over her regardless of what he does.

Natalie tells Marty that she cannot trust her. And Marty has left her with no other choice. She then holds the shotgun and points it at Marty. She tells her that killing her would be a very “Buchanan” thing to do. Marty tells Natalie she knows she won’t do it. But Natalie reminds her she could easily do it. Nobody knows where she is. Marty tells Natalie that she knows that people will go looking for her. Natalie then concludes, smugly, to Marty that she is not going to shoot her. She then calls John and asks how Jessica and Brody are. He tells her he was a bit worried that she has been gone and not answered his calls. She tells him she’s sorry but things are ok and not to worry. He tells her he’s sorry about the wedding and promises to get things to work so they can make it happen. John suspects nothing when she hangs up. Marty asks her what she is going to do and remarks that Natalie knows how to lie to John all too well.

Dorian furiously tells David that she is not going to fall for his stunts ever again. She is never going to be anybody’s victim. He can have his little bimbos or anything he wants. She could care less. And she hangs up. But he protests to her about Clint although it’s too late and she cannot hear him.

Starr tells James she believes he’s right that it’s time for him to meet somebody else.

The judge calls a recess in the courtroom. Nora tells Téa that what she did was a cheap trick. Téa tells Nora that being angry at her client’s mother is not a good reason to go after him in court and she should not be prosecuting Inez’s son. Todd and Dani surround her but he’s concerned that even if Téa has cast suspicion off of Nate, she’s incriminated him.

Nora then tries to call Bo and clarifies that it’s only a business call regarding their respective jobs as police commissioner and D.A. and they are no longer together. But she knows that she has to leave a message through Inez.

Bo tells Inez that he knows that for both of them, their children are the most important thing. Hearing that, she tells him she would do anything for her sons. And she walks away knowing of all of the terrible things she’s been motivated to do in the “interest” of her sons.

Natalie tells Marty she will not live like this; constantly having to look over her shoulder and waiting for the other shoe to drop. She is not going to have her life and the lives of the people she loves ruined because of Marty’s bitterness and spite. She tells Marty that she now knows what she’s going to do. She is going to tell John the truth. She’s going to tell him about her one night stand with Brody. And maybe he can keep the secret between them. Marty asks if she thinks she can expect John to keep the secret of another man’s baby in order to protect her. Natalie tells her hat maybe she can get John to know not to hurt Jessica or ruin her relationship with Brody. He loves Natalie and cares about them.

Bo goes to the hospital. Brody leaves him to talk alone to John who knows something is up with Bo. Bo tells John that Nate’s hearing is underway. And he wonders about Inez.

In the courtroom, Dani is dressed like Téa’s paralegal and confident that her mom will win the case for Nate.

Téa tells Todd that she knows how to get Nate acquitted. And if Todd gets into trouble, she knows of a good lawyer.

After James concludes to Starr that he’s going to start dating, they conclude that they can still be friends and talk when they see each other at school. She tells him she hopes he finds somebody really great. He tells her he hopes that Cole appreciates what he’s got. He leaves. Dorian tells Starr she’s glad to see that she took Dorian’s advice. She assumes that the reason James was there is because Starr has decided not to be a prison widow and wants to move on with a new young man. Starr admits to her aunt that she was ready to tell James that very thing. But they both know that they cannot do that to Cole.

After David has been unsuccessful in getting through to Dorian, he tells the guard if he can just use the phone one more time, he will do better than sign an autograph for his wife. He can sleep with the guards’ wife.

Blair and Cristian pull out a drawing that somebody did of her with her hair up. She wants to tear it up to end any memories of Eli. But he wants to stop her from doing that. He tells her this is a beautiful work of art. She tells him she does not want to disrespect the artist but wants the whole idea of Eli out of her life. They both do wonder, however, how it was that Eli could have found this picture since he was a lawyer and not an artist. And she knows she never sat for this picture. And Cristian notices something else very odd in that the picture was done 8 years ago long before she ever met Eli.

In the prison cell, David concludes that he only wants Dorian. At that point, he finds a yak bone and believes he can carve his way out of the prison cell.

Dorian tells Starr that any man who would do what Cole did to get himself put in prison must realize that no woman, especially a Cramer woman, can be expected wait around for him forever. But Starr protests that she and Cole love each other regardless. That love will never die. And she concludes that maybe James is nothing more than an “alternative” for when she is lonely and missing Cole.

James then goes to Buenos Dias and a classmate finds him. It’s an attractive girl who invites him to have hot chocolate with her.

In the courtroom, Téa, Todd and Dani observe Nate with his mom. Téa tells them she does not believe that Nate did it. But the reason he’s taking the rap for it is because he’s trying to “protect somebody”. We then see him hugging his mom.

Bo tells John that he believes that Inez is lying about something.

At the cabin where Natalie is holding Marty, she tells her she has to leave. And Marty has no choice except to wait for her. She reminds Marty she has no car, no phone and it’s too cold out there to walk. She tells Marty she might want to look in the paper for another job, reminding her after she reports her for stealing her (Natalie) medical records, Marty won’t be “shrinking” anymore. Natalie then goes out the door confident and smug. But Natalie falls over and appears to be having contractions.

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