OLTL Update Tuesday 1/4/11

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 1/4/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

David Vickers is seen in the prison where Clint has sent him, vowing to get out of there and to be able to convince his dad and all of his friends and family that he has been misjudged and it’s not his fault that he’s been sent away.

Nora is alone lying on the couch watching television without the sound and appearing distraught.

Bo is at Clint’s home after agreeing to let Clint take him in for one night. Clint affirms: “What are big brothers for?” to Bo

Rex and Gigi are together when they see, on the television, David’s commercial for the hemorrhoid product called Have A Seat.

Brody and John rush Jessica to the hospital when she has contractions.

Natalie and Marty are left behind in the courtroom ready to “go to battle” over whether Marty tells Jessica the secret that Natalie is pregnant by Brody.

Jessica and Brody are worried about her having contractions since it’s too early for her to go into labor.

David is once again seen and vowing to get out of he prison some day some way.

Viki is with Dorian admitting that she is ready to resort to drastic measures to get Echo out of her life.

Meanwhile, David is attempting to shovel his way out of the prison cell by scraping the bricks with a spoon. He says that just a few tea spoons a day will some day bring him back to the “love of his life”. He tells “somebody” that they will plot their revenge against Clint Buchanan who has taken him away from the love of his life.

Meanwhile, at Clint’s home, he tells Bo he may stay there as long as he needs. Bo thanks his brother but tells him he’s afraid he’s pretty bad company without Nora. He tells Clint that he was a fool to have gotten himself into that situation with Inez. Clint tells his brother that this is a new year and things can turn around. Bo reflects that his life went from perfect to worthless and it’s his own fault. Hearing that, Clint tells him it was not his (Bo's) fault. Bo then asks Clint whose fault it was.

The guards go to David’s jail cell and tell him they know that he has taken a spoon. He has committed theft. They believe in an eye for an eye. And when they find it, they will use it to scoop his eyeballs out. David affirms that he is a vegan and has no use for a spoon nor does he know where it was.

Clint tells Bo he should not be so hard on himself. Everybody makes mistakes. Bo tells his brother this is not a mistake. This is beyond that. And he tells Clint he needs to go home now and beg Nora to take him back.

At the house, Matthew asks his mom why she is watching the television without any sound. She asks her son what he’s doing up. Matthew then admits that he could not sleep either.

Rex appears to be having a dream that David is on the television talking to him. Rex tells David this is not really happening. But David tells Rex it’s his fault that this has happened. He allowed Clint to have him rotting in this lousy jail cell and refused to tell Bo and the others what happened to David. Rex then awakens and Gigi demands to know what is going on with him. He is not certain whether to tell her about his dream.

At the hospital, Brody urges the nurse to find Vivian. They need a good doctor and not some inexperienced kid fresh out of med school to deliver Jessica’s baby.

Natalie and Marty are back in the empty courtroom. Natalie demands to know how Marty can go through with what she is doing regarding Natalie’s sister. Marty firmly tells Natalie that she must realize that her actions have consequences.

Clint tells Bo that he must know that Nora has a temper and might really go off on him if he goes back tonight. He needs to give her time to cool down. Bo tells his brother he knows that Clint knows about Nora. He also reflects that for Clint to be there for him tonight is a great thing and Clint needs to know what a good man he is. If only Bo knew.

Nora and Matthew are alone and angry with Bo yet missing him. He apologizes for opening up his mouth and revealing what he knew about this dad and Inez. But she tells her son that he must never apologize for telling the truth. She does however ask him just what gave him the idea that something was going on between his dad and Inez.

Bo and Clint drink Asa’s bourbon and Bo tells Clint that he must know what it would mean for their father to see them together able to reconcile. He tells Clint that he has justifiable reason to be furious with both Bo and Nora after what they did regarding going behind his back. But Clint tells Bo if there is anybody to apologize it’s himself.

In the prison, David tells the guards that they cannot remove his eye balls. They must know that they are one of his best features.

Viki concludes to Dorian that she has to leave. She has already gone too far asking for Dorian’s “help” with Echo. But Dorian makes her laugh and engages her when they talk about Echo sliding down the chimney of Dorian’s home full of soot and dressed as Santa. Viki then asks Dorian why she would do all of this for Viki and act so concerned about Viki’s marriage. She asks Dorian if it has something to do with Dorian’s losing David.

Bo asks Clint what he (Clint) ahs to be sorry for. Clint replies that he is afraid he gave his brother some bad advice.

Nora attempts to probe Matthew for why he says he knows that his father slept with Inez. He then tells his mom that he went to the Salinger’s home and saw Bo and Inez on the couch. He admits that he has no proof hat they had sex but they looked like they were going to. She reflects that Bo told her something about not remembering what happened. And she asks Matthew how and why he wound up at the Salinger’s home in the first place. In response to that, Matthew is spooked and remembers his conversation with Clint where his uncle “egged him on” to see for himself that his dad is cheating on his mom with Inez.

While Bo and Clint are talking in Clint’s living room, they see the “Have a Seat” commercial clear as day on the television. David wears his tuxedo and sits in a mansion appearing glamorous and charismatic until he introduces the “wiping” solution that he needs for his hemorrhoids. Bo and Clint both grimace to watch and Bo mutes the sound so they can continue to talk. He tells Clint that he is disappointed at how David left Dorian at the alter. He thought that things would be different this time. David swore that he loved Dorian. Bo believed him. But he bailed on her and disappeared. He affirms to Clint that maybe it’s just as well he’s gone and Bo realizes how Clint feels about him. He chuckles to his brother telling him at least David won’t end up at the “wrong end” of Clint’s shotgun. Little does Bo know that it was Clint who sent Bo’s son away? He tells Clint he knows that he is unlike their father who would take revenge upon his brother’s son. Bo tells Clint that brothers have to stick together. And he tells him again, how much it means to him to have Clint there with him. Clint then urges his brother to stop and is ready to tells him they both know of all of Clint’s faults. But Bo gets a call form the prison guards. And he hears David’s voice in the background urging them to let him talk to his dad.

Rex has a nightmare/vision of David confronting and haunting him, telling Rex that he (David) has to live in a worthless prison cell with rats the size of small children and uninhabitable living conditions all because Rex could not “man up” and tell the truth. Rex then yells back at David on the television screen protesting that it was Clint. He threatened to send Rex to prison for corporate espionage. Shane would have grown up without a father. And Gigi finally got to live her dream by going back to school. Clint threatened to take that all away. David then tells Rex it’s all about cash. That’s all it means to Rex Balsam. He screams at Rex demanding to know what type of a shallow selfish person Rex is. Rex is tossing and turning in his sleep while he hears David confront him.

Marty tells Natalie that she loves to judge Marty. But it’s Natalie who has betrayed her own sister and who is ready to marry a man under false pretenses. And she’s only attacking Marty because she is the only one who is going to stop Natalie

John goes to find Vivian and informs her that Jessica is having contractions. Brody is by Jessica’s side and she appears worried. Vivian enters and tells her they will see what is going on. Outside the room, Brody and John talk about being the respective fathers of two twin sisters’ babies. But they wonder where Natalie is and why she’s not there by now.

At the courthouse, Natalie tells Marty she will do whatever Marty wants. But she urges Marty to please not go through with this. She tells Marty she needs to be the one to tell John. Marty asks her why. SO that she can play the victim? Marty tells Natalie she’s not going to let her manipulate John into raising another man’s baby with her. She tells Natalie she’s going to the hospital. But Natalie shouts at her no way.

John and Brody are outside the hospital room door when Jessica is getting examined.

When Bo gets a call from the Moroccan prison guards regarding David, Clint grabs the phone and tells them they must have gotten “the wrong Buchanan”. The guards then silence David and assure Clint that they will not let “this little monkey” out of his cage. Bo is still clueless as to what is going on.

In response to Nora asking Matthew why he went to the Salingers’ the night in questions, he tells her that since Nate is a classmate, he had to get some things from him for school. But Nora finds it to be a very odd coincidence that her some just happened to be there the very same time his father was.

After Viki suggests to Dorian the possibility that she wants to work out her unresolved issues with David by helping Viki run Echo out of town, Dorian protests that Viki could not be more wrong. She tells her she is not doing damage control for Viki and Charlie because of her needing to cover up the fact that she’s hurt that she lost David. She tells Viki that David Vickers Buchanan is a dead issue for her. But Viki does not buy that. Dorian tells Viki that David is a worthless louse who did her a huge favor by disappearing on her. But Viki tells Dorian she does not believe that for a minute.

Matthew asks his mom if she plans to divorce his dad. She admits that she really doesn’t know. A part of her wants Bo to go away. But another part of her just wants him to walk right through that door. Matthew looks at his mom and takes her hand.

Clint gets Bo convinced that a business associate of his mistakenly got Bo’s number instead of his. Bo asks him if he has business associates in Morocco and seems to question the validity of that. And he tells Clint that something sounded very strange when he got the call. It almost sounded like somebody was in the background yelling “pa”. Hearing that, Clint does not know what to say or do. He then tells his brother that it was a bad connection and they were on a conference call with many people talking. He tells him that it’s a very remote area and the phone service leaves much to be desired. Clint then tells Bo that he has to go and fie up a jet and get there. He tells Bo he hates to leave him alone. But Bo can stay there and Nigel will take good care of him. Before Clint gets ready to leave, Bo tells him that he realizes he doesn’t know much about B.E. but if Clint needs his help, he needs to ask. Clint then tells Bo he need not give it another thought. And he leaves.

Rex has his nightmare of David on the television screen telling him that he is wasting away in a prison and will be nothing more than sewage very soon all because of Rex’s cowardly silence. Rex protests that if David did the crime, he must do the time. David then reminds Rex that he was ready to marry the woman he loved but then the next day, he wakes up in this hell hole. Rex protests that he thought the charges were legit. David asks if Rex bought that without looking into it and reminds Rex that he thought he was a P.I. Rex tells him he is. David then demands that Rex tells him if he ever wanted to find out if it was true. And he haunts Rex. Rex then yells and awakens. Gigi asks what has happened. Rex tells her “him” and points to the television that has nothing on it.

While David is in the prison, he tells the guards he has the right to make one phone call. But they throw water on him. And the chalk that he’s written Dorian’s name on the wall with gets washed out. He yells he name and falls to the floor appearing devastated.

Viki is talking to Dorian when she gets a call from John. She assumes that her new son in law is happy and ready to tell her about his wedding to Natalie. He tells her that it’s about Jessica. She’s in the emergency room.

In the courthouse, Natalie tells Marty that if she tells Jessica the secret, she is warning her. Marty then asks Natalie what she plans to do. Kill her? Because that is what she will have to do. The two of the get into a struggle and Marty falls over.

David tells the guards that he needs to make his call and is willing to double whatever uncle Clint is paying them. But they remind him he has no money. He admits that that is true but reminds the guard that people’s favorite television show is Pretty People Crime which is also called the Supermodel Crime Club. He tells the guard he will give him something better than money. He can give the guard’s wife his autograph. He knows that they must all be big fans of David. The guard then admits that he and his wife have had some problems. David tells him he knows all too well what it’s like to not be getting any from the wife and tells him he can help save his relationship if the guard helps David save his.

After Clint has left, Bo attempts to call Nora. Her phone rings. She picks it up to see their wedding picture on the screen and it says: “Bo is calling”. But she does not answer.

Rex awakens and tells Gigi that he was having a nightmare about David Vickers. She asks him if it was regarding hemorrhoids. He tells her no.. But he knows he cannot tell her his secret regarding David.

David manages to get the guard to at least consider helping him to break free. And at that point, he expresses hope that he will see Dorian again..

Dorian observes, on her television, the commercial for Have a Seat where David advertises “one swipe with the wipe”. She rolls her eyes.

Brody sits beside Jessica and assures her that this is not going to be like the previous pregnancies that she’s lost. All of her checkups have turned out well and this baby is going to be healthy and strong. Viki then rushes in and promises her daughter that things will be just fine. But Jessica admits she is scared. Brody then goes outside to find Vivian and asks if the pain that Jessica is feeling is normal. Vivian replies that it’s not and admits that she’d be less than honest if she told him they did not have anything to worry about.

Marty passes out after struggling with Natalie. Natalie checks her pulse and concludes that Marty is dead.

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