OLTL Update Monday 1/3/11

One Life to Live Update Monday 1/3/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At Capricorn, they count down to the new year at midnight. Blair and Cristian are alone and kiss. Joey hugs Kelly but does not kiss her. Aubrey does not seem to be there. admits that it’s not the thing to do.

Aubrey opens the door to her hotel room. A man enters and they kiss passionately.

Rex and Gigi kiss and talk about New Years resolutions. He tells her he’s going to love her more in 2011 than he ever thought possible. He asks her about her resolution. She admits she was going to say eat more greens. But she wants to do what he wants to do. He then realizes that he does not see Marty and wonders if she has left.

Natalie and John are ready to get married in the courthouse. Jessica and Brody stand by them. The judge is ready to pronounce them husband and wife. But before he can say it, Marty rushes in and yells to stop this wedding.

At Capricorn, Rex admits that he is worried that Marty could have gone after Natalie. Gigi tells him she wants them to get home. But he wants to find out what happened with Natalie’s wedding and make sure that Marty is not making trouble for his sister.

When Marty enters, Jessica asks if she is ok. John asks her if Cole is ok. She then tells him that she hopes that they understand what it’s like to raise a child when they have one of their own. Natalie angrily reminds Marty that they are in the middle of a wedding. Marty firmly tells her she knows that.

At Capricorn, Rex remarks to Gigi that Blair and Cristian have not come up for air yet and are sill kissing. Gigi wonders what her boss is up to when he’s engaged. Cristian then pulls away from Blair and reminds her that he is engaged and cannot do that. She reminds hi that he is angry with Layla because he saw her in that French magazine all over her boss. He tells her that he is supposed to be planning his wedding right now. She reminds him that she is “supposed” to be married to “Mr. perfect” but has now found out that he was a psycho killer.

Jack Manning is alone in the living room with a power drill attempting to open up the box that Elijah Clark left for Blair. Sam notices and asks his older brother why he’s still up and what he is doing.

Gigi asks Rex what happened when Kelly came by earlier and got him to investigate somebody for her. He admits that at first, he refused but now want to find out some information on Joey’s fiancé for Kelly.

Joey tells Kelly that he believes that Aubrey would never kiss another guy or be unfaithful to him.

But in Aubrey’s hotel room, a guy is taking off his clothes and ready to come after her. But she tells him he better stay away from her and demands to know what he is doing there.

Marty tells John and Natalie she promise this will not take long. But she has some news she must deliver.

At Capricorn, Joey tells Kelly that too many people are judging and assuming the worst of Aubrey. Hearing that, she asks who is doing that.

The guy who comes to see Aubrey tells her that he flew all the way from Europe for a reason.

Joey tells Kelly that his dad is convinced that Aubrey is a gold digger. Hearing that, Kelly informs him that the impression she got is that Aubrey has her own life. He tells her that he has tried and failed to convince his dad of that. And he expresses that he is tired of people undermining his judgment about being with Aubrey.

Aubrey’s “visitor” tells her that he was very careful to wait until “that dope” left. And he confirms that the secret picture that she does not want Joey to see is of the two of them together.

Joey tells Kelly that he is really disappointed that Aubrey is sick and that she could not have hung out with him and Kelly.

In the hotel room, Aubrey tells her “friend” that it’s his fault that the photograph of the two of them together got post in the magazine. He tells her she should have known that there were photographers. And they talk about the “job” that they have that could come between them. Joey calls. And as soon as she answers, he asks her if there is somebody there.

Kelly finds Rex at Capricorn and asks if he has any tools they could use to break into Aubrey’s room.

Blair tells Cristian that maybe he should not call Layla. She is probably asleep. He indicates that he does not trust Layla and believes she is with somebody else. Blair tells him that maybe now is not the time to call her if he’s had too much to drink and if he’s upset. He then asks her to tell him the truth on whether she believes that he and Layla have a shot. Hearing that, she tells him that she really cannot answer that.

Marty affirms that she did promise Natalie she would not tell John “something”. But there is something she needs to tell to Jessica.

Back at the house, Jack Manning is ready to stop at nothing to open up the safe that Elijah gave to his mom, very intrigued about finding what the “psycho killer” got for her. He has broken the drill bits in an unsuccessful attempt to open the safe and wants to brainstorm with Sam on how to open it. But before they can go through with their plan, Blair returns with Cristian knowing that her two boys are up to no good.

Cristian calls Layla and confronts her.

Joey calls Aubrey and admits to Kelly that it does not appear that she is staying at home and sick. Kelly then goes to urge Rex to get the goods on Aubrey. Gigi is annoyed that she is interrupting their time together. Kelly then tells Rex that she thinks she knows what Aubrey’s big secret is and believes it’s in regard to the magazine, Maintenant. She knows that the reason why Aubrey has been obsessed about getting her hands on this magazine is something far more significant than needing something to read. But Rex tells her this is New Years Eve and he and Gigi are on a date. Kelly then tells him that she can send the two of them on an all-expense paid trip to Europe if he breaks into Aubrey’s room tonight. But he concludes that he is off duty. Gigi concludes that Rex is done “snooping” for the night. Joey enters and asks what it is that Rex was going to “snoop”

Right before Marty is ready to tell Jessica something, Brody goes out the door with Marty and tells the others that he is going to give her a ride home. He takes her out into the hallway and reminds her that he has footage of her breaking into the hospital from the security camera and he could get her fired and prosecuted if she tells Jessica and John the secret. But Marty tells him that they have the right to know Natalie’s secret. Jessica comes out the door and asks Marty what she was going to tell him. Brody tells her that it’s alright. Marty has nothing to tell him. But Jessica tells them it’s ok and asks Marty what she was going to say. Inside the room, John and Natalie want the judge to finish the ceremony. He tells them he wishes he could but there is no way he can marry them now.

Natalie and John want to rush the ceremony but the judge tells them that he has to wait since the two witnesses are not there and there appears to be suspicious circumstances. John tells Natalie that he cannot believe that Marty would not get over her anger toward Natalie and that she’s caused Natalie a lot of trouble. He tells her that no matter what Marty says regarding how this is about Cole, a lot of the reason why she’s been angry at Natalie is because she’s with John. He tells her that regardless of circumstances, it’s going to be just the two of them and their baby. Outside the courtroom, Jessica tells Marty that she needs to hear what she ahs to say. Brody wants Marty to go away and drop it. And she’s ready to do what he’ warned her she better do in order not to get in trouble. But Jessica tells Marty that they have to hear what she has to say and then she has to get inside to be with John and Natalie.

After Joey asks Rex what he was going to “snoop” about, Rex pretends that he was just going to show Gigi and Kelly his “snoop dog” dance. Rex manages to get Joey to drop the subject and leaves to get back to Aubrey.

In her hotel room, Aubrey confirms that she has a “plan” with the guy who is with her. She tells him he has to go back to Paris. But he tells her no. He plans to stay in Llanview.

Blair attempts to find out why the boys are playing with power tools. She overhears Cristian furious on the phone and he confirms that it’s true that Layla is cheating on him.

Rex and Gigi are getting ready to leave. But Kelly wants him to find out what Aubrey is doing alone in her hotel room. He tells her that she’s with Joey for the night so she needs to give it a rest. But Kelly seems to know that something is going on.

Aubrey and the guy reveal that she is falsifying that she is in love with Joey and the two of them are attempting to pull off a scam. Joey knocks on the door.

When Marty is ready to tell Jessica what Jessica is demanding that she divulge, it appears that Jessica is having a contraction. The others wonder if she’s going into labor. She tells them it’s just a cramp that will go away. But it happens again.

In the hotel room, Aubrey hides the guy, puts on her robe to appear to Joey that she’s sick and gets the door. She greets Joey in her convincing manner to make him suspect nothing and tells him she thinks she is feeling better. He tells her in that case he is definitely staying. He then goes into the other room to take off his clothes and she tells him she will be right there. And she rushes to get the guy out the door unseen by Joey.

Rex and Gigi return home and she wants him to notice her new lingerie. But he is on his computer engrossed in finding the magazine that Kelly wants to him find that might get the dirt on Aubrey. He is completely lost in thought and Gigi cannot get him to come to bed.

Aubrey closes the door on her friend and Joey can see that she was talking to somebody. She replies she was talking to the bellboy about bringing them Champaign. He tells her that they do not need Champaign and he passionately kisses her.

Rex is on the computer looking at the magazine and pictures of Layla and the other guy. But when Gigi takes off her clothes, he forgets about his “work”.

Blair asks Cristian why he is assuming that Layla is cheating on him just because the guy is in the hotel room with her when he calls her. He tells her that it’s pretty obvious that it’s happening. She then tells him that even if Layla is cheating, she is very stupid to give up on an awesome guy like him. He tells her that he has been very blind not to have seen that Layla has been pulling away from him for a long time. He tells her that if Layla cannot be faithful, then why should he? He considered Gigi but now knows that she back with Rex. But he can find “somebody else”. She then knows that he appears to have had too much to drink and can’t drive home. So she invites him to stay in one of her rooms. He then notices that she appears to have sprained her ankle and doesn’t want her to walk on it. So he carries her up the stairs.

Rex is then getting obsessed with his investigation. But Gigi gets him to focus on them.

Kelly is alone at Capricorn knowing that there is something going on involving Aubrey.

Joey is upstairs with Aubrey, ready to have sex and suspecting nothing.

While Kelly is alone at Capricorn, Aubrey’s “friend” appears and sits by himself.

Brody and John take Jessica to the hospital. Alone with Marty, Natalie tells her that she is going to be sorry if she thinks she’s going to pull a stunt like this.

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