OLTL Update Wednesday 12/29/10

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 12/29/10


Written by Lisa G.
Pictures by Juanita

Smile! yells Langston to Starr, it's New Year’s Eve! Starr tells her to stop being so happy, that neither one of them want to be home along together. Starr wants to get close to James, just as friends, because she doesn’t trust herself. She appreciates Langston wanting to stay with her, but thinks she should be with Ford. Langston says NYE is a night for sex and she is not quite ready to trust Ford enough to move forward.

Dani goes to visit Nate in prison because her mom pulled some strings so she could spend NYE with him. Dani tells him that she knows he did not kill his dad. Nate does not confirm his statement except to say, “What we have here is a failure to communicate”. Starr and Dani leave, but Dani returns to tell Nate she wants to be with him, no matter what.

In their room, Aubrey is on the phone again and Joey overhears a piece of the conversation...what didn’t you want me to see Aubrey?? She tells him it’s the wedding dress and by the way, can’t we celebrate the NYE holiday by staying home. He wants to show her off to Kelly and friends. They get dressed and head over to Rodi's.

At Rodi's, Kelly tells Blair she still thinks something is up with Aubrey. Cris has a tabloid magazine with a picture of Leila with her hands all over her boss. Cris tells Blair that he is not sure if she is having an affair, but they are living completely different lives now and he doesn’t know what to think. Ford is also there with James and is toasting to the death of their ‘old man’. James can’t celebrate because he is thinking about Starr. Next, Aubrey and Joey come in to Rodi's. Joey picks up the magazine to show Aubrey the picture of Leila and she almost passed out. She insists to Joey that he should just call her a cab (as she snatches up the magazine) and stay with his friends. Aubrey walks away, clutching the magazine to her chest.

Marty is also at Rodi's talking to her champagne. Gigi makes a comment to Rex that she is pretty much freaked out by her. Marty makes a fast, purposeful exit. Cris introduces Blair to the crowd who sings a beautiful ballad to which flashes to our friends in Llanview at their current actions – Nate in prison, James pulls Starr up to dance, Dani looking very sad, Lang dancing with Ford, Aubrey looking at the picture of her with someone in THAT tabloid, Kelly looking faraway, Joey is looking deep into Kelly’s eyes….

Aubrey arrives home at The Palace, still clutching the tabloid, there is a knock at her door and there is a man. He unbuttons his jacket and they jump on the couch and kiss…a very long, hard kiss.

Ford and James leave Rodi’s and head over to see Nate in prison. James admits he was with dad and he was alive, so what happened. Nate tells his brothers that his lawyer told him to not talk about the case, but the one thing his brothers can do for him is to take Dani to the NYE party. (Starr is also there) and she tells Dani that she should listen to Nate. Her life can’t stop because he is in jail. Cole told her that she had to go on with her life; not to sit and brood over him and what could have been.

John is marrying Natalie tonight. Brody is with John and Jess is with Nat. John is very nervous and Brody reassures him that he is doing the right thing, he’ll be happy. John tells Brody he thinks someone is going to take away their happiness. Natalie is with Jess who is telling her how happy they will be, but Jess sees how nervous she is. Gigi and Rex enter. Nat apologizes for the sudden wedding with just them and the judge and not inviting them. They are very okay with the sudden nuptials; they just want her to be happy. Jess excuses herself and Rex asks if Marty is going to start trouble; Nat says she promised not to and she has to hope she wasn’t lying. Back in the other room, John and Brody can’t believe they are marrying twins, having babies; who would have thought? John can’t believe it, but he is so happy and wouldn’t have it any other way. Jess and Nat continue with their moment, as sisters. Jess gives her a gift; it’s a necklace from Asa for her 16th birthday. If Nat has a girl, she wants her to pass it on to her on her 16th birthday. The judge walks in and is very happy to preside over their vows. He comments that when he usually gets an after hour call from John it is for a subpoena based on a hunch. This, he is happy to do. So the wedding begins. Natalie and John profess their love to one another and repeat their vows.

As they exchange rings and the judge is about to validate their marriage, Marty bursts in and shouts to stop!

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