OLTL Update Tuesday 12/28/10

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 12/28/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, after the Lamaze class, John asks Natalie to marry him tonight. She responds happily and speaks loud enough for Marty to overhear.

Clint comes through Viki’s door and she admits that she was afraid that Echo was there. He tells her that he needs to talk to her about how they get “that little gold digger Aubrey” out of Joey’s life.

Rex enters Aubrey’s empty hotel room after Kelly has convinced him to find out if she is hiding something.

Aubrey is downstairs in the lobby purchasing a magazine and opens it to see something that startles her and that she is worried that something terrible could happen if Joey sees it.

Kelly is at the gym pounding a punching bag. Joey enters and sees that she appears to be taking her frustrations out on something. He asks her what is going on.

When Matthew leaves his parents’ home in anger after hearing and seeing some terrible things, Nora asks Bo what could be their son’s problem. How could he make such malicious charges that Bo would have slept with Inez? Bo admits to his wife that it’s not a malicious accusation. It’s true. He did sleep with Inez. Hearing that, Nora is shocked and tells her husband she does not feel good and runs off. She re-enters and asks “how long”. He asks her what she means. She asks how long this has been going on. He tells her it was not an affair. IT just happened once. It was a mistake when he had too much to drink. And he explains that it was “not even him”. She demands to know when it happened. He replies the night that Eddie Ford was murdered. She asks if that was the night when Rex rescued her. The night when she was tied up and gagged and fighting for her life with a maniac who was going to touch her, he was sleeping with his assistant. He protests that it was not like that. She asks what it was like. Was it a quickie? Did he spend the night with her? Was he at Inez’s apartment? Was it right there in his and Nora’s mutual bed? He tells her he was at Inez’s apartment and left in the morning. Hearing that, Nora sounds distraught and asks him how he could do this to them.

Kelly asks Joey why he would decide to join a gym. He asks her why she would. They both admit that they didn’t used to work out and found other things to do with their spare time. She then asks him if Aubrey has gotten him into working out. He tells her that Aubrey is busy with their wedding plans. But he asks her if she would like him to “spot” her. And they are ready to work out together. They, then, see Cristian Vega enter and appearing angry. They ask him what is wrong. He then shows them something in a magazine..

Aubrey then asks the guy at the news stand to let her buy every copy of this magazine she does not want Joey to see.

Upstairs in Aubrey’s room, Rex goes into her drawers and sees some lingerie. He then pulls out an envelope and concludes that maybe Kelly was right after all that Aubrey is hiding something.

Clint tells Viki that he is concerned that his son might be blinded by a pretty face and unaware that his pockets could be emptied out by Aubrey. She asks him why he is so concerned about money and so paranoid. He tells her that this is about all of their children’s futures so they must somehow get Joey to break off his engagement. But, hearing that, Viki tells her ex husband he must realize that none of their children have ever listened to their telling them things of that nature. So there’s no point in talking to Joey about Clint’s opinions.

At the hospital, Natalie tells John she wants to make sure that he is not “pressured” into anything. He tells her that he does not feel any pressure. And maybe if they do not do this now, they may not have another chance with her sister’s and her brother’s weddings and all of the work that they both have to do that keeps them busy. He tells her that he might want to have something small for a wedding. If she wants a big wedding that would be ok. But he wants to get married before the baby is born and before the year is out. She then concludes that they better hurry up and she kisses him. Jessica and Brody observed them happily. But Marty overhears and appears very unhappy. Jessica overhears and happily tells Natalie and John that she cannot believe that they are getting married so soon. They talk about how they can find somebody to perform the ceremony so soon and Natalie wants Jessica to be her maid of honor and John wants Brody to be his best man. The four of them are ready to put plans into motion. Brody then leaves. John goes and sits beside Marty after Natalie and Jessica are gone. He tells Marty that he ahs some news that he would like to share with her. She tells him that she has some news she would like to share with him first.

Aubrey is in the hotel lobby arranging to buy all of the magazines so that Joey will never see something.

At the gym, Cristian furiously shares with Kelly and Joey a picture of his fiancé “all over another guy”. Kelly attempts to read French and tells him that it’s just a lingerie shoot. But Cristian is not ok with the fact that Layla has forewarned him that the photos he will see will be her hanging all over her boss. And, he tells them, he wonders what else she is not telling him.

In Aubrey’s empty hotel room, Rex looks through the envelope but does not find anything. He then goes to see if she has anything on a laptop that might be of use to know.

Viki tells Clint that she refuses to participate in his plan to run Aubrey out of town. Even if she believes that Aubrey gives them cause for alarm, which Viki does not at this time, it’s Joey’s mistake to make. And if they put pressure on Joey to break up with her, it will only push their son farther away from him. She also tells Clint that if two people are really in love, then nothing and nobody can break them up.

Bo the attempts to explain to Nora that before he spent the night with Inez, he spent days trying and failing to reach her. She refused to return his calls and indicated that she would not forgive him for the argument they had.. He then got tons of text messages from her phone that he did not realize that Eddie sent. She asks him how he could possibly believe that she would have sent him texts that she wanted him to sleep with another woman. How could one lousy argument cause him to cheat on her? Was it because of Sam? Obviously, he wanted to pay her back and hurt her for the fact hat she hurt him many years ago. She cries and tells him congratulations. He has done it.

At the gym, Kelly tells Cristian that he must call Layla and ask her about the photo. She’s sure there’s a logical explanation. But he tells her that he has already tried and failed to reach Layla and left tons of messages. He goes off alone ready to punch things. Alone with Kelly, Joey tells her that he “feels for him”. She tells him that she can understand all too well what it’s like to be suspecting that one’s fiancé is hiding something from them.

When Rex is attempting to get access to Aubrey’s laptop, she returns and he hides.

At the hospital, John asks Marty if she saw Cole for Christmas. She replies that she was not able to have a real Christmas with her son when he’s in prison and asks him about his news. He replies that he and Natalie are going to get married. Hearing that, she tells him that she knows. He then asks her how she found out.

Viki tells Clint that she is ready to take drastic action against Echo. Ever since that woman ha come into town, she’s done everything she can to invade Viki’s life and be an abomination to her. She admits to him that she and Nora had a conversation about how they have been in a similar situation. But she realizes that Nora was held captive by some sick man. And what was up with this guy sending texts to BO from Nora’s phone in an attempt to break them up? Viki admits to Clint if he knew that Eddie Ford was Inez’s ex husband and wonders how on earth this man could have done all of this in a desperate attempt to break up Bo and Nora. She asks Clint if he believes that Inez might have put her ex husband up to it. She asks Clint because she knows that he knew Inez pretty well. But Clint knows that he better not reveal his secret to Viki.

Bo tell Nora that he still does not believe that Inez had anything to do with the texts and Eddie’s kidnapping her and trying to break them up. But Nora is even more furious at his refusal to believe that Inez could do anything wrong. He tells her that he has betrayed her and wishes that he could erase it and make it go away. But he realizes he cannot. All he can do is make certain that this will never happen again. He tells her he loves her and will do anything he can to make this up to her. He tells her again that he loves her and asks if she can forgive him. In response to that, she asks him how she can even know if she can believe him. Yet he’s asking her to forgive him. He tells her that this happened once and only once and was not an affair. But the only reason he even told her in the first place is because he “got caught”. He wasn’t going to tell her except that Matthew, their son, had to see it. It’s all about trust that has been ruined. He protests that he was not going to tell her because he did not want to hurt her and believes that they can get past this. There will never be a repeat. And they are stronger than that. He reminds her that they got past Sam Rappaport and got back to each other. But she asks him how long it took him to forgive her for Sam Rappaport. She remembers that it took 10 years. She then asks him how long he expects it to take for her to forgive him.

Viki admits to Clint that she thought that for a long time it appeared that he would never get over his grudge against his brother and Nora. That would have been a tragic waste of time, she tells him. And she realizes that she might be similarly wasting time and energy on that worthless Echo. Hearing that, Clint asks her if she wants him to “get rid of Echo” for her. In response to that Viki asks him what he means. Clint then concludes that Viki always used to “take the high road”. But she admits that she is not entirely doing that anymore. She has hired Rex to dig up some dirt on her yet realizes she cannot ask Echo’s own son to do that anymore. And Charlie has to be manipulated into helping Echo with sobriety and not abandoning her because she’s the mother of his child. And she almost regrets having to find out that Charlie was Rex’s father instead of Clint.

Cristian gets on his phone and furiously confronts Layla.

In the other room, Kelly asks Joey if anybody can really trust their finance regarding secrets when they barely know each other. Hearing that, he can tell that she is not talking about Cristina and Layla. She then asks him to start with the free weights. But her mind is obviously somewhere else.

At the hospital, Marty tells John that she always figured that he and Natalie would get married since he is the family type. She congratulates him and hugs him. She does not appear upset until he leaves and Natalie comes to demands to know what she was talking to him about. Jessica appears and asks if everything is ok. Marty tells her of course. She was just congratulating Natalie on her engagement. Natalie then leaves. Alone with Marty, Jessica tells her that she noticed some tension between her and Natalie but is happy that Marty can be so gracious. And she informs Marty that John and Natalie are getting married tonight.

Cristian is furious with Layla, on the phone, talking about how she never has any time for him. IN the other room, at the gym, Joey is showing Kelly some of the procedures with the free weights and it seems there is something “more” between them. He then tells her that he didn’t realize how late it was getting. He tells her he has to get to a New Year’s event at the Capricorn and asks if she can join him. He then leaves. Alone, Kelly whispers that she needs Rex to find something on Aubrey.

Rex hides underneath Aubrey’s bed unseen and then rushes out the door when she goes into the bathroom, before she can see him.

Natalie goes to inform her parents that she and John are getting married tonight. She tells them she knows that it’s sudden. She knows that her dad wanted to give her away. But this is what John wanted. SO she hopes they can both understand. Clint asks if there will be no family. She replies that Jessica and Brody will be the two witnesses. Clint then asks Natalie if this is what she wants. She tells her father of course and urges her parents to be happy for her. Viki then looks at Clint. He replies yes and hugs his daughter. She then tells him that he still has Jessica’s big fat Buchanan wedding to plan.

Back at the hospital, Jessica tells Marty that she and Brody are getting married soon but she realizes that she has not even asked Marty how she is doing. She then urges Marty to ask if she needs anything and to know that Jessica is her friend who is there for her. She leaves and when Marty is alone, she concludes that she “might take Jessica up on that”.

Nora cries and tells Bo there is a hole in her heart that is not going away. He tells her he is sorry. He loves her. And he is not giving up on them. He goes out the door. She cries hysterically and appears distraught.

Rex meets Kelly at the gym and she asks what he found out about Aubrey. He admits nothing except that Joey is a good photographer. She then remembers that she promised him to let this go if he came back empty handed. But he tells her that he is not completely empty handed. He admits that he overheard Aubrey on the phone indicating that she has some secret going on. She then looks at the magazine where Cristian saw the scandalous pictures of Layla with her boss and puts it in her gym bag.

Clint notices Bo sitting alone in the hotel lobby looking very depressed. Bo admits that he and Nora had a huge fight and he doesn’t know what they are going to do. So he’s going to stay at the hotel. Clint graciously insists that his brother not be alone and that he stays in Clint’s home. Bo argues but Clint insists and tells him what are brothers for.

Nora is alone and distraught and throws a framed picture of herself and Bo in happier days in the waste basket.

Alone with Natalie, Viki tells her daughter she’s observed that Natalie appears to be distracted. She asks her if there is “some other reason” why she wants to hurry into this marriage Natalie smiles and assures her mom that everything is ok. Viki encourages her to have a great wedding, tells her she will be there in spirit and tells Natalie she better take pictures. Jessica, Brody and John appear. John tells her that he and Brody got the judge to bend the rules to waive the waiting period and nothing will stop them from getting married tonight.

Marty then gets on the hospital elevator and confirms that she is in fact honoring her promise that she made to Natalie, on her son’s life. She will not tell John that Brody is the father of Natalie’s baby. She will save that secret to tell to Jessica.

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