OLTL Update Monday 12/27/10

One Life to Live Update Monday 12/27/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Jessica, Brody and Natalie are sitting in the hospital waiting room practicing their breathing exercise for the Lamaze class. But John hasn’t gotten there yet.

John is on his phone leaving a message for Kelly about the slanderous article Todd wrote in the Sun about Nate getting charged with murder which has the headlines reading Bastard Kills Bastard.

Kelly finds Rex at the gym and notices that he is distracted, procrastinating and not getting to work doing what she has recently hired him to do which is digging up dirt on Joey’s fiancé.

Destiny runs into Clint at the park and he asks her if she had a good Christmas. She admits it was not great. He asks her if there is anything he could do to help her enjoy it more. She asks if he could clear her friend Nate of his murder charges. But Clint admits that he cannot do that. She tells him she is confident that Nate will be cleared because she knows he did not do it.

Nora returns home from the hospital with Bo and Matthew and happily tells her husband and son how they have pulled out all the stops to welcome her back. But Matthew makes a comment not clearly understood by his parents about the “lie”. Nora then asks her son what he just said, completely unaware of what is going on with him. He relives going to Inez’s home and observing his father with her on the couch kissing right before his eyes. Right away, Nora is ready to “find the guy” who ran her and Rex off the road. Bo tells her she needs to recuperate first. But she does not want to let it go. Matthew then listens intently to their conversation and appears spooked. Bo tells her that they do not have “much in the way of leads”. But she tells him she does.

Clint asks Destiny if she really believes that Nate is innocent. She tells him of course. She knows that only a cold blooded human being would take a gun and blow their own father away. But, he reminds her, that nobody would have suspected Cole Thornhart of being capable of murder, yet it happened. Hearing that, Destiny tells Clint that for that very reason, after everybody saw what Cole’s actions have put his family through, she knows that Nate would never put his mom, brothers or Dani through that same thing.. Clint then tells her he hopes she is right and smiles courteously at her. She tells him she realizes this whole thing with Nate is really bad. But she’s even more worried about Matthew. Hearing that, Clint asks her if there’s anything he should know about his nephew.

Matthew hears his mom telling his dad that when another driver ran her and Rex off the road, they were going down Route 7. Matthew remembers driving down that very road furious after seeing his father with Inez, declaring that his dad is a hypocrite, that the only family member he can trust to tell him the truth is Uncle Clint, and then getting on his phone to call Clint and taking his eyes off the road where he did not notice the oncoming car. He then asks his dad to put his badge down and let his mom get some rest after she’s just gotten out of the hospital. But, Nora assures her son and husband that she is fine and needs to get to the bottom of this. She tells them that she has a vague memory of what appeared to be somebody on a cell phone while driving that caused her and Rex to run off the road and have an accident.

At the gym, Kelly tells Rex all about how and why she wants to have Aubrey investigated. But he is distracted and tells her that he is sorry but he cannot take the case.

Joey is with Aubrey in her hotel room telling her that they have been stuck in this place alone for too long. But she believes that his family wants to run her out of town and get her out of his life. He tells her he realizes his dad has been less than courteous to her but his mom has not behaved in that manner. She then tells him that even if his mom appears cordial, she might have a “Secret plan” to get her out of there right now. Viki appears and tells the two of them that as a matter of fact, she does. Hearing that, Aubrey assumes that Viki wants to run her out of town and away from Joey.

At the gym, Kelly asks Rex how he could first promise to take her case and then change his mind. She asks what kind of a world they live in where you cannot count on anybody. He tells her he wishes he could help her but he cannot. He reminds her that the last person he investigated, Eddie Ford, wound up dead. Hearing that, she asks if he’s “afraid” of Aubrey. She’s a toothpick. She’s harmless. He then asks Kelly if Aubrey is so harmless, then why , then, does Kelly want her investigated.

Viki tells Joey she’s a bit concerned that since he’s been with Aubrey, he’s been isolating from his family not calling or writing. She tells the two of them she would like them to spend time at Llanfair. Aubrey asks her if she did not hear that Viki wanted her out of there. Viki tells Aubrey that is not the case. She wants to get to know her future daughter in law. She wants her to get out of this hotel room visit again and possibly bring friends or family or anybody she might like to invite. Joey then suggests that Aubrey brings Kelly since they are friends.

Natalie, Jessica and Brody are at a Lamaze class but John is late and on a phone call. Vivian observes him and asks him to turn his phone off during the class. He tells her that he cannot do that. He is the chief of this investigation. She then tells him she is the chief of birth and needs him to be attentive and focused and asks if he would plan to take a call when Natalie goes into labor. She then takes Natalie aside and asks if she and John doing ok. Natalie tells her everything is fine. But Vivian knows the truth that she must be under stress with John, the father of her baby, and her sister all there in the class. But Natalie denies that there are problems.

After Clint asks Destiny if Matthew is ok and what she might know, she then remembers in the high school gym where Matthew furiously told her that he saw, with his own two eyes Nate’s mom ready to sleep with his dad. Clint tells Destiny that he’s glad that Matthew has a friend like her. Inez appears and Destiny greets her and asks how Nate is. She tells Destiny that Téa Delgado is working on his case and thanks Destiny for being a friend to her son. Daren appears and wants to talk to Destiny. She greets him coldly and tells him that she does not want another “Christmas gift” that costs anything. He then tells her that he has a “gift” that didn’t cost him a cent. Hearing that, she asks what he has now. Mr. Evans appears and tells his daughter/granddaughter that he wants her to come home. They miss her. But she wants to stay with Shaun and avoid her parents/grandparents. Alone with Clint, Inez demands to know what he wants. He reminds her that she has not returned his calls and reminds her that she needs to keep Bo and Nora believing that she slept with Bo if she does not want Nate to go up the river and have his life ruined.

Bo and Nora brainstorm about how they can track down the car that ran her and Rex off the road. She tells him it can be done by examining tire tracks. Matthew overhears and asks how they can investigate or examine tire tracks. He tells them that all too often the police try and fail to find out what happened and how to prevent crime. He also reminds them that they might be wasting their time trying to figure out how his mom and Rex had an accident when the cops couldn’t do anything and didn’t even know that the D.A. was kidnapped by a known criminal. He then asks his dad, by the way, just what was he doing when his mom was tied up and kidnapped by Eddie.

At the Lamaze class, Dr. Vivian asks the couples to break up into groups. Some other couples ask Jessica, Brody, Natalie and John what they do for relaxation. All of them can answer except John who is engrossed in work. Vivian tells him he needs to breath and that is probably why he’s so uptight. But his mind is clearly elsewhere.

Joey tells his mom that he cannot accept her invitation for him and Aubrey to visit,. He and Aubrey have reservations to have a romantic time together alone.. Viki then smiles tells them maybe some other time. She appears courteous to Aubrey and Aubrey thanks her for giving her the benefit of the doubt and offers to maybe talk to Viki alone and get to know one another. She then goes to shower and get ready for the gym. But when Viki is alone with her son, she asks him if he is really over Kelly.

At the gym, Rex tells Kelly that he believes that it’s not a good idea nor going to benefit anybody for her to be meddling in Joey’s life when he’s engaged. He also informs her that he met Aubrey when he went to Viki's for Christmas and saw that Joey really loves Aubrey. He tells her that he does not want to get involved in that and asks if she does. She is not just “protecting a friend” as she alleges is her motive for having him investigate Aubrey before she marries Joey. He tells Kelly she does not see Joey as a friend. She is in love with him.

Mr. Evans tells Destiny that she can’t keep living with Shaun. She asks her dad/grandpa why not. He replies because he and her mom/grandma miss her and want her to come home.

Clint tells Inez that as long as she has BO believing that they slept together, whether it actually happened or not, that’s good enough as long as both Bo and Nora believe that Bo cheated on her with Inez.

Nora tells Matthew he needs to ease up on his father regarding the cops failure to find out that Eddie kidnapped her. They can’t be everywhere. Matthew replies to that by saying that it appears that his dad was “rescuing another damsel in distress” when his own wife had been kidnapped..

Inez then tells Clint that since Eddie is dead, maybe he needs to know that many people are suspects and she is no longer at his desperate mercy in order for Clint not to implicate her sons for murder.

Matthew then tells his parents that he thinks it’s entirely possible that Nate killed his dad. Why do they need to investigate it further? And he makes some other snide comments about how cops are dishonorable and his father seems to be too close to Nate and his family. Nora goes to take a bath. Alone with Matthew, Bo asks his son what his problem is. He tells Matthew that he is in no mood to put up with his attitude. Matthew then asks his dad what he plans to do. Replace him with another kid? Like he replaced Matthew’s mom with another woman?.

At the Lamaze class, Vivian asks all of the participants to think of somewhere peaceful and calm. Brody tells Jessica he cannot wait to be a dad. And she need not worry. He will be a cool as a cucumber. He has the hospital all mapped out and knows how to get her there and will be the perfect picture of serenity when they have their baby. John then talks about his safe place to Natalie but is still engrossed in police work. Vivian then asks the Lamaze partners to be a source of support to their babies. Natalie envisions giving birth and having Brody knowing that he is the daddy. Vivian then asks Natalie and John if everything is ok and remarks that they appear to be more stressed than when they started.

Rex tells Kelly that maybe if she investigates Aubrey, it will only hurt Joey. She protests that all she wants is for Joey to be happy. Rex tells her that he is happy right now. But he will not be if she carries out her plan to run Aubrey out of town.

In Aubrey’s hotel room, she overhears Viki talking to Joey about whether he still has feelings for Kelly and if Aubrey is threatened by Kelly. He assures his mom that he and Kelly are a thing of the past. Kelly is knows that. And even if she did want him, she cannot have him. He is committed to Aubrey.

Destiny asks her dad what Daren did to get him to go to find her and attempt to convince her to come home. But whatever he did, it wont’ work. Her dad/grandpa then tells his daughter/granddaughter that maybe he will give her some time. But he wont’ give up on her. He then leaves. Daren then remarks to Destiny that if he ever talked to his parents like that, he would get slapped. She then hauls off and slaps him and ask him if he means “like that”.

Clint then tells Inez that things can happen that could send Nate to prison even if he is innocent. She tells him he could not do that to her son. He is just a child. She cannot ruin his son’s life. He then asks her if she plans to ruin his plan for Bo and Nora.

When Matthew is alone with his dad, he tells Bo that he saw, with his own two eyes, that Bo was with Inez. He wasn’t about to believe any allegations. But he drove to Inez’s home and saw it for himself. And it only proves that his dad is a liar and a hypocrite and does not deserve the Buchanan family name. Nora comes out of the bath and demands her son tells her where he gets off talking that way to his dad and tells him he better apologize. But he tells his dad that he needs to apologize to his mom first.

John tells Natalie that it may sound old fashioned. But he would like for them to be married before the baby comes. Jessica then reminds them that between herself and Brody, John and Natalie, and Joey and Aubrey, there are a lot of Buchanan weddings coming up. John then suggests that he and Natalie get married right now.

Kelly is alone at they gym furiously pounding on punching bags. Joey notices her and ask what got her so wound up.

When Aubrey is alone in her hotel, “somebody” is calling her and she tells them she needs the not to call her there again and tells them she will “take care of it” just like she promised. When she leaves and the room is empty, Rex enters and wonders what she has to hide.

When Destiny is alone in the park, Matthew finds her and ask her what is wrong. She replies everything. He tells her the same is happening for him .And they appear to be leaning on each other.

Back at Bo and Nora’s home, she tells him she does not know what has gotten into Matthew. She cannot figure it out. He has gotten way out of control with his behaviors. She needs to know where all of this is coming from and why he’s talking like this. How could he say these hurtful things like that Bo is sleeping with Inez. Bo then replies that it was not a lie. Matthew did not make it up. It’s true.

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