OLTL Update Wednesday 12/22/10

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 12/22/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the Angel Square park, Dorian makes an announcement to the town of Llanview and gets ready to light the tree. She gives a speech about wishing light, compassion and good will to all. And we see people gather around her while she lights the tree.

Viki is in her kitchen, by herself, avoiding Charlie and Echo while they are friendly with each other. Echo offers to help Viki with the Christmas Turkey. She shows her another way to baste the turkey. But Viki insists that she lets her do it her way and wants Echo to leave her alone.

At the city tree lighting, Vimal finds Clint and tells him he appreciates his generous check abut talks a little too loudly about Clint’s asking him to falsify DNA results to make it look like Rex is not his son when he is and that Brody Lovett is the father of Clint’s daughter’s baby when he is not. Clint tells Vimal that he needs him to keep quiet.

Robert and James are alone in their apartment. James admits that he does not feel like celebrating when their kid brother is in jail for killing their dad.

Starr admits to Langston that she does not know how to cope with baby Hope crying from not having her daddy with her for Christmas.

At the tree lighting, Blair observes her son Jack telling the little one, Sam, that there is no Santa. Kelly stands and observes Joey and Aubrey kissing and it seems she cannot avoid seeing them.

John is with Natalie decorating the tree and he gives her an engagement ring.

In Viki’s kitchen, Echo attempts to show Viki the way to baste the turkey. But they argue until it falls on the floor. Right then, Viki gets a call from Dorian asking her how it’s going with Echo. Vik admits that she is seconds away from throttling that woman during Christmas dinner. And she asks Dorian to help her.

At the tree lighting, Gigi tells Shane that they have to go since his father is still recovering from his accident. But Shane tells his mom that he has to go and “visit grandma and grandpa”. He leaves. Gigi asks Rex how he is dealing with finding out about his “new” parents. She tells him for what it is worth, Charlie and Echo were both there for him when he was in the hostility. Right then, Rex passes by Clint and makes a comment about Clint being the Grinch who stole Christmas. Vimal observes him and asks Clint who that is. Clint tells Vimal that’s Rex Balsam who is “nothing” to either of them.

Viki talks privately to Dorian on the phone about how she is ready to take drastic measures by accepting Dorian’s “help” in getting rid of Echo and admits that she will be very grateful and indebted to Dorian if she can make Echo disappear somehow. Dorian then tells Viki that she has a plan. She then declares that it’s time for a “Christmas miracle’. Viki returns to Charlie who asks if she is “ok”. She replies to her husband that she is “getting better”.

Clint runs into Joey while he’s with Kelly and Aubrey. He’s courteous to Kelly but does not give Aubrey the time of day.

James asks Robert if he believes that Nate killed their father. Robert tells his brother that it’s entirely possible. Even if he does not know Eddie, he is protective of his mom. He finds out that this guy abused Inez and he may have snapped. But, James tells him, that he feels nothing. Robert tells his brother it’s because his relieved. He agrees that it’s not cool what happened to Nate but reminds James that there’s not a lot they can do to help him and he’s not in the Christmas mood but asks James if he plans to spend Christmas with Starr. But James tells him that he does not want to intrude when she is spending her first Christmas without Cole.

Langston then asks Starr if she is willing to miss Christmas and all of the presents and festivities. Starr tells her maybe not. He does not want to hurt her best friend’s feelings.

Natalie notices that John has given her his mother’s ring. He tells her that that ring has been in the family for a long time and now they are going to be a family so it feels right. She then tells him he may put it on her. She tells him that she is not ready to announce to everybody that they are engaged and she kisses him.

Aubrey tells Joey that it appears that his dad hates her. He assures her that that is not the case. It’s not unlike his grandfather, Asa. Clint is kind of following in his father’s footsteps in being overly protective and overly cautious that everybody is trying to get their hands in the Buchanan money.

Rex, Gigi and Shane go to visit Echo and Charlie. Viki again finds herself completely isolated and furious with Echo. And she impatiently waits for Dorian to make her move.

Starr and Langston exchange gifts. Starr tells Langston that maybe they can both relieve their “no sex stress” and has some yoga clothes for her. She asks Langston if she and Robert still have their celibacy pact for 6 months. Langston remarks that Robert may not want to see her anymore because she accused him of murder.

Robert and James exchange gifts and Robert is surprised to see his old shirt that he somehow “lost”. James kept it after Robert left but he’s given it back to Robert as the perfect Christmas gift.

Jack Manning tells Sam that he needs to know that Santa Claus is a scam and all about toy stores making money and ripping people off. But Blair catches her son, covers his mouth with her hands and tell him if he does not shut up, “his own personal elves” will take his presents back. Dorian goes into the other room and gets on her phone.

In Viki's kitchen, Echo becomes the center of attention with Charlie, Rex and Shane. Right then, Echo hears her phone ring and it’s Dorian. She tells her this is not a good time. But Dorian asks her to make a quick $10,000. At that point, Viki and the others go into the other room so that Echo can have her “private conversation”. But Dorian reminds Echo that she must need the money. This is a quick photography project that will only take her an hour. She then gets ready to go. But Charlie asks her where she’s rushing off to. She then tells him that if he plans to come with her, she won’t stop him. Viki then urges him not to leave with Echo. He tells her it’s the last thing he wants to do but may have to because she may want to be alone in order to go out for a drink. But Viki tells him that maybe she needs to be on her own. Echo then tells Charlie and Rex and Shane that she needs to go out for a short while by herself. Right then, Clint appears and tells her it’s “a shame” she’s not staying. He asks her if everybody is there. She tells him everyone is there including Charlie and his brand new son and grandson. She tells him that it’s cruel and sick of him to have Charlie falsely believing that he has a family. He tells her that he knows that she is milking this for everything she can get. She tells Clint that he is alone and bitter and turning into a fool. He has given up a wonderful son and grandson. And she goes out the door. Right then, John announces to the family that he has asked Natalie to marry him and she has said yes. Everybody congratulates them.

Kelly runs into Joey at the city tree lighting and she shows him the ornament that she gave him. Aubrey notices it and sees it’s the same one that he had that she “accidentally” smashed.. She shows Kelly the very expensive and exquisite present Joey gave her. Kelly overhears that Aubrey is afraid that his dad believes that she’s a gold digger.

Jessica reflects that John and Brody will now be brothers in law. Charlie congratulates Clint and remarks that he has a “couple more cops” in the family. Clint is gracious, thanks him and they laugh while Clint tells him that it might mean he will have to be on his best behavior. But Clint notices Rex eyeing him coldly.

Jack tells Sam he can prove that Santa is made up. He will show him. He also shows his little brother that their mom has a box she will not open from her serial killer husband. But he takes him outside so that they can open it. Right then, Blair enters the room with drinks and asks where everybody went.

James and Robert go the tree lighting ceremony and see Starr and Langston. Starr smiles when she sees James.

Right then, Echo meets Dorian on the roof of Dorian’s home. Echo asks her if she wants pictures of the skyline. Dorian tells Echo she wants pictures of herself dressed as Santa climbing down the chimney. It will be a mayor who delivers the goods. And if Echo does a good job, then she can get more work with $10,000 every month. Echo is very motivated and ready to do what Dorian asks of her. Dorian leaves her alone on the roof. She pulls out her camera and focuses the lens. She then calls to Dorian, urging her to hurry up since it’s freezing up there. But when she attempts to open the door, she finds that it’s locked. It appears Dorian has had her locked up on the roof.

Right then, Charlie asks Viki if she is now happy. He is surprised to see that while very recently upset, she is now appearing to be glowing. Viki informs to her husband she is now encouraged to believe that it will be a very Merry Christmas. Yet, she does not tell him why that is.

Echo struggles to get Dorian to return while she stays stuck and cold on the roof. But Dorian returns to her living room.

Kelly enters and informs Dorian and Blair that she went to angel Square and saw Joey with Aubrey. Blair then tells her cousin hat it might be time to cut and run. He’s moved on and maybe so should she.

Joey and Aubrey return to find out that both of his sisters are engaged and there are now three engagements on the family. Again, Clint is courteous to everybody except Aubrey. Joey privately tells his dad that he wishes he could respect her, if nothing else, since she is Viki’s guest. Clint then asks his son if he’s telling him what to do. Joey replies yes. If that’s what it takes.

Kelly admits to Blair that it may be true that something is “strange” about Aubrey. She may have skeletons in her closet. Jessica informs her that she overhead a suspicious phone call that Aubrey had. Blair then warns her cousin that she might get hurt all over again. Dorian then gathers her two nieces and tells them that Cramer women all have to take the bull by the horns.


When Langston and Starr see Robert and James in the park during the tree lighting, James talks to Starr alone and asks her if it’s “weird” having him around while baby Hope is missing Cole and not certain who he is. He tells her he won’t complicate her life. But she urges him not to go. She tells him that she is glad that he has not given up on her because she needs him right now. Not far away, Langston and Robert talk alone and she apologizes for making accusations of him. He is gracious and holds baby Hope. She remarks that he is good with the little one. He seems to like Hope and she likes him. Langston seems to have a high opinion of Robert

While Viki and Charlie are alone in the kitchen, he kisses her and tells her that he is happy to see her smile. She tells him this is Christmas. Her family is happy and healthy and she is madly in love with her husband. All is right with the world. Finally.

Right then, Echo walks around on the roof and puts on Dorian’s Santa costume while cold. She yells for help. And at that point, Jack and Sam are outside and are stunned at what they see on their aunt Dorian’s roof. Sam tells his big brother that he “sees Santa Claus” on top of a roof. So Jack doesn’t know what he’s talking about to say there is no Santa.

At Viki’s home, Charlie concludes that he will let Echo make her own mistakes. If she needed him, she would have called. So he’s going to enjoy the holiday with his lovely wife.

Echo puts on the Santa suit and declares that she needs a drink. She yells again. From downstairs, Blair and Kelly hear and ask Dorian what that was. Dorian puts on loud music in order to distract them and so Echo cannot be heard. . And right then, Jack and Sam go looking for the mysterious person they see standing up on the roof dressed like Santa. Sam tells Jack that he told him so. The boys rush up to the roof to “find” Santa. Echo then knows the only way to get out of the cold is to climb down Dorian’s chimney. And right then the boys believe it’s Santa. They also know that there’s a fire in the fireplace. So they better put it out before “Santa” gets down there.

Clint admits that he is suspicious of Aubrey. Right then, Rex gets a call from Kelly asking if he can find out anything about Aubrey. Brody is with Bree reading her the story of The Night Before Christmas. John is with Natalie

Jack and Sam rush into the living room and Jack grabs a pitcher of water and puts out the fire in the fireplace. Blair demands to know what they are doing. Jack tells his mom they must “save Santa”. She then tells her son she thought he believed there was no Santa. But he admits that they saw “Santa” with their own two eyes. At that point, Dorian knows what has happened. And Echo falls to the bottom of the chimney into the fire place full of soot.

Starr, Langston, baby Hope, Robert and James are all together singing Christmas carols.

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