OLTL Update Tuesday 12/21/10

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 12/21/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Natalie tells Marty she knows why Natalie is there. She and John are happy, she tells Marty. Natalie urges Marty to please not tell John that this is not his baby. Marty asks Natalie if she expects her to throw them an engagement party. Natalie then tells her she knows that Marty may not care about her. But she can’t hurt John by telling him the big secret.

John goes to question Nate. Inez asks him what he needs from her son. He tells them that a witness said he saw Nate there and leaving in a hurry.

Dani is alone and lost in thought while remembering that she asked Nate why he was not surprised to hear that his dad died and did not tell her before that he already knew. Right then, her mom remarks that she is a million miles away. Todd enters and they can see that he is not happy Téa asks her husband where he went. He replies he was Christmas shopping. Dani asks him then where are the Christmas packages. Todd replies he could not find what he wanted.

Dorian returns home and sees Blair under the tree appearing uncomfortable as to what to do regarding her family and the mystery “box” that Eddie had for her. Kelly appears and Dorian asked her how it went when she told Joe that she still had feelings for him. Kelly replies she did not. She got lemon in her eye. They assume that she used that as a way to get close to him. But she tells them that it really did happen. But she also realized that it would be pointless to try to get Joey back because he’s in love and head over heels with his fiancé Aubrey.

Joey and Aubrey are together and kissing passionately outside Viki’s home.

Jessica returns home to see her mom not ok about Echo staying in her home and wanting to get her hooks into Charlie. Jessica is happy however. Joey and Aubrey enter and Joey introduces his sister to his fiancé. They have Christmas gifts for each other, for Jessica and Brody’s baby and for Natalie’s and John’s.

Marty tells Natalie that she bets that Natalie believes she’s going to have a perfect Christmas and a perfect family. But maybe it’s not so perfect when she’s carrying another man’s baby. Natalie then demands that Marty answers the question. Is she going to tell John or not? Marty replies damn straight she’s going to tell him because he deserves to know the truth. She then tells Natalie she may leave since she’s gotten her answer. She tells her that she has to get ready for Christmas but now realizes that her son is in jail. She tells Natalie she’s a hypocrite. She tells the truth if it hurts somebody else’s child but wants to lie if it protects herself and her own interests. She reminds Natalie that some day her child will be Cole’s age and she will understand. She tells her she cannot even give her own infant granddaughter a present. But now, since she has another copy of Natalie’s Ob-Gyn test, she can decide when she wants to tell John. Natalie then begs Marty not to do that. Marty then asks if she hears begging and reminds Natalie that that is what she did to urge Natalie not to let Cole go to prison.

Joey asks Aubrey and his family if they want to start decorating the tree. Viki tells the others that she has some things to do. Joey then gets a package of ornaments and Aubrey and Jessica help him. Jessica reminisces about all of their memories and he remembers his memories of Christmas with Kelly.

Dorian then asks Kelly if she’s going to give up on the love of her life. Kelly asks her aunt why it would matter if she is not the love of his life. She then asks Dorian if she did not tell Blair that she has to get over her belief that Todd is the love of her life. Dorian tells her of course. Todd is trash. Blair needed to get rid of him a long time ago. But Joey is a man of quality whom Kelly should not give up on.

Todd tells Téa that he knows that Marty has motives to frame him for the murder of Eddie Ford. She wants to get revenge upon him because of the restraining order to keep her away from baby Hope. Also Marty tells everybody she nothing to lose because of Cole being in prison. But Téa tells him that is ridiculous to think that Marty would do that.

Dani calls and leaves a message on Nate’s voice mail but he does not answer.

John and Brody go to question Nate about where he went when he left the gym the night in question. Brody tells Nate he knows that he was there but has no way to prove where he went or whom he was with when he left. Inez asks them what they think happened the night in question. Nate replies that he took Dani home. But they are a bit confused at why he was out all night. Where was he? Inez replies that Nate forgot his keys and stayed with the Mannings. John asks if the Mannings will confirm that. Nate replies no.

Dorian tells Kelly she believes that Joe is a fool if he chooses any other woman when he could have Kelly. SO if that is the case, Kelly can forget about him and enjoy her holiday. But Kelly is not as happy as her aunt wants. Dorian notices that there is a stocking with David’s name on it and says to hell with any man who does not appreciate a Cramer woman. Right then, Viki enters with Christmas gifts. Dorian notices that Viki does not appear happy and asks her if Charlie told her why Echo needed him to rush off to the hospital with him. Viki replies no. Dorian asks her if she is “satisfied” like Viki has told her many times she is. Viki then closes the door so that she can “vent” privately to Dorian and reveals that she is furious with the fact that Echo has found yet another way to et close to Charlie.

Outside in the other room, Kelly and Blair are talking about the men in their lives and Blair remembers all about Kelly’s history with Joey and notices the ornament he once gave Kelly.

Right then, Joey is with Aubrey unable to stop kissing her while Jessica observes them. And he holds the very same ornament. Right then, he gets Aubrey’s phone but does not hear a voice on the other end.

Dani overhears her parents talking about Todd’s cuff links and asks what they were talking about. She tells them she heard them saying something about the scene of a crime and she thought that they were all done lying. Todd then confesses to his daughter that he does not want her to worry. But one of his cuff links was found at the crime scene after her boyfriends’ dad was killed. Téa assures her daughter that Todd did not kill Eddie. But Dani wonders if he might have done it “for her”.

Nate then explains to John and Brody that he kind of hid in Dani’s room so that Todd and Téa did not know he was there. He did not want them to know. They ask if he was there all night. He admits no. He went to Eddie’s motel room.

Natalie then attempt to explain to Marty about the night when she slept with Brody. She thought that John was done with her. Marty asks if that means that she can jump into bed with another guy. Natalie reminds Marty that she (Marty) prevented John from seeing the letter that she (Natalie) wrote to him. SO John did not stop her from leaving until it was too late and she assumed he was done with her. Brody assumed that Jessica was done with him. Marty scoffs at Natalie and asks if she was going to sleep with someone else, why her sister’s fiancé? She tells Natalie that she did not care about Jessica or Brody or John or anybody except herself. So why does Natalie wants Marty not to expose her dirty little secret? What will Natalie do for her if she does what Natalie wants? Natalie then asks her what it is that she wants.

Blair reflects to Kelly that she knows that she (Kelly) and Joey had a real thing going. She asks what Joey is doing jumping into a marriage with a woman he barely knows. She tells her cousin she’s going to be out for a while. But she asks Kelly to please do her a favor by not obsessing about “that Aubrey woman’. Kelly then admits to Blair that when she talked to Aubrey before she knew, she really liked her.

Joey notices that Aubrey got a call from an “unknown caller”. And right then, Aubrey “accicentally” breaks the ornament that Kelly gave him. She offers to “clean it up”.. But Joey tells her” it was nothing” alone with her brother, Jessica asks him if it really “means nothing”. Jessica then leaves to run some errands and tells Joey she notices that “the love birds” need some privacy. She goes out to see Aubrey on the phone privately telling somebody “it’s not a good time”. And it appears that Aubrey has changed her phone service so that somebody cannot find her. Jessica remarks that she is looking forward to getting to know her. And she goes out the door.

Dani and Téa ask Todd about his interaction with Eddie. He admits that he once ran into Eddie and warned him to stay away from Todd’s daughter after Dani informed him that he was making sexual comments to her one day when she was visiting Nate in his mom’s home. But, Téa reminds him, that that is not the entire truth. Todd then admits that he hired a private investigator. And somehow his cuff link wound up in Eddie’s room the night Eddie was murdered.

Nate tells John that he does not care about Eddie. He was a despicable human being. He’s not sorry that he’s dead. Why should he be? Brody then finds a gun that Nate has been hiding.

Natalie tells Marty that if she just forgets all about this, she will make it worth Marty’s while by not informing the police that Marty broke into the hospital and stole confidential medical records. Marty tells Natalie she could care less about that. She only cares about her son. She tells Natalie that if she (Natalie) goes and admits that she made a mistake implicating Cole and sets him free, then Marty will never tell John Natalie’s secret. She tells Natalie she can have her baby only if Marty can have her son back.

Viki informs Dorian that Rex was in a car accident. Charlie asked Echo to tell her but she was “so upset” that she “just didn’t do it”. So, Viki was left wondering where Charlie was for an entire day and kept in the dark about his son. Dorian laughs and tells Viki of course it was all about Echo manipulating Charlie to bond with her over their son. Viki informs Dorian now Echo and Charlie are “bonding” over an AA meeting. Echo suddenly discovered that she has a drinking problem. Of course, Charlie, the recovering alcoholic, has to be the one she calls upon for help and is milking that for everything she can get. Dorian agrees that Echo is using Charlie’s alcoholism to get what she wants.. And she confirms to Viki that she believes she (herself) is qualified to give Echo just what she deserves.

Kelly greets Jessica at Viki’s home. Jessica also wants Kelly to get back with Joey.

Natalie tells Marty that even if she could alter the forensics reports about Cole, there’s nothing, he confessed to committing murder. SO there is nothing she can do. Marty then tells Natalie there is nothing she can do regarding the paternity test. Natalie tells Marty that she must know that if she does that, she will make John hate her as well as he might hate Natalie. She will go to prison and lose her son and everything. But Marty scoffs again and tells Natalie that she can get on the phone and make the call that will ruin Natalie’s life. Natalie then tells her that ruining Natalie’s life won’t make Marty’ life any better.

After Brody and John find the gun,. they ask Nate where he got it. And John asks him what he was about to tell them he was doing at Eddie’s motel room.

Todd tells Dani that he thought that they were past all of the distrust. She then concludes to her dad if he says he was not at Eddie Ford’s motel room, she will believe him. She then asks her parents if she can go out for a bit. She leaves. Alone with Téa, Todd tells her he care what John says. Dani believes him. But right then, Blair enters and tells him he better not be lying to Dani or any of his other children. Otherwise, she will have to cut his heart out and eat it for Christmas dinner.

Jessica informs Kelly that Joey and Aubrey want to get married soon but she indicates that she wants Kelly to get Joey back and not trust Aubrey. She informs Kelly that she met Aubrey an hour ago. Her phone rang. It was kind of a weird moment. Hearing that, Kelly asks who called. Jessica admits that she does not know. The person hung up when Joey answered her phone. She then told them she has a new unidentified phone service. Then she (Jessica) overheard Aubrey having some secretive conversation with somebody. But, Jessica concludes,, maybe she is just in the “protective sister” mode and shouldn’t be paranoid.

Dorian tells Viki she has a plan to give Echo what she deserves. But Viki is a bit concerned, hearing that. And she warns Dorian that she is the mayor and does not want to do anything illegal. And she doesn’t want Dorian to do anything that could hurt Charlie. Dorian assures Viki that she has this whole plan under control. Hearing that, Viki admits that that is why she is worried.

When Blair enters Todd and Téa’s home, Todd assures her that he had nothing to do with Eddie Ford’s murder. Blair then smiles and tells him in that case, she has a present for him, one for Téa and one for Dani. She pulls some wrapped gifts out of her purse. Téa then asks Blair if she ever opened that mysterious box that Eli sent her. Blair tells her that she thought of it but then reconsidered.

Inez tells the cops they better stop harassing her son. He tells them he has nothing more to say. John then concludes that he’s going to be doing the rest of his talking down at the station. Brody gets ready to take him in. Right then, Dani enters and demands to know what is going on.

Marty tells Natalie she will not tell John that Natalie is a lying slut who is carrying another mans’ baby. SO Natalie needs to get out. Natalie is worried and leaves

Kelly tells Blair and Dorian that she is not going to chase after her dreams of Joey.

Aubrey declares to Joey that everything is perfect. He tells her not quite and puts a stocking with her name on the mantelpiece. He tells her she is now part of this family. He kisses her again and Jessica and Viki enter to see them. Natalie then enters and Joey introduces her to Aubrey. He tells them all that this is a happy Christmas with all the happy couples coming out of the woodwork; himself and Aubrey, his mom and Charlie, Jessica and Brody, and Natalie and John.

When Marty is alone in her home, she concludes that she promised Natalie she would not tell John the secret. But she did not promise she would not tell “somebody else”. She knows exactly who to tell. Is it Jessica?

Todd and Téa are together, not afraid that he will get implicated for killing Eddie and suspecting nothing.

But Dani is horrified to see the cops taking Nate away to the station.

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