OLTL Update Monday 12/20/10

One Life to Live Update Monday 12/20/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Marty is alone in her home appearing to stuff a stocking with Christmas gifts. She notices that Natalie is calling her and does not answer assuming that Natalie is calling to beg her to keep her mouth shut. She then notices a knock on the door. She opens it to see Todd. He asks her how she can live with herself.

We then see Natalie ready to marry John and afraid that Marty could derail that for her. She tries and fails to call and get Marty to answer before she can make it known that she and John are engaged.

At the station, John talks to Detective Price who has investigated Inez Salinger. They confirm that she is a suspect with means and motives to kill Eddie.

Right then, Nate asks Inez if it’s true. She asks him what. He then informs her that Matthew Buchanan alleges that she is sleeping with his dad.

In Nora’s hospital room, after she tells Bo that she knows that he would never cheat on her, he appears uneasy and as if he has to confess. She then asks him what is going on. But they are interrupted by Clint.

Echo and Charlie return home and he is now committed to helping her stop drinking and do the sobriety pledge that he did. Viki comes down the stairs and eyes them coldly noticing how friendly they are with each other.

Langston gets Robert home to his apartment. He wants to sleep with her. But she tells him he needs to get into his pajamas and sleep. He asks her if she still does not trust him. Right then, James and Starr enter.. Robert asks his brother where he’s been. James then informs his brother that Star convinced him to go and talk to the cops about how their dad died. Hearing that, Robert tells his brother that he knows that he (James) had nothing to do with it. But James asks Robert how he would know that.

Viki comes down the stairs and is not happy to see her husband hugging Echo. She asks him where he has been. He informs her that he and Echo were at the hospital after Rex had a car accident. Hearing that, Viki is shocked to hear for the first time that Rex was hurt. She asks him why he did not tell her. He tells her hat he called Echo who promised to inform Viki. Echo then wants to go up the stairs. But Viki confronts her demanding to know how she first kissed Viki’s husband and then lied to her.

Clint goes to see Nora in her hospital room and looks like he has flowers. He asks if she is ok. She informs him, as if he did not know, that Eddie kidnapped her and appeared to want to break her and Bo up. Clint asks how Inez’ ex husband would want to do that and who would have put him up to doing that. Nora replies that she and Bo disagree on this one, but she believes it’s Inez.

Nate tells Inez that he needs to know if Matthew is correct that she had sex with Bo. She tells her son that this isn’t the first time that this boy has given him problems so why does he believe a word that Matthew Buchanan says. But he tells her that he noticed that the commissioner was at their home early in the morning and appeared to have spent the night with her. She then tells her son that they are not going to talk about her boss. But they do need to talk about Eddie.

James admits to Robert that he was ready to go and see their father and found a gun ready to shoot him but reconsidered. He did feel good knowing that he could make his father afraid of him and could have killed him But he stopped because he knew if he had pulled the trigger and killed him, he would have gone to prison, lost his freedom, all his friends and ruined his life. He was not going to give Eddie the satisfaction of doing that. But, they all know that somebody did in fact kill Eddie after he left although they have yet to find out who.

Natalie is outside John’s office trying to get a hold of Marty. Price steps outside John’s office and tells her that John is alone. She enters and John asks her how Rex is and also about her baby. He asks her about the time table. She tells him she does not know. He will have to ask the kid. He then asks her how long they want to keep their engagement a secret.

When Todd goes to Marty’s home, he tells her he knows that she has motives to kill Eddie Ford. She asks him what is up with Eddie Ford. He tells her he believes that she killed him. She asks if he is delusional. He tells her that she killed Eddie in order to be in Statesville with her son and to frame Todd for the murder.

John talks to Natalie about Eddie Ford’s murder and all of the suspects.

Marty tells Todd that accusing her of murdering Eddie Ford is terribly paranoid. He tells her that he believes Eddie deserved to die. But he is not going down for it.

Clint hears Bo and Nora talking about Eddie kidnapping her and they have no suspicions that he had anything to do with hit. He tells them he does not wish to accuse anybody of anything. But he believes that Inez could have put Eddie up attempting to break up Bo and Nora. It’s not a secret that she has a “thing” for Bo, Clint tells them.

Inez informs Nate that Eddie has been killed. But he is not surprised or sorry that he’s gone. She then remembers Clint telling her that both of her sons look to be suspects. She then asks Nate if he went to Eddie’s room.

Meanwhile, James tells Robert that he knows that he (Robert) had motives. Robert tells his brother he’s correct. He had motive and was tempted to kill Eddie. But he has an alibi. He as at the hospital all night so how could James question if he did it? James then tells Robert he realizes that many people had motives to kill Eddie.

John tells Natalie and Price that the killer of Eddie is still out there. He then asks Natalie to tell him when she wants to inform her family that they are getting married. He leaves and when Natalie is alone, she, again, calls Marty’s number but gets no answer.

Marty tells Todd that he is blaming her for something that he has done. He killed Eddie and cannot face it. He believes that everything that goes wrong in his life is her fault. But the truth of the matter is he cannot face is that he killed Eddie.

After James and Starr leave Robert and Langston alone in the apartment, she confirms that she knows he was not in the ER all night the previous night. So, she asks him if he’d like to tell her why he just lied to his brother.

Viki furiously reminds Echo that she was standing right beside her when she (Echo) got the phone call from Charlie and asked what was going on and she did not even tell her about Rex. Echo made it sound as though Charlie was meeting her at a motel and didn’t inform Charlie that Viki was not told about Rex. Charlie then tells them both that there was miscommunication and it’s nobody’s fault. But Viki furiously tells him that the mother of his child is having booze for breakfast. They have a child in this house and two more on the way and her drinking is out of control. Echo then protests that she and Charlie both know that. Charlie then confirms to Viki that he has agreed to help Echo get sober.

After Clint informs Bo and Nora that he believes it’s possible that Inez helped Eddie attempt to break them up with the texts and all, Nora tells him she is really sorry that he ever dated Inez. He tells them both that they must know that it would take more than just a few texts messages to break them up. And they both know that Bo would never cheat on Nora. He then asks his brother if that is not true. Yet, Bo finds he cannot answer that question.

Nate still wants his mom to tell her if she slept with BO. She does not answer but needs to know if he killed Eddie. He does not answer that.

Langston tells Robert that they both know that he left the hospital and asked her to cover for him but did not tell the nurses or her or anybody where he went. Why is that?

Todd tells Marty he knows her and how her mind works. If some by hurts her, she will never let it go. And it will just be a matter of time before he finds somebody; patient or colleague or anybody who can prove to Starr that Marty is not fit to be around a child.

Langston asks Robert if he does not know that after James has been cleared that they will come after him. She asks him what he plans to tell the police? He tells her he is not going to appear guilty when he is not. Right then, there’s a knock on the door. It’s John McBain who asks Robert where he was during the time when Eddie was killed. Robert tells John he was in the hospital after his father assaulted him. John then asks him if he has any witnesses who could corroborate that. Robert tells John he may call the hospital and ask the doctors and nurses. John informs him that doctors and nurses are many times busy and not always aware of everything that happens. He asks if anybody else can vouch for him. Langston then speaks up and tells John she can. She was with him the whole time. John then tells them that he just needs to find out if they might have any information the cops might want. Robert tells him that his father was an abusive son of a bitch with many enemies who wanted him dead. John concludes that he will check out Robert’s story. As soon as he’s gone, Robert demands that Langston tells him how she could have lied for him.

James and Starr go to visit Nate and Inez. Inez admits that she is not going to miss their father and doubts anybody else would. But it was a shock.

When Nora goes with the nurse to get some tests, Bo returns to the empty room with Clint who asks him if he wants to “tell him what is going on”. Bo tells Clint that he already told him. Clint tells Bo he does not believe a word of it. Clint tells his brother he knows something is eating him up. Bo protests that his wife was in a car accident. Clint tells his brother he knows and realizes that Bo would normally be happy that she is ok. Yet he’s not so something must be up. He tells Bo he hopes he would trust his brother to tell him if something was not ok. Bo then concludes to his brother that Clint turned to him and confided in him when he cheated on Viki with Echo DiSavoy, so he will confide in Clint. He then admits that he did, in fact sleep with Inez.

Viki tells Echo that she thinks it’s really good that she wants to commit to staying sober. So, she tells her that she hopes she will check herself into rehab. But Echo raises an objection in that she cannot afford that. She needs to stay there. Viki hears that and furiously tells Echo she knows she just wants to stay with Charlie. Echo then confirms that Charlie is there to help her and take her to A.A. meetings. Viki then asks to talk to Charlie alone and tells her husband that Echo is doing everything she can to manipulate and find a way to get close to him. He tells Viki he knows that. But Echo has a drinking problem and he needs to help her.

Todd admits to Marty that he hired Rex Balsam to investigate her. At ha point, she concludes that that must be how Natalie found out. Right then, Natalie bangs on the door and demands that Todd gets out so that she can talk to Marty alone.

Clint tells Bo that he knew that Inez had a crush on him. But he never thought…. Bo then admits that he did not intend to sleep with her. But he got all these texts messages that messed him up. Then he drank too much. He does not remember much except that he kissed her and she kissed him. Clint tells his brother that he believes he blocked it out. Bo tells Clint that when he woke up, he saw many empty beer bottles on the coffee table and she confirmed that they had sex. He admits that he has yet to tell Nora about it. Hearing that, Clint tells his brother he better not dare tell Nora.

Charlie protests to Viki that he knows that drunks lie and manipulated and do the behaviors that Echo is doing. He tells her he knows it all too well. He is also an alcoholic and has been where she is. And that is what the program is all about.. They get sober by helping others to do what they have needed help for themselves. He tells her that he will “keep an eye” on Echo and get her a sponsor. But Viki does not trust that. He tells Viki that he and Echo are both drunks. She tells her husband no. He is so much more than that. But he tells her that he needs to help Echo get sober to be a good mother to Rex and grandmother to Shane. And he has no interest in anything more than that. But she concludes to Charlie that she is losing him. He protests no. But she tells him that now Echo is in their lives, in their family and now in his program. She asks how she can stay close to him. He asks her to trust him and he leaves.

Bo tells Clint that he has to come clean and be honest to Nora. He admits he remembers when Clint confided in him that he had an affair with Echo DiSavoy, Bo asked him to come clean and admit it to Viki. Clint did so and they got past it. But, Clint reminds Bo that he an ongoing affair with Echo whereas Bo just slept with Inez one night when he was unaware of what he was doing. It was nothing more than a hook up. He tells Bo that Nora might be angry and believe that it was payback for what she did with Sam. And there’s no point in his wanting to clear his conscience. IT will only cause problems between him and Nora. Does he think that she will buy that Bo go drunk and did not know what he did? She will laugh in his face. Bo protests that he and Nora are about being honest to each other. But Clint tells him that there is no reason to bring that up to her.

After James and Starr leave Inez and Nate alone in their home, Inez tells Nate she knows that James did not kill Eddie. He tells his mom he knows.

John has another cop investigating the murder of Eddie and he tells her that he can identify the person leaving Eddie’s room after he got shot.

Right then, Langston asks Robert about his situation

John then shows the cop who said he saw “the suspect” the photos of Robert Ford, Inez Salinger and Todd Manning. He asks if it was any of these people.

Marty tells Todd he needs to get out of her home and she demands to know what Natalie wants. Natalie then informs Marty that John proposed to her and she said yes.

The cops tell John that he saw the person who was coming out of Eddie’s room after he got shot dead.

While Echo is going to go with Charlie to an AA meeting and he’s waiting for her in the car, Viki tells her that if she thinks she’s going to use this to break up Viki and her husband, Echo will need a lot more than a “serenity prayer” to help her. Viki walks away furiously.

Bo is about to confess to Nora what happened. He admits that the text message he believed she sent made him a lot more upset than he realized. He did not know that they were fake. She tells him that it’s ok. She would never give up on this marriage and she knows he would never sleep with Inez. SO, she asks him, are they good? He smiles and tells him they are great and kisses her. Clint stands outside and tells Bo he must keep lying to her and make it so much worse when she finally finds out. He then gets a call from Inez who asks him if he is implicating James. He replies that he said nothing about James as he knows that she has two other sons. She asks him if he’s saying that it’s Robert. Clint tells her maybe it was Nate. Right then, Nate gets the door and sees John. He asks if he can come in and ask some questions. He asks him what he was doing at his father’s murder scene the night in question.

Marty ask Natalie if it’s true that she and John are getting married and asks her if she has come there to gloat. Natalie tells Marty she knows what Natalie is there. She tells Marty that she and John are happy and urges Marty to please not tell John that this is not his baby.

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