OLTL Update Friday 12/17/10

One Life to Live Update Friday 12/17/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Natalie helps Rex to get out of the hospital early but she is concerned about him playing Houdini. He tells her that he is ok. The doctor checked him out. But she tells her brother she is glad he’s in one piece. He tells her that he hopes the same thing can be said about Nora. Hearing that, Natalie is surprised that Nora was in his car.

Bo is alone holding Nora’s engagement ring in his hands and unable to find her. She comes out of the wooded area. He holds her and is so glad that she has come back to him.

Clint tells Inez that he leaned a long time ago from his father that nothing is free. He tells her that her debt will be paid in full if she lives up to her end of the bargain. She needs to have Bo believe that she “consummated” their relationship the previous night. She asks him what if she does not do that. He tells her then he will have to tell the cops that her son was seen at the crime scene when his father was killed. She asks just which of her sons he believes he saw.

In the high school gym, Dani tells Nate that he looks like he’s keeping a secret.

John goes to the hospital when James is talking to Starr. He tells James if he knows something about his father’s murder, he suggests that James tell him now.

At Todd’s home, Téa and Blair both assess that Todd has lied about his cuff links being found in Eddie’s motel room and also about having Rex investigate Eddie. Blair then asks Todd point blank if he killed Eddie Ford. He asks the two of them if they are playing cop with him. He admits that he lied about the cuff link but he was nowhere near the crime scene. He asks why he would have motive to kill Eddie Ford. Blair tells him if he would hire a P.I. to investigate Eddie, then Todd obviously sees Eddie as having some importance. And all of a sudden Eddie winds up dead. She then senses that it appears that Téa is also hiding something.

James tells Star that he will be ok to go with John to the police station. But she urges him to let someone help him since anything could happen.

Blair then asks both Todd and Téa if they are going to tell her what she does not know here. She asks Todd what his “beef” with Eddie Ford is about. Is it because he’s afraid of Starr seeing his son? Todd evades the issue. Blair tells Todd she knows that Eddie is an abuser and she saw him punch James at the Thanksgiving dinner. Todd asks her if she thinks that he would kill him because he abused his son. Blair then asks Téa why she is being so quiet and why doesn’t’ she just stop being a lawyer and tell Blair what she knows. DarrenTea gets a call from Starr asking her to represent James. She tells her that she is really scared that James could be in trouble. The cops have taken him to the station and James admits that he was at his father’s motel room when he was shot. Téa then confirms to Todd and Blair that she is representing James. Todd asks why she is not representing him. She replies Todd that hopefully he will not need a lawyer.

At the high school gym, Dani tells Nate that she can clearly see that he is hiding something. Destiny tells Nate that she is so sorry. She realizes that he barely knew his dad and did not like him but it must hurt that his dad is gone. Matthew stands and stares at them coldly.

Nora kisses Bo but appears scared. He asks her what happened.

At the hospital, Rex tells Natalie that Nora was in his car with him when another car ran them off the road.

Nora tells Bo that when she was in Rex’s car and they crashed, she opened her eyes and tried and failed to wake up Rex. She remembers thinking that she had to go and get help.

Rex admits to Natalie that when he woke up in the car, Nora was gone.

Bo asks Nora where she would have gone when it was freezing outside. She admits that she does not know. She admits that she did not remember anything after leaving the car. All she remembers is that she woke up somewhere on the ground nearby. He then tells her that they have to get her to the E.R. But she urges BO to know that Eddie Ford kidnapped her and held her hostage. He is a sick and dangerous man and something must be done. She appears emotional.

Clint tells Inez he knows that it must be a struggle for her first being with Eddie and then being a single mother. She angrily asks him how he could know anything and he obviously does not understand if he’s doing this. She demands that he spits it out as to which of her two sons he believes he saw by the crime scene. He tells her that he did not say anything about only one of her sons.

At the high school gym, after Destiny and Darren offer their “condolences” to Nate, he sounds angry and as though he is justifying himself for something.

Starr and Téa accompany James to the station when John questions him about his father’s death.

Alone at Todd’s home, Todd proposes a toast to James Ford for doing something he can barely blame him for. Blair asks him what kinds of secrets both he and Téa are keeping that she does not know about. She demands to know if he killed Eddie Ford and if so why? He asks her why she would care. She tells him because she wants to know if the father of her children is going to prison again. He tells Blair she may read his lips. He did not kill Eddie Ford but would have if Eddie had not heeded his warning. Blair asks what warning. He replies about Dani.

Destiny notices that Matthew is silent and not ok. He tells her he’s ok but seems sullen. He coldly offers his condolences to Nate. Nate gets in his face and asks who he thinks he is to say those abusive things about his mom. Matthew has no right to call his mom a bitch and a whore. Matthew yells back that she is. Nate demands to know how Matthew can say that. Matthew replies and reveals to both Nate and Dani for the first time that he saw Nate’s mom sleeping with his dad.

Bo takes Nora to the E.R and asks if she wants anything. She smiles and tells him a cheeseburger. She then tells BO that she must now tell him what happened with Eddie Ford.

Natalie tells Rex she still doesn’t understand what Nora would have been doing in his car. He then tells her that something crazy happened. He was hired to investigate Eddie Ford. He found the motel room but Eddie was not there. Nora was there however, tied to a chair and Eddie apparently kidnapped her. Hearing that, Natalie concludes that that is where the red hair sample she found came from. It was Nora’s.

In the hospital room, Nora tells Bo that Eddie touched her but did not rape her. He got interrupted and had to go off somewhere. But she wanted Bo to know so that he would lock Eddie up for good. Bo tells her that that won’t be an issue since Eddie Ford is dead.

At the station, John asks James about what happened when he left the gym on the night in question. James replies that he took Eddie’s gun and put it in his gym bag and was ready to go to his dad’s motel room and kill him. But at that point, Starr protests that James would never do that. He was just upset because of the sick comments that Eddie made to her and Langston and Dani but James is not a murderer. John then tells Starr that this is not her interview. She needs to let James talk. And he asks James if he killed Eddie. James then tells John this is what happened. He found his dad in the room. Eddie asked him what he was doing there with Eddie’s gun. Téa then tells James he may stop this at any moment. She is worried that he could incriminate himself. But he does not stop and relives pulling the gun on Eddie, crying and telling him that he will no longer let him abuse him and Robert and Nate and their mom. He would be doing everybody a favor by ending him once and for all. Eddie then dared him to shoot him. And he pulled the trigger. Téa then tells James that she thinks they need to stop now. John then asks if James did in fact kill him. But he says no. And we see James shooting a hole in the wall and telling Eddie that he is not worth it. He’s not going to ruin his life. But he told Eddie he needs to get out of town before he changes his mind or before somebody else does. And then he left and that was the last he saw of Eddie. Téa and Starr both urge James to leave and tell John he got his statement and they are done. But John tells them not so fast. He asks James where the gun is. James replies that he just tossed it on the floor and left. He just wanted to get rid of it and get out. But John knows that no gun was found in the motel room so he asks what could have happened to it.

Natalie tells Rex that she knows that somebody shot Eddie. But what did he see when he found Nora. She tells him that she knows that Nora might have reason to do something crazy when Eddie had her tied up and sent Bo those texts to break up their marriage.

In the high school gym, Dani demands that Matthew tells her why he would “make up this trash” about Nate’s mom sleeping with his dad. He tells them that it happened and he walks off.

Todd tells Blair that he ran into Eddie Ford and warned him to stay away from Dani. He informs her that Dani came home upset one day and informed Todd and Téa that Eddie said some creepy things to hear. Hearing that, Blair is concerned. Todd tells her that he did not kill Eddie. It’s probably James. He probably lost it and killed him. He knows all too well what it’s like to want to kill an abusive father and he believes that James is a hero. But Blair tells Todd that he cannot say that. It will devastate Starr if a boy she cares about goes to prison. Todd coldly tells her that their daughter sure knows how to pick them. Blair, again, asks Todd what is up with his cuff link being found in Eddie’s motel room. Todd tells her he does not know but does not appear worried. She tells him she just wants him to promise her that he will not get himself arrested.

At the high school, Dani tells Nate they could go to the Buenos Dias and talk. Or maybe he wants to be with his brothers and she’s sure that James and Robert are similarly “freaked up” by his dad’s death. He then defensively tells her that he is not freaked out and wants to be alone. Not far away, Darren tells Destiny that maybe after they’ve seen Nate lose his father, she needs to forgive her parents before they are dead and it’s too late She argues and tells Darren she is not going to do that. But Matthew overhears and tells Destiny that Darren clearly does not understand like he does, what it means to be betrayed by one’s parents.

Nora and Bo are talking about all that has happened.

Natalie returns to Rex and informs him that Nora has been admitted to the hospital in another cubicle and is going to be ok. She tells him that seeing uncle Bo and Nora back together again and knowing that Rex may have enabled that to happen means a lot to her. She tells him she is so grateful to have him as a brother. He then asks her if John proposed and what she said. She tells him she said yes but needs to keep quiet. She is worried that if Marty finds out, she could do something she does not want. But Rex tells her that she can’t’ keep it a secret and live in fear of Marty forever.

After James and Starr leave John’s office, John asks Téa how many clients she has. She replies she has only one, informs him that Todd is not a client yet and asks John if he should be. John replies not yet. Outside, Starr hugs Téa and thanks her for coming and helping James. Téa promises that she will be there for them.

Bo tells Nora he is so sorry that he said all that stuff to her. He just got angry after sending her all those messages, not getting any response and then getting those nasty texts from her phone.. He wonders why Eddie would do that and who would have put him up to that. She tells him that Inez is at the top of her list.

Clint then asks Inez what makes her so certain that none of her sons had anything to do with Eddie’s murder. She then remembers seeing a gun on her couch after Nate came back. He replies to Clint that she knows her sons. They are good boys. Clint tells her it’s very simple. All she needs to do is have Bo and Nora believing that he cheated with her and her sons won’t be in trouble. DarrenNate enters and asks what is going on.

Starr demands to know how James could have gotten himself charged with murder.

Natalie admits to Rex that she is not sure what to do. She is ready to tell John the secret but is worried what will happen if Marty ever finds out.

John is then in his office alone writing Todd’s name on a legal pad.

Téa returns home and Todd asks her how it went. She replies she believes that James is innocent. She believes that after James left Eddie’s room, somebody else went in and killed him. Todd tells her she need not look at him.

John then writes Robert Ford’s name as a 2nd suspect.

James reminds Starr that she lost Cole because he pulled a trigger in a terrible moment. And he thought about pulling the trigger but then realized that with what happened to Cole and what happened to her because of Cole’s actions so he could not put her through that again.

At the high school, Matthew tells Destiny that he does not appreciate Dani and Nate vilifying him for telling the truth about what he saw between his dad and Nate’s mom. She tells him she can relate when Darren similarly vilified her for not forgiving her parents for their secret... He tells her that he really appreciates her friendship and hugs her.

Dani returns from school and Téa asks if she is ok. She goes into the other room. She then remembers telling Nate that she found it a bit odd that he now tells her he knew that his father had been killed yet never told her. And he appeared defensive and as if he could care less.

When Nate returns to his and Inez’s home and sees Clint, Clint tells him he was just leaving. Inez tells Clint she will walk him out. She tells Clint she regrets having ever met him. He tells her no regrets as long as they are clear. And he walks off. She then sits Nate down and tells him what happened to his father the previous night. He tells her he already knows but needs to ask her something first. She asks him about what. He then asks her if it’s true that she slept with Commissioner Buchanan.

In Nora’s hospital room, she tells Bo that she knows of nobody to pull Eddie’s strings to do this besides Inez. She tells him she should have known that Bo would never pull a stunt like that and it would take more than just a few texts and being angry for him to sleep with another woman. But she can see that Bo is silent and not ok. He then admits to her that there is something he has to tell her.

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