OLTL Update Thursday 12/16/10

One Life to Live Update Thursday 12/16/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Matthew is at the high school outside of the gym hesitating to go inside and do basketball practice. Darren tells him he better get in there. But he says nothing. Nate is inside shooting baskets and looking ok. But Matthew is spooked and upset.

At the hospital, Bo asks Rex what happened to Nora. Rex tells Bo that all he remembers is that he found her in Eddie Ford’s motel room and she was tied to a chair.

Clint goes to see Inez and tells her that he is pleased that she lived up to her end of the bargain and slept with Bo. But she is not ok with what has happened.

At the hospital, Starr asks James if he killed his father. James asks her what does she think. She admits that she is afraid of what to think. And she knows that he told her that he went to his dad’s motel room but did not tell her what he did while there. He tells her that he did not know that he would have ended up in the motel room. It just kind of happened. He knows that he was furious with the disgusting comments that Eddie made to her and Langston and Dani, all the abuse he’s suffered throughout his life at the hands of Eddie and all and the whole situation was a blur. And he admits he knows that he found a gun and took it out of the gym. Hearing that, Starr asks him why.

Nate is talking to Dani about “what happened last night” when Matthew called and told him that his mom is a whore, a bitch and a home wrecker. Nate confronts him. Darren, and Destiny try to break them up. Destiny asks Matthew what happened. He tells her that is what he called Nate’s mom because that’s what she is. Destiny demands to know how Matthew could say such abusive and nasty things about Nate’s mom. Matthew replies that Inez is sleeping with his dad.

At the hospital, Rex tells Bo that Nora told him that Eddie sent text messages to Bo and said something about wanting Bo to sleep with Inez. Bo then asks if Rex is sure that Nora was in the car when they crashed. Rex tells Bo he knows that she was. But when he woke up in the hospital, he was alone. That is all he remembers. Bo then concludes that Nora must have gone to get help after the crash and they must find her.

Clint informs Inez that he can assure her that Eddie will not be bothering her or her sons or anyone ever again. She asks how he can be sure of that. He replies that Eddie was shot to death the previous night. Inez then remembers discovering a gun on her couch when she woke up after spending the night with Bo and after Nate returned home. She then asks Clint if he is telling her hat he (himself) killed Eddie.

When Todd gets questioned by John, Téa and Blair both protest that Todd has an alibi and was nowhere near Eddie when he was shot. John tells them that the cops are looking to find out who killed Eddie. Todd tells John that he knows nothing about Eddie Ford and his sons. Blair asks John if he is accusing Todd of murder.

Viki goes to Dorian’s and informs her that she did what Dorian said by giving Charlie the opportunity to tell her what happened between himself and Echo. But he denied it until she proactively asked him. She does believe, however, that Charlie did not initiate it and Echo was drunk. Dorian asks if she really believes that. Viki tells Dorian that Charlie was merely trying to help Echo by taking her home when he was drunk and the kiss will never happen gain. But she also knows that Echo called Charlie and told him he “had to meet her” at the hospital for an emergency. Yet, nobody has told her the nature of the emergency for which Echo got Charlie to rush to the hospital.

At the hospital, Echo tells Charlie that she had to get him there so he could be there for Rex. She was worried that their son could have been killed. But, he asks her why it is that on other occasions she has asked for his help and he admits that he is concerned about her drinking. She tells him that she merely likes to have a cocktail now and again and there’s no cause for worry. In response that, he tells her that is what he believed also and denied that he was an alcoholic. And it cost him dearly. And he has had to determine that he’s never going to drink again because he cannot risk what could happen. And he does not want to see the same thing happen to her that happened to him. She needs to be there for their son and grandson, he tells her.

At the high school gym, Destiny asks Matthew just where he heard that Inez Salinger was sleeping with his dad. She replies that he did not hear anything. He saw it with his own two eyes when he went to Inez’s apartment. He explains that he heard that his dad was cheating on his mom with Inez and did not buy it and went to see if it was true. Hearing that, Destiny asks just who told him. He does not reply. Destiny tells Matthew she is sorry. He tells her that he’s sorry that Inez an d her family ever came to this town. Not far away, Nate reveals to Dani that he knows something about Eddie being killed although he does not say it.

Clint tells Inez that he did not kill Eddie but did find out that he was taken to the morgue and saw for himself that Eddie was dead and in a body bag. He knows that somebody killed him but hasn’t a clue as to whom.

At Todd’s home, John tells Todd, Téa and Blair that he is only doing his job by investigating and asking Todd questions. Téa tells him if he is looking for suspects, she has many other names for him besides Todd.

At the hospital, Starr tells James she does not want to think or ask this but she has to. She asks if he thought he could “take care” of Eddie himself. He replies that that is why he went to Eddie’s motel room. She tells him if he went to Eddie’s motel room with a loaded gun, he must have had a plan. He tells her that all throughout that night, he couldn’t think straight and did not know what to say or do. We then see a flashback of James going to Eddie’s motel room and pulling a gun on him and being asked what he was doing there with Eddie’s gun. James tells Starr that he wanted Eddie gone for all of the despicable things that he’s done throughout James’ life. He also informs her that he had a conversation with Todd who told him that there is only one way to get rid of Eddie which is to kill him.

At Todd’s home, Téa tells Jon that if the only evidence he has is a cufflink found in Eddie’s room with the initials TM, that does not mean that he has a case against Todd. Her initials are also TM. Tons of other people have those initials. John tells her that he is not accusing Todd of anything. He just wants to go up to Todd’s room to see if he has a matching cufflink.

Viki affirms to Dorian that she trusts Charlie although she doesn’t trust Echo. Dorian asks Viki why she doesn’t simply take action and boot Echo from her home. Viki tells Dorian she would like to do that but cannot since Echo needs to build a relationship with his son and grandson. Dorian tells Viki the only relationship that Echo wants to build is with Viki's husband.

At the hospital, Echo tells Charlie that he is finally breaking the barriers and getting to know her son and grandson. But he is very concerned about her dependency and need to drink. IF she cannot stop o n her own, maybe she needs to get some help. If she cannot do it for herself, maybe she can do it for her son, her grandson and for him. Rex appears and tells Echo he would like her to do it for him.

Bo finds asks a highway patrol cop to find Nora. He goes inside Rex’s empty car to look for evidence and sees Nora’s engagement ring. Yet he cannot find Nora.

At the high school gym, Destiny asks Matthew if he said anything when he saw his dad with Inez. Matthew admits that he was too distraught to talk to anybody or say or do anything. He just got in his car and drove and was too upset to know what to do. He also tells her that he had to pull over because “somebody” was in an accident. Little does he know who it was.

Bo is trying and failing to find Nora. He admits he does not understand why Eddie would want him to sleep with Inez and why he actually did it.

At Inez’s home, she asks Clint if he really had nothing to do with shooting Eddie. He tells her he did not. Somebody beat him to it. She tells him if he did not shoot Eddie, he failed to live up to his end of the bargain. So she did not have to sleep with Bo. And at that point, she admits to him that she lied. She and Bo did not have sex.

Destiny tells Matthew that maybe there is a logical explanation for what he saw. He asks her what could be explained about his father sleeping with another woman when he is married to Matthew’s mom. He hopes that his mom never wants to speak to his dad again. Darren informs Nate that he just heard something on the news. He knows that Nate’s dad’s name is Eddie Ford. There was a shooting at the motel. Eddie Ford got shot and killed. Hearing that, Dani appears shocked. But Nate’s looks as though it’s no surprise to him.

After James informs Starr that Todd told him the only way to get rid of Eddie is to kill him. She protests that her dad says many crazy things and you must take him with a grain of salt. He then concludes that maybe he needs to keep her out of his messed up life. But she tells him she is not going to abandon him. He saved her life. She needs to know what happened when he went to his dads’ motel room. He needs to talk to her.

John tells Todd, Téa and Blair that he needs to go and talk to Rex Balsam and find out what he might know since he knows that Todd hired Rex to investigate Eddie. And that is more evidence that Todd might have had motive to kill Eddie. Why else would Todd d hire a P.I to investigate somebody he doesn’t know?

Viki tells Dorian that she has been in Charlie’s shoes. He lost his son. Nothing can make Jared come back. But with Rex in Charlie’s life it’s redemption. But she asks if having Echo in Charlie’s life is acceptable to Viki. She tells him that it’s not about Echo. It’s about Charlie and if she has to accept Echo in her life then that is what she will do. But Dorian tells Viki that she knows that it will just be a matter of time before Echo will pull some sort of stunt involving getting Charlie into bed when she is staying in his and Viki’s home. Viki tells Dorian that she cannot boot Echo from her home. She would look like a villain. Dorian then tells Viki of course she knows that Viki would not do it herself. She knows that. SO that is her (Dorian's) job.

At the hospital, Echo admits to Rex that Charlie believes that she has a drinking problem. Rex tells her just in case he cares, Shane already has one grandmother with alcohol issues. He does not need to hear about her getting an OUI or spending the night in a drunk tank. He’s suffered enough in his life. She tells Rex and Charlie that she appreciates their concern but she does not have a drinking problem. Charlie tells her that he has believed that about himself also. But she needs to admit that she has a problem and he will be there for her every step of the way.

Todd tells John he needs to get over himself. John knows nothing about Todd’s hiring Rex nor why he did. John then leaves. Alone with Todd and Téa, Blair asks them both what is going on. She tells him she knows about those TM cuff links. She had them made for Todd when they were married and they are one of a kind.

At the high school gym, Nate firmly tells Dani that no matter what, he will never be sorry that Eddie is dead. Darren goes to talk to Destiny and Matthew. She tells him that Matthew is going through some “pretty heavy” stuff right now. Darren protests not as “heavy” as what Nate is going through. They may trust him on that.

Bo continues to search for Nora at the accident scene but does not find her. He also needs to know why she was not wearing her engagement ring. He is still worried that she does not want to commit to their marriage. He still wants to spend the rest of his life making her happy.

Clint tells Inez that she just told him that she got Bo into bed. She tells him that she had to drug Bo first. Then she kissed him and did everything Clint needed her to do until Bo pushed her way. Clint tells her that she was not “supposed to let” Bo do that. But she tells Clint that there are some things that Clint has no control over. And his brother’s love for his wife is one of them. She is not going to let Bo believe that he cheated on Nora when he did not. So she’s going to tell him the truth. She has nothing to lose now that Eddie is gone. But Clint tells her she won’t do that if she values her sons’ lives.

Viki asks Dorian if she plans to throw Echo out of Viki’s house. How? She’d need a crow bar in order to do that. Dorian tells Viki she has more “subtle” techniques. Hearing that, Viki laughs about how Dorian is incapable of being subtle. And she asks Dorian just why she would be so concerned about Viki’s marriage that does not affect her. Dorian tells Viki that maybe she would just like to see one marriage that doesn’t go to hell. She tells Viki that maybe after the heart break she had involving David, she does not want the same thing to happen to Viki. She tells Viki she knows that they have a common goal to get that bitch out of their lives. And they shake on that.

At the hospital, Echo seems to “Bond” with Charlie and with Rex when she admits that she has a drinking problem and wants to change and make good for her family and Charlie promises to help her with that.

Clint tells Inez that nothing is free in this world. He learned that a long time from his father. SO as long as she comes though on her end off the bargain, her debt will be paid. She needs to tell Bo that they did “consummate”. She asks what if she does not do that. He replies then he will have to tell the police that her son was right in the motel room with a gun when his father was shot.

At the high school, Dani tell Nate that it appears that he was not surprised to hear that his father died. We then see Nate standing over Eddie’s dead body. And he confirms to her that he was not surprised to hear it.

Destiny tells Matthew that for a son to lose his father, it does not get worse than that.

Bo is alone and telling Nora that all he wants is for her to come back to him. No matter how bad it was, they can work through it. She means everything to him. He hears something and calls to Nora. She then comes out of the wooded area and they hold each other.

Todd goes up to his room and tells Blair that he did forget that she gave him the cuff links. Téa tells him that that explains why she did know about them. But, Blair reminds him that it does not explain why he lied to John. And she also needs to know why he secretly hired Rex to investigate Eddie Ford. Hearing that, Blair asks Todd just what else he is lying about?

At the hospital, James tells Starr he has to go to the police station. And as he goes out the door, he runs into John who tells him this must be his lucky day.

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