OLTL Update Wednesday 12/15/10

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 12/15/10


Written by Lisa G.
Pictures by Juanita

Blair is sorting through the laundry with Helen the maid, lamenting that Jack has turned into one of them ‘a man’. Helen picks up the lock box and asks if they can finally get rid of it. Helen tells her to chuck the box, but Blair isn’t ready to chuck it and wonders what happened to Eli. Why did he turn? She decides to take the box to someone who might want to know what’s in it.

At The Palace, Aubrey is on the phone, telling someone that her new BFF is Joey’s ex. She tells her friend how they met and she doesn’t think Kelly will get in the way. After she hangs up the phone, she is pulling outfits out and talking to herself about to wear to see Joey’s mother. She thinks conservative, and decides no, she should be herself.

At Llanfair, Joey opens the door and in comes Kelly. They hug and bump heads. Joey makes a comment he needs more insurance being around her. They head in to the library and Echo comes in to the forayer with a glass of juice. She looks around and pulls a flask out of her purse and pours its contents in to her juice and then takes a quick swig as Vickie walks in and remarks, “Oh there you are.” She asks where she has been and Echo says here and there. Vickie tells her she knows that she kissed her husband. When she pretends to not know what she is talking about, Vickie says that’s what happens when you drink pitchers and pitchers of mimosas. She recaps what happened and asks if it rings any bells…since she is prone to black outs. Echo sips on her ‘juice’ as Vickie asks her what else she is lying about. Echo apologies and tells Vickie she has been very gracious. Vickie acknowledges that Charlie seems to need her there to develop a relationship with Rex and will give her one more chance, or she will be out the door. Echo’s phone rings, it is Charlie who tells her come to the hospital, it’s Rex and tell Vickie what happened. Echo grabs her purse and tells Vickie that Charlie needs her and then rushes out. Vickie picks up her ‘juice’ and realizes that its tequila. The doorbell rings and its Aubrey. Aubrey thanks her for being so accepting of her. Vickie says she can see how much Joey loves her and Aubrey says they are both head over heels in love.

Back in the library, Joey offers Kelly something to eat or drink. She asks for a cup of tea and is babbling on about being stressed out. She tells herself to relax, its Joey, she has told him that she loves him before. Joey offers lemon for her tea. She takes the lemon and squeezes it, right into her eye! Joey tries to help her get the lemon out of her eye. Vickie and Aubrey walk in, it looks like they are in an embrace and about to kiss. They break apart and Joey explains what happened to Kelly. Kelly starts talking to herself again and realizes how much they love each other and will leave them alone. Vickie offers to drive her home because her eye does not look so good. They leave. Aubrey teases Joey about how he was about to kiss Kelly, he tells her he was digging pulp out of her eye. She knows, she pulls him to her and they kiss. When Vickie and Kelly get to her house, she admits that she still loves Joey.

At PD, Bo is reading his texts from Nora (Eddie) and comments that he slept with Inez to himself. Bo makes a call to Nora and pleads with her to call him. John takes a call and tells Natalie that they have a homicide and both head out after they tell Bo. Bo calls Inez and tells her to call him. Bo says they don’t know what happened, and offered to help him and his family in any way. As Starr tells him that she is sorry, he tells her that he is not, it’s finally over.

At the hospital, Gigi is calling Charlie and Bo to tell them about Rex’s accident. The doctor is trying to get Rex to wake up. Gigi tells him that the only thing Rex has said is Nora. The nurse walks Gigi out of the room so they can finish their examination. Charlie shows up all worried. Gigi breaks down and cries. Echo arrives at the hospital and starts freaking out…my baby. Charlie says, “Our baby”. After they take Rex for tests, she continues to act like a frantic mother and breaks down as she remembers that this is where she left him as a baby. Charlie then starts getting upset as he thinks of Jared dying without him telling his son how much he loved him. Bo arrives at the hospital and Gigi tells him that Rex will be okay and that the only thing Rex has said is Nora. She asks Bo to tell Charlie’s parents. Charlie and Echo still don’t know that Rex will be okay. She urges Charlie to go find out what is going on. He leaves the room and she grabs her flask. Charlie quickly returned and caught her drinking. Bo waits to see Rex. Rex is awake and wheeled down. He tells Bo that Nora was in the car with him.

At the Minute Man Hotel, Brody is on the scene and says to the other cop that Eddie had lots of enemies, and no friends. John and Natalie show up and begin to work. Brody asks Natalie why she is working, doesn’t she know about Rex? Brody tells her, but she decides to stay and work instead of going to the hospital. John spots something on the floor and inspects it. He leaves and tells Brody not to let Nat stay any longer than she has to. As Nat continues to gather evidence, she finds a long red hair that is not hers.

Starr is with James and she wants to know what happened last night. Starr reviews everything the Eddie has done and she wouldn’t blame him for going over to teach him some manners. James tells Starr that he went to see Eddie last night. Starr doesn’t know yet that Eddie is dead. Starr and James enter the PD and Bo tells them that his father was murdered.

Todd is at home and trying to get a hold of Rex. Téa overhears the conversation and wants to know what he is trying to deal with in regards to Eddie Ford. His problems are hers. He says that Nate is a crybaby, and she says not everyone can take abuse like a man. Todd tells Téa if he needs a lawyer she can help. Why Todd? Please tell me you did not put a hit out on him. Blair walks in and hands the box to Téa. Todd says what is it a Christmas gift. No, it’s from Eli. They tell her they don’t want it either. Téa gives it back to her. She says never mind and she pushes Todd out of the way to leave. Téa tells her not to leave and that they all suffered because of Eli. Blair says she should of just thrown the box out, but Téa says they should open it. Blair says who knows what’s in it. Todd says maybe there is a head in it or a bomb. Blair says she had the police check it so there is no bomb. They bicker over who should open it and Todd decides it will be him. As he is about to smash it open, there’s a knock and it’s John. Todd asks him what he wants. John says a murderer, you know one? He shows the cufflink that he found at the scene of the murder. They are custom made, with the initials TM.

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