OLTL Update Tuesday 12/14/10

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 12/14/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Gigi goes to see Brody and tells him she’s worried since Rex did not come home last night and she’s been unable to reach him..

Rex is unconscious alter the car crash when he’s driven Nora out of the Minuteman Motel where Eddie has been holding her hostage.

Langston is with Robert after convincing him to get to the hospital. Starr asks if they have seen James and expresses she is worried. James enters. She hugs him and demands to know where he’s been.

Eddie is lying unconscious on the floor of the motel room with a bullet hole in his chest. Apparently somebody has killed him.

Inez appears uncomfortable as if she’s done something she regrets. Bo come out of her bedroom appearing to know what might have happened the previous night that he did not intend.

Nate is alone and appearing as though he might have a secret to hide.

Kelly is in Dorian’ kitchen making omelets but not looking happy. Dorian assumes that her niece is in a good mood and asks her if Joey is back in her life. Blair also enters to overhear and asks if Kelly is in love with Joey. But Kelly is not happy.

At Viki’s, Joey informs Jessica that he is engaged. She is surprised as all others have been to find out that her brother is going to marry somebody he’s never told anybody about whom he’s known for a short time. He asks her if their parents have asked her to say that. She tells him no and asks why he’d ask that. He tells her that it seems everybody is giving him a hard time and the only person who’s been supportive of him is Kelly.

Rex awakens after his car has crashed.

Gigi informs Brody that she has not heard from Rex all the previous night. His car was not anywhere to be found and he never came home. This is not like him and she’s afraid that something is wrong. The last she heard, Rex was doing some PI work to find some “low life” named Eddie Ford. Hearing that, Brody confirms that he knows who Eddie is.

At the hospital, James tells Starr he’s sorry that he did not return her call the previous night. He was just a little tired after his dad cold cocked him. So he turned off his phone and crashed.

Nate is standing over Eddie’s dead body and affirming that he got what he deserved.

Bo goes into Inez’s kitchen and asks her what happened the previous night. He admits to her that the last thing he remembers was getting some texts from Nora where she told him she wanted him to sleep with Inez. He fell asleep and knows he woke up in her bed. She is not certain what to tell him.

When James appears at the hospital, it looks like Starr, Langston and Robert assume to know what he might have done the previous night.

Dorian and Blair both assume that Kelly has hope and optimism that might inspire their own lack of hope in their lives. But little do they know.

James tells Starr that he was alone the previous night. She asks where he went and what he did. He tells her he just spent the evening alone walking, driving and isolating at the LU library. Hearing that, Langston and Robert seem to be very disappointed that he allegedly chickened out about confronting his father. Starr asks him how he will ever get Eddie out of town now. In response to that, James tells them they need never worry about Eddie again. They all wonder what that could mean.

Bo observes Inez clearing empty beer bottles off the coffee table and cannot believe that he drank as much as it appears. She tells him that he appeared upset over the situation with Nora and may have over drank. He tells her he knows he was upset over Nora but asks Inez if they had sex last night. Nate enters to interrupt their conversation. He tells his mom he lost his keys. But he asks her what the Commissioner is doing there in her home.

Rex is alone in his vehicle after it’s crashed and calls Gigi. She asks if he is ok and if he can tell her where he is. He knows that they are near the Minutemen Motel but cannot tell her the rest. It appears he is passing out and Nora is unconscious. Brody then gets read to go with Gigi to the Minuteman Motel.

Joey informs Jessica that it was very odd that Kelly and Aubrey have already met and are friends. It worked out perfectly and at least Kelly is happy for him. She tells him she is sorry but is a bit concerned that her brother has been going on one bad date after another and is now ready to marry somebody he barely knows. He tells her that he and Aubrey have been together since the first time they met. Jessica asks him if he can tell her more about Aubrey. He tells her she is funny, smart, fun to be with and sexy and has a lot in common with him.

Dorian tells Blair that the reason why all of Kelly’s relationships have been so “troubled” is because she never got over Joey. They both assume that Kelly has finally found the man of her dreams. Dorian asks her niece what Joey did after she professed her true feelings. Kelly replies that he proposed. Dorian has no clue what really happened and assumes that Joey proposed to Kelly and she asks when the wedding date is. She is happy and tells them how wonderful this is. Yet neither she nor Blair can see that Kelly is not happy and has not gotten the outcome that she’s hoped for. Blair congratulates her cousin and tells her that she has landed the man of her dreams. Whereas she (Blair) married a serial killer. Kelly then tells Blair that one thing that all of her failed relationships have in common are Blair. Blair tells Dorian that they can clearly see that Kelly is miserable. Dorian then asks Kelly what is wrong. And Kelly admits that Joey did not propose to her. He proposed to someone else.

Jessica tells Joey she is a bit concerned that he has proposed to someone he does not know and has not considered Kelly. She tells him she has become really good friends with Kelly. Kelly has been there for her. She tells him that she got “taken advantage of” by a guy named Robert Ford. And Kelly was very supportive to her through that. Hearing that, Joey tells his sister, he wouldn’t mind meeting this “jerk”. But she tells him that things are ok and she’s gotten over that part of her life. But, she admits that for a while there, she was afraid that Robert could have been her baby’s father.

At the hospital, James admits to Starr, Langston and Robert that his father will never abuse him again. That he can guarantee. Hearing hat, they demand to know what he means.

A housekeeper enters the motel room and sees Eddie dad on the floor and screams.

Nate cannot account for his whereabouts to Inez and she asks why he stayed out overnight. He tells her she need not worry. But as soon as he is alone, he appears very uneasy about something. Alone with Bo, she tells him that there is something that her son is not telling her. Bo tells her there is something she is not telling him (Bo). Again, he asks if they had sex last night. She then gets a call from Clint but does not answer and knows she better not tell Bo about that. Bo demands that she answers him. She then tells Bo yes. They did have sex the pervious night.

Gigi and Brody go to find Rex who is passed out in his car. They are ready to put him in an ambulance. But he is trying to let them know about Nora. He passes out again before he can tell them that she has also been in the accident in his vehicle.

James seems to know that he will never again have to deal with his father. But what could that mean. And we see Eddie’s dead body in the motel room with the mystery of who could have killed him.

Brody gets the medical team to examine Rex. But nobody has accounted for Nora nor knows that she was in the car with him. And it appears that they have collided with Matthew and nobody knows where he is either.

Bo tells Inez that he is married and should have never let it get this far. But she tells him this is all her fault. Nate is then ready to leave and evade his mother’s questions. She demands that he tells her what is wrong.

The doctors tell Robert that all of his tests have come back ok so they can release him. But they advise him not to get into any more fights. Langston is with him. And Starr and James know that they better let them be alone. Starr follows James out the door and knows he is keeping a secret.

Dorian tells Kelly that perhaps if she had told Joey of her true feelings earlier, he might have never asked “this Aubrey person” to marry him. But Kelly does not want to vilify Aubrey. Dorian urges Kelly to tell Joey how she feels. And at least, she will have the peace of mind that she has done everything she has to win back the man she loves. Blair overhears that and tells her that Kelly will only get her heart stomped on by doing that..

Joey shows Jessica a cell phone picture of Aubrey and it appears they are getting married sooner than Jessica and Brody.

Robert tells Langston that since he was almost “at death’s door” the previous night, is she sure she still wants to wait 6 months to sleep with him? He reminds her that last night she was very emotional about hoping he’d be ok. She jokes that if he keeps that up, he will be at death’s door for real. But he appears very serious when he thanks her for staying with him the previous night. Hearing that, she asks him if he is ok.

Starr demands that James goes into a room so that they can talk alone. He jokes that he kind of likes the “roll reversal” where she is kidnapping him. But she tells him he knows that she is right that he has a secret. Eddie has a “vision” where he is taunting James in the motel room.

Jessica tells Joey that she bets that he has unresolved feelings for Kelly but does not want to talk about it. He gets the door and sees Kelly. He asks what brings her there.

Blair tells Dorian she does not believe her. She sent Kelly “down the gang plank”. Hasn’t she learned anything since the David disaster.? Dorian replies that David is a louse. But not all men are. Blair tells her aunt hat she knows that she (Dorian) is afraid so she is sending Kelly out in her place. But if she wants to see Kelly heart broken and doomed to live a tragic life, then she wont’ stop Dorian. Dorian then admits that maybe Blair is right. She is afraid of allowing herself to ever love gain and that is why she wants Kelly to be the courageous and strong willed young woman that she has always been. Blair does not buy that. Dorian tells her she may scoff if she likes. But Kelly’s courage inspires Dorian to get over her fear and believe that she can love again. She tells Blair, however, unless she gets over this Eli thing, then Blair will never truly love or trust anybody again and that will be a real tragedy.

When Bo gets up to leave Inez’s apartment, Inez asks Nate what is bothering him. We then see him standing over Eddie’s dead body. He tells his mom that he’s fine and does not answer. He leaves and one again when he’s alone he makes it clear that he is not ok.

The housekeeper at the motel leads Brody and the cops to find Eddie after he’s been shot and killed.

Bo tells Inez he hates that he’s cheated on Nora and hurt her like this. He tells her loves Nora. She tells him she knows and she hopes that he and Nora find their way back to each other. Bo leaves. Inez is not ok. Bo goes out the door

While Rex is drifting in and out of consciousness, he says something about Nora. Gigi goes out in the field but nobody has seen Nora.

Brody tells the housekeeper that he knows this guy who has been shot in the motel room. His name is Eddie Ford.

Langston admits that she is very used to crazy people with her mom being Dorian Lord and her best friend’s dad being Todd Manning. He tells her that he somehow knows that Eddie will never hurt James again.

James tells Starr that the only thing he’s hiding is how exhausted he is. She demands that he just tell her the truth. Where did he go last night? After he left the gym, he went to see his father. Didn’t he?

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