OLTL Update Monday 12/13/10

One Life to Live Update Monday 12/13/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Natalie goes to find John ready to reveal the big secret to him. But he tells her he needs to say something to her first and he proposes to her.

Rex is attempting to get into the room where Eddie is keeping Nora. A housekeeper catches him and demands to know what he is doing. Nora is still stuck inside bound and gagged and music plays so that she cannot be heard.

Natalie pulls away from John knowing that he cannot answer whether she will marry him or not and walks out the door.

Matthew goes to Inez’s home and sees, with his own eyes, that his father is on the couch kissing Inez. Bo is disoriented, drugged and believes that she is Nora.

At the gym, Eddie confronts his sons. Robert punches him and he’s ready to go after Robert. Brody pulls him off of Robert. At that point, James pulls out a gun. Nobody sees him with the gun as everybody is distracted. Eddie tells them he is not going anywhere.

Matthew sinks down to the floor in the hallway outside Inez’s apartment after seeing what he has just seen. He assumes that Clint is right. His parents are cheating on each other. He is distraught.

When Rex is outside the motel room, Natalie calls him and needs to know if he talked to John and if so, what did he say? She tells her brother that the problem is that John just proposed to her. She did not know what to say. He asks her why she does not believe that this is great news. Doesn’t she want to marry John? She asks Rex if when he spoke to John, did he say anything about the baby? He tells her of course he did not any anything about Brody being the baby’s father. And he did not “ask” John to propose to Natalie. She asks what he did tell John. He replies that he told John how great his sister is and how she deserves the best. And isn’t that what she wanted? To marry John?

At the gym, Robert is on the floor and appears to be hurt after Eddie has punched him. The others tell him he must get to a hospital. Nate, James, Starr, Langston, Dani and Brody are ready to run Eddie out the door. Brody stands between James and Eddie. Eddie tells his dad that he does not scare him anymore and he conceals the gun in his pocket. Eddie then announces that his job is “done”. Besides, there is somewhere he needs to be.

Natalie tells Rex of course she wants to marry John. He asks her why, then, there is a problem. She tells him there is Marty who threatened to destroy her life. It appeared that Marty reconsidered and was going to keep her mouth shut. But that was before John proposed. What will Marty do after she finds out?. Rex reminds her that Marty could spill the beans at any time and Natalie must know that there is a risk. Maybe if she does not want to hurt John, she needs to go and tell him herself and take a chance. And he encourages his sister to be happy. He then tells her that he has to go and take care of some business.

Matthew stands outside the door of Inez’s apartment and cries asking how his father could do this. He then walks out the door. Inside, Inez stands up and holds out her hand to Bo.

At the gym, Eddie declares that if the cops want to arrest him, they must arrest Robert also since his son took the first punch.

Bo awakens and Inez assumes that he knows who she really is. She apologizes for what she just did to him. But he reveals that he made a mistake and owes her an apology for bringing up Sam.. At that point, Inez realizes she hasn’t a clue who Sam is and that it appears that he still believes that she is Nora. He tells her that all of their disputes are over and he’s so glad that his wife has come back to him.

Brody affirms that Eddie was correct that Eddie cannot be locked up since Robert took the first punch. Dani gets a call. It’s Matthew. He is driving and upset. HE tells her that she is not alone. She is not the only one who cheats. Everyone cheats, he tells her. She obviously hasn’t a clue what he is talking about.

Natalie returns to John after talking to Rex. He tells her hat maybe she just needs time to think. He tells her that she is not exactly inspiring confidence there. She tells him that she is sorry. She did not expect it and wonders why now. He tells her he wants to do what is right for her and for their baby and that is not the only reason. She tells him that you cannot just marry someone out of obligation. That is not the reason to marry someone. He need not worry about this baby having a family. This baby will definitely have a family. He then declares that he loves her.

Matthew tells Dani that she may give her boyfriend a message from him. Nate’s mother is a whore. She’s a whore, a bitch and a home wrecker. And he hangs up. Nate then asks her what is going on. She replies nothing but appears to be shocked to have gotten that call from Matthew.

Bo holds Inez in his arms still appearing to believe that she is Nora. He tells her that he did not mean to send those hostile texts. He will love her forever. He knows she will always love him. Inez pulls away and cries. But Bo tells her she need not be afraid that she will lose him. He is her husband and is right there for her.

Rex breaks into the motel room, finds Nora and unties her. She is surprised to see him and he is surprised to see her. He asks who did this to her. She replies Eddie Ford who is the scum of the earth.

At the gym, Brody informs the others that Eddie’s lawyer has already filed several motions against the police department so he will be in trouble if he locks Eddie up. But, he tells Eddie, sooner or later, they will find a way to lock him up and run him out of town. Robert then asks Eddie if he heard that. Nobody wants him there. James then follows him out the door. Eddie asks him what he’s going to do if he does not leave. Will James “hurt” him? James tells Eddie he may tempt him. Eddie then leaves knowing that nobody can get him to leave town. Brody is ready to take Robert to the hospital. But he refuses. Brody then asks everybody to stay away from Eddie. He informs them that Eddie has a room at the minuteman motel and hopefully, he will stay there. And there is nothing he can do at this point. Brody leaves and everybody is very upset. James is ready to walk out the door without telling anybody where he is going. Starr knows that he wants to follow Eddie and warns him that Brody was right. He needs to stay clear of Eddie. But James is obviously on a mission.

Rex unties Nora and she tells him that she can put Eddie away for life since he had a gun. Rex can see that Nora is not “ok”. It appears she cannot move her hands and she cannot button up her jacket. Rex goes to get her some water. She tells him that her hands and legs hurt and her throat feels like it’s got a cactus in it and she’s starving. She reminds Rex that he never answered her question. Why is he there? He replies that he is investigating Eddie for “a client”. Rex asks if she has any idea why Eddie would have wanted to kidnap her. She replies that he wanted to break up her marriage. Hearing that, Rex tells her that is “crazy”. But she tells him that Eddie might have done it.

When Bo sleeps, Inez tells him that she did not “do it”. She is not going to “force” him to cheat on his wife. But she realizes she did not live up to her end of the bargain. So she knows that Clint wont’ have to live up to his.

Nora tells Rex that they have to find Bo. But they try and fail to get him and only get his voicemail. They go outside and Nora tells Rex she bets that Inez put Eddie up to this. He is not smart enough to have thought this up on his own. He’s dumb as a rock

While Matthew drives, he remembers seeing his father with Inez and he closes his eyes in horror and disbelief.

At the gym, Nate asks Dani what the phone call was about and who it was. She does not want to answer but admits that it was Matthew. She did not know what he wanted but he said many crazy things about Nate’s mom. He went off on her and was calling her really nasty names. But they haven’t a clue as to why.

While driving, Matthew remembers toasting to his parents at their wedding. He toasted to the best parents in the world. He remembers telling them that he is glad that they got back together not just for him. But for them. He cries and tells them that they lied about everything. Why even both getting married, he asks? Those vows meant nothing to them!

John tells Natalie that he realizes that there might be complications with their getting married. Clint and her brothers might be an obstacle. But he could take a lot for her. She tells him that he has already. She does not want to hurt him. He asks her again to marry him. She says nothing and cries. He asks her what all of this means. Is this a yes? She then replies that that was a yes. She will marry him.

Rex drives Nora home and she tells him that she knows that she and Bo might be in trouble. Eddie has been sending texts to Bo that she has dumped him and wants him to sleep with Inez. But Bo has seen that the text has come from her phone. And she saw a text coming from Bo’s phone that he was angry and ready to give up on her believing that she sent the texts. Rex tells her that he knows that everything will be ok in time. She wants him to drive faster but he tells her that the roads are icy. She admits that Eddie “tried” to do something. Rex then asks if Eddie attacked her. She admits that he started to but had to go somewhere. The only thing that kept him from raping her was an appointment. She cries and Rex assures her that she is safe right now.

Not far away, Matthew is driving and not being careful when he remembers seeing his father with Inez. He turns on the radio.

At the gym, Nate tells Dani that Matthew is a nasty little jerk. Who does he think he is going off on Nate’s mom. She tells Nate that Matthew was just upset. He asks why Matthew would take it out on his mom though? What did Inez do to him? Dani admits that it was very “weird” and not like Matthew. He then admits that Matthew is the least of her problems. He tells her that he will find a way to get rid of Eddie. HE cannot believe that that sadist is his father. All those years he wanted to find his father, he was nowhere to be found. And now that he’s finally met him, he wants him gone. He wishes he could press a button and delete him from a movie. She tells him that real life doesn’t work like that. But he tells her that sometimes it can.

Langston tells Robert that he has to go to the ER and have somebody check him out since it looks like he’s gotten some cracked ribs right where he was assaulted before. He then agrees. Starr is on her phone trying but failing to reach James.

Eddie returns to the motel but notices that Nora is gone. He goes though his stuff looking for his gun. But he does not find it. He does notice James, however who appears at the door holding a gun.

Brody goes to Viki’s and informs John that he was not able to arrest Eddie but he warned him to leave people alone. John then tells Brody that he and Natalie have some “news”. But, viewing Brody, Natalie tells him no. They do not. Both men haven’t a clue what to make of her doing that.

At the motel, Eddie asks how he got in there and what the hell is James doing with his gun? James pulls the gun on Eddie and asks what does it look like.

At the gym, Starr admits to Langston that she’s worried about what James might have done or where he might have gone. Robert tells her he will go and find his brother. But Langston insists that they get him to the hospital before doing anything else. Nate asks Robert if he is ok. Robert leaves with Starr and Langston. Dani then asks Nate what he might know about what James might have done to Eddie. She tells him that this whole night has been so weird. He tells her not to worry> It will all be ok. She leaves to go and call her mom. Alone in the gym, Nate looks like he might have a secret.

Natalie tells Brody that she and John were planning on throwing him and Jessica an engagement party. But they wanted it to be a surprise. So he needs to pretend that he has not heard anything. Brody smiles and leaves, suspecting nothing. John then asks Natalie if there is a reason why she lied to Brody. She tells him that she knows that once they announce to her family that they are getting married, they will have a million ideas about what they should do and how they should do it. So she wants it to be all their own thing. He tells her good and puts his arm around her. But she is not complete.

While Bo is at Inez’s home, Nate calls and make sure she is ok. She warns her son that no matter what he does, he must stay away from Eddie. She then goes into the other room

In Rex’s car, Nora asks if he believes that her marriage can be repaired. Eddie cannot ruin it. Can he?

Matthew drives and plays loud music and yells that his parents are hypocrites and Uncle Clint is the only one who tells the truth. All they care about is themselves. He then gets on his phone and gets distracted and it looks like he collides with Rex and Nora.

Eddie is lying on the floor of the motel unconscious and looking like he’s been shot.

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