OLTL Update Friday 12/10/10

One Life to Live Update Friday 12/10/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

While Eddie has Nora tied to a chair, he looks like he wants to sleep with her. She asks if he wants to add rape to his charges.

Bo is in Inez’s apartment viewing his text message from Nora’s phone where she tells him she wants him to sleep with Inez. Inez is in the kitchen pouring beer and notices that the prescription instructions for her new medication say she should not mix it with alcohol. And it looks like she has a plan.

Clint declares to Matthew that his father is cheating on his mother with Inez. Matthew tells his uncle he does not believe that. Clint is lying. Clint tells him he would not lie. But Matthew reminds him that he lied to Rex about being his son.

Rex is in Viki’s home after finding out for the first time that Natalie is pregnant with Brody’s baby instead of John’s. John enters and notices that Rex looks like he is not entirely ok and asks what is up.

Natalie and Marty get into a brawl. Natalie slaps her. Marty is ready to slap her back. Natalie tells her she won’t hesitate to kick her ass. Marty tells Natalie that she’d like to be able to have an excuse to take her frustrations out on Marty without risking her baby that is not even John’s. She tells Marty that it devastated John to lose the baby he was going to have with her. And when he finds out that Natalie lied to him and she is not having his baby, it will destroy him. She tells Natalie that she wants her son back. Natalie asks Marty if she wants to hurt John. Marty tells her that she does not want to do that. John has been hurt enough. But he deserves so much better than Natalie. And Natalie deserves to lose everything. Just like she (Marty) has.

John asks Rex if he’s seen Natalie. Remembering that Natalie just went off to confront Marty, Rex does not know how to answer that. John informs Rex that he was going to meet her three. They are going to look over Lamaze brochures and take a class together. Hearing that, Rex does not know what to say or do.

Matthew does not want to believe that his father would cheat on his mother with Inez. Clint tells Matthew he knows that it’s a lot to take. But Inez could not have been clearer. He informs Matthew that she broke up with him in order to be with Bo. Matthew tells Clint even if that is true, his dad would not want her. He would not cheat on his mom. Clint tells Matthew that BO would not cheat on Nora without a ‘really good reason”. Matthew then demands that Clint tells him if he’s implying that his mom would cheat on his dad.

When Eddie gets close to Nora she tells him he better not put his filthy hands on her. He then notices that Bo has sent Nora a text stating that he does not plan to sleep with Inez but does not plan to sleep with her either any time soon. And Eddie remarks that he thinks that “they" (himself and Nora) are getting to him. She tells him that he is so wrong. He asks if that is true and reminds her that Inez will be doing her best to “convince” Bo. He asks Nora what he has to do in order to convince her.

Inez stands in her kitchen before bringing out the beer that she has drugged for Bo and remembers telling Clint that she will seduce Boa and get him to cheat on Nora under the condition that Clint makes Eddie disappear and leave her sons alone. She looks at the picture of her three sons and knows the only thing to do is drug Bo.

Matthew asks Clint if he’s saying that his dad is cheating on his mom because she’s cheating on him. He tells Clint he does not believe that Bo would do that. Bo loves Nora Clint tells Matthew that regardless, people make mistakes. She cheated on him with Sam Rappaport. Matthew must remember that up until not long ago, he believed that Sam was his bio dad. She mistakenly married him and was seeing Bo behind his back. Matthew tells Clint he has no proof of any of the things he’s assuming. Maybe Inez is lying. He has not heard any testimony form either of his parents to prove what Clint alleges. Clint then tells Matthew he may call his mother and ask her and see what she says.

It looks like Eddie is going to rape Nora. Her phone rings and Eddie answers. Matthew demands to know who the hell he is and that he puts his mom on the phone. Eddie tells Matthew that she is “tied up for now”. Matthew then hangs up and Clint asks him what he “discovered”. Right then Eddie turns on the music so that nobody can hear Nora and goes out the door to meet his sons and fight them at the gym.

Inez brings out the beer for herself and Bo. He thanks her and is ready to drink it with her assuming that Nora has thrown him away.

Natalie asks Marty if she thinks that she’s going to let Marty throw away her life. She reminds her that she (Marty) is on probation and it would not take much for the hospital board to fire her when the find out that she stole the medical files. She reminds Marty that her uncle is the police commissioner. And after he finds out that Marty has been blackmailing her, Marty can go t to prison. SO she (Natalie) is not the only one here with something to lose. Marty does not respond.

At Viki’s home, Rex tells John that he must know that Natalie is not perfect. But she would never “hurt” anybody on purpose. John asks Rex what he is talking about. Rex reminds John that his sister was raised as a Balsam. But John tells Rex he does not think anything that Natalie could do could change the way he feels about her. Rex then tells John that he has to go and investigate this guy named Eddie Ford. John then tells Rex he thinks he might be able to point him in the right direction.

At the gym, Brody and Cristian are attempting to get Robert ready to learn boxing. But they both manage to easily knock him down and prove that he is not a competitive boxer.. Langston is worried and tells him she does not want to bruise his ego but is scared that he’s going to get hurt. He makes jokes and tells her he knows that he will get hurt. But he has no choice. She then tells him if he walks away from this, she will have sex with him. James then asks Nate how they are going to win. Nate tells his brother that maybe they can cheat. Eddie appears and seems very cocky that he can win.

Marty tell Natalie she is correct that she could ruin Marty’s career and send her to prison. But that would only be an issue for her if she cared. Now that her son is in prison, it no longer matters She tells Natalie that maybe she will understand if she has a son who’s life is ruined and every time you see him his hope is getting ruined and he has no value in his life. Natalie then tells Marty she is sorry. But Cole murdered a man. Marty reminds her that she lied about the paternity of her baby. Natalie tells her that that is not a crime. Marty admits to Natalie that she is not certain when she should give John the news. Should she do it now? Or should she wait until John is holding his baby. Maybe she can wait until the first day of kindergarten or the first little league game? She tells Natalie that she has many choices and it does not matter to her. Maybe she could wait until she gets her own son back. But, she tells Natalie, the good part of it for her (herself) is that Natalie will never know.

John informs Rex that Brody has found Eddie. But he has no way to enter the motel room where Eddie is or prove that he’s broken the law and they can only guess what he’s hiding there.

Nora remains gagged and bound to the chair alone in the motel room.

After Matthew calls his mom’s phone and Eddie “indicates” to him that Nora is “preoccupied” and she does not answer, Clint tells Matthew that he did not want him to find out that way. But maybe this has prompted Bo to be with Inez.

Bo is getting really drowsy and ready to fall asleep after drinking the beer with Inez’s mediation. She tells him that he is in no condition to drive. He talks about how he regrets the way Matthew has treated her son. He continues to drink the beer and then he is ready to pass out. He tells her that maybe he should have never shot his mouth off about Sam Rappaport to Nora. He knows that she did it all for him. She wanted to give him a baby. And after his son, Drew died, he was desperate. He declares that he loves Nora and this crazy fighting they are going through is not them. But Bo appears to fall asleep and Inez takes his beer from him. He closes his eyes and passes out.

Eddie writes texts to Bo from Nora’ phone while getting ready to box at the gym.

Nate tells James that maybe they can put something in Eddie’s gloves. Starr, Langston and Dani all wonder how they are going to pull that off. But Nate tells them that they must find a way to get Eddie out of town and are running out of options. But they are worried that if they do something illegal, it might backfire. Langston then tells Robert that she will lift the ban on sex if he backs out. Hearing that, he tells her that now he cannot have sex with her. He cannot do this for the wrong reason. She tells him what if Eddie kills him. He tells her that he wants nothing more than to go home and make love to her. But he has to take care of his little brothers. Eddie approaches Robert, insults him and makes sexual comments to Langston. And that point, James and Nate know that they might have to take drastic action. Eddie provokes Robert and he gets in his face. He makes sexual comments to all of his son’s girlfriends and tells them that he can take them to his apartment and show the little girls something. In response to that, Brody tells him that that sounds like a threat. But Eddie sarcastically addresses Brody as “officer sir” and nobody has any way to get him in trouble. Robert then asks Langston if she still wants him to call off this fight. She then angrily tells him if he does not put Eddie in the ground, she will.

After Matthew has discovered a strange man answering his mom’s phone and assumes what he assumes, Clint assures his nephew that he will be there for him. Matthew goes out the door very upset. Clint then tells Asa’s picture on the door that he had no choice. He has to protect his fortune and his pride.

After Bo is passed out on Inez’s couch, she notices that he has a text sent from Nora’s phone that she wants him to sleep with Inez and doesn’t want to see him anymore. Right then, her phone rings. Clint asks her if she “got it done”. She tells him not yet. But Bo is “resting”. He tells her she better hurry up and reminds her that he is giving her the opportunity to do what she really wants. She then asks Clint if those messages from Nora are really from her. He asks her why she would care. He demands she just gets it done unless she wants Eddie Ford to become a permanent resident of Llanview. He hangs up.

John tells Rex that if somebody were to break into Eddie’s motel room while he’s out, this might be the time to do it. The night manager might not be aware. Rex then “thanks” John. John asks him what for. Rex replies for loving his sister. He reminds John that Natalie hasn’t always had it easy. She now has him and this kid and he does not want her to lose that.


Natalie tells Marty she knows that Marty blames her for what happened to Cole. But maybe if Marty had been a better mother, Cole would not have committed cold blooded murder. And this must be about the fact that John loves her and left Marty for her. She tells Marty that she (Marty) does not care if Natalie hurts John. Marty tells Natalie she (Natalie) did not care if she hurt John when she slept with her sister’s boyfriend. Natalie then tells Marty not that this is any of her business. But she needs to get one thing clear. The night when she and Brody slept together, she and John were not together. And Brody and Jessica were not together. She can tell John the truth now and about what Marty has done to her. Marty smirks and tells Natalie that she will not tell him. Natalie doe not have the guts. But Natalie tells Marty we will see about that. And she goes out the door. She then returns to her mom’s home and declares that Jon has the right to know the truth about everything.

At the gym, Nate tells James there is still time to put something in Eddies’ gloves. He asks what if Eddie goes after Dani or Starr or Langston. James must know that the cops cannot touch him. He has a lawyer letting him get way with everything. Nate tells James that he wont’ let Eddie hurt somebody else. He tells James if he wont’ take care of him, he will take care of Eddie himself. Alone, James reveals that he has a gun. Eddie gets a call from Clint who needs to know where Nora is. Eddie tells Clint he has some “business” to take care of. Clint tells Eddie that the only “business” he has to attend to is with him. He needs to get Nora to Inez’s apartment or Clint will not pay Eddie what he wants.

Inez then notices Bo asleep and remembers Clint telling her she has to get it done or else Eddie will be a permanent resident of Llanview. She hesitates unable to do it. But she looks at the pictures of her sons and goes back to sit down next to Bo. She asks him to wake up and tells him she needs to do something for her. She then tells him she needs him to make love to her. He is drowsy and not thinking clearly and sees her as Nora asking him to make love to her. SO he kisses Inez believing she is Nora.

Clint tells Eddie that he has 20 minutes to get Nora to Inez’s apartment or he won’t get paid one red cent. Eddie then knows that he has to postpone his boxing match. Robert then asks if he is ready. Eddie tells his son that he looks like a girl out there and cannot watch him pee himself in front of his girlfriend. He tells them that he has to give his son a rain check. Robert reminds him that they had a deal. Cristian then has to leave. Eddie tells Robert he has some place he needs to be.

Rex goes outside the motel room where Eddie is keeping Nora without knowing she is there. He knocks on the door.

Robert tells Eddie they are doing this right her right now and calls him a coward. Right then, it provokes Eddie. James asks if he really thinks he can take on Robert. He’s younger and tougher and ready for him. Right then they get into a brawl.

Clint is alone in his study looking at a picture of himself and Bo in happier times.

Rex knocks on the door of Eddie’s motel room. But Nora is helpless to speak or open it. He then looks like he’s going to unlock the door.

Matthew goes to Inez’s home and is shocked to her and his father in each other’s arms on her couch. They do not see him. But he can clearly see them.

Marty looks at the picture of Cole in her office and tells him she has to ruin Natalie’s life.

Natalie is ready to tell John the big secret. But he tells her that he has something to say to her first. She then asks him what is up. He then gets down on one knee and asks her if she will marry him.

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