OLTL Update Thursday 12/9/10

One Life to Live Update Thursday 12/9/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Matthew tells Clint that he knows that he had Vimal break into the hospital DNA lab to alter the test results to make it look s though Charlie Banks is Rex Balsam’s father when he knows that Clint is Rex’s father. Clint then asks his nephew if he’s “asking” him. Matthew tells his uncle no. He’s “telling him”. He tells Clint he knows that he is Rex’s father and doesn’t need to ask.

Rex informs Natalie that Marty is up to a malicious plan to make it appear as though Brody is the father of her (Natalie's) baby. Hearing that, Natalie is horrified that Marty wants to ruin her life.

When Marty is in her office, Inez enter and tells her that she needs some professional help. She has heard that Meaty is the best. She is about to do something that will hurt a really good man.

At the gym, Bo enters to find Robert and James ready to box Eddie. But they wonder where Eddie is.

Eddie is in the motel room holding Nora hostage with the gag on her mouth. Brody pounds on the door and tells him he better open up. It’s the police and somebody better answer him.

Matthew tells Clint that he does not get it. Why doesn’t he want to admit that Rex is his son? Clint then tells his nephew he knows that his grandfather would be proud of him. Matthew tells his uncle thank you but again asks why Clint wants to hide that Rex is his son. Clint replies because Rex is everything that Matthew is not. Matthew asks his uncle what he means. Clint reminds Matthew that he may be too young to remember all about what was involved regarding how and why Rex Balsam came to this town. He’s a low life, a con artist and a gold digger. He reminds his nephew that he needs to help them all protect the Buchanan fortune from Rex. But Matthew reveals he does not understand and expects more answers and clarification from his uncle about how he so dislikes and distrusts Rex.

Nate talks to Dani about his father. He has never known anything about him since he was born. He wondered what kind of a person his father could be and would have given anything to be able to meet him. But he never imagined that his father was anything like Eddie and if he’d known, he’d be better off never knowing. He cannot imagine his mother with Ea man like that. She tells him that she understands that but asks why he is worried about the fact that he is the son of somebody like Eddie. She tells him he must never be afraid that he is anything like Eddie. He would not have been so understanding about the fact that she is a virgin and does not want to have sex and needs him to wait. But he tells her that he is in no rush an wants what he wants and cares about her. She tells him that in that case, will he do her math homework for her.? He tells her nice try. She then asks if he can talk about biology. But she turns a page that refers to human sexuality.

At the gym, Bo tells Robert and James that he does not like their little plan with Eddie. It won’t get rid of him. But Robert reminds Bo that he must know that Eddie is a bully. He won’t leave on his own. He can’t be bought off. The cops can’t do anything to prevent him from doing what he does. Violence is the only language he understands. Starr and Langston observe and wonder what will happen to the two men they care for. And at that point, Cristian Vega enters.

Eddie steps outside his motel room when Brody demands he opens up. Brody informs Eddie that he wonders why he has registered in the motel with a fake name. And he needs to know what or whom Eddie is hiding. Nora is stuck in the closet with her mouth gagged and is calling for Bo.

Marty tells Inez that maybe she can give her some medication to help her with racing thoughts and stress. But Inez firmly tells her she cannot wait. Marty then asks her about this man whom Inez is concerned about. Is she involved with him? Inez replies that he is married. IT appears that he is having marital problems. But somebody is threatening her and her sons if she does not sleep with him. And who is she to ruin this man’s marriage and his life?

Natalie asks Rex what he found in Marty’s home. She knows that that gift box she was about to give to John was something malicious involving the secret that she is carrying Brody’s baby. She tells her brother that she cannot let Brody ever find this. She will not let Marty destroy hers and John’s and Brody’s and Jessica’s lives just because she hates Natalie’s guts. Rex reminds her that Marty did not give John the present yet. Natalie then affirms that she has to find a way to keep Marty’s mouth shut for good. She then gets ready to take care of this. But Rex does not want her doing anything rash and insists that he comes with her and drives. She tells him that this is urgent. Marty is on the warpath. But he reminds her that she is pregnant and needs to stay calm. She tells him she knows that but this is John’s baby. This will always be John’s baby. And Marty is not going to take that away from them.

Inez then shares with Marty that she alone with her sons and new in town. She started dating what she believed was a great man. He helped her younger son to get a grant to attend college and for her oldest son to keep his job when he was about to be fired and get in trouble. But she should have known there were strings attached. And it all happened when Eddie, her abusive ex husband came back to town. He has been harassing and threatening her sons. And “this man” told her hat he could make Eddie disappear. But he has threatened her and her family and now appears to be just as diabolical as Eddie is. Marty asks her who this man is. Inez replies that the really scary part is this man appears to be a law abiding and respected man. He is a prominent, rich and powerful member of the town of Llanview and she is afraid of what he can do.

Clint explains to Matthew that Rex Balsam is a threat to their family and Matthew must realize that his uncle knows what he is doing and Clint will help Matthew become rich and successful if Matthew does what Clint needs him to do which is keep his mouth shut and not tell anybody what he knows about Clint’s secret.

Bo goes looking for Eddie. But he’s not where he can be found.

Cristian goes to the gym and informs Robert Ford that he realizes that he has cleaned up his act, forgives him for his past wrong doing and wants to help him beat Eddie. Robert shakes Cristian’s hand and thanks him for his help. Cristian tells Robert that he has experience with boxing and might be able to do what Robert cannot since Robert has no experience boxing.

Eddie stands outside his motel room and tells Brody that he is having a private encounter with a lady friend. She is kid of a “screamer”. And there is no law against that. Is there? But Brody wants to enter and find out what is going on. Eddie tells him that he cannot unless he wants to join them. And he demands that Brody leaves him alone. Brody then has no choice except to leave.

Bo goes to Inez’s home but she is not there. He finds Nate and Dani and informs them that Robert wants to fight Eddie. They are worried that it will only cause more trouble. Bo tells them he agrees. But it’s not illegal so he cannot stop them. He gets a call from Brody who informs him that he found Eddie. Eddie claims that he’s in there with a woman. He’s probably doing something illegal in there. But Brody knows he can’t go inside without a warrant. Bo tells Brody that with Eddie’s high price lawyer, there’s probably no way he can get a warrant without getting the police department in trouble. So, he asks Brody to come back and enter wearing civilian clothes with another “plan” to find out what Eddie is doing.

Inside the motel room, Eddie knows that the cops are after him. Nora demands to know what he plans to do. But she is helpless to break free.

After Cristian offers to box Eddie, James tells him that he doesn’t want to have someone else risk getting hurt or getting in trouble for him. Robert wants to have Cristian show him some moves. And it appears that Cristian knows how to knock Robert on the floor and that proves that Robert is no match for any experienced boxer.

Realizing that Matthew is aware of his dad becoming “friends” with Inez and having marital problems with his mom, Clint attempts to explain it to his nephew. But Matthew wants to know about Rex. Clint tells Matthew he must realize what could happen if Rex had the Buchanan name and Bo backing him up. He could take everything from everybody including Matthew. Matthew tells his uncle that they just won’t let that happen. Clint then reminds his nephew that sometimes when people do the right thing terrible things happen to them and they lose regardless. He asks Mathew if he does not remember that happening to him. Matthew replies that he has. Clint then asks him why he wants to risk it again and prevent himself and Bo and Clint and their family from having what they deserve.

Rex goes to Viki’s home and Charlie enters realizing that he and his “son” have lost a lot of time together. Charlie realizes that maybe it’s just as well since he was not there for Jared and might not have been there for Rex. He tells Rex that he missed out and knows that Rex grew up thinking the wrong man was his dad.

Inez tells Marty that if she wants to protect her sons and have Eddie gone, she has to sleep with “this man”. But before she can tell more, Natalie busts into Marty’s office and furiously tells her she is not going to let her get away with what she is doing. Marty dismisses Inez and prescribes some medication for her to sleep better. She demands to know what Natalie thinks she is doing. Natalie then waves the Ob-Gyn report and tells Marty she knows exactly what she is doing. And she won’t let Marty get away with it. Marty looks at it and asks what this is. Natalie tells her she knows damn well what it is. She broke into the hospital. Marty asks Natalie if it’s true that Brody is the father of her baby and she’s lied to John. How does Natalie know that Marty had access to it? Natalie tells her that she got it out of Marty’s home. Marty asks Natalie if she broke the law by breaking into Marty’s home. She reminds Natalie that they can always call the cops. OR maybe they should call John. At that point, Natalie does not speak.

Cristian shows that he can win a boxing match with Robert. James does not want to let that happen to his brother. Robert would not be in this fight if it were not for his problems with Eddie. But Starr reminds James that it would not have happened if Eddie was a real father.

At Viki's, Charlie appears awkward around Rex who reveals that he has some things going on. Charlie tells him that he realizes that maybe he cannot play instant dad but is there for Rex if he needs anything. Rex asks how Echo is. Charlie admits that Echo had too much to drink. And Dorian is probably the one responsible for getting Echo plastered. And he tells Rex that even if it’s not worth much to Rex now, it really weighs heavily on echo that she abandoned him many years ago. Rex tells Charlie he does not need a mother. And it’s a lot to deal with at once. Charlie tells Rex that he promises to be his dad forever.

Clint tells Matthew that he thought this whole thing through. And that is what his grandpa Asa would do whatever it took. Matthew asks if that is why his dad did not succeed or stay in business. He concludes that he needs to talk to his dad. Clint tells Matthew it’s too bad that BO does not give him the same respect. Hearing that, Matthew asks his uncle what he is talking about. In response to that, Clint tells Matthew that maybe he should not divulge all of these “adult” things. But Matthew demands that Clint stops treating him like a child and tells him. Clint then agrees but warns Matthew that after he tells him, Matthew will not want to know what he’s about to tell him.

Bo talks to Inez alone after Nate and Dani go off. He knows she is not ok and asks if he ever found anything about the fight between Eddie and Robert. He tells her that he cannot do anything and it appears nobody can talk Robert out of it. He tells her that he and Brody are on it. She asks if he is not done for the day. He tells her yes but there’s no real reason to rush home. Nora still has not shown and he can catch up on some paperwork. Alone, she remembers that Clint told her that he was not about to get rid of Eddie until she sleeps with Bo. And she goes out into the hallway to ask Bo to wait and she invites him to come in have some coffee with her.

Brody comes to observe Cristian and Robert Ford sparring and Cristian is clearly winning. Brody has street clothes and tells them he might be able to help out since he has done some boxing in the Navy.

Eddie notices that Nora has tried to break free again and he threatens her. He then gets on her phone to send some more texts to Bo.

Clint tells Matthew he knows that Matthew never understood why Clint was dating Inez, wanting to keep his enemies close and why she’s a threat to their family. It’s not because she’s Nate’s mom. It’s because he was concerned that she was a threat to Bo. The reason she broke up with him is because her attraction to Bo was too strong. And he’s about to tell Matthew about Bo’s “involvement” with Inez.

Inez asks Bo if he wants something stronger than coffee and offers him a beer. She asks him how things are going for him. He replies that Nora has disappeared and Matthew has had a bad attitude for a long time. But he does not want to bore her. She then tells him that he’s been so good to her listening to her problems so she wants to help him. But she turns away, admitting that she cannot “do this”. He asks her what she means that she cannot do.

Rex and Charlie are talking about his getting to know Shane. They’ve known each other for a long time and yet Shane has never known that Charlie is his grandpa. Charlie then tells Rex that maybe Rex will see him as his dad.

Natalie tells Marty that she is sick and tired of being blamed for everything that goes wrong in Marty’s life. She did not make Cole commit murder. She did not cause Marty to lose her baby or for John to break up with her or for her to get in trouble regarding Hannah or anything else. Marty tells Natalie she doesn’t want to mess with her. Natalie then hauls off and smacks Marty..

James, Robert, Cristian, Brody, Starr and Langston are all awaiting Eddie at the gym

Eddie is back at the motel telling Nora that he just sent BO a text where “she” tells him that she encourages him to sleep with Inez. She tells him that BO will never believe that she wants that nor will he sleep with Inez. He tells her he knows otherwise. And, he tells Nora, that they should not be the ones to have all the fun.

When Mathew demands that Clint tells him what he knows about his dad and Inez, Clint then spits out to his nephew that BO and Inez are sleeping together.

While with Bo, Inez remembers that Clint told her he will make certain that her sons have everything she needs and Eddie leaves them alone forever if she sleeps with Bo. Bo gets the text from Nora’s phone telling him she encourages him to sleep with Inez. She goes into her kitchen to get some alcohol for herself and BO. She then reads the directions for her prescription medication where it says do not mix with alcohol. Bo then calls to her asking if she needs any help. She tells him no. She has it all under control.

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