OLTL Update Wednesday 12/8/10

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 12/8/10


Written by Lisa G.
Pictures by Juanita

At the gym, Ford is challenging his father to a 10 round match. When he declines Starr asks why he can beat on his little brother but will not take him on. Ford continues to egg him on and wants to know why he won’t leave town. Eddie says oh its all the friends and family he has there. Ford wants a boxing match and if he wins, Eddie has to leave town. Eddie agrees, if wants him to knock him around for old times sake, why not have a boxing match. Langston and Starr try to talk Ford out of it. Eddie agrees only if they do it in front of a crowd, like a real boxing match; he wants gambling and tail to turn the round cards. James and Starr leave together to call Inez and tell her that Eddie is still in town. He tells Starr that he really wanted to kill Eddie earlier. Langston tells Ford he really shouldn’t do this. He says it’s the only way to get rid of Eddie. But, it turns out that Ford has no idea how to box. Bo shows up to try and talk Ford out of the fight. It’s legal and he doesn’t like it. He decides to go see Eddie to rattle his cage and convince him not to fight his own son.

Clint is furious that Kevin is getting married to someone who he is sure is a gold digger. Clint’s assistant Vimul reminds him about what he did with the DNA tests. Clint reminds him that if the information is leaked, he’ll know it was he who leaked and kicks him out of his office. Matthew shows up and tells Clint his mom is missing and Bo isn’t looking for her. Clint can’t believe Bo isn’t looking for her. Matthew tells Clint that Bo was getting friendly with Inez and Clint then tells him that they broke up. Clint assures that whatever Matthew saw, was completely innocent; there isn’t anything going on between his dad and Inez. Inez calls Clint and tries to tell him that since Eddie is still in town, she is not holding up her end of their bargain. He says he won’t get rid of Eddie until she has done the deed with Bo, and by the way, do it by morning. She asks Clint if he is behind Nora’s disappearance and all the strange text messages to Bo. Clint tells her to just to do it and she will have everything she wants, including Bo. Matthew comes back in and Bo tells him to go home and get the slip signed. Matthew tells him that since Clint has Vemul sign other documents; let him sign his permission slip. He tells Clint he know the truth about the DNA of Rex; he is his father.

At the station Bo is trying to figure out why Nora sent a text telling him to sleep with Inez. As Inez tries to comfort Bo, Matthew walked in and asked if he was interrupting anything. Inez steps out and Matthew has a permission slip from school to skip last period to work at BE. Bo says no and then tells him he doesn’t know where Nora is. He tells Matthew that they had an argument and she won’t answer her phone. Matthew observes that while his mom is missing, his Dad is cozying up to Inez and he storms out. Inez comes back in to the office and wants to know if he is all right. Bo confides in her about Matthew’s attitude; he is getting tired of it. Inez tries to tell him that’s normal, but Bo thinks this is different; it’s Clint’s influence. Inez takes a call and finds out that Eddie and Ford are planning a boxing match. Bo leaves to check it out and calls Clint. She tells Clint that Eddie is still in town so she is not going to sleep with his brother.

Rex arrives at Llanfair to see Natalie, when Brody answers; he starts to show him the DNA results. Gigi interrupts and stops Rex. After Brody leaves, Rex gets her to tell him the truth. Natalie then walks in. Gigi pleads with him not to say anything and he asks Nat if Brody is the father of her baby. Nat instantly blames Gigi, but Rex says it wasn’t her. Gig leaves for work and to allow them to talk. Rex shows his support as Natalie tells him what happened. She also tells him that neither Brody nor John know the truth. Rex tells Natalie where he found the DNA test from; Marty’s place.

Joey, Aubrey and Kelly are together and Kelly makes up a story about someone she is in love with. She tells Joey that she is still in love with Kevin. Joey is doubtful at first and thinks she is in love with him. She convinces him and Aubrey wants to know when the wedding is. Joey jumps up to make a call to Kevin. Kelly talks him out of the phone call to Joey so instead he is calling his mom to tell him that Aubrey accepted his proposal. Kelly and Aubrey talk and Aubrey agrees not to tell Joey how Kelly really feels. Joey comes back to tell Aubrey that his mother approves of their wedding!! She wants to go upstairs and celebrate. They say goodbye to Kelly.

Nora is being held captive and while Eddie is gone she tries to escape. She is able to get to the TV remote and turn up the volume using her toes. The manager bangs on the door to turn down the volume, but she can’t shout out to him because she is gagged. The manager steps away and calls the police. Eddie returns and tells Nora he knows what she is up to. If she doesn’t knock it off, he’ll practice boxing on her and feigns punches to her face. He locks her up even tighter as Brody tells him to open up, police!

John and Natalie are at the station and she asks him to go to Lamaze classes. She is shocked that he agreed to go; of course he will, its for their baby! Nat heads home and John gets a message that there is a problem at the Minute Man hotel. Brody tells him they should ignore, the manager there is always wasting their time. Bo sends him to check it out.

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