OLTL Update Tuesday 12/7/10

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 12/7/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Gigi is ready to do Cristian’s class while he’s gone. She notices a nude male model who the art class is going to draw. Starr and Langston are there looking him over and Starr admits that she is waiting for James and wonders where he is.

Right then, James is alone at the gym pounding a punching bag taking out his rage toward his father. Right then, his father appears almost seeming to know what is son is ready to do.

Starr admits that she hopes that nothing has happened to James. She asks Langston how things are working out with her and Robert Ford and their “pact”. Langston replies that she is good. She bets it’s Ford who is “suffering”.

Right when Aubrey is in the palace on the phone telling somebody about her future with Joey, Robert Ford appears and reveals that he knows appears to know Aubrey.

Kelly sits at the table with Joey while he holds an engagement ring in his hands. And she obviously assumes that it’s for her. She appears to be in awe.

Dorian informs Viki that she observed Echo and Charlie kissing from outside the window of Viki’s home. Viki tells Dorian that whatever she believes she saw, she must have been mistaken.

Charlie then affirms to Echo that he will not tell Viki that he let her kiss him as long as there is no “repeat performance”. Right then, Brody appears and asks what they are talking about, overhearing that they have a “secret”.

Rex is at Marty’s home right when he has uncovered the OB-GYN report that names Brody as the father of Natalie’s baby. Right then, he sees the door turn and Marty has returned. When she enters, Rex hides under a table and she seems to sense that somebody is there.

When Brody walks in on Echo and Charlie’s private conversation, she tells him that Charlie was promising not to tell anybody that she had too much to drink. She comes on to Charlie and Brody helps him get her up the stairs to her room.

Dorian tells VIki she knows what she saw. Her Charlie was kissing Echo. Viki asks her why the mayor of Llanview is running around town spying upon people. Dorian replies because the sooner VIki knows the truth, the sooner, she can put an end to it.

When Kelly observes that Joey has the ring in his hand, she assumes he is ready to propose to her. But he tells her that he hopes that she did not get that idea.

Robert and Aubrey reveal that they were together in 2008 and he thought that they had something going on there until she blew him off. She reveals that he did not tell her many of his secrets. He tells her she must know that he is a “changed man”. But she does not seem to buy that.

Langston and Starr sketch the nude model. Starr tells her she bets she will “cave in” on this abstinence thing. But Langston tells her that neither she nor Robert will. She tells Starr she knows that she does not want to get involved with James while Cole is in jail. But she reminds Starr that she is only human.

At the gym, James asks Eddie why he’s still in town. Eddie tells his son that he “kind of” got a job. He tells him it’s sort of free lance. And he wants to stay there with his kids. He asks James how he got into boxing. James tells his father that he never knows when a little self defense will come in handy.

Joey tells Kelly that he would never spring something like that on her. What they had was long in the past. She tells him that that does appear to be an engagement wring. He clarifies that it is an engagement ring… for someone else. She tells him she that she thought that since he wanted to see her, she had this momentary insane flash.. But she knows that that is ridiculous. She asks if he is really getting married. He asks her if it’s that big of a surprise. She remembers tat Kevin informed her that Joey is not seeing anybody. SO how could he be getting married?

Robert asks Aubrey how long she’s been in town. She replies not long. He tells her that a small town like this does not seem like her kind of scene.. She tells him that her scene is changing and she met someone.

Joey informs Kelly that he met someone. He was just out taking pictures and he knew that this was the one. She tells him she knows that he has always been very impulsive. He tells her that he cannot wait for her to meet his new fiancé. He knows she will like her. Little do either of them know.

Aubrey tells Robert Ford that she met somebody very special. She knows that if he tells her he is no longer the “big player” that he used to be, there must be somebody who has motivated him to change. She asks him who she is and what makes her so special.

In the art class, Langston asks Starr why she doesn’t just call James. Starr tells her that she might be leading him on by doing that. She also admits that she has never seen Marty the way she behaved when he accused Starr of cheating on Cole with James. Langston then agrees that maybe Todd is correct that Marty is losing it. And she tells Starr she should not be intimidated by Marty.

Marty looks around her home to see if anyone is there. But Rex knows how to hide unseen and he takes a photo of Natalie’s OBGYN report before he leaves. He then walks outside the door before Marty can catch him. She senses that someone was there.

Brody asks Charlie how many mimosas would it take for Echo to get that wasted Charlie tell s him Echo has always had a weakness for Champaign yet he’s never seen anything get to her like this. He knows that she has a lot to deal with right now. But he’s not making excuses for her. He knows that the guilt she has about leaving Rex years ago might be enough to make anybody do some crazy things. He asks Brody if he has something to say. Brody then admits to Charlie that he wonders if having Echo in the house is really the best thing for Charlie and VIki.

Viki ask Dorian if she thinks she’s going to go home and accuse Charlie of kissing Echo. Dorian tells her that if Charlie is the man she believes he is, he will be honest. And then VIki can get that woman out of her house and get on with her life. Viki then tells Dorian alright. She will ask Charlie. But she remarks to Dorian that she is so annoying.

Joey tells Kelly that he wanted to tell his parents about his new love. But they disapproved because he hardly knows her. And that is why the ring is on the table instead of on her finger. He knows that she would not have discouraged him the way his parents did. But Kelly tells her that he can see their point. He and this woman haven’t known each other very long and maybe it’s too soon.

In the other room, Aubrey wishes Robert luck with his new woman and he with her new guy.. Right then, Dorian observes her hugging him and demands to know what the hell is going on.

Langston finds it difficult to focus in the art class when she sees the nude model standing in front of her. And right then, she envisions naked Robert Ford asking her if she’s sure she does not want to have sex with him.

While James punches the bag, Eddie taunts him and asks if the bag is not winning. James asks if he does not have something better to do and he asks if he could do much better. Eddie replies in his sleep and tells his son he can give him some “pointers”. James ingnors him but he asks what he did to make him angry. Did he embarrass James in front of his little girlfriend Starr? Eddie tells his son here is his chance to even up the score. Why doesn’t he take a shot at his old man?

Meanwhile, as Langston is sitting with Starr at the art class, she gets terribly distracted and admits that maybe only 3 months of celibacy between herself and Robert will have the same effect. And she envisions, yet again, that Robert wants her again. She then drops her drawing board ton the floor. Gigi comes by and demands to know what is going on. Langston lashes out at Gigi and tells her this is all her fault. Gigi asks what she is talking about. Langston knows that GIgi and Rex gave her the idea to do the same with Robert. Right then, Rex enters and interrupts Gigi’s class. He tells her he has something urgent to tell her.

Charlie is talking to Brodyabout his marriage with Viki. Viki then enters and asks if she can talk to Charlie alone.

Kelly tells Joey that she is not trying to prevent him from having happiness. But she’s his friend and wants to prevent him from making a mistake by taking up with somebody he barely knows. Joey protests that if she just knew this woman she’d see how great she is. Right then, Aubrey walks by. Kelly is surprised to see her and still has no clue that she is the love of Joey’s life. Aubrey tells him that this is the “girl she met on the plane”. He tells the two of them that he is amazing that what he wanted more than anything was for his fiancé and his best bud to get along. And they appear to be friends already. How great is that? At hat point, knowing tht she has been burned, Kelly tells them that she needs to go. But Joey urges her to be his “wing man”

Dorian wants to confront Robert. But he tells her that he has a very important meeting to attend. She tells him that she knows he wants to have sex with this girl.

Gigi finds herself “deprived” just as Langston is and leaves to go and talk to Rex

At the gym, Eddie tells James that he can even up the score for all the times that daddy gave his little baby a “boo boo”. Not far away, Starr and Langston are observing a flyer about a kick boxing class at the gym. They both decide that maybe they can work off some of their energy and stress in their lives. SO they go to the gym to sign up.

Right then, Eddie taunts James and “motivates” him to fight. But Eddie seems to know how to box better than James and knocks him over. Right then, James stands up and punches his father. And right then, Eddie tells him that he has gotten himself into a fight.

Rex tells Gigi that when Todd hired him to investigate Marty, he thought that Todd was just up to his old paranoid crap. But maybe Todd is onto something. It appears that Marty is so delusional and so hell bent on getting revenge upon Natalie that she would fake test results at the hospital to make up some malicious story that Brody is the father of Natalie’s baby. He tells Gigi that it’s absurd to imagine that Natalie would have slept with Brody. But GIgi realizes that it did happen and does not know how to respond.

VIki asks Charlie just what happened between himself and Echo. He tells her that he just took Echo up to bed when she had too much to drink.

Marty is reading a letter from the hospital that she is on probation for making the mistake to believe that Hannah was no longer dangerous. So she is on suspension until further notice.

Re asks Gigi how sick Marty must be to falsify results of an OBGYN test to hurt Natalie. And everybody knows that these results could not be real. Could they? She then tells him that he should really talk to his sister about this. She tells him if Marty is up to something Natalie should know about it. He then agrees to go and talk to her. GIgi urges him to call her when he knows something.

Marty calls Starr and leaves her a message attempting to apologize for getting angry at her. She tells her that in spite of things, they both have big hole in heir hearts without Cole there. She tells Starr that she really wants to see her granddaughter and hopes that Starr has done something about the restraining order.

Starr then gets the message and asks Langston if she should talk to Marty, knowing that she must just be calling to get Starr to lift the restraining order. They are headed to the gym and right then, Starr freaks when she see Eddie assaulting James. She urges Langston to call Robert right way. They rush to help James.

Right then, at the palace, Dorian lectures Robert about the fact that she knows that Langston is on a moratorium with him to not have sex with him. She tells him that her daughter believes that it will reform him. But she knows it will only push him into the arms of another woman. Dorian tells him she knows men like him all too well.

Right then, Viki tells Charlie that Dorian informed her that she saw something between him and Echo. She said she saw him and Echo kissing. Charlie then asks her if she is having Dorian spying upon him. Viki tells him of course not. She tells him that apparently Dorian took it into her own head to follow him. She asks her husband if it’s true. He then replies yes. It was true.

Dorian tells Robert Ford if he hurts her daughter, she is going to hurt him. Right then, his phone rings. Langston urges him to get to the gym asap. There is an urgent situation involving his father. He then promises to get right there.

Charlie admits to VIki that Echo did get “a little out of control. She asks if he was not going to tell her. He tells her that the kiss meant nothing to him. But she asks why it is that Echo believes that it’s perfectly ok if she kisses somebody else’s’ husband. He urges VIki to know that Echo was scared to death of getting thrown out of VIk’s home and wants her last chance to be with Rex and Shane. Viki tells him that what Echo only wants a chance to be “close” to him. He tells her that if he throws Echo out, it will hurt Rex and Shane who have done thing wrong. She then asks if he is suggesting that she take the high road for what he does with his ”ex girlfriend”. She tells him that this is unacceptable although he promises that he will never kiss Echo again.

Joey urges Audrey to reconsider and marry him. She then agrees to say yes. He then tells her that his is only the happiest night of his life. She tells him that they need Champaign. He tells Kelly he was so glad she was there for this. Joey leaves the two of them alone. Aubrey asks if it’s true that the guy whom Kelly wants and who was her first love is Joey. Kelly urges her to know that she had no idea. Aubrey asks her if, now that she knows, will she try to stop them?

Starr and Langston go to find James and confront Eddie. Right then, Robert appears and tells his father why doesn’t he pick on somebody who can better fight back.

Viki tells Charlie that she is not going tolerate this and she does not care if Echo is drunk or sober. He then asks her if she loves him. She tells him of course she loves him or else she would not be so upset. But she tells him he needs to go upstairs and get Echo’s lips off of him. And then they will talk. When he leaves, Dorian leaves a message for VIki asking her to call as soon as she talks to Charlie. Dorian then concludes that men are all bastards.

Robert asks what kind of a sick freak gets pleasure out of hurting his own son. Eddie protests that it was a boxing match. Robert tells him if he wants to box, he will challenge him. And if Eddie loses, he has to agree to get his sorry ass out of town.

Marty talks alone as if she is telling Cole that Brody has threatened to report and get her fired if she carries out her plan. SO she needs to be careful before giving John the “gift”. Little does she know that Rex already found it.

The nude model comes back to asks Gigi if she’s found anything that he may have left behind. She tells him she has to leave and go find Rex.

Rex goes to find Natalie at Viki’s home. Brody is there and tells him she is not there and he has to leave. But Rex urges Brody to wait and tells him that this involves him too.

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