OLTL Update Monday 12/6/10

One Life to Live Update Monday 12/6/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Natalie finds John sitting at Buenos Dias reading a book on having babies. She tells him she knows that he will do fine. He informs her that he saw Marty earlier. And she apparently had some sort of “present” for the baby.

Right then, we see Rex standing outside Marty’s home when he gets a call from Kelly. He tells her this is not a good time. But she wants to “share” about Joey.

When Joey introduces his parents to Aubrey, he replies that she is not his “girlfriend”. SHe is the woman he’s going to marry. Viki and Clint ask if they plan to get married soon. He replies that he has not asked her yet.

Eddie has Nora held captive and is following Clint’s “instructions”

Right then, when Inez finds Bo in Buenos Dias, he get a “text” from Nora’s phone that tells him that she will never forgive him for the dreadful thing he said to her the previous night. He can then only conclude that she is gone for good.

Nora tells Eddie he needs to tell her what he’s going to do with her and must at least let Bo know where she is. He tells her he doubts that Bo will care.

Inez tells Bo that he knows that Nora does not appreciate their talking about his marriage. She knows it’s none of her business. But he tells her that the fight they had was about her.

John informs Natalie that he made some calls to get Cole transferred to a new cell block. Marty showed her appreciation by giving them a baby gift. He tells her that at least Marty is “trying” to get along with him and make peace that he and Natalie are having a baby together. She then asks what Marty got for them. John admits he does not know.

Right then, alone in her home, Marty admits that she would really like to make Natalie pay and expose her lies to John. But she knows she could not bring herself to show them the document that declares that Brody is the father of Natalie’s baby and not John.

Outside her home, Rex is distracted talking to Kelly on his phone about Joey. He tells her that she mustn’t doubt that Joey wants to get back with her. IF he has any brains and knows what is good for him, he will want her.

Joey informs Viki and Clint that Aubrey is the love of his life. But they know that they have never heard of her before. He admits that he’s only known her for a few weeks. And both his parents tell him this is too fast. Joey then tells his mom that he was expecting better from her. And he tells her that maybe her troubles with Charlie area making her cynical about love.

Back at the house, a drunken Echo tells Charlie that she may not have known what she wanted when they were together many years ago. But now she does. She wants him. She wants a family. And needs to know that that is what he wants also.

Dorian finds Kelly at the palace while Kelly is getting ready to meet Joey and somehow knows that her niece cannot go through with her plans.

Both Viki and Clint tell Joey that he is making a rash decision. But he does not listen to them and tells Aubrey she must know that he loves his parents in spite of their “coldness” right now. He knows that they will grow to love her just as he does. So she needs to say yes and make him the happiest man in the world. But Aubrey admits to Joey that she is sorry but she cannot do that.

Echo moves toward Charlie but he tells her she’s had too much to drink. So why doesn’t she just go up to her room? She ahs had a lot of regrets in her life. But kissing him is not one of them. She knows he does not regret it either. He kissed her back, she reminds him. Or at least he took his sweet time about stopping her. SO why doesn’t he admit that he has feelings for her?

Dorian talks to Kelly about her encounter with that dreadful woman Echo who wants to break up Viki and Charlie.. Kelly tells Dorian that she is about to win back her very first love. Dorian asks if she means Joey.

Aubrey tells Joey that his parents are right. It’s a little too soon. Why spoil the good thing they have by rushing things? She wants them to take the time to get to know each other’s families and friends, likes and dislikes and all. He protests that he thought that they were not afraid to take the leap of faith. She tells him it’s not just the two of them. It’s his parents as well. She leaves him alone with his parents. Clint confirms that she is a smart girl. Joey tells his dad she is amazing and thanks to them, he may have lost her. VIki tells him he mustn’t believe that he has lost her. She seems like a great young woman. Clint tells his son that he believes that Joey needs to think carefully before getting married to somebody he barely knows.

Eddie tells Nora that he knows how to control things and he can keep her away from Bo.

Right then, at Buenos Dias, Bo reveals to Inez that Nora has this “idea” that she(Inez) has feelings for him. And she doesn’t trust Bo’s judgment regarding that.

Eddie reads for Nora what was sent to be the previous night when she was angry with Bo for not forgiving or trusting her (prompted probably by Clint). She asks how he could have known anything about Sam Rappaport. He reads that she cannot stay married to Bo if he does not trust her.

Bo reads to Inez all of what he believes Nora has written to him about what will it take to mend his wounded pride. Does he have to get revenge upon her just to put her in her place?

Eddie reads to Nora the rest of what was “written” where she tells Bo that she is gong away for a few days where he cannot find her. She needs time and space to figure out how she feels and so does he. Eddie smirks and asks how that message looks to her. She asks if he wants to sleep with her. He tells her that if he wants a “piece of tail” all he has to do is whistle. She asks what, then, he wants? And how would he know about the fight that she and BO had? She then concludes it must have been from Inez.

Inez seems to realize that Clint might be behind the texts that Bo is getting from Nora where she tells him they are through. She remembers Clint telling her that he is going to make certain that she is “successful” in taking BO from Nora.

Right then, Nora asks Eddie if Inez put him up to what he is doing.

Kelly and Aubrey run into each other. Aubrey informs Kelly that her “new guy” proposed to her but his parents believed he was rushing in too soon. Kelly tells her she has yet to find her guy. She seems to have her doubts. But Aubrey tells her she believes that good things will have to happen to both of them and they will both “find their man”.

Dorian tells VIki that she would like to tell her something in private. Joey leaves them alone to talk. Viki asks Dorian if this cannot wait. Dorian tells her no. IT cannot.

Charlie tells Echo she will always have a place in his life. She is the mother of his son. But if she keeps “forcing” this idea, then he will have to put his foot down and let her know that he is a happily married man. She then cries and tells him she appreciates his being honest. And now it will make things much easier. He then informs her htat she is leaving.

Rex is alone in Marty’s home looking for evidence.

When Echo is ready to pack her bags, Charlie protests that he cannot let her do that. She’s the mother of his son. She has no money, no job and nowhere to go. But, she reminds him, she kissed him. But he tells her he knows it was the alcohol and knows all too well how it makes one do crazy things. She then cries and tells him she does not deserve him. He’s forgiving and kind and he means so much to her. She tells him she needs to get to know Rex and Shane who are right in the back yard of his and Viki’s home.. But, she reminds him, she cannot ever have Viki knowing that she kissed him. Viki will throw her out of the house.

Viki asks Dorian why she keeps sticking her nose where it does not belong. But Dorian admits to Viki that she followed Charlie and Echo. VIki asks her why.

Joey asks Clint if it would have killed him to be happy for his son when he was about to get married. Clint tells his son that he embarrassed Aubrey. She appeared to be humiliated and he wouldn’t be surprised if that poor girl is high tailing it back to where she came from.

Aubrey then asks Kelly what her special man looks like. Kelly tells her he’s tall dark and handsome, comes from a prominent family and has gorgeous blue eyes. She then leaves.

Bo is ready to send Nora back “what she deserves” by sending her a text. But Inez urges him to wait and not do something that he might regret. He tells her he cannot just sit there. The longer he waits, the worse it will get. He tells her that maybe if he “jars her senses”, she might want to come home.

Nora reminds Eddie that he kidnapped her. It’s a felony. He will be put away for 25 to life. SO why doesn’t he just untied her? He then shows her a text from Bo’s phone. He reads that Bo tells her she is acting like Matthew at his worst. Eddie asks her who Matthew is. He reads that Bo believes she is a coward to be texting him instead of talking to him directly. And to be blaming Inez is really messed up on her part. Bo seems to conclude that he is done with her and ready to move on.

Natalie asks John what was up with why Marty gave him a gift and then just took it back. She asks if Marty said why. He tells her maybe she felt she went overboard. He’s not certain.

After Rex has broken into Marty’s home, he is ready to give up, unable to find any clues of anything. But right then, he notices that it appears Mazrty is hiding something in a photo album she has of Cole. He then opens it and sees the OBGYN report of Natalie’s that Marty stole from the hospital records.

Bo tells Inez that he did not realize how hurt Nora was. He tells her that he should not have ignored the signs. But she tells him that Nora will be home soon. He tells her that it’s not like Nora to pick a fight and send text messages. She does not cut and run and hide. He tells Inez that none of this is her. Inez agrees that he knows that it is probably not Nora’s doing.

Joey tells Clint that he thinks he knows his girlfriend better than his dad does. But Clint asks if he knows her favorite color or movie or song or hobbies? Viki asks if it’s not better to get to know someone first and spend a little more time with them before marrying them. Joey tells them that he thinks he knows more about Aubrey than his dad did about Kim before he married her. Hearing that, Clint realizes he cannot respond to that.

Kelly admits to Dorian that she still loves Joey and asks her aunt if she still has feelings for him. Dorian tells her niece if she wants to be with Joey, Kelly has her blessing. And they both assume that Joey is single. Dorian encourages her niece to go after him. She then tells Kelly that she will pull Viki aside so that she does not interfere with any of Kelly’s plans. She notices Vikia and Clint talking to Joey but hasn’t a clue as to what they are talking about.

Clint tells Joey that he is all heart and not thinking about the consequences. VIki tells her son that its is completely premature. Clint asks of Joey does not remember how it did not work with Kelly or with Jen Rappaport because Joey rushed in. Right then, Dorian interjects into the conversation.

Charlie tells Echo he cares for her but he is in love with his wife and only with his wife. And if Echo wants something more from him he is sorry. He cannot give it to her.

Right then, Rex walks around outside Marty’s home.

John then tells Natalie that something strange happened when Marty was going to give him a present but then took it back.

Rex goes and picks the lock on Marty’s door after she leaves. He wants to find out what she is hiding.

At Buenos Dias, BO gets another text. Inez asks what Nora has said now.

Nora tells Eddie she’s going to get him the longest sentence in the meanest penitentiary and he will regret it. But he puts the gag on her mouth and leaves.

Bo then observes a text from Nora’s phone that says she wants him to sleep with Inez.

Right when Joey is sitting alone with the engagement ring that he’s about to give to Aubrey, Kelly sits beside him all excited and encouraged. But he does not know what to say or do.

Dorian tells VIki that she went to her home and noticed Charlie and Echo together.

Echo admits to Charlie that she threw herself at him. She knows that VIki will want her out of the house. He tells her that he wont’ let that happen. Echo convinces Charlie not to tell VIki that another woman was kissing her husband in her living room. She reminds Charlie that she knows that VIki has had a heart condition. In response to that, he tells her that he will not tell Viki that they were kissing as long as there is no “repeat performance”.

Right then, at the palace, Dorian informs VIki that she went outside the door of her home and observed Echo and Charlie kissing from outside the window..

Natalie tells John that it seems to be a bit weird that Marty gave him a gift and then took it back. He agrees that it’s weird. And she asks him what the “present” could have been

Right then, when Rex is busy investigating Marty’s home, she returns with her gift wrapped present that she almost gave to John.

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