OLTL Update Friday 12/3/10

One Life to Live Update Friday 12/3/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

While Dorian is sitting at the palace with Echo, she is stunned to notice Joey is there after all these years and did not expect to see him.

Inez tells Clint that she doubts that anything she does could break up Bo and Nora. But he tells her that he knows that they are having some problems and it can be done. He tells her he can assure her that “Nora won’t be a problem”. She asks him why he is saying that. What does he know that he is not telling her?

Bo is alone on his phone at Buenos Dias and leaving messages for Nora to call him back. Yet she does not return his messages. Not far away, Rex and Gigi sit at a table. She asks why he wanted to go there when they could get a free meal at Rodi's. He tells her that Todd Manning is paying him to watch what Marty Saybrooke is doing. They see her at another table as she is about to give John the “special present’ that she has gift wrapped. Bo sits with them and John informs him that he was able to pull strings and get Cole moved to a different cell where he will be safer. Bo remarks that it’s amazing how people can call in favors and wheel and deal.

Clint tells Inez he happens to know that there is no way that Bo and Nora will ever be back together again. She asks him how he could possibly know that. It would take more than the argument they had last night to ruin their marriage forever.

Somebody sneaks up behind Nora and covers her mouth.

Not far way, Kelly and Aubrey are bonding and encouraging one another to “go after their man”. Neither still has a clue that they are both waiting for Joey

When Echo notices Joey at the palace, she remarks that he must be Viki’s son and the reason why she has to move to that tiny room in the back of the house. He remarks that she must be that woman who is making his mom and Charlie miserable.

Charlie tells Viki that he is going to build some stuff for Echo. He wants to help her out since she is broke. And he wants to maybe give his grandson, Shane some carpentry lessons. He tells her how much he appreciates her being so understanding. But she admits to him that things will be a lot better when Echo is out of her home and out of their lives.

Rex tells Gigi that Todd is convinced that Marty is dangerous and needs to convince Starr so that she will sing and restraining order to keep Marty away from baby Hope. Hearing that, Gigi admits she does not like the idea of his helping Todd to keep Marty way from her grandchild after her son has been sent to prison and asks if he really believes that Marty is dangerous.

When Bo is done talking to John and Marty, she encourages John to open up his “special” gift wrapped present.

Clint tells Inez that he took care of her abusive ex so she needs to live up to her end of the bargain. She asks if he’s killed Eddie. He tells her not exactly. He tells her that he is having Eddie take care of “some sort of business” for him and then Eddie will disappear. He tells her that he has found a way to use Eddie’s “talents” to help a lot of people.

Nora awakens in a motel room tied to a chair and notices Eddie holding a gun on her. She asks him what he wants.

Viki and Charlie get ready to go and meet Joey and she tells him that it will be good for them to enjoy being together without “worrying about other things”.

At the palace, Dorian introduces Echo and Joey. Echo appears a bit tipsy and tells him that his mom has been great. She is a fabulous woman. Dorian tells Joey they have to spend some time together and she wonders if he has anything going on today. He tells her the only thing on his schedule is to meet Viki. Clint and Charlie there today.

Kelly goes with Aubrey to her room and they look at all of he clothes that they have both worn and known about while living in Paris.. Kelly reflect that it’s a small world and cannot believe how much the two of them have in common

At Buenos Dias, Gigi asks Rex if he remembers last Christmas, all Shane wanted was to be alive. Now he’s into all this stuff as if nothing happened. He tells her that he wants to be able to afford everything that their son needs so he will do whatever Todd wants so he can get paid well. And right now, that involves tailing Marty. Gigi then informs Rex that she has talked to Natalie who tells her that Marty is on the warpath to get Natalie in big trouble for the fact that Natalie uncovered the evidence that put Cole is prison. Hearing that, Rex is a bit surprised that Marty wants to be vindictive to his sister. And he asks how Marty could be a shrink entrusted in handling other peoples’ mental health issues if she’s capable of vindictive emotionally unstable behaviors.

Right when John is about to open his “gift”, Marty urges him to wait.

Nora asks Eddie what he intends to do and tells him that he must know that he will get into trouble. But he puts tape on her mouth and tells her he has to go and run an errand.

Clint gives Inez some money and encourages her to go buy herself something sexy. He tells her he does not care how she gets Bo into bed. She just needs to do it. He knows his brother has had a very bad day. She needs to go and find him and “comfort” him.

Bo is still alone in Buenos Dias trying and failing to find Nora and not getting any answer.

While she’s alone in the motel room, Nora struggles to break free while Eddie is out.

Eddie returns to Clint who asks him “how it went”. Eddie replies nice and smooth. Clint tells him he did not hurt Nora. Did he? Eddie assures him no. But, he remarks, she has a “mouth” on her and he had to shut it. He then gives her phone to Clint who notices that Bo has already left her several unreturned messages. Eddie remarks the guy is pathetic. Clint tells him he will not get paid until the “job is done’. He will meet Eddie at the palace and they will talk about something in front of many witnesses and they both know what to do.

Bo overhears Rex and Gigi talking about Todd wanting him to investigate some guy name Eddie Ford. He then informs them that he has met Eddie and knows he is a repeat offender. He asks Rex if he knows that Edie has walked off an assault charge. Rex assumes that Bo wants him to stay out of it and is ready to protest that he is getting paid well by Todd to do this. But BO surprisingly tells Rex he wants him all over this. Rex can do things that the police cannot. He tells Rex he wants him to do whatever he needs to do to get the evidence. He tells Rex that he wants any and all evidence that Rex can dig up even if it’s out of police and wants Rex to let BO know everything he’s found out. Rex then sits with Gigi and they remark that this thing sounds to be “personal” for Bo. Right then Inez enters and sits beside Bo.

Marty hesitates to give John his “gift”. She tells him that she thinks that Cole wants to give her the give John his own gift. But he asks her why she can’t let him open his present when she has brought it to him. She tells him he is a big boy and can wait until Christmas. At that point, John accepts that he cannot “open the gift”.

Echo remarks to Dorian that Joey is hot. And one thing that could be said about Viki is she knows how to make good looking kids. Dorian tells Echo she could say the same thing about her and Rex. But some of that has to do with Rex’s “father’. She tells Echo she knows she (Echo) wanted Rex to “know his father’. And she asks her how that went. Echo tells Dorian that Chuckles is such a good man who deserves to have a son and be a dad. And right before Dorian can tell her what she knows, they notice Viki and Charlie enter to meet with Joey.

Kelly finds a little black dress for Aubrey to wear to “meet her man”. Kelly is also taking meticulous measures to wear the right clothes herself. They both want to look their best and get ready for their “two respective men”. Aubrey is then ready to let Kelly try on a dress of hers. Kelly goes into the bathroom to change and there’s a knock on the door. Aubrey gets it and lets Joey in the door. She is then ready to leave with Joey to meet his parents. But she goes into the other room to ask Kelly if she wants to meet her “boyfriend”. Kelly tells her maybe some other time. Kelly is busy getting herself ready to be with Joey still not having a clue that he is outside the door with Aubrey. When they leave, Aubrey tells him that she has met a woman on her flight back from Paris and they are exchanging clothes and ideas about men. He remarks that her “friend” must have good taste.

Echo appears intoxicated at the table with Dorian while she tells Viki and Charlie that Joey is hot. But then so is her Rex. Viki then asks Echo how much she has had to drink. She leaves them alone. But Charlie is worried about her getting home safely and has to drive her home. Viki then demands that Dorian tells her how many “pitchers” of alcohol she ordered for Echo. Dorian tells Viki that she ordered enough and is trying to keep “that harlot” away from Viki’s husband. Viki then points to the door where Charlie has taken Echo home and asks her just how good she thinks that plan is working.

At Buenos Dias, Bo talks to Inez and remarks that he cannot get a hold of Nora. She is not answering her calls.

Alone in the motel room, Nora is then struggling to get out of her chair and break the ropes that Eddie tied her with.

Viki and Dorian argue when Clint finds Viki and asks where Charlie is. She tells him that Charlie had “something better to do. Dorian asks Clint where “his girlfriend” is. He tells her that’s none of her business. He leaves. Alone with Dorian, Viki urges her to leave this thing with Charlie and Echo alone. But Dorian tells Viki some day she is going to thank her.

At Buenos Dias, Marty thanks John for all his help and tells her that she and Cole owe him. While she goes out the door, Rex is able to follow her out the door and attempt to see what she has in the gift wrapped box.

Inside, Bo admits to John that he and Nora had a fight. He tells her that she was dead wrong. But then he said the stupidest thing he could ever say. But now she won’t even let him apologize. John tells him that he just needs to say it assuming Bo has not already tried. But Bo tells John that she did not come home the previous night. Her secretary told him Nora spent the night in her office. And she wont’ return his calls. John tells Bo that it took him and Nora a long time to get back together. So it’s going to take more than one fight to tear them apart. Not far away, Inez overhears.

Nora struggles to move the chair and attempts to break the ropes. Eddie then returns and tells her it sounds like she has a “spring in her step”. He can see the skid marks on the floor. He tells her that he will take the tape off. But she has to remember to use her inside voice. He rips the tape off her mouth and reminds her he has a gun. She asks where he was. He asks if she is his mother. He tells her that he had business. She asks what kind of business. He must have wanted something so how can she help him if she does not know what is going on?. He asks her if she wants to help him and remarks that that is the first time he heard that from a woman. She asks him how come he took her phone. It’s not as if she can use it.

Charlie takes Echo back to the house. She’s drunk and barely able to walk and he holds her up. He tells she has a problem. But she reminds him that she is not “the alcoholic”. He tells her that he is not going to judge but this is bad memories for him. When he was like she is now, he was pretty miserable. She tells him no. He was a happy drunk until about 4am. And then all his demons came out and then the two of them would make them all go away. He tells her he knows they tried. And he asks her what she is doing now. Is she chasing after some “old demons”? She tells him she was just having brunch with Dorian But he asks her why she would want anything to do with Dorian and reminds her that that woman tried to kill him with alcohol. She protests that they had a good time. He asks her why she is drinking so much. She yells it’s because of him.

At the palace, Clint tells Viki he knows that Echo could have never come between them. He loved her. And now he knows that Charlie loves her just like he did when they were married. Joey enters with Aubrey and introduces her to his parents.

Kelly is still in the hotel room looking at herself in the mirror wondering what to do with her hair. She gets ready to go out the door but stalls. She then sees a note tat says: “I just left you in the room but miss you already. Love, J.”

After Rex follows Marty outside Buenos Dias to find out about her Christmas present, she asks him what he wants and leaves. He still has no answer. Gigi comes out and agrees that Marty is behaving weird and its’ entirely possible she has something to hide.

Inside Buenos Dias, John gets a call and Bo is alone at the table. Inez sits beside him and smiles. She tells him she does not believe him when he says everything is ok. He looks really upset, she tells him. He tells her she need not worry about that. She tells him he’s been a really good fiend to her. So he needs to let her return the favor.

Nora tells Eddie they need a plan. Bo is going to wonder what is up if she doe not call him back. He then deletes Bo’s message from her phone. Bo notices a text from Nora while he sits with Inez. He reads that Nora says she is furious with him for what he said last night and doesn’t know if she could ever forgive him. Inez asks him if everything is ok.

Charlie asks Echo if he heard her correctly that she is drinking because of him. She cries and puts her arms around him and tells him he’s a wonderful man. She then kisses him and he does not stop her. From outside, Dorian watches and smirks.

Clint asks Joey if Aubrey is his new girlfriend. Joey replies no.

In the hotel room, Kelly declares that one more thing she and Aubrey have in common is they both love a man with the first initial J. So she goes out the door and tells Joey here she comes.

Joey replies to his parents that Aubrey is the woman he is going to marry.

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