OLTL Update Thursday 12/2/10

One Life to Live Update Thursday 12/2/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Aubrey is on the phone with Joey telling him she’s a bit nervous about meeting his family. But he assures her there is no reason to be. They will love her as much as he does.

Nora goes to see Viki and tells her she needs to talk to her. Viki asks her what about. Nora replies Inez Salinger. She tells Viki that Inez is trying to destroy her marriage.

Inez goes to see Robert and James and tells them she wanted to make certain they are both ok and asks if Eddie is there. They both then realize that he does not appear to be there and wonder where he could have gone.

Eddie goes to Clint’s home. It appears that Clint has paid a limo driver to bring him over and offer Eddie bourbon early in the morning. Eddie tells Clint he appreciates the hospitality. But he “warns” Clint that if he’s anything like “that brother of is”, then Eddie ahs no interest in doing business with him. Clint then tells Eddie he may be assured that he is not like Bo. At that point, Clint pulls out a gun and points it at Eddie.

Viki tells Nora that she is in a very similar situation with Echo driving a wedge in her marriage.

Dorian asks Echo to meet her at the palace. Echo asks her why she is acting courteous. Dorian called her the slut of Llanview and does not like her. Dorian tells her she apologizes and wishes they could start over again and be friends.

John goes to see Marty at Buenos Dias telling him how grateful she is that he has pulled strings to keep Cole in a safer unit and to protect him and be there after what happened to him. And it appears she wants to give him the “special gift” that will reveal that Natalie is pregnant by Brody and lying to John about it.

Starr finds Todd and tells her father she knows that he tricked her into signing a restraining order to keep Marty away from baby Hope.

Dorian tells Echo that she is not holding a grudge against her for what she did to Viki and Clint many years ago.. They both know that Dorian is not exactly a pillar of society either. Dorian then admits to Echo that she, too went after both Clint and Charlie to take them away from Viki.

Viki asks Nora why Inez would want to destroy Nora’s marriage to Bo when she thought Inez was dating Clint. Nora then admits that she hates the person she has become from the jealousy and resentment she is feeling toward Inez and the trouble that it is causing between herself and Bo. She tells Viki that it’s opened up an entire Pandora’s box for them. She admits to Viki that just last night, Bo said something to her that she could not believe that was unforgivable.

Regarding Inez asking if he’s seen Eddie, Robert tells his mom that he knows they have not seen the last of Eddie nor are they done putting up with him. But she indicates that that may not be the case.

Clint tells Eddie that the gun goes with “this” and he shows him a big briefcase filled with money. He tells Eddie he would like him to do something for him. Eddie asks if Clint wants him to kill somebody for him. But before Clint can answer that question, he hears Bo outside the door calling to Clint and asking if he’s home.

Kelly informs Rex that she just about choked on an olive. Joey did the Heimlich maneuver. She thought maybe they could have had it turn into “something more”. But they got interrupted.

Joey is talking o Aubrey telling her that he wants her to be a surprise to his family. He assures her that they just want him to be happy and wont’ be judgmental or controlling.

Todd flippantly tells Starr he knows he distracted her to sign something she didn’t want to sign. But is she going to sue him? Starr tells her dad this is not funny and she may very well sue him. She intends to get this retraining order lifted. He asks her if she wants to enable Marty to send another lunatic after her. He tells Starr that that woman is dangerous.

At Buenos Dias, Marty tells John he’s done so much for her.. She then remembers wrapping the “very special gift” that she was about to give him. She tells John that she has “something to show her gratitude”.

Starr protests to Todd that Marty is not the only person who mistakenly thought that Hannah was getting better. She fooled many others also. He then reminds her that she and baby Hope and James almost got killed and buried alive because of Hannah.

Robert and James ask his mom what she thinks might be going on with Eddie and why he’s disappeared. She then remembers contacting Clint and offering to go through with his plan to seduce Bo and break up his marriage if Clint agrees to make Eddie disappear. She then replies that she is not certain where Eddie went or what happened. She just hopes that he’s out of their lives for good.

Clint stalls about letting Bo in when Eddie is inside the other room. Bo tells Clint he knows that he and Inez are breaking up. He asks Clint if he believes that it had anything to do with him and if he believes that Inez wants to break up his and Nora’s marriage.

Viki asks Nora what BO said that was so unforgivable. Nora replies that they were arguing and she wanted Bo to see how Inez is manipulating and playing the damsel in distress to worm her way into BO’s life. She then tries to explain and share with Viki. But at that point, Joey enters and Nora greets and hugs him. He tells her he’s sorry that he missed her and Bo’s wedding. He tells her he holds no grudge that she ended her marriage with his father to be with Bo and declares that some couples were meant to be.

Kelly talks to Rex and is ready to see Joey and declare her feelings to him and is ready to go and se Joey.

Todd asks Starr if she does not realize how dangerous Hannah was. She had him falsely accused of pushing Marty. She tried to break up Starr and take her boyfriend. And anybody who cannot see how Hannah is dangerous is just as sick as she is.

Marty is then with John ready to “reveal the gift” to him.

Starr asks her father if he is serious to imply that Marty “wanted” Hannah to go after her and baby Hope. She tells him that that is so paranoid and delusional. Even for him. He asks her if she knows of a better way for Marty to get at him besides through her and Hope. She then tells him that he must realize that not everything is about him. He tells her that Hannah was losing her grip. How could Marty not realize that? She tells him she knows that he is doing everything he can to wipe Cole out of her life. He tells her that he wants to keep his family safe from Marty. She tells him that she won’t prevent Marty from seeing baby Hope. And she leaves.

Echo admits to Dorian that it’s true. She does like Chuckles (Charlie). Dorian appears gracious to Echo and tells her how much of a pity it is that Charlie is married to Viki. Echo tells Dorian she can clearly see, unfortunately that Charlie loves Viki. But Dorian reminds her that Charlie knew how to persuade Viki to let Echo stay at their home against Viki’s wishes. And she must know that Charlie would not have done that if he did not have feelings for her. And she knows that Echo had to knock on Charlie’s door for that reason. But Echo tells her the reason she asked live there is because she’s “financially challenged”. Dorian then informs her that she did not know that. And perhaps Echo would allow her to help. She then suggests that Echo moves in with the Cramer women at La Boulaie.

Joey is talking to Viki and Nora who both encourage him to get back with Kelly, having no clue what he is doing with someone else.

Clint tells Bo that he can see that his brother might have something going on with Inez. But BO clarifies that that is not the case. He is with Nora. He does admit to Clint, however, that he and Nora had an argument last night and he said something very stupid.

When Joey departs to meet Aubrey, Viki asks Nora what unforgivable thing Bo said to her. Nora then tells Viki that Inez has done everything she can to manipulate Bo into rushing to her rescue and he has fallen for it. She told BO that she is worried that Inez could be a threat to their marriage because of that. And, what Bo said to her is: “I’m not the one who cheats”. In response to that, Viki admits that that is not good. Nora tells Viki she cannot believe that after all this time and believing that he’s forgiven her, he throws her affair with Sam Rappaport in her face.

Clint tells Bo that he’s sorry that he is having problems with Nora. And he tells his brother that he (himself) can get past “Inez’s crush”. And he asks Bo if he (Bo) can. From inside the other room, Eddie hides and listens in at the door.

Inez tells Robert she feels terrible for what happened to his brother. He tells her it was not her fault. She was not there…as usual. She then tells her son she knows that he feels that also and that must be the reason why he went to Clint for the $50 thousand. He tells her that he had to find a way to keep his brother safe from their father. And Clint was the only resource he knew of. Inez then indicates that she wants Robert to beware of Clint. Hearing that, he is kind of surprised to hear why she’d say that.

Todd asks Rex to come to his office and do some work for him. Rex asks him what he wants. Todd replies he wants Rex to dig up some dirt on Marty Saybrooke.

Starr goes to find Marty at Buenos Dias right when John is ready to open the “present” that Marty has gift wrapped for him. She tells her she hopes that she realizes that it was not her doing. Her dad asked her to sign it without her knowing. Marty then faces Starr in a confrontational manner and tells her she will accept her own responsibility for it if Starr does the same.

Inez tells Robert she believes he needs to “be careful” around Clint. He then asks her why she would be suspicious of Clint. He has done many favors for her. She can see that he is also suspicious of Clint and wonders why he would be since she knows of no reason why Robert would not like Clint. He then asks her why they broke up and reveals that he’s afraid that Clint might have hurt his mom. But she does not know how to answer his question.

Bo tells Clint he’s sorry but hopes Clint does not blame him for what happened with Inez. Bo leaves. When he’s gone, Clint tells Eddie he may come out now. Eddie then remarks that he could hear that Clint’s brother and his wife are having some marital problems. Clint remarks that it’s about to get a lot worse. When Bo is going out Clint’s door, he runs into Joey and welcomes him back. Joey tells Bo that he saw Nora at his mom’s house talking to Viki. Joey then goes in to see his father.

Viki tells Nora she cannot believe that Bo would bring up her affair with Sam Rappaport. Perhaps BO just got upset and didn’t know what he was saying and it was in the heat of the moment. But Nora admits that she has not been home nor spoken to Bo since he said that. She admits that she cannot be with Bo if he cannot forgive her.

Kelly runs into Aubrey at the palace, having no idea that Aubrey is hot and heavy with Joey. Aubrey seems to have no clue whom “that special guy” in Kelly’s life is. She tells Kelly she can’t wait to meet him.

Dorian asks Echo who might be more fun to say with; the “holier than thou” Viki? Or herself? But Echo reminds Dorian that while at Viki’s, she’s only a short distance form her son and grandson. Dorian adds that she knows that another major factor for why Echo chooses to stay at Viki’s is so that she can stay close to Charlie.

Viki tells Nora that at the very least, Inez does not live in her home. Hearing that, Nora asks Viki if it’s really true that Echo lives in Viki’s home. She cannot believe that.

Joey goes to visit his dad and asks Clint to join him for dinner at the “palace” to meet somebody very important to him. Eddie overhears and does not hide after Joey has interrupted their conversation.

Dorian encourages Echo to get back with Charlie, telling her that she gave him the greatest gift a woman could give him. They have a child together.. And Echo must know how grateful everybody is to know that Rex is not Clint’s.

After Marty tells Starr that she is somehow responsible for what happened to Cole, Starr asks her what she is talking about. Marty tells her that Cole would have never turned to Hannah if Starr had not been running around with James.

Robert asks Inez what is wrong knowing that she has something she is not telling him that is troubling her. James then invites her to join him for breakfast at Buenos Dias. She tells him she needs to take a rain check but they can do it some other time. James leaves them alone. Robert, again, asks her what her secret is that worries her about Clint. She tells him suffice to say, she, like him, is doing what she has to do. And she does not want to tell him more.

Joey leaves Clint’s home and Clint tells Eddie that he will get this money after he does what Clint needs him to do. Eddie asks him what about the gun. Clint tells him he may take it with him.

Nora asks Viki if she heard her correctly that Echo DiSavoy, the woman who almost took one husband from Viki and who now wants to take her new husband, is living in Viki’s home? Why? Viki tells her that it was all about Echo being broke and having nowhere to go and Charlie cannot let the mother of his child be out on the streets. And of course, she is the mean, heartless and jealous wife if she refuses that of her husband. And, like Nora, she is turning into a bitter, sarcastic whacked person. She tells Nora she hates herself for that because that is not whom she is. Nora seems to understand all too well how it’s so sick but they cannot stop because they know they are right.

At the palace, Dorian asks Echo what is wrong. Echo tells her she hates the thought of “Hurting Charlie”. Dorian asks her how she could be hurting Charlie. She gave him a son. That poor man was shattered when he lost Jared. She could have kept her secret but it took a great deal of courage to tell the truth. She then tells Echo that Clint must have been “devastated”. But Echo tells her that Clint was “ecstatic” . That S.O.B would have done anything in his power to make sure that Rex is not his son. Dorian hides that she knows exactly what Echo is talking about.

Clint gives Eddie the gun and asks him if they “have an understanding”. Eddie tells him he believes they do. He takes the gun and leaves. Alone, Clint looks at the picture of his deceased father Asa and tells him they he needs to protect this family at any cost.

Todd tells Rex he needs him to investigate Marty. And he has somebody else that Rex needs him to “keep an eye on”.

Marty tells Starr she knows that Starr’s falling in love with James and out of love with Cole is what started Cole’s downward spiral. He shot Eli Clark because of her. James enters. Starr goes out the door very upset,. He follows her out the door and asks what happened. She tells him that Marty is blaming her for what happened to Cole. Marty is saying that it happened because she fell out of love with Cole and in love with him.

At the palace while Kelly and Aubrey are talking and both waiting for Joey, yet not knowing that the other is doing the same thing, he appears.

Dorian asks Echo what she means that Clint has “done everything” to make sure that Rex is not his son. Echo does not answer but tells her how happy Charlie is to see that Rex is his son and Shane is his grandson.

Viki admits to Nora that she does not know how to handle Echo. Nora tells her not to let Echo manipulate her and into having the same fight that she had with Bo.

At the palace, Dorian asks if it’s true that Charlie is not Rex’s father and Clint is. Echo all but confirms it.

Inez goes to confront Clint again. He tells her he is doing what she is asking to make certain that James never has to deal with Eddie again.

Starr goes outside with James and tells him she believes that maybe her father knew what he was talking about when he warned her that Marty was dangerous. Inside, Marty encourages John to open up his “present”.

Todd tells Rex that he needs him to take care of this creep who abuses his kids and gawks at his daughter. His name is Eddie Ford.

Inez tells Clint that there is no way that Bo would cheat on Nora.

Bo attempts to call Nora yet again. And when Nora is picking up her phone, “somebody” come up behind her and covers her mouth.

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