OLTL Update Wednesday 12/1/10

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 12/1/10


Written by Lisa G.
Pictures by Juanita

At Statesville, Starr and Blair are checking on Cole who was in a fight. Blair thinks he is being picked on because he is the new guy on the block. Starr reminds her that this is not high school and by the way, she is also worried about James. She can’t get over the look on James’ face when his father punched him. She saw fear, loathing and shame. Blair assures Starr that there is no reason for her to not show compassion for James. The abuse has made him feel like a victim and he needs her friendship. Starr tells her mom that she promised Cole she would wait for him and she can’t let her feelings for James get in the way of that.

Ford tells James that he has the money to pay off Eddie. He is going to do everything he can to prevent Eddie from hurting him again. James wants to know how he got the money and really does not want Ford to blow his career for him. Ford is carrying some serious guilt over leaving James with their father. There is a knock on the door and it’s Brody checking up on them. He tells them that their father was released from jail. James is freaking out and says that they will never be free of him until he is dead. He tells Ford how bad it was living with him and how so many times he wished he would die…maybe fall asleep with a lit cigar. Eddie comes home and Ford gives him the money, but he tells his sons that he is not ready to leave.

Inez tells Bo that she and Clint are no longer dating. He wants to know why. He comes right out and asks if the break up has anything to do with him. She tells Bo that the break up did have something to do with him, but it’s not what he thinks. She leaves and Nora comes to the station to tell Bo about the break up. Bo tells Nora that she should trust him. She does, but doesn’t trust her. Bo then reminds Nora that he isn’t the one that cheats. She is shocked he would throw that in her face! He tries to apologize, but she knows he’ll never forget her infidelity.

Eddie walks into James’ home and finds Dani. He remarks that Nate is a lucky guy who is about to get luckier. He just creeps closer and closer to her. Nate comes in and finds his father insulting Dani. Each comment is more derogatory than the previous. Nate grabs him and pulls him away from her. Eddie continues with his remarks and says he is just looking to make up lost time with his ex. Nate gets Dani to leave and then confronts Eddie in the kitchen. Eddie taunts Nate asking him if Momma knows they were just about to do it on the sofa and then insults his mom. Next, what a pair Dani has for a little girl. Nate slugs him! Eddie is shocked and tells him he is going to be sorry for that. Inez comes home and as she tells Nate to call the police, Eddie tells them that he has friends in high places, so don’t bother. He is there to warn her to tell Buchanan to back off, or else. Eddie leaves with one last comment to Nate, “when your little girlfriend is ready to super size, call me.” Eddie bumps into Todd in the hallway and who tells Eddie that he does not like guys who beat up their kids. Eddie makes the mistake of telling Todd to get the hell out of his way. Todd tells him that if he wants to stay out of the wood chipper; stay away from Danielle.

Todd and Téa are talking about Starr going to see Cole who was involved in a prison fight. Todd says that he is a loose cannon for no reason, unlike James, who has every reason to be explosive with a father like Eddie. Téa is very surprised to hear Todd sympathize with James. Todd said, don’t worry, he will not go soft on horn dogs going after his daughters. He tells Téa who the creepy guy was at the Ford brothers’ apartment and that his Thanksgiving gift to James was a punch in face. Todd tells Téa that he can see the guilt and shame he saw in James’ face and that it reminds him of someone he knew. Téa is going to see if there is some way she can build a case against him. Todd is really concerned that Eddie will be getting out of jail tonight and will be looking for fresh blood. Dani comes home and says she is going to bed and is acting extremely nervous. They want to know what is wrong and she tells them what happened with Eddie. Todd wants to know what happened, did he touch her. She says no, and he grabs his stuff and leaves. After he leaves, Téa wants to know what Dani and Nate were really doing alone together; were they having sex? Dani says no, but tells her mom that being a virgin makes her feel like a kid and Nate is a man since he has had sex. Téa gives her some good advice on not rushing, she is young and to not rush into sex just because Nate has experience. Oh, and then comes the safety talk. She tells her mom about how protective Nate was of her and she just wants to be closer to him.

At Llanfair, Joey is looking at a picture of his new girlfriend. Kelly is in the parlor and Joey walks in, hugs her and asks why she is there. She tells him she is there to see him. When he asks her what she has been up to, she said she was just in London, and not just to see Zane. Back at the hotel, Joey’s girlfriend is on the phone with someone telling them that she is loving things so far and no one knows about her; except for a woman she met on the plane. Room service arrives with flowers and goodies. Kelly is fumbling with a way to tell Joey how she feels and needs a martini. She triples up on the olives and chokes. Joey slams her around trying to dislodge the olive and finally gives her the Heimlich maneuver. The olive flies across the room and into the wall….oops. She is finally about to tell him she loves him and he takes a phone call from Aubrey. She is thanking him for the strawberries and chocolate. Kelly spies Joey’s camera and takes it. Joey hangs up and invites Kelly to lunch tomorrow at the palace; he has something to tell her. She leaves and looks at the last picture he took; it’s Aubrey.

Nora goes to see Clint and tells him she got into a huge fight with Bo all because of him and his paranoia over Inez and Bo. Clint claims innocence, after all, didn’t she say her relationship with Bo was fragile and all he did was express concern that Inez appears to have a crush on Bo. He is very sorry to hear they had a big fight over Inez. She tries to get Clint to hop in his private jet and take Inez on a trip to Madagascar or somewhere. Clint tells her that they broke up and it might be bad news for Nora. He makes up a story about why they broke up, but he thinks it was because of Bo. Nora grabs her coat and leaves. Inez comes over and tells Clint she will do what he wants if he will make Eddie go away.

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