OLTL Update Tuesday 11/30/10

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 11/30/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Inez goes to talk to Bo after hours after Clint has told her hat he wants her to sleep with Bo. He asks her what is on her mind. She replies it’s about his brother Clint.

Robert goes to Clint’s home and tells Clint he needs his help. Clint asks Robert if he’s out of his mine to even consider asking Clint for anything, reminds him that he took advantage of Clint’s daughter, Jessica in her most vulnerable state. He tells Robert he better stay way from Jessica and know that Brody is the father of her baby. But, Clint tells Robert, he is curious. So he asks him what he wants form him. Robert replies that he wants $50,000.

James goes to Todd’s home and tells him he knows that Todd has wanted to break up Starr and Cole but he needs to know that James’ brother is a good kid. Todd tells James that nobody is good enough for Todd’s daughter.

Dani is with Nate at his mom’s home alone, watching French “romance” films. They start kissing and wonder what they will do next.

When Kelly returns to Viki’s home, Viki informs Kelly along with Charlie, Rex and Echo that Joey just showed up unexpectedly and she’s sure that Kelly would like to wait for him to return home.

But unknown to them all, Joey has gone to the airport to meet his new girlfriend, who is Aubrey the young woman whom Kelly spoke to on her flight home. Joey kisses her passionately.

Back at Viki’s home, Echo tells Viki that she is going to go up to her room. But remembering that Joey has come back, Viki informs Echo that there is a problem.

Rex follows Kelly out the door and tells her that it’s amazing that she wanted Joey and low and behold he’s retuned to Llanview. She tells him that there was some miscommunication where she mistakenly thought he was in London. But Neville informed her that Joey is back in Llanview. Rex asks her if she’s seen Joey yet. She replies no. He tells her that Joey will have to return to Viki's sooner or later and maybe he's there to see Kelly. But little do they know.

At the airport, Joey affirms to Aubrey that she is the only woman he wants. He wants to take her to his mom’s house to meet all of his family and friends. But hearing that, and remembering talking to Kelly, she tells Joey she’s not sure that’s such a good idea. He asks her why not.

Nate and Dani are kissing on the couch while they watch the French film. They then realize that this is a film that may not be “suitable” for minors and it appears that it has sexual contact. They detach themselves and turn it off and find themselves in an awkward state not knowing what to do next.

Todd tells James that Nate dragged Dani into a situation that could have gotten her killed. James protests that if he’s going to blame anybody he may blame James. It was himself to stole money from his father which is the reason Dani was in danger. Not James. Todd affirms that both he and his brother are idiots. He then notices the bruise on James’ face and asks what happened. James admits that maybe he is a loser since he cannot even stand up to his own dad. Todd then asks if his old man gave him that. James tells Todd yes so he may laugh all he wants. But Todd surprises James by telling him that there is nothing funny about that as he knows it all too well.

Robert tells Clint that he needs $50,000 to pay off their abusive father and get him out of his and James’s life once and for all. Clint asks Robert why he thinks that Clint would give it to him. Robert tells Clint if he does not, he will tell the cops that it was Clint who had him assaulted.

When Inez is ready to tell Bo about the threats that Clint made to her, Nora enters the office and asks her why she is back at the office after hours when they thought they said good night to her. What does Inez want with Nora’s husband now?

Clint asks Robert if he is threatening him. Robert tells Clint he may call it what he wants. But maybe the cops would want to know that Clint had him assaulted in his home. Clint asks Robert why anybody would believe a word he says. Clint is seen as a pillar of society who employs half the town. And the police commissioner happens to be Clint’s brother. Robert reminds Clint that he knows that his brother is a man of integrity would be disgraced to know what Clint did. Clint asks Robert who would believe him when he worked with Elijah Clark to cover up lies and Robert has had a very shady reputation. Robert tells Clint he may be right. The cops may not believe Robert. But would Clint like to know who might? That woman Clint is dating. He tells Clint that he knows that that would be his mother.

Nora informs Bo and Inez that the charges filed against Eddie did not stick and he will be released from jail. Hearing that, Inez is very worried that Eddie could go after James again and she does not know what to do.

Todd admits to James that he knows all too well what it’s like to have an abusive father who takes his frustrations out on his son. He then asks James if that guy who invited himself to Dorian’s and disrupted their Thanksgiving was his father. James tells Todd yes. And that’s why he does not want anybody to know that that is his father. Todd then tells James about how he has had his self-respect eroded by an abusive father. James tells Todd that his younger brother is so lucky. He did not grow up the way he and Todd did. He can grow up to be a normal and healthy guy.

Nate then asks Dani if she has any sexual experience. She tells him that she almost did once. She admits that she was “sort of upset”. She was with Matthew. And she assumes he does not want to hear about her “would-be” situation with Matthew. But he admits that Matthew did kind of tell him about it. She asks why she is not surprised. She tells him that it happened when she first found out that Todd was her dad. She was so angry and so confused and just wanted to forget. But luckily Matthew stopped it. And she was pretty grateful to him for that. She knows that if she had gone through with it, it would have been for the wrong reasons and with the wrong boy. She then asks Nate if he’s ever done it. He then admit that yes. He has.

Viki tells Echo that the problem is that the room they have put her in is the room where Joey stays when he’s visiting. Charlie then suggests that maybe she finds a smaller room for Echo. But Viki tells them that with both of her daughters pregnant and with John and Brody staying there, it’s kind of crowded for guests. But, hearing that, Charlie tells her that it’s his home too. And isn’t he more than a “guest”?

Aubrey tells Joey that she is not ready to meet his family at this time. He admits that he has not told them about her and wants her to be a surprise.

Kelly admits to Rex that she has never had the chance to tell Joey she has feelings for him. And from what she’s heard, Joey is not seeing anyone now. She has not heard otherwise.

But we see that he is very serious with Aubrey.

After finding out that Nate is not a virgin, Dani asks about the “girls” he’s been with. He clarifies that there was only one girl. She was from his old school. But regardless he always thought it would be better with a girl he cares about. She then shyly asks him if he’s ever considered having sex with her. He replies only every moment of every day.

At the station, when Inez is talking to Bo and Nora about Eddie’s release, Eddie comes out of his cell and taunts her.. He has a lawyer with him whom Nora knows. She remarks that that lawyer does not come cheap and she wonders how Eddie could afford him.

Clint tells Robert Ford that all he has to do is snap his fingers and Robert’s job at L.U. disappears. And his brother won’t be able to stay in school. He tells Robert if he wants to rat on Clint to his mommy, Robert may go ahead and make the call. Robert then tells Clint that he wanted to score points with Robert’s mother so he called in favors for her sons. He tells Clint that he is just like Eddie. He tells Clint he may forget it. He will find another way to get the money and Robert goes out the door. Clint then tells Robert he needs to wait. He wont’ do anything for Robert. But he’d do anything for Robert’s mother. He knows that she wants Eddie out of their lives. SO he asks Robert how much money is needed.

Echo tells Viki and Charlie that it may be correct that she should not be there. But Charlie tells her he will not put he mother of his son out on the streets. Viki then feels “obligated” to tell Echo of course they won’t do that to her. So Echo may stay in one of the other guests rooms tonight. And Charlie adds, or for as long as she needs to.

Joey and Aubrey are going at it in a hotel room.

Rex asks Kelly to call Joey now that she is sober and thinking clearly. She needs to tell him to come home and that she has something important to tell him. He asks her if she has not put her heart out on the line long enough. He asks her what she has to lose. She then admits that Rex is right and dials. But while Joey’s phone is ringing, he is completely distracted and not hearing it while he’s going at it having sex with Aubrey. Kelly concludes to Rex that she got his voice mail. Rex suggests she leaves a message. But she tells him she really doesn’t want to do that. She tells Rex enough about her and asks him how it feels to find out for the first time whom his parents are. He admits that he is not ok with knowing that Echo abandoned him in a hospital after he was born and lied about it. But he knows that she has hit it off with Shane. Kelly asks him if it’s not at least good to know that Charlie is his father. He then admits to her that it’s weird. When he’s with Charlie, he stares at him to see if he has any of the same genetics. But he does not see it. She tells him that maybe it makes sense after he’s known Charlie for years yet never before seen him as his father. And, at least, the bright side is that Rex did not find out that Clint, whom he does not care for, is his father.

Clint gives Robert the money, affirming to him that this will be the last business transaction he has and Robert is not to say anything about that “unfortunate incident” that happened to him.

James asks Todd if he believes that he’s a wuss to be afraid of his father, assuming Todd will say yes. But Todd reminds James that he stood up to Bull and risked his life to save Starr and Hope. James tells him he guesses and his dad is in jail now so it may not matter But Todd warns him that his father will be out soon, angry and ready for revenge.

After Eddie is ready to get released from the station, his lawyer tells Bo that he better not even think about tailing him. He knows that Bo went to harass him at his home. He could have Bo and the department up on charges for that. Eddie then provokes Bo by asking him “which of these two ladies" (Nora or Inez) is better in the sack. He asks if Inez still makes the noises she used to make. Bo then demands Eddie gets out. Eddie tells him no problem. Bo could not “keep him there if he tried”. He leaves. Bo asks both Nora and Inez if they are ok. Nora tells him that Eddie does not “get to her” although he grosses her out. Bo then asks Inez to come into his office and sit down for a minute. Nora is left outside and is not happy.

Nate asks Dani if she’s ever thought about the two of them having sex. She replies she’s not sure. But she appears to feel awkward. She tells him that it’s a really huge step and there is so much going on in her life. He asks her if she is saying that she is not ready. She confirms yes. He tells her that is ok. She then asks him if he’s sure assuming he is ready since this is not his first time. So, she asks him, if this is going to be a problem for them.

Viki tells Charlie that she does not want Echo staying in her home for any length of time. But he wants her to and tells her that he’s not asking her to do that for Echo. He’s asking her to do it for him. He reminds her that he put up with her letting David Vickers stay there. She then smiles and tells Charlie that he’s right. She appears cordial to Echo and hugs her. But she whispers in Echo’s ear, so that Charlie does not overhear, that she better not step out of line, or Viki will make her sorry.

Joey and Aubrey are together and he intends to keep her a secret from his family. They admit that they’ve only been together a month but are so important to each other. He remembers being so bored and frustrated in London. He never dreamed that when he picked up his camera, that she would walk into the frame. And from the moment he saw her, he knew how special she would be. He takes more pictures of her. And he seems completely head over heels about her although they don’t seem to know each other for much beyond having sex.

Nate tells Dani he just wants to watch movies, talk and have more popcorn. But she notices they are out. He then tells her he will go to get some more. He only wants to give her everything she wants and needs.

James asks Todd how he got out from underneath his abusive father. Todd admits that his father died and that’s how it ended. But if he had not died, Todd might have killed the son of a bitch himself..

At the station while alone and waiting for Bo, Inez calls Clint and tells him that Eddie is back on the streets. He asks her if she has carried out her threat. She admits that she has not yet told Bo about his plan to break up Bo and Nora. But she is going to tell him.. Clint then tells her he does not think so. Bo then stands outside with Nora who tells him he must know that she is not ok with Eddie getting a slap on the wrist and wishes she could do more. He tells her that he’s glad that she is not accusing him of being manipulated by Inez. She asks him what he’s going to do. Will he camp outside the boys’ apartment to make sure they are safe? A uniformed cop appears and confirms that he is doing that very thing he’s been instructed to by Bo.

Clint informs Inez that he just gave Robert the money to buy off Eddie. She asks if he can do it just like that. He tells her that he told her that he can be her best friend or her worst enemy and everybody has to choose the friends that are right for them. She hangs up and looks outside at Bo and Nora together.

Robert returns to James and tells him that if he’s not feeling good right now he will feel a lot better. He now knows how to get rid of their dad for good.

While Nate is out to get the popcorn and Dani is alone in Inez and Nate’s home, she hears somebody whistle. She looks up and sees Eddie smirking and gawking at her.

Clint confirms that he is paying for Eddie’s lawyer to get Eddie released and needs him to keep the secret between him and the lawyer

Bo then tells Nora that even if Inez has a crush on him, she doesn’t intend to act on it. She’s dating Clint. Nora then walks away and neither know what Clint is up to. Bo returns to talk to Inez and reminds her that before all hell broke loose out there, she was about to tell him something about Clint. She then tells him yes. And she tells him that she and Clint broke up. But she can’t say anymore.

Charlie is going to help Echo get moved into a new guest room. She announces to Charlie and to Rex that thanks to Viki, they will all get to spend more time together. Kelly returns to Rex and tells him he needs to go home and have sex with his girlfriend. She tells him that she needs to tell Joey how she feels right now. So she will leave Joey a note telling him she needs to see him. Right then, he returns from being with Aubrey who has already sent him a nude photo on his phone. Kelly then faces Joey and smiles assuming that he’s there for her.

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