OLTL Update Monday 11/29/10

One Life to Live Update Monday 11/29/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Kelly is on her phone while boarding a plane to return from London. She tells her contact that she would like to see them but must return to Llanview because Joey is there.

When Viki is alone in her living room, out of nowhere when she least expects it, her son Joey appears and greets his mom.

At Dorian’s home, Robert, Starr and Langston all tell James that he needs to get himself checked out at the hospital after being assaulted by his father. He tells them they must let it go. He knows that when his dad really hurts him, his ears start ringing so they need not fuss. They are all tense. Right then, Nate and Dani walk in and happily greet them unaware of what just happened.

Bo takes Eddie Ford to the station. He talks and tells the cops that he have them in trouble for wrongful arrest. Bo puts tape on his mouth so he doesn’t have to hear Eddie continuing to talk. Right then, Nora enters and smiles sarcastically at Eddie, introducing herself, and telling him she knows all about his long history of domestic violence, drunk and disorderly contact, operating under the influence and a list of other violations of the law. She tells him that he appears to be a real charmer and Inez really knows how to pick them.

Natalie is at the airport, waiting for John’s flight to come in from Seattle. But all around her, she sees “writing” that tells her that John will get rid of her and never want to see her or her baby again when he finds out that she slept with Brody and his carrying his baby.

Kelly is on her flight back to Llanview when another passenger informs her that the flight attendants have told all passengers they must turn off their cell phones. But Kelly does not want to do that.

Viki tells Joey he must be starving. She will fix him a plate. He tells her that would be great. He will take all his stuff up to his room, he tells her assuming that there’s always a room for him. But she remembers that she has to fix up another room for him. She tells him that they, unfortunately have a “:non paying guest” whom they are stuck with. Hearing that, Joey asks his mom who. She replies an “old friend” of his father’s.

At Clint’s home, he declares to Inez that he does not want to sleep with her. He wants her to sleep with his brother. He attempts to explain to her that he wants to ruin his brother’s marriage to Nora. And she might like that too.

At the police station, while Eddie shoots off his mouth talking about Nora being a “nice rack”, Bo wants to silence him again. But he tells her how knows about Bo’s “interest” in Inez and therefore, he naturally assumed that Bo’s wife would be a “real hag” and not this attractive.

Clint right then, declares to Inez that it’s payback time for Bo and Nora.

Nora tells Eddie she has several witnesses that saw him assault his son James. But she admits that James did not file a complaint. She and Bo tell him that obviously the kid has been terrorized for so long, he’s afraid to do so. But he asks them how they are going to prosecute when the victim is not giving them what they want. She reminds him that there are several witnesses. He tells her that he assault his kid. It was only a private disagreement between a father and a son.

Nate asks James what just happened to his face. James does not want to tell him what happened. But Robert firmly tells James that Nate is their family and has the right to know about “their” father and what he’s capable of. James again refuses to discuss it. But Starr informs Nate and Dani that James’s father hit him.

At the station, Eddie reminds Nora that she must know that Bo and Inez are getting really close and she might also want to know how good his ex wife is at this “Victim thing”. Right then, Eddie gets escorted to a cell. Nora talks about how charming that guy is. Bo asks her how she could imagine Inez being married to the likes of that. It’s so tragic that she had kids when him when she was a kid herself. Nora then tells Bo that in spite of what they think of Eddie, he may have brought up a good point about Inez.

After Clint informs Inez that he wants her to sleep with BO, she tells him that she is leaving. She does not want to be part of this sick little game he is playing. But he tells her he knows that she wants Bo. And he will make sure that she gets him.

Kelly talks to another female passenger about her plans to return to Llanview to be with a “special person”.

After Viki tells Joey about the situation involving Echo, he tells her that if this woman is Rex’s mother, then Rex should be dealing with her problems and not Viki. He tells her that he’s been away for too long. She then asks her son what has been happening in his life recently and if there are any woman in his life. He does not answer that question but asks how Natalie is.

At the airport, Natalie smiles when she sees that John has a teddy bear with a shirt that says: “I love my cop daddy”. He tells her that his brother, Michael thought it would amuse him. She laughs. But again, she “envisions” that there is “writing on the wall” that John is going to get rid of her after she’s lied about having slept with Brody. At that point, her smile fades and she appears tense. John then asks her if she’s ok and what just happened. He then tells her that maybe he needs to call a doctor if she’s tired or having pregnancy symptoms. She tells him that she is fine and wants to hear about his trip. How are Michael, Marcie and baby Gabe? He tells her they are great and the baby is now walking. He tells her he did not want to leave her for Thanksgiving. But she tells him that she realizes he does not get to see his brother very much. He then takes her hand and tells her they need to get home.

The woman sitting with Kelly on the flight back to Llanview asks her about “this guy” in Kelly’s life. Kelly admits that they were both young and she was naive. Before they met, This guy had this ‘thing” with her aunt. But he and Kelly were both crazy about each other. SO they got married. The woman asks Kelly what her aunt said about that. Kelly tells her that she and Joey worked it out. But they divorced when she started seeing Joey’s brother. She admits that there are all these great guys in her life. But she always screws it up. She then admits that she is making a big mistake and what is she thinking.

Inez tells Clint that she has told him a hundred times that she does not “want”. Bo. But he tells her he knows that she is closer than he thought she was to “getting Bo’. He tells her she mustn’t worry about Nora. She mustn’t prove to him how righteous she is. She then tells him that she is telling the truth that she is not after Bo.. He tells her that even if she is not concerned about BO, he knows she cares about her sons and would not want anything to “happen” to them.

After Nate and Dani find out that James got assaulted by his father, they are not certain what to do. And James does not want attention.

Clint asks Inez of she does not want to jeopardize all that he has done for her sons. Robert got a new prestigious job. James got his grant to attend school. And he can pull strings to enable Nate to get into a good school when he graduates from high school. She asks him if he is threatening her. Clint tells her no. He just wants her to work with him.

BO tells Nora that Eddie has abused Inez and their kids. But she tells him that maybe Inez has some responsibility in all of this. She asks why he knows every bad thing that has ever happened to Inez. Yet, Eddie does know more about her than Bo does and he is correct that the only thing they know about Inez is what she tells them, Bo protests that regardless of whether they know everything about Inez, that guy is abusive. She then asks Bo why he is so concerned about Inez’s problems and why he wants to take measures to keep Eddie in line that have nothing to do with Bo’s job. He then tells her he realizes that she believes that Inez has a crush on him. He doubts it. But even, if for the sake of an argument, that that is true, why is Nora threatened by that? Nora replies that Inez knows how to press all the right buttons. Bo then admits he did hear, the other day, she had an “issue” with Inez and the plant. Nora then assumes that Inez must have been giving him the victim routine. He tells her no. In fact Inez was trying to “play down” what Nora said.. She then asks Bo why he is so concerned about Inez and believes the world revolves around her and her sons and her whole situation. Bo then asks her if she is suggesting that he fires her. Nora then tells Bo that that she would not have a problem if he did just that.

Clint then tells Nora that he can help her and her sons to have everything they want and need in their lives. Or they can go back to the tiny one room apartment they have lived in. Nate will have no future. Her two adult sons won’t have any value in their lives.

Nate and Dani return to his home but notice that his mom is not back. Dani concludes that his mom must be having a “Good time with Mr. Buchanan”

Clint reminds Inez that Robert won’t be able to work ever again after the sexual harassment charge. James will be back stealing cars. She firmly tells him she does not need his help and that her sons are not dependent on Clint nor motivated by his threats.

Kelly tells her new acquaintance that she knows she’s told her too much. But the woman tells her she knows that there are risks involved with Kelly’s admitting to Joey that she has feelings for him. But Kelly must take that risk. She encourages Kelly to just tell him how she feels. And she bets anything that he will fall back in love with her. Kelly then admits she would really like that.

Viki asks Joey if he’s been in contact with Kelly. But before we can hear Joey’s plans or lack thereof, regarding Kelly, Natalie comes through the door and hugs her brother.

Bo tells Nora he is not firing Inez. She then asks him if she is just being paranoid about the whole situation. She asks him what is going on and why he is not looking at how much this woman has made him her savior. She can see that Inez is very, very smart and playing into Bo’s greatest weakness. He wants to be everybody’s hero. He protests that that is his job. She tells Bo that she loves how he cares about people and wants to keep people safe. But because he’s that guy, that great guy, he has a blind spot. And people can and will take advantage.

Inez tells Clint that even if she did “want” Bo, she could never come between him and Nora. But Clint tells her that Bo and Nora’s relationship is already in trouble. Bo has had some trust issues with Nora. He took Nora from Clint. Why should Clint care about them? She tells Clint that she is not going to be any part of his disgusting plan and she walks away.

Nate and Dani are alone in his and his mom’s home. He tells her that this very modest apartment is nothing compared to “her house”. She tells him that her house in Tahiti was a shack on the beach. She asks if he thinks that she cares about material things. He asks her if she does not have issues with the fact that his father is an abusive jerk. She tells him she realizes that that is not to be taken lightly. But her father is Todd Manning. She knows all too well what it’s like to have family issues and does not judge Nate for his family.

When Starr is with James in her living room, she gets a call from the prison informing her that Cole has been in a fight. She tells them she will be there right away. Outside the house, Robert tells Langston that he is worried about his brother and has to take action. He tells her that he can no longer sit and do nothing when his brother becomes a punching bag for his father. He doesn’t want to be the person who does not care anymore. He tells her he has to go somewhere and departs.

Joey asks Natalie if her baby is a boy or a girl. She confirms that they will keep it a surprise. He talks about how Zane wants a male cousin to catch frogs with. She tells him that no daughter of hers will do that. Joey asks if he has missed Natalie and John’s wedding. They admit that they have not talked about wedding plans yet. He then tells his mom and sister he has somewhere to go. Alone with John, Natalie tells him she’s sorry about Joey bringing up “the whole wedding thing”, assuming that John would never consider it. But he tells her that maybe they should discuss marriage.

Viki tells Joey it’s wonderful to have him home. He tells her it’s so good to be back.

Kelly admits to her new acquaintance that she realizes she’s talked too much about her personal life. The young woman talks about meeting “her boyfriend” in Llanview. Kelly tells her that they have been traveling for hours but she did not get her name. The young woman tells Kelly her name is Aubrey. She needs to go because “somebody” is picking her up.

Natalie tells John that they should not feel pressured or obligated to get married. She asks him if he wants to see what she stole. She gives him a chicken wishbone and tells him it will be their Thanksgiving tradition to make a wish but she does not tell him what her wish is.

Nate and Dani are watching a film with subtitles and she admits she is envious of his knowledge of films.

Langston notices Starr rushing out the door and appearing stressed and asks her what is up. She tells her that Cole got in another fight. She has to go.

Right then, at Clint’s home, he notices Robert Ford enter through the door and demands to know what he wants.

Inez sees Eddie at the police station and tells him that she will no longer be motivated by his threats. He tells her that if she is after Bo and wants to take him from his wife, that might work.

In Bo’s office, after Nora has discussed the situation with her husband, she tells him she is done and ready to personally arrange the arraignment of Eddie Ford. She appears “wound up” to tell Bo that now “they can all go and rescue Inez”. She rushes out the door. And Right then, Inez enters Bo’s office and informs him that she must tell him something.

Clint demands that Robert tells him what he’s doing there. Robert replies that he needs Clint’s help.

Joey goes to find Aubrey at the airport and confirms that they know each other. They kiss passionately. Not far away, Kelly cannot find Joey and calls to ask Viki where he is. Viki informs her that Joey just went out the door to the airport. Why hasn’t Kelly found him?

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