OLTL Update Wednesday 11/24/10

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 11/24/10


Written by Lisa G.
Pictures by Juanita

In London, Nevil is learning about Thanksgiving and he summed the holiday up as having one day a year where all regrets are put aside. Kelly and Kevin are trying to skip the turkey dinner because they already took Zachary out for dinner at a local restaurant. Nevil loves pumpkin pie and wants to celebrate how accepting Americans are of others. Nevil tells them both that Master Joseph is on his way home and Kelly begins to smile. Nevil heads back to the kitchen and Kelly tells Kevin she is excited that Joey is coming home; she should change into something else (more or less). She continues by saying that she never got over him. Nevil comes back in and tells them that Joey is going home – to Llanview…not coming home.

At Llanfair, Brody comes in from running the charity race and tells Natalie that he is doing great. Seeing Ford no longer bothers him since he found out he is the father of Jess’s baby. He notices though that Natalie still looks worried. Dorian arrives fresh from her stint as the Grand Marshall for the parade. As she tells Viki that Roxy kicked Echo out for non-payment of her rent; Echo walks out of the kitchen in her bathrobe asking when dinner will be ready. Dorian wants to know what she is doing there, oh, let me guess, Chuckles insists she stay with them. Viki tells her how angry she is as the two begin to discuss what Echo is up to with Clint, Rex walks in just as Dorian dropped his name. Dorian bids farewell and leaves them all in the foyer. Rex, Gigi and Shane are all together (and boy did Shane get tall!). He makes a joke about finding a grandfather, but if this isn’t the real deal, he gives up on ever having one. Rex agrees, but Viki assures them the DNA tests do not lie. Enter Charlie who expresses how happy he is to have found them. Echo is on the stairs listening and looking guilty. In the parlor, Natalie is on the phone with John, wishing him a happy Thanksgiving. John is in Seattle with Marcy and Michael. As she hangs up the phone, Brody walks in and asks if it is raining in Seattle. Natalie references Brody’s earlier observation that something was wrong and she tells him that she is just tired. Brody said she should just forget about what happened, they both have the DNA results they wanted. Nat flashes back to her real results. Back in the foyer, Charlie introduces Echo to Gigi and Shane. Echo tells them all that Viki was kind enough to let her stay. Viki reminds her that it is only for a day or two…Echo looks at Charlie. Back in the parlor, Rex tells Nat that even though he has found his real parents, she will always be his sister. In the other corner, Gigi and Echo are getting to know each other with comments like, I bet you are a pretty thing under all that makeup and no, I didn’t tell Rex about our son, just like you not telling Charlie. Charlie tries to convince Viki to let Echo stay longer. Everyone moves to the parlor and Viki makes a toast to the family and what she is thankful for. Oh, and there is always room for those without (as she looks at Echo). As they break away for dinner, Viki looks out the window and surprise, Joey walks in.

At Ford’s apartment, the boys come in from running the charity race and are greeted by their father. He is still looking for his 50k and for a place to have a turkey dinner with all the trimmings.

At La Boulaie, Langston tells Starr that she invited both Ford and James to dinner. Starr is freaked out and Langston asks if she is still into him. As the girls talk, Langston reminds her that Cole is in jail and she and Hope need to live their lives. Starr asks Langston when she and Ford became close enough to invite him for dinner. Langston tells her about the no sex for six months agreement; she is trying to get to know him and to see if she can trust him. Starr comments that it’s only six months; it will be 10 years before she can be with Cole again. The doorbell rings and it’s Ford and James. Starr grabs her stuff and says that its time to go to Marty’s. She tries to avoid eye contact with James, but James takes her arm and stops her from running up the stairs. Cris comes to dinner with goodies, flowers, champagne and the box that Eli left behind for Blair. Blair tells him that he shouldn’t have, but he is grateful for a place to have dinner today. He hoped Layla would be able to join him, but not. Blair, followed by Cris, walk out to the foyer and see the kids all together. She begins to make comments about lying cheating men and Langston interrupts her and tells her that Ford is her date and defends him. Dorian walks in from the kitchen with Eddie right behind her. Look who’s come to dinner?! As Eddie cracks open a beer, Ford can’t believe he followed them there. His sons tell him to leave, but Eddie says that he is there to make things up to his sons. And by the way, what does Starr know about raising kids. Blair jumps in on that one and he attempts to cover with a comment about somebody starting young. James jumps to Starr’s defense, and Eddie says wait he was talking about Blair, she is much too young to be a grandmother. Ford tells him he has overstayed his welcome and he either leaves on his own, or they will throw him out. He turns and calls Starr a slut and punches James right in the face. Ford grabs him and throws him up against the wall. Dorian calls the police.

At the Buchanan mansion, Inez and Nate comes for dinner. Clint hoped she would be wearing his necklace, but she says it's too extravagant of a gift. Next, Bo, Nora and Matthew arrive. Matthew expresses his feelings for Nate by saying he hopes he is not there too. Nora is surprised to see Inez and wonders out loud that she thought the dinner was for family only. Clint reprimands Matt for his rudeness and reminds him to keep his friends and enemies closer. Inez baked a tart, so Bo shows her where the kitchen is as Clint drops hints of doubt to Nora. He tells Nora that he thinks that Inez has a thing for Bo. In the other room, Nate and Nigel are playing Wii. Matthew walks in and takes the controller out of Nigel’s hand tells him to get him some nachos. Right away Master. Nate tells him to stop treating Nigel like a slave. Matthew then tells him you’ll get used to it, the way your mom is playing Clint, they will be moved in before you know it. Nate doesn’t get it and Matthew then snidely asks him if his mom’s dress could get any tighter. Nate grabs him and in walk the parents. The boys stop fighting. Inez scolds Nate in front of everyone, not knowing why they were fighting. Nate tells his mother that he is not staying for dinner, grabs his coat and leaves. As Inez apologizes, Matthew rolls his eyes, turns and walks away. As Bo takes a call from Dorian, Inez tells Nora her tart is probably not that good. Nora assures her it must be good, she must know everything about tarts. Inez’s smile freezes on her face. In the corner, Matt asks Clint how to keep your enemies close. Clint looks over at Bo and tells Matthew he’ll teach him everything he knows. Bo gets off the phone and tells them all that he needs to leave; there was a ruckus at Dorian’s. Nora wants to know what bum is important enough that he has to take care of this. He tells them it’s Eddie Ford. Inez tells Nora that’s her ex-husband. Bo returns. As the dust settles, Clint makes his toast to the family. Enter Nigel, dinner is served. As everyone moves to the kitchen, Clint wants to know why Inez won’t wear the necklace. She tells him that she is not ready to sleep with him and Clint tells her that he doesn’t want her to sleep with him; he wants her to sleep with Bo!

At the Manning home, Destiny comes in and hopes she can talk to Téa about divorcing her lying, fake parents. Dani tries to talk her out of it. Téa hands Todd a paper and wants to know why he filed for a restraining order against Marty. Todd says that it is illegal for the clerks in the court house share his private information. Téa does not believe that Starr agreed to the order and tries to call Starr. Todd admits that he lied to Starr by telling her the papers were for Hope’s trust fund. He doesn’t understand what she is upset about. Téa tells him he is playing with Starr’s life just like Eli did with hers. He also got her to sign the wrong papers, giving away custody of Dani. Todd defends himself saying what a bad judge of character Marty is; she let Hannah live in her home. Nate left Clint’s and joined the Manning feast. Todd and Téa are arguing and she says that next he’ll drive Starr and Hope out of their life and next it will be Dani. Todd then says, no the only thing he wants to drive out of their lives is that idiot Nate…in walks Nate, Dani and Destiny who heard the whole thing. Dani asks Todd if he is going to make them as miserable as he did Starr and Cole. Destiny offers to bring her friends to Darren’s. They all turn to leave together. Todd apologizes for being a jackass. Téa – don’t make me regret for coming back from the dead! Todd apologizes to Nate and he accepts. Téa has everyone gather around and hold hands. She is so thankful, she says it in two languages.

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