OLTL Update Tuesday 11/23/10

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 11/23/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Natalie looks at the results of her amnio spooked and horrified knowing that it has been “proven” that Brody is the father of her baby and not John. Gigi comes by and notices Viki is not there but Natalie is. She knows that Natalie is not ok although Natalie does not want anybody to know. Natalie fakes a smile and informs Gigi that she got the results of the DNA test. And John is the father. Hearing that, Gigi tells her that’s great. But she can see by Natalie’s expression that she is faking a smile. In fact, he’s crying. And Gigi asks her what is up.

Clint grills his contact who he hired to falsify the DNA and asks exactly what happened. Vimal informs Clint that he saw the results that named “the other guy” (without revealing which “other guy) is the father of “Clint’s daughter’s” baby (although he does not reveal which daughter). And, he assures Clint, he “fixed” the result to make it appear that Brody Lovett is the father of the baby.

At Buenos Dias, Rex sits with Echo and Charlie. He is a bit uneasy but wants to respect their interest in getting to know “their son” better. Not far away, Bo and Nora are sitting with Matthew who seems to be obsessed about being Clint’s right-hand man at B.E. She asks Bo if he has a problem with their son working there. Bo tells her that he is a bit concerned about Matthew working for Clint.

Clint’s contact assures him that he fixed the results to make it look as though the father of Clint’s daughter’s baby is Brody Lovett. Brody appears not far away in the hospital and asks if he just heard his name.

Marty is in her home alone with results that say that Natalie is carrying a baby that she had with a man who is engaged to her sister.

Roxy goes to see John, assuming that all’s well since he and Natalie will be having her grandchild.

Marty then reflects that John will not be happy with Natalie to find out that she got pregnant by another man and lied to him about the whole thing.

Gigi asks Natalie if she can see the “happy results” of her DNA test. But Natalie hides them. Gigi asks her what is wrong. Natalie again fakes a smile and tells Gigi nothing is wrong. She’s having a baby with John and all is well. Gigi then asks Natalie why she odes not believe what she is hearing. She asks Natalie if she is telling her everything. She tells Natalie she needs to look at her and trust her and know that she is her friend. She tells Natalie she may tell her anything. Natalie then shows Gigi the results that she can read to see that Natalie has lied to her as well as to John. And Gigi can see for herself that Brody is the father of Natalie’s baby.

When Brody asks Clint about his conversation with “Vimmel” where he hears his name, Clint and Vimal smile and assure Brody that they are friends. And that he was just bragging to Vimal about his new son in law. He asks Vimal to confirm if that is not true. Vimal nods.

At Buenos Dias, Bo tells Nora that he does have some concerns about Matthew spending so much time at B.E and the potential of his following in Clint’s footsteps. He admits that he loves his brother but knows that Clint did not achieve his success by being the nicest guy in the world. Right then, they notice Rex sitting with Charlie and Echo.

Viki goes to see Dorian and informs her that Clint was not scamming. He is not Rex’s father. Charlie is. Yet, knowing differently from eavesdropping upon Clint and Echo’s “private” conversation about it, Dorian tells Viki that she might want to question what is going on although she does not spell it out to Viki.

Natalie admits to Gigi that she has lied to John and prevented him from seeing the results. She thought, for just a moment that they could see it together. John found out she got the amnio and she was able to convince him that she just got it to make sure the baby was alright. Gigi tells her she knows how very hard this must be. Natalie tells her she does not know the half of it. Right when she found out the horrific news, she came home to see Brody and Jessica happy and ready to have a great life together. And when she was alone with Brody with the chance to tell him the truth, she saw this look of hope on his face and could not burst his bubble and ruin his happiness. She protests to Gigi that she could be ruining three people’s lives by revealing the results of this DNA test. Gigi then asks Natalie what about her (Natalie). She asks Natalie how she is going to live with this.

Roxy visits with John happily believing that he and Natalie are going to have her grandchild. She wants to celebrate. He tells her that they just want to take it all one step at a time. She tells him she won’t push for them to get married. She remembers that Natalie almost took off to leave the country and give up on John. Natalie believed that John dumped her for Marty. She knows that Natalie stopped to “say good bye” to Brody on that night in question. And were it not for that, she would not have had the time to miss her flight and have to wait until after John got her letter. Hearing that, John concludes that he has both Roxy and Brody to thank for that.

Gigi tells Natalie that maybe John could understand given that the night in question she was ready to leave town and believed that she and John were through and that Brody and Jessica were through. Natalie tells her that maybe if she’d told that to John a long time ago, it would be ok. But now that she’s been lying to him all this while, she is very afraid that she will lose John.

Vimal leaves Brody and Clint alone to talk. Brody informs his future father in law that he and Jessica got the results to prove that he is the father of her baby and not Robert Ford. Hearing that, Clint congratulates Brody, hugs him and welcome him to the family. He remarks to Brody that he sees him as a son. Brody is more of a son to him than that gold digging loser Rex Balsam could ever be.

At Buenos Dias, Rex asks Bo what he thinks of “that woman” who is his biological mother. BO remembers, years ago, telling Echo that she ruined his brother’s life. But he puts on a happy face to tell Rex that maybe for all they know, Echo has changed. And he does know one thing in that Charlie Banks is a good guy. Not far away, Mathew observes and overhears them. Matthew also recognizes “Vimmel” coming through the door and sitting alone at a table. Rex tells BO that he agrees that Charlie is “better than the alternative”. Hearing that, Bo remarks that Rex has been pretty down on Clint and asks if the two of them might have had words.

Gigi tells Natalie that she has reason to believe that good things are happening to good people. John is going to have a baby with her. Brody and Jessica are having a baby together. And she affirms to Natalie that nobody ever needs to know anything that will ruin their happiness.

Marty, yet again, is in her home, talking about how John needs to know the truth and how she can deliver a “very special Christmas gift” to John.

After Dorian warns Viki about how Echo will be doing everything she can to get her hooks into Charlie after finding out they have a son together, Viki tells her she’s not going to be distrusting Charlie and following him around like a jealous little puppy. In response to that, Dorian tells her that she is not characterizing a puppy. One would have to be a full grown pit bull in order to guard any man from Echo. Viki assures Dorian that nobody is going to be coming between herself and Charlie. But Dorian reminds Viki that she knows that Rex may not be as “nice” to his new mother as Echo would want. And whose shoulder will Echo want to cry on about “their little boy hating her”? Viki protests that Dorian is getting overly dramatic. But Dorian tells Viki she must know what Echo is going to be doing to Viki’s life.

At Buenos Dias, Echo wants to pay for the coffee for herself, Rex and Charlie. She notices Rex putting crème in his coffee and tells him they do have something in common. Charlie likes black coffee but both she and Rex like their coffee light and sweet. Rex is less than enthused. Right then, the waitress returns and tells Echo that her credit card has been declined.

At the other table, Matthew again notices Vimal sitting alone and asks his father if it’s not odd that he’s heard that there was speculation that Rex Balsam could be Clint’s son but now we hear, for the first time that he’s Charlie Banks’. He then remembers noticing that Vimal was secretly working with Clint and that he discovered that Vimal had Clint’s “pass” to enter Llanview Hospital’s genetics lab unseen and Vimal didn’t have an explanation for that.

Roxy remarks to John that everybody is happy now except for Marty. She knows that Marty has good reason to be very upset about what happened to her son. But that does not justify Echo’s going “all nutso” over Natalie. John tells her that Marty has made some threats to Natalie but she believes that things are ok now. Roxy asks him if he is really assured that Marty is now accepting that he and Natalie are together and is not ready to get revenge upon Natalie for what happened to Cole or the fact that Natalie is carrying John’s baby. She tells John that for a smart guy, he is really a dummy about women.

Marty is in her home with Christmas wrapping paper and a ribbon. She then envisions bringing a gift wrapped box to John and Natalie as their “first baby present”. They suspect nothing. But when John opens it, he sees the DNA result that Marty has put in the box to reveal that Natalie has lied to him and slept with her sister’s fiancé and he’s the father of her baby. He tells her she’s a coward and a liar and he never wants to see her or that kid again. And he slams the door in Natalie’s face and tells Marty he’s so grateful that she has cared enough about him to let him see the truth and is eternally grateful for Marty’s help.

Gigi assures Natalie that she will never reveal to a living soul what she’s just seen revealed on the DNA test. Bur right then, Brody enters the room to ask them what is going on. She replies by telling him that Natalie just told her the “Good news” about the both hers’ and Jessica’s baby.

At John’s home, Roxy tells him that he needs to be careful about Marty. He must know that Marty is used to having it all. She had a son. She had a career. She had him and was going to have a baby with him. Now she has nothing. So he must not assume that she’s going to forgive and forget. She would not put it past Marty to pull a nasty trick that will hurt many people.

Marty is going out her door with her lovely gift-wrapped “present”. She remarks that she guesses that “Christmas comes early” this year.

Dorian assures Viki that since she is able to expose Echo for whom she really is, Echo will be on the next bus out of Llanview and out of Viki’s life. But Viki tells Dorian no. She wont’ let her do that.

After finding out that Echo’s credit card is declined and she cannot pay for coffee, Rex and Charlie both offer to pay. But she is not ok with that.

Dorian again warns Viki that she must know that Echo is a gold digger and after Charlie and Viki needs to beware. But Viki urges Dorian not to try to “help” her with Echo.

Roxy goes to Buenos Dias and is startled to see Rex sitting with Echo and Charlie. She demands to know what is going on and what type of secret he’s keeping from her. He then takes her aside and reveals there is no easy way to say this. But he got a DNA test. And it proves that Echo and Charlie are his parents. Hearing that, Roxy demands to know what about Rick and Lily. She never heard until now that that was a scam and asks how it is that she has never heard anything about his DNA test. He protests to her that she is his mom. Echo is only a technicality. He intended to tell Roxy but he only found out about it himself a day ago. It’s a bit overwhelming for him to process. But Roxy runs off, upset and afraid that she will lose her son.

When Matthew is alone in Buenos Dias, he finds Vimal and tells him that he would like him to hand over Clint’s key card to Llanview hospital. He knows that something dishonest and possibly illegal is going on.

When Brody tells Natalie that he’s so happy that everybody has gotten the outcome they want from the DNA test and he’s as happy for her and John as he is for Jessica and himself, she knows she has to do something. So she puts the DNA results that name Brody as her baby’s father, in the fire and burns the paper. Right then, her phone rings. It’s John. He tells her he kind of hates to admit this. But he hasn’t even left to go on his next mission, yet he still misses her. He tells her that he’d like her to come by so he can give a proper good bye to her and “that kid of his”. At that point, she leaves without seeing if the paper is completely burned. It might still be readable.

Roxy goes to confront Echo at Buenos Dias about he scam she pulled on her, acting all palsy-walsy, getting a room at Angel Square and like she was Roxy’s friend. Now, she knows that all along, she just wanted to pump Roxy for information about Rex. She tells Echo she needs the money that Echo owes her for rent. But Echo tells Roxy she does not have it. Roxy tells her in that case, she can pack up her stuff and get out of Roxy’s hotel.

Matthew returns to BE and asks Clint how he feels about finding out that he is not Rex Balsam’s father after all. Clint tells Matthew that he knows it’s best for everybody that nobody has to share the Buchanan fortune with that gold-digger Rex Balsam. And he inquires why Matthew is asking so many questions about Rex and the DNA test.

Charlie asks Viki why she has suspicions about the fact that she’s found out that he and Echo have a son together. He assures her that she must know that he loves her and won’t let anything threaten what they have.

Matthew asks Clint if the results of a DNA test are always accurate. Clint tells his nephew they’re about 99.99% accurate. But Matthew asks if there’s any chance they could be wrong if, say something got screwed up in the lab.

Natalie goes to see John and he informs her that Roxy came by to warn him that Marty might have some dirty tricks up her sleeve. Right then, Marty appears right outside John’s door with the “present” and is ready to knock.

Rex admit to Bo and Nora that he is not ok knowing that his “mom” walked out on him and gave him up many years ago. Nora then tells him that if nothing else, the “up side” is that Charlie Banks is a good guy.

Clint tells Matthew that he (himself) is no scientist. But if Matthew is interested in finding out more about DNA, he needs to go online and do some research. Matthew then concludes that he guesses his uncle is lucky to find out that Rex Balsam is not his son. Clint then confirms to his nephew that that is one thing he needs to know about Clint. He is a “lucky guy” But Matthew seems to know that his uncle is hiding something.

Dorian calls and asks Roxy if she could speak with Echo DiSavoy. But Roxy confirms to her that Echo no longer lives at Angel Square. She’s out on her behind.

When Viki and Charlie are happily together, Echo appears at the door, crying to Charlie that she has no money, no cell phone and nowhere to live. She has nowhere to go except to him.

Right when Marty is about to knock on John’s door to deliver the “present” to him and Natalie, she gets a call from the prison to inform her that Cole has been assaulted. She rushes to get there.

John and Natalie affirm that everything will be ok without knowing what Marty is planning on doing.

The DNA results are in the fireplace that Natalie was not able to completely burn. Brody pokes inside the fireplace with a stick and notices the paper.

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