OLTL Update Monday 11/22/10

One Life to Live Update Monday 11/22/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Marty is alone in her home when she hears a knock on her door. It’s Todd with a court order to keep her away from Hope. Seeing it, she is shocked. She asks whom he bribed to do that for him. He tells her that she cannot blame him for this this time. She brought it all on herself.

At Viki's, before Jessica and Brody have opened the envelope to see the results of the paternity test, he affirms to her that he is going to commit to her. He loves her with all of his heart. And whether this baby turns out to be his or Robert Ford’s, it will not affect the life they have together.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, when Natalie gets ready to open up her envelope and believes she is alone, John comes by and surprises her. He asks her what she is doing in the lab.

Clint’s contact returns to Clint’s office after appearing to have been assaulted or threatened after “attempting” to alter Rex’s DNA tests. He pleads with Clint, assuming that Clint is sitting in his chair with his back turned. But, it appears Matthew is sitting at Clint’s desk and turns around to face the guy asking him what he is doing and who he is.

Langston tells Robert Ford that they are not going to have sex. He tells her that he thinks it’s great that she is unpredictable. But it’s not like they did not have sex before. She reminds him that all they had was sex before. She now questions if that may have been the only reason he kept her around. He tells her that he does want to have a real relationship with her. But she tells him that she has no other way of knowing whether he wants her without sex. In response to that, he tries to rationalize but then finds that he needs to know if she plans to never, ever have sex with him.

John tells Natalie that he can look at the amnio results with her. He takes it out of her hand and opens it. She does not stop him. But she’s startled when he reads and asks what “this” means.

Rex affirms to Echo in the presence of Viki, Charlie and Clint, that Echo is his mother. She tells him she knows how confusing all of this is for him after finding out for the first time that she is his mother. She asks how he feels. He reminds her that throughout his life that Roxy is his mom. Then he recently got the idea that some Native American woman named Lily who is a fictional character in a book was. Then he finds out that he has been scammed all this life by his biological mother. He asks Echo what she believes that a biological test is supposed to mean to him.

The guy whom Clint hired to alter the DNA test of Rex tells Matthew that he needs to talk to Clint alone. But Matthew needs to know what it is he wants and why he needs to keep secrets.

At the hospital labs, John tells Natalie that he cannot read the “symbols” and needs to know what they mean. She then tells him that it means that there is nothing wrong with their baby. He then concludes that it appears that they worried for nothing.

Brody tells Jessica that they have to go and find the results of the paternity test. But she tells him before they do that, they have to talk about something first.

Todd tells Marty that Starr has He tells her that she put Star and Hope in danger when she let Hannah free and Hannah could have killed them. He tells her that he does not trust her around his infant granddaughter. She then furiously tells him that he has no business judging her for putting children in danger.

Natalie then reveals to John that “something” might be secretive. He then asks her what she does not want him to see. She then tells him that Dr. Wright said that they should not read the end of the report if they don’t want to know the gender of the baby. He asks her if she does not want to know whether it ‘s a boy or a girl.

Jessica then tells Brody that they need to find out whether her baby is a boy or a girl. She tells him that they have been so stressed out about this baby, wondering whom the father is. And she now believes that it would be good to be “worried” about something that is a good thing so that no matter how it turns out, they have a happy ending.

When Natalie is with John, still hiding her secret, she tells him that she doesn’t really does not need know whether her baby is a boy or a girl. As long as it’s happy and healthy, that’s all she wants. She is then able to convince him that they can “wait” .

Jessica and Brody are similarly stalling to see the results of their test.

At Rex’s home, Viki asks Echo just what she has been doing all of those years since Rex was born. Echo then tells Rex that she would like to make it up to him. She sounds emotional and tells him that she would at least like to get to know some things about him. Rex tells her he would consider that. But he hopes that she will not get the idea that that makes her his mother. Viki then tells Rex that she doubts that even Echo is presumptuous enough to believe that sharing DNA gives her maternal right to Rex under these circumstances.

Marty tells Todd that she is not going to let him do what he wants to do. She tells him that she knows of many things that have happened since college. She faces him and tells him that he must know that she has now learned to fight back.

Brody and Jessica both look at the results. But we don’t yet hear the verdict.

Todd smugly tells Marty that he has the court order for her to read. Now he has to go. Her son committed murder. He tells her if she is defending a murderer, she is just as dangerous and toxic as her son. She then asks if Starr would really do this to her. He reminds her that it’s right there in black and white. She asks if Téa knows what he has done. He smirks at her. She then tells him that he has not yet seen how dangerous she is.

When John is with Natalie, he gets a call from Todd who tells John he thinks he might want to know what “his crazy ex girlfriend has gotten herself into”. John then informs Natalie that Todd has gotten a court order against Marty. So he has to go and find Marty and stop her from doing something that she might regret. He leaves, telling Natalie he does not remember ever being this happy. Alone, she pulls the envelope out of her purse.

Rex asks Echo if she is his mother, then who is his father? Clint remembers having his “contact” going to alter the DNA test. But he knows that he has not heard back from the guy. He then tells the others that he has to go and this will have to wait.

Robert Ford asks Langston if a relationship between two people without sex ever can survive. She tells him that people do it all the time. She then laughs and tells him that she as not thinking forever. Just for a while. He then asks her if she means days or weeks. She tells him she is thinking months. He then asks her where she would get the idea to wait for months before having sex if they are going to be seeing each other. She tells him she got the idea from Rex and Gigi. Hearing that, Robert wants to curse Rex and Gigi.

After Matthew catches Clint’s contact, he tells him he knows that he’s taken his uncle’s key card. And wonders why Clint has a secret pass to get into Llanview Hospital.

Rex tells Clint he knows about the secret Clint has regarding Echo’s necklace. The others all agree that Clint is going to have to fess up sooner or later. Rex then opens the envelope to reveal “the winner”

Jessica looks at the results and is elated to see that Brody and not Robert, is the father of her baby. She cries with joy. But she knows that something is on his mind. She tells him that she knows that he meant that this baby would be theirs’ no matter what. But now it does not matter. They both know that this is their baby. And they can say it and nothing and nobody can get in their way no matter what, she tells him. Little does she know, however, what Brody is still awaiting.

Natalie is alone in the hospital hallway looking at the results. She does not look happy.

Rex opens the envelope to see that it says that Charlie Banks is his father. Echo looks at him surprised. Clint appears to be relieved.

Clint’s contact tells Matthew that the files that he has are for Mr. Buchanan’s eyes only. Matthew tells him that he is also a Mr. Buchanan and asks why the guy can’t tell him what is going on.

Clint congratulates both Charlie and Echo and tells everybody he’s sure that they will be happy. But he has to get back to work soon. Viki tells him that she will walk him out. Alone with Clint, she asks him what happened right then. He replies that he has found out that Echo has scammed him into believing that they had a son together. Viki has difficulty believing that Clint is not hiding something. Clint concludes to her hat he is really happy that Echo is out of his life. But he’s sorry that Echo will regrettably be right smack dab in the middle of hers with Charlie. Clint then departs.

When Langston tells Robert that she would like to go for 6 months before they have sex again, he makes it clear that he could not imagine going that long. She tells him it’s not like it’s 10 years which is the amount of time that Starr has to wait for Cole.

John goes to Marty’s home to find out what is going on with her.

Natalie returns to hear Jessica and Brody happily in the living room. Jessica happily invites her sister into the room and tells her that they finally get to have a happy ending. Brody is the father of her child. She knows unequivocally. She then leaves and tells Natalie and Brody she has to go and get changed and the three of them can go out to celebrate. Alone with Natalie, Brody asks her if she got the results. She replies yes and does not look happy. He then asks her what the results are.

After John finds Marty, she asks if Todd did not call him. Is he there to arrest her? John tells her that he is merely there to uphold a court order. He then tells Marty that she must see what Todd is doing to her. He wants to provoke her into doing something crazy. She can’t let Todd get to her. But she asks him what she’s going to do with Todd preventing her from seeing her granddaughter.

Natalie affirms to Brody that her baby is John’s.

Marty tells John that Todd cannot do this to her. He cannot keep her from her granddaughter. He tells her that even if it’s a small consolation, he can be her friend no matter what and be there for her.

At Rex’s home, Charlie affirms that it’s a gift that Rex is his son.

Clint returns to his office and asks Matthew to leave him alone to talk to his contact. When Matthew is gone, Clint angrily asks the guy where he was and tells him that he has been calling. The guy pleads and tells him that he mistakenly took a sleeping pill and slept through his phone call. Clint grabs him by the collar, knowing that “somebody” altered the DNA test to make it appear that Charlie is Rex’s father) and he demands to know what happened at the paternity lab.

Jessica calls Robert Ford to inform him that he is “off the hook”. She finally took the paternity test and proved that Brody is the father of her baby. He congratulates her and hangs up. But he looks incomplete while with Langston. She asks if that is not great news for him and why he is not happy.

Brody asks Natalie what the results are. Knowing of no other answer to tell him, she lies and tells him John is. He then tells her that it’s great that everybody got the result that the needed. Right then Jessica returns.

Clint asks his contact what went wrong. The guy tells Clint that he did what he was supposed to do. But “somebody saw him”.

Todd leaves John alone with Marty in her home.. She asks John if Natalie has gotten the results of her amnio back. He tells her yes. The baby is good. Everything is good. But, he admits, it appears that there is “something questionable” about Natalie’s paternity test.

The guy whom Clint hired to alter Rex’s DNA test informs Clint that when he was in the process of doing his “work”, “somebody” came in. It was a doctor. He was in the room when Marty entered to observe that he was trying to alter DNA results. Clint asks what happened when “the doctor” came into the lab. The guy replies that she just told him she needed to get on the computer. He asks if she knew that he was not supposed to be there. The guy tells him that he did do what he was supposed to do so that Rex Balsam’s DNA test would state the Charlie Banks was his father.

Charlie tells Rex that he wants to establish a bond. But Viki tells her husband that’s a nice thought but may be too soon for Rex. Rex tells him that Viki is right.. But now, he can finally get used to the fact that he does have parents. Charlie asks Rex to give his “old man” a hug. Rex hugs him.

Clint tells the guy that whatever he did worked if it confirmed that Rex Balsam is Charlie Bank’s son. But what about “his daughter’s” test? The guy then attempts to explain what was involved in “Clint’s daughter’s” test. But he does not mention which daughter.

Robert then tells Langston that all of this about the possibility that he could be the father of Jessica’s baby got him thinking that maybe some time he could be a father. She asks him if he really thinks he could be a dad. He tells her that maybe he could some day grow up and raise a child. He looks at her and tells her if he can have the discipline to go without sex for 6 months, he knows that he can some day be able to master fatherhood. He smiles at her and tells her that he can agree to the terms of going for 6 months without having sex.

Clint’s contact “assures” Clint that “his daughter’s DNA test did have problems" (although we do not hear him reveal which daughter). He tells him that it did appear that “the other man” was the father of her baby” (Although he does not reveal which “other man”). But he fixed it to appear that the correct father was, in fact Brody Lovett.

Jessica is happily with Brody. But Natalie is alone hiding her results and not looking happy. And we see that Brody Lovett is named as the father of Natalie’s baby. Is he though? And is he really the father of Jessica’s baby?

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