OLTL Update Friday 11/19/10

One Life to Live Update Friday 11/19/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Rex and Gigi are kissing and ready to undress. He tells her he loves her and only her. They agree that it’s been so long and they do not want to waste any more time. But she asks him if he’s sure he’s ready. He asks her if she’s ready. She tells him that she’s been ready for a long time. But she’s assumed that he has not been. He tells her he’s been ready for a long time. She then tells them they must stop talking and they continue to kiss and undress.

Langston and Robert enter Capricorn together. Blair observes them at the door and stares coldly at Robert. But Langston asks if they can have a table. Blair reluctantly finds them a table. Robert then tells Langston that maybe they could go somewhere else. But she tells him it’s alright. Blair will have to get used to them being together. And she has to call Starr. She dials but Starr does not pick up.

Todd goes to see Starr and asks her if she can sign some papers for Hope’s trust fund. She tells her father she will sign it later and does not want to talk. He asks her if she’s in a bad mood and where is everybody else. She shouldn’t be alone, he tells her. She tells him that maybe he should have told Cole that before he shot Eli and got sent to prison. Todd tells his daughter he’s sorry. But she tells her dad she knows that he is not sorry and is loving this.

In Viki's living room, Brody assures Natalie that he has gone and talked to Marty and convinced her not to carry out her threat. But Natalie knows better.

Marty asks John to come to her home. She appears coy and offers him some coffee. He still does not know what she wants to talk about. Marty tells him that she knows that he might appreciate her reason for calling him over. But, she tells John, she’s pretty certain that Natalie will not like it. He then asks her what she is talking about and how this involves Natalie.

Echo goes to talk to Charlie and tells him she needs to talk to him alone. He protests that she can’t keep coming there. But she tells him there is a very important conversation they need to have alone.

Viki then goes to see Clint at his office and asks him what he is up to. He replies nothing very interesting and asks her to have a seat. But she tells him no. She thinks she will stand. She then informs Clint that she had quite a conversation with Dorian about his secret with Echo involving Rex and the necklace and all of the very coincidental circumstances regarding this. SO, she tells Clint, she’d like to hear it from him. And, she tells him, she hopes its “good”.

Brody assures Natalie that she needs to know that there’s nothing to worry about regarding Marty.. Yes, he admits to her, Marty knows that they slept together and Natalie’s baby could be his and she threatened to tell John. But he told her what he had on her. Natalie asks what he would have on Marty. He tells her that he got a surveillance camera that saw Marty stealing the files. She could lose her license to practice medicine and go to prison. He put the fear of God into her. But Natalie knows that Marty no longer cares about consequences. She lost her son and is hell bent on revenge.

Marty then tells John that she is trying to find a way to move on. And she hopes he will forgive her. But he has to say some things.. Yet, we do not hear of she has told him “the secret”. He then tells her that he wants to be there for her and offer her and Cole support during this time.

While Viki is out, Echo tells Charlie she does not want to cause “problems’ for him. He then tells her if they find out that Rex is their son, there won’t be any problems. He tells her that he failed to be a good father to Jared. And by the time they reconciled and reunited, he lost Jared. He’s gotten to know Rex and thinks very highly of him and would be honored to know that a fine young man like Rex is his son. She then tells him that regarding that, there is something she has to tell him.

Viki informs Clit that Dorian found the other half of the necklace chain that Echo has and that she left with Rex when he was a baby. And she found it in Clint’s desk drawer. He then shows Viki the necklace and asks her if she is referring to this one. Viki then concludes that this can only mean that it’s true that Rex is Clint’s son.

Rex and Gigi light candles and get ready to make love.

We then hear Blair singing a love song in her club. We see Robert and Langston together at a table hesitating to move forward.

Rex and Gigi are together in the bedroom.

Viki asks Clint why he has the necklace. He tells her that when Echo came back into town, he got some investigators to find out what she was up to. And he found the necklace that Rex found when he went out to New Mexico. She then asks if he never suspected what Echo was doing or that she was hiding that she was Rex’s mother. She asks if he did not give the necklace to Echo. He asks Viki why he would. Being with Echo is the worst mistake he’s ever made in his life, he tells Viki. And he’s certain that very soon, Charlie will be saying the same thing.

Echo tells Charlie that she thinks about him a lot and believes that their relationship was more than a fling. She’d just lost Clint. She believes he’s’ a good man and will always be. She sometimes thinks what if she’d stayed in Atlantic City. What if she’d had Rex and kept him. Maybe she and Charlie would have stayed together. They might have made a life together and it might have even been good. She asks Charlie if he ever thinks about that.,

Viki tells Clint that this still does not add up. Is he certain that the scam in involving Rex’s birth was all Echo’s doing.? He asks her if she believes that he helped Echo with the scam. OR did Dorian get into Viki’s head and have her believing that he is a villain.? He then tells Viki she may keep the necklace by all means. He never wants to see the damn thing gain. He then shows Viki to the door. He invited a “contact” inside. The guy asks Clint if everything is alright with the security and the key card. Clint tells him no. In fact, Clint tells him, he has a job for the guy to do.

Rex tells Gigi that they have had the most amazing experience ever. They ask why they’ve waited so long. They are the stupidest people to have waited this long. They want to drink water and eat afterwards. But she tells him that maybe they can have a romantic pig-out at Capricorn. He asks if that is not where Cristina works. But she tells him they have the best nachos in town and it’s the perfect place to go.

Meanwhile, at Capricorn, when Langston leaves the table, Blair goes over and talks to Robert with a scheme in mind.

Starr tells Todd that she knows that he is happy that Cole is away from her. Since day one, he wanted to break them up. He then admits that she’s correct that he did not want her to stay with Marty’s son.

Brody assures Natalie that she got through to Marty to not carry out her threat. Cole is in prison for a long time. And if Marty gets reported for breaking into hospital records, she’ll be in prison until after Cole is out. She does not want that to happen to her son. But Natalie is very worried about the whole thing and tells him that she resents Marty getting into their business and causing them all of this stress. Because it’s very possible that they will get the results and find out that this baby is John’s and not his. Jessica opens the door to see her sister and her fiancé together. They are both shocked and stunned to be seen by her.

Blair goes and sits with Robert and sounds like she is propositioning him and telling him that Langston will never know what they have done. Rex and Gigi are at a table not far away at Capricorn. Langston is nearby and wonders where Robert went. He’s gone and so is Blair. Rex and Gigi are heard talking about their past present and future and their sex life and how waiting for sex has made things better. He tells her that he’s glad she’s telling him she is not going anywhere. He will need her the following day when he gets the DNA results.

AT Clint’s office, he reveals that the guy he’s called has made a perfect duplicate of the necklace that he just told Viki he no longer needs. He knows that this guy is the man for the job. If he fails to pull off what Clint wants, he will be in trouble. But if he succeeds, Clint can give him a bright future with B.E. The guy then asks him what he is talking about. Clint reveals that there are DNA test results that can be altered with a brilliant person like this guy and he hopes he can count on this guy to do what he needs.

Jessica tells Brody and Natalie that she assumes they are talking about her and the fact that she might be pregnant with another man’s baby. She still has no clue about Brody and Natalie’s secret. When she sees their suspicions, she assures them both that they “need not worry”.

The guy asks Clint if he wants him to alter a DNA test. Clint tells him it’s very simple. All he has to do is get himself into a hospital lab undetected. And then he has to prove that only one man could be the biological father of Rex Balsam. And that would be Charlie Banks.

Outside Viki's’ home, Echo asks Charlie if he has ever thought of the two of them being a couple. Viki returns and pulls the necklace that Clint gave her out of her purse to give to Echo to take with her and get out of Viki’s home and away from Charlie, Clint and herself. Echo then leaves, suspecting nothing.

Todd tells Starr he is not happy to see her and Hope in pain. But he knew that it was going to end this way. He does not believe that Cole is a bad person. But he’s kind of messed up. Not unlike his mom. Marty is damaged and has passed it on to her son. Starr protests that her father does not know Cole and if Marty is damaged it’s because of what Todd did to her. Todd then tells his daughter that he had made up for what he did to Marty many year sago with the family he now has.

Again, alone in Marty’s home, she affirms that Natalie has to pay for what he did to Cole, John has to know what she is doing. But, she concludes, she has to know who’s baby Natalie is carrying before going forward.

Blair and Robert return to the table. Langston joins them and asks what she missed. Blair tells her she was just giving Ford a hard time. He asks her if she still wants to order here. She tells him he was right. They should go somewhere else. He leaves her alone with Blair. Langston tells Blair that she is embarrassing herself going after Ford. But Blair tells her that she will be the one who will be embarrassed. Robert cannot be faithful to anybody. She needs to see that before it’s too late.

Gigi and Rex sit together and she tells him that they have to get back to what they were doing. And they leave.

Viki informs Charlie and Echo that Clint informed her that he hired a private investigator to find out about Echo’s past when he found out she was back in town. And he told Viki she may keep the necklace because he has no use for it. Viki then smugly gives it back to Echo and tells her that she may have it. She tells Echo she does not want to take anything that is not hers. Ands she is certain that all will be good when they find out the results of the DNA test.

Clint then tells his contact that he knows how to motivate him to falsify the results of the DNA test. They guy agrees that he could do it if it’s just one test. Clint then tells him actually there is one more thing he needs him to do while he’s in the lab.

Starr asks her dad if he does not believe that things are bad enough with Cole in prison. Now he wants to make trouble with Marty. She tells her dad that whether or not he likes Marty, she is Hope’s grandmother. But he finds a way to get Starr to sign a paper.

Langston and Robert return home. She tells him that everything is ok and she’s not worried about Blair seeing them together. She kisses him good bye but does not invite him inside, however. He agrees to see her tomorrow. She goes inside.

Jessica joins Brody and he tells her he can’t wait until this day is over. Once they get the DNA results, all of this will be behind them. But she can see that he’s uneasy having her seeing him talking alone to Natalie. She tells him it’s ok for he and Natalie to be friends. Yet, little does she know.

Natalie meets John and he tells her hat he ran into Marty who is still upset about what happened to Cole and angry with Natalie. But she did apologize to John for what she “did to Natalie”. John appears calm and not freaked out about anything. SO it appears Marty has not revealed the secret to him.

Gigi and Rex go at it.

Viki tells Charlie that she asked Clint every single thing and he had an answer for it all just like Echo does. She believes that they are both lying. And she asks him what Echo wanted and why she was at their home earlier today. He replies that she just wanted to know if he’d talked to Rex.

Echo then calls Clint and tells him that she could very easily spill the beans to everyone that Rex is his son. He tells her she knows she better not. But she tells him it really doesn’t matter because the results of the DNA test will prove the truth. He then tells her that they will see.

After the hospital is dark and nobody is nearby, the guy whom Clint hired to break into the hospital lab unlocks the door and enters unseen.. He breaks into the computer to see Rex’s name along with Natalie’s and others’ But we see a light shining upon him, and he appears shocked.

The following morning, Clint leaves a message for the guy but does not hear back from him.

Natalie enters the same lab and sees the guy. She tells him she’s there to pick up the results from her DNA test.

Jessica finds Brody and tells him that they have the results of the DNA test. She holds the envelope that she has not yet opened in her hands.

Robert Ford goes to see Langston and tells her that he wanted to see her again. But she is surprised that he is not disappointed that she did not invite him in to have sex. He tells her that he wants to take his time and is not all about sex. In response to that, she tells him it’s good that he’s said that. Because, she tells him, they are not going to be having any.

Blair comes home to Starr who tells her mom that it appears that Todd is on the warpath.

Todd goes to Marty’s home with the signed paper (which Starr did not have a chance to read before signing). And Todd tells Marty that he is giving her the court order to keep her away from Hope.

Viki, Charlie and Echo are all at Rex’s home awaiting the DNA test results that is in a sealed envelope. Clint appears. We then see Jessica and Brody getting ready to see the DNA results. Natalie gets the results form the lab. Rex tells the others they may get started. But the results are not yet revealed.

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