OLTL Update Thursday 11/18/10

One Life to Live Update Thursday 11/18/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Blair is in her club and hears somebody enter. She tells them she is not open yet. But it’s John who wants to talk to her. She tells him she will make an exception. He asks her how things are. She admits that Starr has not slept since Cole went away. Hope cries at the drop of a hat and they both miss him. He assures Blair that he believes that Cole has some people looking out for him. She thanks him and tells him she will let Starr know about that. He asks how she is holding up. She admits that she tries to focus on work and not about all the things that have happened recently. She notices that he has what appears to be a laptop computer and ask what that is. He tells her it’s something from Elijah Clark.

Gigi and Cristian are together in Paris after dealing with the problems in their respective relationships.

While Kelly has arrived in London, she calls Rex and asks him how it went the previous night. He informs her that the DNA test was done. He asks what about her. She tells him that she took his advice and decided that she will take control. He tells her he’s happy to hear that.

Dorian goes to see Viki and tells her that she has come in peace. As a friend. She informs Viki that Clint is keeping something from her, and it’s something very important.

At Clint’s office, Matthew asks his uncle what is so important about the necklace that Dorian attempted to steal. Clint tells his nephew that it is something very important regarding their family fortune.

Brody and Natalie discuss what they are going to do if Marty informs Jessica that Natalie slept with Brody and that Brody could be the father of her child.

Marty gets on the phone to identify herself as Natalie Banks and asks for the results of her paternity test. We do not hear the answer she gets. But she tells the person she speaks with that that is great and she will be sure to tell the baby’s father.

Rex answers his door and sees Gigi back unexpectedly. He asks her how the flight went. She asks if he got her message. She does not appear to be happy to see him but asks if he found out why Echo had the other half of his mom’s necklace. He tells her he sure did and according to Echo, she is his mother. And Charlie Banks is his father.

Viki asks Dorian just what it is that Clint is keeping from her. Dorian replies that she was at the party where Echo revealed that she is Rex’s mother and Charlie is his father. Viki replies yes and asks what Dorian is there to reveal to her regarding Clint. Dorian asks if Viki does not agree that it’s a bit odd that Echo left the necklace with baby Rex when she abandoned him at the hospital. And she tells Viki that both she and Rex will be very interested to find out that Clint has the other half of the necklace.

Matthew observes the necklace and asks Clint what is so special and so secretive about it. It does not appear to be real gold or worth much monetary value. But Clint tells Matthew that it’s something else. He then asks Matthew if he can depend on him to answer if anybody asks him that he never saw this necklace. Matthew replies yes and asks his uncle of he can depend on him. Clint then admits to his nephew that the necklace is a gift for Inez Salinger.

Kelly goes to London and greet Neville asking him where to find the man she wants to find. But she is surprised to enter the room and see Kevin when she expected his brother, Joey.

Natalie tells Brody that she has to go and try to talk some sense into Marty. But he tells her hat she cannot do that. They have to wait this out. Marty is not going to listen to her. She is out for blood. But Natalie tells him they cannot let Marty ruin their lives. He tells her he has a better idea for how to deal with Marty.

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At Blair’s club, John tells her that he found some letters that reveal how Elijah blackmailed Dr. Greg Evans. He also has some evidence about his marriage to her. He assures Blair that this whole thing is over. Cristian appears. She is surprised to see him coming back to help manage her club after just getting back from Paris. John tells Blair he can see that she is busy. She tells him never too busy for him. He tells her if she needs anything to call him. He leaves. Cristian then asks Blair what she has in her hands. She explains that John found it in Eli’s safe deposit box and it appears to be hers. Cristian then asks her if she is going to open it.

In London, Kevin informs Kelly that Joey took off. He’s not really certain where he is. It’s just himself and Neville. He has not checked his messages and does not yet know who called. At that point, she tells him she does not want him to do that.

Blair tells Cristian she swears that man, Eli, has no conscience whatsoever He remarks that he can see what it’s done to him. But she does not want to talk about that and asks him about himself and Layla and their romantic visit in Paris. She smiles and assumes he has happy news regarding that. But he tells her that it did not work out. Layla did not have any time for him after he came all that way. He ended up getting drunk and kissing Gigi Morasco. He walks away. But Blair follows him demanding to hear more about that.

At Rex’s home,, Gigi tells him that she should have been there for him when he had the experience with the DNA and Echo. He tells her he knows that she should not have had to miss Paris. She then admits that she should not have gotten drunk and kissed Cristian Vega.

Matthew tells Clint that he does not understand why he would date Nate Salinger’s mom. He thought that Clint understood that Nate and his family crossed him and did not condone Bo wanting to help Nate’s mom and older brothers. Clint does not explain to Matthew what is going on with him and just tells him that what he does is for the best interest of this family.

Dorian asks Viki if she cannot believe that anybody she cares for could ever have less than noble motives. She asks why Clint would have the necklace and why she should suspect him. Dorian replies that Clint did not want the baby and is lying about something. There is a cover-up.

John goes to see Natalie and she drops some files on the floor. He helps her pick them up although she does not want him to. At that point he notices what is on the floor and he asks her why she has Brody’s medical files in her living room.

At that same time, Brody goes to see Marty and tells her he knows what she is up to. He knows that she wants to get Natalie in trouble and seek revenge upon her for what happened to Cole. He warns her that she needs to stay out of Natalie’s business. She looks at him baffled and tells him she does not know what he is talking about.

Cristian asks Blair what the big deal is regarding his kissing Gigi. He admits that he offered to take Gigi back to his room and have sex with her but she declined. Blair tells him she thinks that Gigi is a fool. She then reminds him that she remembers their: “I’m mad as hell and going to make my lover pay”. She talks about the two of them having feelings for each other. They have talked about it. So, she asks him, if he is developing feelings for Gigi and what they might be.

Gigi tells Rex he need not worry about the one-time kiss with Cristian. She asks him what about himself and Adriana. He tells her that Adriana demanded to know about his and Gigi’s sex life or lack of it. He protests that he realized that it was private. She asks why then, he told Adriana their business. She also knows that he told Dorian about their non-existent sex life. Dorian answered his phone when she called him.. And she knows that he had a ‘date” with Kelly. He explains that since she was gone and both he and Kelly were invited to Todd’s party and had no dates, they decided to go together. But it was no date. And he tells her that he would never tell that to Dorian. She must have only intended o sir things up as Dorian does. She then asks about “the kiss”. Assuming that she already knows about the kiss he had with Kelly, he asks her how she knew about that. Finding out for the first time that he kissed Kelly, she asks him what about that.

Kelly tells Kevin that she made a mistake regarding calling Joey. But he knows that if she left seven messages, she must have had something important to say. She protests that she was drunk and not thinking and what was said is none of his business. But he tells her that regarding history and his concern for his little brother, he needs to know. He asks her if it was phone sex. She then warns him if he hits play, she will put that photo of him with the black sock and sandals on the internet. He then tells her he agrees not to play the messages she left for Joey. But he does play it where she gives Joey all of her very lengthy and revealing messages.

Natalie informs John that Marty brought the files on Brody over as a courtesy. The board is going to be going through all of her files when they investigate her regarding Hannah O’Connor. But he asks Natalie why she just happens to have Brody’s files.

Brody tells Marty that she is bound by privacy and confidentiality. She tells him that she knows that he and Jessica had issues involving the possibility of Jessica being pregnant with somebody else’s’ baby. He tells her that he and Jessica have resolved that issue. But he knows that she is playing games and not admitting what she is doing regarding something else that they both know of. She then tells him that she knows that he slept with Natalie, his fiancé’s sister, John’s fiancé. She asks him if he’d like her to call John and let him know the secret that he and Natalie have kept from John.

Natalie evades Jon’s question about how it is that she could have Brody’s personal records. He does not know why she would do that and she must realize it’s unethical. He tells her that he does not want to stir anything up with Brody with what he and Jessica are going trough. Brody is going through a hard time and lets just hope that he is “the father”. John still knows nothing about Brody and Natalie’s secret.

Brody tells Marty that he has evidence that she’s gone into the private hospital records and made copies of Natalie’s files. She could get fired, lose her license to practice medicine and her life will be over. She tells him that her life is already over. He tells her that he and Natalie are friends and not lovers. He is going to have a baby with Jessica and she with John. He reminds her that Cole might be out of prison sooner than she realizes. But she will be put a way for a long time for stealing medical records. He asks her if she wants Cole to come home and have his mother locked up in prison.

Viki shows Dorian the book from which Echo used the story of Lily and Rick in order to scam Rex into believing that they are his biological parents. Dorian tells Viki she knows all about this book. And she tells her it’s not just Echo who scammed Rex. Clint is involved in it also. Viki asks her how she would know that.

Matthew asks Clint how his dating Inez and helping her sons would have to do with their (the Buchanans) family’s security. Clint replies that he says keep one’s friends close. Keep one’s enemies closer.

Gigi ask Rex how it was for himself and Kelly. He tells her that it did motivate her to realize that she needs to go after the guy she really wants.

After Kevin hears the message that Kelly left for Joey, he asks her how long she’s been carrying this torch for Joey. She tells him she’s sorry. He tells her he does not judge. He’s been “dating” a lot also. She then tells him she does not know why things are happening the way they are. He then replies to her that they will always be friends. But things never work out for them as a couple. She then asks him what about Joey. Is he happy? Is he doing ok? Is he dating? Kevin replies he doesn’t really know. She then concludes that she will be on her way back to Llanview. But he tells her if she wants, she could wait for Joey. He will be back soon.

Cristian tells Blair that he likes Gigi. She’s a great girl. But she’s in love with Rex. And he’s in love with Layla. Blair tells him that he made the right choice to realize that Layla is too busy and focused on her career to have time for him. And maybe he needs to focus on his own career. He asks her what is wrong with wanting to fight for the woman he loves. She tells him there is nothing wrong. It’s just not the right time. She concludes to him that she is ready for a convent with all of the wrong men she’s gotten mixed up. He laughs and tells her that she is not the convent type. But he concludes that maybe they need to take it out on their respective lovers the way they used to do.

Kelly admits to Kevin that now that Téa is back, Todd can take over the Sun so she doesn’t need to get back to work that soon. She’d like to see their son. She wouldn’t mind playing cricket. But she needs to book a hotel room. He then tells her that he wants Neville to prepare a room for her.

Viki asks Dorian what is so interesting about the necklace and Rex to her. Dorian admits that she does not like Echo any more than Viki does and would like to help her get to the bottom of what is going on. But Viki does not really buy that Dorian wants to be her friend and holds the door open for Dorian. Dorian leaves.

Clint tells Matthew he thinks it’s time for him to go from intern to salaried employee. Matthew then asks his uncle if he’s trying to buy him off. Clint replies he just likes to reward loyalty. Clint then asks Matthew if he can go and handle some confidential matters for him. Matthew goes off. Clint is then alone in his office with the mysterious necklace in his desk drawer.

Rex tells Gigi she needs to know that he does not want Kelly. She asks if he is sure. He asks her if she wants Cristian. She tells him no. She wants him. She kisses Rex and tells him he’s a better kisser than Cristian.

Natalie tells John she promises not to go through Brody’s personal files. He asks her if she was there when Marty dropped it off and how it went when they saw each other. Natalie smiles and tells him everything is ok.

Brody tells Marty he is sorry for what happened to Cole and realizes she has good reason to be angry and upset. But this is not the way to deal with how she is feeling. Lashing out to hurt other people is not the way to avoid dealing with the fact that her son made a mistake. He tells her that he cannot believe that she would sink so low as to divulge something that he confided in her in a therapy session and that she’s break into Natalie’s private medical records. She asks if they are done now and holds her door open so he can leave. He then warns her that he will not let her hurt Jessica. He reminds her that he is a former Navy SEAL and can make things happen. And she is going to leave him and Natalie and John alone. He asks her if that is understood? When she’s alone in her home, we see the picture of Cole on her desk.

In London, Kelly calls and arranges to have dinner with Kevin and their son, Zane. When Neville is alone, it appears he gets a call from Joey who is going to surprise them for dinner.

At Blair’s club, Cristian asks her what she wants him to do with her box from Eli. She tells him he may just toss it. Cristian asks her if she is sure. She tells him yes.

Viki goes to see Clint in his office and asks him what he is up to.

Gigi and Rex kiss. He tells her he loves her and only her. She tells him she loves him too. She tells him it’s been so long and why waste any more time fighting. He tells her they need not waste any more time. And he kisses her

Brody returns to Natalie and informs her that Marty does in fact know about her secret. She is very worried. Brody assures her he handled Marty and she won’t do what she has threatened to do. But Natalie protests that he must know that Marty hates her guts.

Marty invites John to her home. He comes by and asks what she wanted to talk to him about.

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