OLTL Update Wednesday 11/17/10

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 11/17/10


Written by Lisa G.
Pictures by Juanita

At the Palace, Téa and Todd are in bed, oblivious to the time or Llanview events. There is a knock at the door and Todd shouts to get the hell out. It’s Shawn, bearing a gift, and news about Greg. He’s pled guilty to all charges and will be sentenced later on today. Téa wants to go to court, but Todd tells her no. Téa wants to make sure Greg gets everything he deserves. Shawn agrees and tells her he will always be there for her, always a free body guard. He apologizes for interrupting their honeymoon and leaves. Todd picks up the phone to order room service and Téa opens a bottle of aspirin. As she holds them, her hand starts shaking and she is visibly upset. Todd rushes over and asks her what is wrong. She says she is fine, she just dropped the bottle. She says I don’t think its physical, but when she shook out the aspirin she remembered all the pills that Greg gave her to poison her. Todd leaves to go to the courthouse and Destiny shows up. She tells Téa she needs a lawyer because she wants to divorce her parents.

At the courthouse, Greg and his parents are talking. Greg wants to know if Destiny is okay. His mother tells them she is staying with Shawn. Destiny then walks in to the courtroom. She is there to make sure Greg gets everything he deserves. Her “mother” tries to talk sense to her and reminds her of how much they love her and raised her as their precious baby girl. Destiny is not listening to “you people”. Greg tells her to stop treating her parents like that. They all love her. Her parents try and remind her how much they love her and they always thought of her as their daughter. She tries to tenderly touch her and she pulls away. Destiny then starts asking questions about her mother and wants to know what happened. Shawn walks in and tells them to tell her, she deserves to know. Greg comes clean and tells her that he was responsible for her real mother’s death. He tells her about the fight and that she had fallen. Destiny asks if the fight was about them and he says yes and he explains it was an accident. She wants to know if the police believed him. Greg goes on and tells her that he never called the police and dumped the body. She runs out crying she hates them all! Her parents run after her and she tells them she wants to see a grave or something. How could they have just ignored the fact that her mother disappeared. Her ‘mother’ says I’m right here. Destiny runs out. The judge hears Nora’s case for Greg’s sentence. She defends Greg as being a good doctor who has saved countless lives. The judge agrees to the plea bargain and sentences Greg to six years. Todd walks in and can’t believe what he just heard and asks Nora how she can sleep at night.

At the police station, Nora and Inez are arguing over a plant. They drop it and it breaks. Bo walks out and wants to know why they look like they ate the canary. Nora starts sneezing. Bo wants to know why they are fighting and Nora begs off, claiming she has to be in court. Inez cleans up the mess as she and Bo talk about her ex. She tells him she will handle her sons and their problems from now on. Bo tries to find out what is going on between her and Nora. He pries out of her that Nora told her she is overstepping her bounds and that Nora thinks she has a crush on Bo. Bo says, oh ya, your ex thinks I have a crush on you. Just then a gift from Clint arrives, a necklace, but she tells Bo she can’t accept it.

At the hospital, Rex, Vicky, Charlie, Clint and Echo gather for the DNA test. Rex then says that he is not ready. Vicky wants to know why, after all, this is what he has always wanted. He tells them he now thinks this is a secret which should stay buried. Charlie tries to talk him out of this decision. He tells him he needs to find his parents. Echo says she wants her son back. Rex retorts oh ya, then why have you always done everything possible to make sure I wouldn’t find you. Charlie tries to defend what Echo did and he wants to know if he is his father. Vicky tells him that it is better to know the truth, no matter what the truth may be. The lab tech is getting frustrated with them, so Clint pulls him aside offering to talk some sense in to them. When they go around the corner, Clint rips him apart, telling him what a piece of garbage he is and he does not want to be his father. He goes on to tell him that he will never ever be a part of the Buchanan family. Rex tells him he does not want to be a Buchanan and would rather the Prince of Darkness for a father than him. They talk about their secret and Clint says he is just trying to protect his family. Rex says ya right. Around the corner, Charlie tells Vicky to lay off Echo and give her a break. Back to Clint and Rex, Clint tells him he better not have the test, but tell everyone he did he best to convince him otherwise. Rex walks back to the group and tells the tech he is ready to have the test thanks to Clint. They all get swabbed and Echo tells Clint to get ready for the truth.

At BE Dorian is breaking in to Clint’s office. As she opens the drawer, an alarm goes off and when she realizes she is now locked in, she says, “Damn you Clint!” Matthew comes running in and tells Dorian she is an intruder. She makes up some big lie about losing an earring. Matthew explains how the system works and she used a key. As she tries to leave, he tells her, “not so fast”. Dorian tries to bribe him to keep their secret. She asks if he is going to grow up and be a cop like his dad, no, he will run BE like his Uncle Clint. He takes the bribe and reminds her to turn over the key. Clint comes back to his office and Matthew tells him what happened.

At the police station Natalie tells Brody that Marty knows something is up and she just left Marty alone with Jess. Brody asks her why she would do that. They continue to talk about Marty and Nat says she was being her typical self. Dropping hints, but not coming out with anything. Like what, like, isn’t it amazing what you can find out from amino tests these days? Brody looks slightly panicked and leaves. Vivian walks in to the PD and tells her that her results are not in yet, but should be soon. She tells Vivian that her orders for the amino ended up on Marty’s desk because they are so short handed. Vivian tells her that was no accident, Marty was in her office and lied about why she was in there. Vivian tells her she must of stolen them and she promises that it will never happen again. Too little too late is what Nat looks like she is thinking.

At Llanfair, Marty tells Jess she is there to talk to her about Brody and there is something she needs to know. Jess wants to know if there is something wrong and Marty says no. She is being investigated by the medical board and didn’t want Brody’s files getting in the wrong hands. She hands the file over to Jess. As she does she recalls some of things that Brody told her during their sessions. Brody walks in as Jess is holding the file and wants to know what Marty is doing there. Brody takes the file from her hand and wants to know why his name is on the file. Marty tells Brody that it’s his patient file from their sessions. Brody says this is my confidential file and what is in it is none of anybody’s business. Jess says she appreciates that Marty is trying to protect them by turning his file over to them, but they don’t have any more secrets. Marty then drops her next bomb about Natalie also getting an amino test. Jess is clearly surprised and Marty is very pleased with herself. She tells Jess that Nat was keeping it a secret even from John until recently. Brody covers for why she might have had one…Marty mumbles TWINS. Jess thinks she means Nat is having twins. No, just look at how they are twins doing the same test at the same time. Marty leaves just as Nat shows up. Nat tells her she knows what she did and she crossed the line. Now she will make sure she pays. Natalie goes in to the house. Marty calls the lab and claims to be Natalie and wants to know if her results are in. In the house, Nat and Brody realize that Marty is on to them and wonder what she will do next.

Vicky leaves the hospital and heads back to Llanfair. Dorian leaves BE and also heads over there. They meet outside the door and Vicky tells her that she is in no mood for Dorian. Dorian insists that they need to talk about Clint.

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