OLTL Update Tuesday 11/16/10

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 11/16/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Rex goes to see Kelly after she’s spent the evening on the roof. She does not want to talk to him about her personal things. So she asks him if he talked to Echo about the big secret. In response to that, Rex asks if she is referring to Echo DiSavoy, his biological mother, hearing that, Kelly appears to choke on her coffee.

At the hospital, while Echo awaits the DNA test, she calls Clint and tells him that the truth will be revealed. He appears coy and tells her it’s not his problem. She protests that she feels bad enough with what she is doing to Charlie. Charlie appears in the hospital hallway and asks what this has to do with him. Right when Clint gets off his phone, Dorian enters his office and tells him she thinks she knows his secret regarding Rex Balsam.

Right the, Bo goes to see Eddie Ford (father of Robert, James and Nate). He tells him that he is a police commissioner and it’s correct to assume that he is not there with a welcome wagon.

Back at the station, Nora notices that Inez has given Bo a plant to put in his office. She’s made him cookies and given him a plant and tells Nora it’s “just a gesture”. But Nora clearly has some issues regarding that.

Both Natalie and Jessica are calling for the results of their paternity tests at the hospital.

Marty is alone and observes the amniocentesis that Natalie had, that she’s stolen from the hospital office and kept in her possession. And right then, she sees Brody’s name in the files. At that point, she puts two and two together. She then remembers taking notes once when Brody came to talk to her and tell her some confidential information about weather to “be honest” with Jessica and the reason why he cannot reveal the truth is that too many people could get hurt. She seems to conclude that she knows what he meant by that.

Meanwhile, at the station, John and Brody are talking about John knowing that it’s possible that Robert Ford could be the father of Jessica’s baby. He tells Brody he’s sorry. Brody did not deserve that. And he realize that he would not be able to accept that. Brody looks at him stunned realizing that he might not want to reveal his and Natalie’s secret to John.

Viki returns home to her two daughters while they are awaiting their paternity tests. She informs them that there is something she needs to tell them. It will have a significant impact on their lives, regardless of the paternity results.

Rex informs Kelly that he found out that that nightmare, Echo DiSavoy is probably his biological mother. The thought of that is not ok with him. She asks if she might know who his biological father is. He replies that she narrowed it down to “two lucky candidates”. Charlie Banks and Clint Buchanan. And they may find out, very soon just which of those two men are his father.

At the hospital, Charlie tells Echo that he questions whether she is really telling the truth that Rex is his child and not Clint’s.

Clint tells Dorian that Echo wanted to bleed him dry so she brought baby Rex to Llanview to see if she could scam him into believing he was Rex’ father so she could take his money. But Dorian seems to know that Clint might be withholding something. She tells Clint she knows the necklace that Echo left with Rex and remembers seeing Clint holding the other half of the necklace.

Bo warns Eddie (Robert and James’ father) that he knows that Eddie is only out of prison on a technicality. He’s on BO’s turf now. And if Eddie does anything to hurt his ex wife or his son’s, he will answer to Bo.

At the station, Nora tells Inez that she is allergic to the plant. Inez then wants to take it out of the office. She expresses that she has some “issues” involving Inez giving Bo these personal gifts and favors. Inez then tells Nora if there is something she wants to say to her, she must just say it.

Eddie asks Bo what his “relationship” with Inez is. Bo informs him that Inez works for him as his assistant. Eddie asks if she asked BO to have this little chat with him. Bo tells him she did not have to. He could see how afraid she was. Eddie then informs Bo that whenever they had problems during their marriage, Inez would not go and talk to her girlfriends about her marital problems like most women do. She would rush off to another man. He tells Bo he must know how Inez finds a way to get her hooks into any man.

Inez concludes to Nora that she is threatened by Inez' friendship with Bo.

Viki informs Natalie and Jessica that she just found out that Echo has a child. And the father is either Charlie or Rex. Then conclude that that would mean they have either a half or step sibling and ask when they will meet this mysterious person. Viki tells them they already know him. It’s Rex.

Dorian tells Clint she knows all about his secret with Echo. Why would she leave half of a necklace that Clint gave her on Charlie Banks’ “bastard”? Unless of course, Rex is not Charlie’s son and is in fact Clint’s.

At the hospital, Echo tells Charlie that they were never very serious. All they wanted to do is find the next party and have causal sex. They weren’t going to even consider settling down much less having a child together. He then asks her why, when she showed up on Viki’s doorstep, did she not reveal to him that he has a son.

Natalie then concludes to Viki and to Jessica that if Rex is Clint’s son, they he really is her brother. Jessica smiles and says she’d like for Rex to be a family member to her also. And if he’s Charlie’s son, he’s their step brother and it will really be a good thing for Charlie after losing his own son.

Marty puts two and two together and concludes that Natalie slept with her sister’s fiancé.

Rex reveals to Kelly that the thought of Clint being his biological father makes him ill. She demands to know what his problem is with Clint. He asks her if she could just drop this. But she lectures him again, about how Clint has been a very kind and supportive father in law to her and grandfather to her child and a good and honorable man. Rex defensively tells her he knows, as it irritates him to hear others praising Clint, and Natalie and Jessica and Viki love him and how that is not ok with him that they do not know what he knows about Clint. He then admits that he and Gigi have not been in contact. Kelly admits to Rex that she kind of embarrassed herself leaving messages for Joey. And she knew she could not be trusted with her phone so she gave it to Blair. He then tells her he bets that Joey called her back so he wants to go and find her phone.

Natalie admits to Viki that if Charlie and Echo turn out to be Rex’s parents, that might make Echo a factor in Viki’s life which she knows her mother does not want. Jessica then assures her mom that she knows that nothing and nobody will come between Viki and Charlie

At the hospital, Echo attempt to explain to Charlie that Viki had Rex break into her hotel room. And after Rex found the necklace, she wanted to tell Charlie about their son. He then tells her he knows that night when she came to offer her condolences about Jared, she was working up to telling him about their son. He then tells her that he needs to know the truth. He needs to know if there is any chance at all that Rex is not his son and is instead Clint’s.

In Clint’s office, he keeps the necklace that Dorian saw him with. He tells her it was a gift for Inez Salinger.

Inez tells Nora that it appears that she is threatened by Inez being anywhere around Bo. She wants to push Clint on Inez. Nora tells Inez that she just thought that since Inez is new in town and single, she needs to maybe find eligible men to date. But Inez knows that Nora appears to be threatened be Inez and Bo’s friendship and tells Nora she knows that she and Bo will not be anything more than friends. Bo adores Nora. They are happily married.

While Eddie Ford smirks at Bo and trashes Inez, Bo tells him that the more he talks, the longer Bo will spend making certain that the time he stays in town is limited.

John admits to Brody that he knows if he were in Brody’s situation believing another man got his woman pregnant, he might want to rip his head off. Hearing that, Brody is clearly uneasy.

Natalie gets ready to go out the door and is startled to see Marty at her front door.

Nora tells Inez she does not see her as a threat for Nora’s marriage to BO. She just finds the “situation” annoying. Inez then asks Nora what specifically she finds annoying besides the cookies and the plants. Is it because Bo is helping her with her boys? Nora then admits to Inez that her sons are grown men. Inez protests that Nora does not know anything about her ex or what he is capable of. She asks Nora if she is concerned about how far Bo might go for her. Nora replies that she believes that Inez has a crush on Nora's) husband.

Bo tells Eddie Ford that he knows that there are suspicions surrounding him. One reason is because somebody gave his oldest son one hell of a beating.

Dorian tells Clint that she knows that Echo is lying about Charlie Banks being Rex’s father. And he knows better also. SO,, she asks him, why does he want to hide from everybody that he is Rex Balsam’s father?

Rex finds Kelly’s phone and she admits she does not want to find out if Joey got her call and if he has not responded. She’s worried that he must think she is desperate. But Rex tells her she must get a grip and realize that Joey will probably respond to her call.

When Marty comes to Natalie’s door, Natalie tells her she will find out why Marty is snooping around in her medical records. Marty tells Natalie she knows that Natalie is getting an amnio in order to take precautions. Natalie asks her why else she believes she would have gotten it.

Brody asks John if he could love another man’s baby. John then tells him that he really cannot answer that. And he’s glad that he will never have to find out.

Marty concludes to Natalie that she assumes that she got the amnio without telling John because she didn’t want him to worry. Natalie then asks her what else she wants. Marty replies she wants to talk to Jessica. She then turns to Natalie and makes a “remark” about how she) wasn’t pregnant long enough to have an amnio. Yet it’s amazing what they can find out nowadays. Hearing the way she is talking, Natalie knows that Marty is up to something suspicious. Marty then goes into the other room and happily greets Jessica.

At the hospital, Echo admits to Charlie that she was with both him and with Clint within a short amount of time. So it could “go either way”. But he asks her if it was or wasn’t true that she was already pregnant when they first met. She tells him that the DNA test will prove everything. But, she tells Charlie, that he could be a better father to Rex than Clint could ever be. He then admits that once, not long ago, he was lead to believe that he was Rex’s father. He knows he could never replace Jared. But he would really feel good if Rex wash is son. She then looks adoringly into his eyes and appears emotional. And she tells him she wants that too. Viki appears and stares coldly at them.

Dorian confirms to Clint that she knows he is keeping a secret.

Bo tells Eddie Ford that he better not even think about going near Inez. Before Bo is out the door, Eddie asks the commissioner just how his wife feels about his interest in Inez. Bo then tells Eddie that every time he drives down the street, he will see Bo or one of his officers in his rear view mirror. Every time he goes to get gas, if he makes the wrong turn, they will watch him. He will make Eddie’s life so miserable, Eddie will wish he never showed up in this town.

Inez tells Nora that she really does want to get along wit her and not leave her with suspicions. And maybe they can become friends.

Marty goes in to talk to Jessica who welcomes her while Natalie is very suspicious of Marty. Jessica graciously tells Marty that she feels terrible about what happened to Cole. She understands that Marty has good reason to be angry with Natalie. She knows that Marty did not mean that she wanted to get revenge upon Natalie and knows that Jessica's sister was just doing her job.

Viki joins Charlie while he is talking to Echo at the hospital. Clint appears to overhear Charlie telling Viki that he was just telling Echo that he would really like to find out that Rex is his son. Viki then asks him just what Echo had to say about hat. Charlie tells her that she didn’t say much about it one way or another.

When Clint’s office is empty, Dorian goes in to uncover his secret.

Viki tells Clint and Charlie that they may know that the DNA test will tell them everything they need to know. She then asks where is Rex. He appears. A doctor appears and assesses that they are there to determine the paternity of Rex Balsam. He asks if all parties are present and if all are willing to provide their DNA samples. In response to that, Rex concludes for the first time that he cannot go through with that.

Kelly goes out the door ready to see Joey again.

Eddie is on his phone looking to find Inez’s address.

Inez then tells Nora that she will take back the plant she wanted to give to Bo. Nora argues with her and tells her she need not do that. And in their “struggle”, they cause the potted plant to fall to the floor and the pottery breaks. Bo enters and asks what is going on now.

Natalie goes to the station and informs Brody that she can clearly see that Marty is on the warpath and might be right in the other room telling Jessica that Brody could be Natalie’s baby’s father. He asks her what she thinks that Marty will do when she finds out.

Jessica tells Marty that she knows that Marty would never seeks revenge upon Natalie. She hopes that Marty knows that Natalie would never intentionally hurt her. Marty tells her she admires the way that Jessica has loyalty toward her sister. But she tells Jessica, she is not there to talk about Natalie. She’s there to talk about Brody. And right then the episode ends before we can hear the rest of what Marty is ready to tell Jessica about Brody.

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