OLTL Update Monday 11/15/10

One Life to Live Update Monday 11/15/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the party, Viki tells Echo that she and Charlie both have the right to know what she knows about Rex and if Rex is Charlie’s and Echo’s son. Clint asks them both why it’s their business. But Bo agrees that they have the right to know and so does he. Right then, Echo admits that Rex is her son. Rex walks in and appears stunned to hear her confession.

Up on the roof, Kelly calls Kevin Buchanan and assumes that he wants to hear from her.

Blair asks Langston how the party was. Langston appears lost in thought and is texting “somebody”.

Robert returns to his apartment after the party and notices a strange woman. She is there to visit his dad although his dad does not know her name. His father introduces his son to his “guest”. He then asks Robert where James keeps his “stash”. And tells him he has to pay his guest.

James is with Starr while she tells him that Cole has ruined their lives by acting before he thinks and shooting Elijah Clair. Now she’s all alone. But he protests that she is not alone. He is there and is not going anywhere.

When Echo declares that Rex is her son. Viki, Charlie, Clint, Bo, Nora and Dorian all stand around to overhear. She admits that that is the thing about biology. There is nothing you can do about it. Dorian tells Bo and Nora that Echo always has an agenda and this might be false. Rex tells Echo that he wants everybody to hear the rest of her story.

On the roof, Kelly tells Joey it’s so good to hear his voice. It’s been too long. But she finds out that she is talking to a machine and feels awkward.

Robert takes his father aside and tells him that if he’s invited a hooker into their home, he better realize that they are in enough trouble with the law as it is. But his father appears cocky asking if he was supposed to be stuck alone in the house watching the knitting channel while his sons were out at a party. And he asks Robert to pay for his “service”. He tells him he may consider it a down payment for what James owes him.

Langston evades Blair’s question about who she was texting. She does not want to tell Blair what is on her mind and asks how Starr is holding up. Blair informs her that maybe she should not go into Star’s room Starr has a “guest”. Hearing that, Langston asks who. Blair replies James.

He tells Starr that he wants to be there for her. But she tells him that she does not think anybody can help her get through the next 10 years of her life without Cole. And it’s not just about her. It’s about Hope. She will have to go through the most important years of her life with only one parent. Hearing that, he tells her he knows all too well how that is ‘not easy”. She tells him she is sorry. But he tells her that Hope will have one great thing that he never had. She will have Starr. She tells her that they will have to make this not so detrimental and tragic. She can’t think about the years and months and weeks. They should just think about how to get through this night. She asks how they are going to do that. He tells her they can watch movies and eat and talk and play card and do whatever so that they can stay busy. She tells him that being stuck within these four walls makes her feel as though Cole is not the only one in prison. He then tells her they will have to find a way to pull off a jail break.

After Echo declares that she is Rex’s mother, he tells her he’s sorry but he needs more than just her word. Many other people have “claimed” to be his parents. So he’s a little ‘funny that way”. She then admits to him that the only proof she has is this necklace. Right then, Dorian remembers noticing Clint hold that very necklace in his hand when she ran into him at the hospital not long ago. Rex then asks Echo if he is supposed to feel sorry for her. If she did not want him to find out this way, then she really did take her sweet time. She protests that she just wanted what was best for him. He tells her if that is true, then why didn’t she just give him to his father? And also, by the way, who is his father. She then stares at Clint, Charlie and Bo and declines to answer that question. He then tells her this is how it works. If she is his mother, she’s supposed to know who his father is. So he needs to know. Echo then admits that it’s a bit complicated. Hearing that, Viki, Dorian and Nora all remark that it does not surprise them that Echo would not be certain who her child’s father would be. Rex asks what proof there is that she is his mother. That necklace could be a copy of something. Viki then tells Rex she knows that there are a lot of unanswered questions. But there are other pieces to the puzzle. She also knows of a speeding ticket that proves that Echo was driving out of Llanview right on the day after Rex was left at the hospital. And right at that point, Echo faces Rex and informs him that Charlie is his father.

James goes inside Starr’s closet and won’t let her in. She asks him what he is doing. He’s starting to freak her out. But he tells her that he’s getting dressed and wants to find something interesting to wear. Right then, he opens the door and appears with shades, a Hawaiian shirt and a wreath. He tells her this is the vacation she never got to have.

Downstairs, Langston asks Blair how she can judge Robert Ford. Blair tells her she happens to know that Robert lies and uses and takes advantage of women. He ruined Langston’s relationship with Markko who was a good guy. If Langston wants to find a man, why not find a “good one” like Markko and not a piece of garbage like Robert. He is a snake with no regard for other people, Blair tells her. Langston tells Blair that she realizes Robert has made some mistakes in his life. But she believes he’s changing and wants to give it another shot with him. Hearing that, Blair tells Langston she is scaring her.

In Robert’s apartment, his father asks how it is that his oldest son who used to know how to “score” with any woman he wanted and then throw her away and forget about her appears to be changing. He knows that Robert looks “love struck”. He laughs and taunts his son about how he’s letting some woman have power over him

On the roof, Kelly leaves a message for Joey telling him she’d like to hear from him but it’s up to him if he wants to call her back.

After Langston admits to Blair that she is considering getting back with Robert Ford, Blair firmly tells her that that is a train wreck. Langston then tells Blair that she is sounding just like Dorian who had to get into their business when nobody asked her for her opinion at the party. Blair tells Langston that Dorian is concerned. Langston is her daughter. But Langston tells Blair that she needs to make her own decisions. She’s an adult and others cannot control her life. At that point, Blair tells Langston ok. And the only other ting she says is good luck.

Robert hears his father telling him that he might “find” Robert’s most reason “conquest”. He knows what she looks like and talks about her (Langston) in a lustful manner. At that point, Robert pulls his father by his collar and tells him if he goes near any woman whom Robert cares for, he will be sorry. His father smugly asks Robert if he’s afraid that the woman might prefer a real man like himself.

Starr asks how James could have found those crazy clothes in her closet. He tells her that he found it in a box that said Starr beach. He then fixes up the room with beach balls and lights and turns on a stereo to hear what sounds like an ocean. She remarks that Hope would love this. He puts sunglasses on her and tells her she needs some sunscreen. And she asks him who else knows about this Starr beach. He tells her that the best part about it is it’s completely private. And there are dolphins all around. She knows that there are no dolphins in Pennsylvania. He tells her that there are also palm trees. She asks where there are palm trees. He shows her a plant on the dresser. He asks her to close her eyes and tells her this is her safe place away from all of her problems. She can stay there as long as she wants. All she needs to do is lay down and relax. But right then, she hears baby Hope calling for her daddy on the baby monitor. She then gets up and tells him it was good while it lasted.

At the party, Echo tells Rex that the reason she kept from him who his real parents’ are for this long is because she was not certain if it was what he wanted. She only wanted what was best for him. In response to that, he asks her how he can believe her with that, when he hasn’t a clue if anything she says is true. He walks way. Charlie then tells Viki he feels like he should be saying something with all that Rex has to deal with right now. She assures her husband that Rex knows the man he is and will come to Charlie when he’s ready. Right then, Bo and Nora tell Rex he may stay with them tonight if he’s not ok with what happened. But he tells Bo that he needs some answers first. Bo concludes that so does he. He then approaches Clint and tells him he needs some answers. He happens to know that Charlie is not the only person in this room who could be Rex’s father. He asks Clint what about Clint). But overhearing that, Rex interjects Bo and tells him there is no way that Clint is his father. Bo asks him why that’s not possible if Clint slept with Echo about the time he was conceived. Rex tells Bo (although does not reveal the reason why) he believes he could not imagine being Clint’s son. Dorian then tells Rex there are worse things he could be. Like Mitch Laurence’s son. Bo tells her she is not helping. Clint tells Bo neither is he. Bo asks his brother if he’s saying that it’s impossible that Rex could be his son. Viki concludes that it’s not impossible for Clint to be Rex’s father. Echo slept with him before she met and started seeing Charlie. Nora then concludes it’s possible that Echo could have been already pregnant before she met Charlie. Dorian concludes that they also know that it would not be the first time that Clint had left a woman high and dry and with his son. Echo then asks if they could all stop with all the theories. She then tells them that Clint has no attachment to Rex whatsoever. Bo then tells her that he (himself) would like an explanation for Rex. He cares about him and would like to get to the bottom of this. It seems a little odd that if she was pregnant with Charlie in another town that she would come back to Clint’s home town and dump the child she had with Charlie there. There must be some kind of explanation.

Kelly is still on the roof ‘rehearsing” the different ways she could call and leave a message for Joey. She tells him that she has other friends. Rex Balsam is her friend. Although some people see Rex as more than a friend. But her “encounters” with Rex have only been by accident. What she had with Joey was “on purpose”. Like the time when Joey dared her to go topless at the country club. He didn’t believe that she would do it but she did. She talks about how easy it was for her to get naked in front of Joey and how she’d do it right now if he wanted her to.

After Blair tells Langston that all she can say is good luck to Langston’s decision to give Robert Ford another shot, Langston follows her out the door and asks if that is all she can say to her. Blair protests that Langston knows how she feels about Ford and Langston is going to do whatever she wants no matter what anybody says. Langston asks if she does not believe that Robert could have changed. Blair tells Langston she doubts that in a few short months that he could. She tells Langston she knows all too well about women wanting to believe that men have changed and cleaned up their acts. She’s been there herself too many times. Langston protests that Robert is not Todd. Blair tells her no. he’s a different individual. But he’s a player. And Langston should not be surprised if Robert goes back to his old tricks.

Robert’s father tells his son he is a “chip off the old block” and “they” like to play around. Robert tells him he does not do that anymore. His father then asks to see his phone. He looks at all the tons of women’s names he has on his speed dial. He tells his son he is in denial and deep down, he’s the same player he always was.

Starr brings baby Hope into the room and James asks if she is ok. Starr is worried that she keeps asking for her daddy. He wants to have fun with both of them. But she tells him that this is not right. She tells him that it means so much to her that he wanted to help her but he needs to leave right now.

Bo asks Echo why she brought her baby back to a place she had no connection to. Clint asks why does he think? She wanted to pass Charlie’s baby off as his. She wanted to get the Buchanan money. But she lost her nerve when she saw that he and Viki were rock solid. She knew her plan would never work. She chickened out, abandoned her son and left him to fend for himself. He faces her and asks if that is not correct. Clint then asks her if she has not done enough damage in her life. Not only to her son but to everybody else she’s ever met in her life. She then confirms that what he said was true. But Viki knows that there is something she is not telling.

Kelly is up on the roof with her phone rehearsing talking to Joey about how much fun they used to have together. They did not have to analyze everything They just did it. There was no drama. Well, maybe there was a little toward the end. But they are connected. She could be herself around him and she never felt judged. It was great. She loved being with him. She loved him. She still does.

Robert tells his father he may think whatever he wants. He does not know him. But his father tells him he does know him. But Robert tells him he only has a vague memory of the person he used to be. His father tells him that he has a history to live down. This girl whom he wants to change for needs to know his history. And if that halo he want to wear ever falls, then his father can find him the type of woman he really wants.

Viki tell Clint she does not believe that Echo is telling the truth. Clint asks her why not. She asks Echo why she went to all of those lengths throughout Rex’s life. She sent him on numerous wild goose chases and falsified who his parents were. That was cruel. Why should anybody believe a word she says? There is only one way to settle this. Clint asks her how that would be. She replies with a DNA test. Echo tells her that Charlie is Rex’s father and they do not need a DNA test. Viki tells them they do if nobody believes her. Nor and BO confirm that it can be done at the police station and Bo can put a rush on it. And they ask if they have Echo’s cooperation. BO then tells them he will call the lab and they can settle this once and for all. He then faces Rex and assures him he will finally get the answer.

James returns from Starr’s appearing depressed. His father tells him he knows how he can “get the girl”, his dad can get his money back. And they can all live happily ever after. But James does not want to listen to a word he says and goes to his room.

Alone in her room, Starr holds baby Hope and encourages her to look at a pictures of her daddy. She assures her little one that they are going to make it together. And d they can do it on their own. They have to.

Kelly returns home. Blair asks what happened to her. She looks like she went through a hurricane. Kelly gives Blair her phone and demands she takes it and never gives it back to Kelly. She admit she cannot be trusted with it.. .Unless, of course, Joey calls.

At the party, Dorian asks when the DNA test will take place. Viki replies that the mayor is not invited. Dorian smirks and tells them she cannot wait to find out who will win the Rex sweepstakes. Charlie then tells Rex that he apologizes for himself and Viki not coming to him earlier as soon as they had suspicions regarding Echo knowing about his real parents. Rex leaves. Echo asks Viki and Charlie if they are happy now. And when she is alone, she grabs the necklace. Right then, Clint grabs a hold of her and tells her he warned her not to open her mouth. But she tells him it’s over. There’s nothing he can do about it. And once the DNA test comes back, it will prove that Rex is their son. Right then, Dorian overhears them together when Echo tells Clint that at least she had the decency to claim her son.

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