OLTL Update Friday 11/12/10

One Life to Live Update Friday 11/12/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

James leaves the party and goes where he wants to go to see Starr. She is alone in her room and depressed. But when she sees him she expresses how she feels and kisses him.

In Paris, when both Gigi and Cristian are very disenchanted with their respective relationships, they end up kissing.

The very same thing happens between Rex and Kelly. But they pull away arguing about who kissed whom.

Gigi and Cristian also pull away and assume that the wine made them do something they wouldn’t normally do.

Kelly and Rex assume the same thing.

In Paris, Cristian blatantly invites Gigi to go up to his room and have sex.

Rex tells Kelly he realizes that the reason he went up to the roof is to find out from Echo DiSavoy whom his real parents are.

Inside, Viki demands that Echo tells her what she knows about Rex’s real parents. But Echo tells Charlie his wife needs to find another hobby.

Robert Ford finds Langston and asks if they might have a chance together again. Dorian finds them and tells him that he better leave Langston alone. But Langston does not share Dorian’s opinion.

Marty appears at the party and finds Natalie and John. They haven’t a clue what she is up to. Natalie tells her how sorry she is for what happened to Cole. But Marty has a plan for how to get even with Natalie.

Starr tells James she wants him to make love to her.

Dorian tells Robert Ford that Langston has made a vow with all of the Cramer women that she wants noting more to do with him again. But Langston protests that she never said any such thing and Dorian cannot tell Robert what she wants. Dorian asks if he has put something in her drink. He protests that he’s never put anything in anybody’s drink. Dorian tells Langston she needs to get home and be with her family. She needs to know that Starr is all alone at him and distraught and needs Langston after what has happened to Cole.

James right then, pulls away from Starr and tells her that maybe they need to think about what they are doing. But she tells him that she knows what she wants. Cole told her they are through and she wants him.

Nora and Bo are together. She wants to know what he and Inez have discussed regarding the father of her sons. But he does not want to discuss that and just wants to have fun and encourages Nora to dance with him.

Inez tells Clint she’s sorry he did not get to hear Daniela sing. She was amazing. She knows that Clint has something on his mind.

When Viki demands that Echo tells her what she knows about Rex, Echo remembers that Clint informed her that he caught Rex red-handed breaking into his office and finding private corporate files. And if he reported that, Rex would be charged with espionage and sent to prison for a long time. And so Echo realizes that she cannot answer Viki’s question about whom Rex’s parents are, after Clint warned her what would happen if she did. So Echo evades the question and tells Viki and Charlie that she is there to take pictures.

In Paris, Cristian tells Gigi that he flew all the way to Paris and made plans to be with Layla. He made a reservation to have a private room with all the amenities. And work is more important to Layla than being with him. Hearing that, Gigi is more encouraged to do what Cristina has asked of her and concludes that it would serve Rex right.

At Todd’s party, Marty tells John she hates to be the messenger of a cold reality. But his girlfriend is a liar. Natalie and John face her wondering what she believes she knows.

James pulls away from Starr, protesting that he knows she may not be ready for this. She has been through hell. She has been kidnapped twice. The father of her child has been sent to prison. Her daughter’s life was threatened. She watched him get buried alive and could have been killed herself. And now is not the time for her to start something new.

At the party, Viki observes Echo taking pictures and evading her question and tells Charlie that they cannot hide from the truth or let her keep this secret. He wants to stay out of it. But she tells him that too many people are affected by it. He then interrupts Echo and tells her that he would like just a little bit of her time. He does not want to pry into her business. But, he tells her, Viki suspects that there may be a possibility that Rex could be her son with him.

Bo and Clint talk to Inez about her ex husband and now she does not want him anywhere near her children. Nora overhears

Langston asks Dorian if they could please not to this now. They just want to have a good time. But Dorian protests that she won’t let her daughter anywhere near the likes of Robert Ford. He tells her that she needs to listen to Langston who wants her to back off. But Dorian tells him, in a threatening manner, that she has security guards who could break his bones if he does not leave her daughter alone. Right then, Langston assumes that it was Dorian who had Robert beat up. But Robert overhears and knows he cannot let her take the blame for that when she did not.

Bo asks Clint what he plans to do to protect Inez’s children from her ex. Going after him with a shot gun might not be the solution that would work.

James tells Starr that she should not assume that he does not want her. He does. But not at a time like this when she is heartbroken over Cole and feeling the way she does right now. He knows this is not the way she wants it.

Rex asks Kelly why she is feeling disconnected. She’s rich and successfully. She has a smoking hot body. She has family and friends. But, they agree that she does not have a guy. He tells her she must know that she would have anybody she wants, as long as they are single and available. He encourages her to get out there. As soon as she knows what she wants, it will happen.

Inside, Marty tells John that he needs to see what she is holding in an envelope. It’s a medical test that will prove what type of person John’s girlfriend is. This is from somebody who wanted her Marty's) son to go to a penitentiary in her own attempt to uphold the truth. And, she tells them, that what she is about to reveal in this envelope, will prove that it turns out that Natalie is only “honest” when it suits her.

After James refuses to do what Starr wants, she tells him that she does not want him either. She wants her life back when she and Cole were together and they were friends with Langston and Markko and she had her daughter and family and friends and everything. She was happy. Can he give any of that to her? No. SO what good is he to her?

At the party, John and Natalie ask how Marty could have gotten her hands on Natalie’s medical records. John tells her that Natalie already told him why she did what she did. But Marty faces them both to ask if they are really sure of that.

Cristian and Gigi are wondering if they should really go upstairs and sleep together.

Kelly tells Rex that he’s a terrific guy and it’s a shame that he’s taken. But he is taken. He is committed to Gig. He tells her that is only if Gigi ever speaks to him again.

Gigi tells Cristian that he is handsome and really awesome but he is taken. He is with Layla who is crazy not to make time for him when he’s come all this way. He tells her that Rex is a lucky guy. She tells him that she will remind Rex of that when she sees him again, after she kills him.

Kelly tells Rex that Gigi is crazy about him regardless of their recent problems. He asks why then she has not called him. Kelly tells him that maybe the time change in Paris has some complications.

Cristian tells Gigi that he’s sure that she and Rex will work out their differences. And the fact that Cristian is her boss means it would not be fair to her.

Kelly asks Rex if they should not call it a night. He must not have had that much fun. Echo evaded his question. He had a serious falling out with his woman. But they both realize that she is single. She tells him that she has already found the man for her. It’s Joey Buchanan. He was her first love.

Inside, Viki tells Echo that they know for a fact that she and Charlie slept together right about 9 months before Rex was born. She has the other half of the necklace that was left with Rex. She was in town and got a speeding ticker right about the time he was born. And Charlie adds to her, that she must admit that they have reason to ask some questions and wonder some things.

John tells Marty he knows she has had a rough day and is upset with what happened to Cole. He knows that she is angry with Natalie for not allowing her to take the wrap for Cole. But this is not the way to express her anger.

Starr tells James that he is right. She does not want him. So he must do them a favor and get lost. She screams and attempts to push him out the door. Bu he holds her in his arms while she cries knowing that that is not what she really wants. She then tells him that she is sorry. She knows that he has been nothing but good to her and to Hope. But she does not know what to do. He tells her that she has good reason to be distraught. She asks how she is supposed to explain to Hope that she will barely see her father for the next 10 years ago. She tells him this is not the way it was supposed to be. Everything was so good. She got into LU. They had family to watch Hope. They were going to be together and everything was going to be perfect. But now nothing matters. It’s over. He asks if it really is. He reminds her that Cole thought that she and Hope were dead. She does not blame him. But Eli was handcuffed. The police had him in custody. There was absolutely no way Eli was going to get off. And Cole steals a gun and shoots Eli. Why would he do that? He ruined his life. And now she has to raise Hope on her own without him. And why? She screams and tells him how angry she is.

Marty tells John he does not understand. He tells her that she does not understand. Cole’s prints were on the murder weapon. He knows that this is not ok. She protests to John that she cares about him. He tells her he cares about her too. .She is a good person with a good heart. This is not her. She has been pushed to her limit. But what she wants to do now, in the heat of anger and rage is not going to solve any problems.. And she will understand that. He asks her if she is ok to get home on her own. She angrily tells him she is always ok. And she is ready to discard the envelope. Natalie then grabs her arm and tells her she better stay out of her personal records. Marty then smirks and tells Natalie she may have a good night. Marty leaves. And John and Natalie go off.

Gigi tells Cristian that she guesses they have decided to behave themselves. She asks him if he could imagine the two of them having wild sex in a Parisian penthouse. But she asks him if he thinks she is sexy. He tells her very sexy. He asks her if she really thinks he’s handsomer than a male mode. She tells him absolutely. But they realize that this may not be the right thing.

On the roof, Kelly tells Rex that she has had a long history with Joey Buchanan. They have both gotten mixed up with many of the wrong people. He got side-traced by Jen Rappaport. She got sidetracked by David Vickers. But Joey was going to lose her virginity. But he also had an affair with Dorian.

Inside, Dorian tells Langston that she most certainly did not have Robert Ford beaten. But Langston reminds her that she just threatened to have guys break his jaw. Robert confirms to Langston that Dorian did not have him assaulted. It was somebody else. She leaves and Langston apologizes to Robert for Dorian. He asks her if she only told Dorian that she is not over him in order to piss Dorian off. Or did she rally mean it? She tells him that she really did mean it. She does still have feelings for him. He than asks her if she thinks that they could get over the problems they had and get back together. She admits that she does not know.

Kelly talks to Rex about her history with Joey and confirms that it may be too late. She has been with his brother and his nephew and what they had many years ago is over. But he tells her that the point is that she should not give up on the person who is right for her. He tells her that maybe he needs to go and track down Echo and see what he can pry out of her. She tells him she needs to clear her head. She tells him that they are friends and should hang onto their towels from now on. He leaves

Echo tells Viki and Charlie that it’s been fun. But she is a working girl and has pictures to take. So if they will excuse her…. But Viki firmly tells her she is not going anywhere.

Langston tells Robert that Dorian is right. He hurt her. And she hurt him. She got him fired. And they did not have a relationship. IT was just sex. And it takes more than feelings that they may have for each other in order to have a relationship. He then admits to her that he has never been in a “real” relationship before. She asks him if that is supposed to be an excuse. He tells her no. But he wants to be given a chance to change his life. He then tells her that he has to go and see if James is ok. She tells him she has to check on Starr. He leaves and kisses her on the forehead without going farther.

Natalie tells John that Marty is harassing her. He tells her that maybe they need to let it go. She has had a test and is waiting for the results. And they need not worry. He holds her.

On the roof, Kelly is on her phone making a call.

Cristian is calling and leaving a message for Layla. He tells her he loves her and is sorry about the fight.

Marty is alone with the record of Natalie having her paternity test. She asks how Natalie could cheat on John. She realizes that the results have yet to be proven. But, she looks at the picture of her son and confirms that Natalie took Cole away from her so Natalie has to pay.

Starr cries and asks James how Cole could have taken away all that they had. He should have thought about the consequences before he shot Eli. And now she is all alone. But James affirms to her that she is not alone.

Inez tells Clint and Bo that they have done a lot for her but she will handle her own affairs with her ex husband. Clint tells her that he at least needs to drive her home. But she tells him he must stay and enjoy the party. She leaves. Nora then joins Bo and Clint and tells them to “play nice’ knowing that they have both paid enough attention to Inez.

Echo tells Clint and Bo that Viki is harassing her. Clint jumps in and asks Viki why she can’t stay out of Echo’s business. Viki protests that Echo has information about Rex’s real parents and is keeping a secret. Bo then asks her if that is true. He won’t let Rex be deceived. He cares about Rex. Clint then asks Viki and Bo if they think they have the right to harass Echo. Echo then admits that Viki is right. She is Rex’ Balsam’s mother. Right then, Rex appears to overhear and witness her confession.

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