OLTL Update Thursday 11/11/10

One Life to Live Update Thursday 11/11/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Viki hosts and serves at MC for Todd and Téa's celebration, We see everybody in formalwear. Most people are happy except for Clint and Echo. Viki tells the guests that they are all invited to join Todd and Téa as they celebrate their reunion.

In the other room, John tells Natalie that she needs to know that Marty is angry and hurt and looking for someone to blame and chose Natalie. And, he assures Natalie, that is not going to last forever. Little does he know, however, what Marty is correct in knowing.

We see Marty, at the hospital, ready to get into Natalie’s confidential files when Vivian catches her and asks what she is doing. Vivian appears ready to attend the party and dressed in her gown. But Marty does not plan to attend and is wearing her doctor’s coat.

Blair goes to see a distraught Starr in her room and attempts to cheer up her daughter. But Starr cannot stop looking at the photo albums of her and Cole and the two of them with baby Hope.

In Paris, Cristian sits with Gigi while Rex is trying and failing to call her and she refuses to answer. Cristian tells her she will have to take the guy’s call sooner or later. She tells Cristian she could care less about Rex after his having the gall to tell Adriana about their not having sex. Cristian then tells her that although she is angry with Rex, he bets that she would rather have the ill situation and be able to see each other soon again than be in another country permanently.

Right then, Kelly is getting ready to attend Todd’s party with Rex. Dorian remarks that she was correct that Kelly has feelings for Rex.

Right then, Todd makes his announcement and everybody claps.

Cristian tells Gigi he wants to propose a toast to her cutting Rex some slack. She asks why Rex is suddenly so tight with his ex, Adriana. Cristian asks her if she believes that there is something going on between them.

When Dorian asks Rex if he’s having problems with Gigi, he admits that he has tried and failed to get a hold of her. Dorian tells Rex she knows that he has been crying on her daughter’s (Adriana) shoulder. She tells him he has to leave Adriana alone. And she tells Kelly that she has to leave Rex alone. She asks Rex where Gigi is by the way. He replies that she’s in Paris. Hearing that, Dorian remarks that she is alone without her man in the city of love.

Viki announces that she would like to introduce to the world Mr. and Mrs. Todd and Téa Delgado Manning.. Everybody claps. Todd tells people that he wants them to stick around for a big surprise later but won’t let on to Téa what it is. Dani is happily with Nate. James and Robert attend but remark it’s so weird that they would get invited to this place and are both dressed in tuxedos. Robert tells his brother he knows he is there hoping to see Star and disappointed that she is not there.

Starr stays in her room not wanting to go anywhere or do anything. Blair tells her daughter she remembers how she used to love Macaroni and Cheese in her younger days. But Starr reminds her mom that she and Cole won’t be together for another 10 years and that is more than half of her life. She wonders if he will look anything like he does now in 10 more years. Blair tells her daughter that she knows this is so unfair. But Starr will get through this by letting the people who love her help her through it.

At Todd’s party, Viki and Charlie are arguing about how he has to find out if he is Rex’s biological father. Echo tells Clint that he cannot stop her from telling Rex the truth. But he tells her he can.

John holds Natalie and she asks if they are ok. He tells her hat he does not like thinking that she would keep something important from him. So why not promise never to do something like this to each other again, especially where it concerns the little one.?

At the hospital, when Vivian catches Marty in the office going through confidential files. Marty tells her that she knows she might have to go before a board for releasing Hannah O’Conner and wonder if Vivian might serve as a character witness. Vivian tells her sure she can. She also tells Marty she knows that she has good reason to be distraught after what happened to Cole. Shaun then appears in tuxedo ready to take Vivian to the party and affirms that so is he. Cole deserves a medal and not a prison sentence, he tells her. She thinks them for their support. But as soon as they are gone, she goes into the confidential medical records.

Nate finds Robert and James ands asks his brothers if their old man let them leave and if he’s still there. Robert tells his brother that there is still there drinking all of their beer and making himself right at home. Right then, Bo asks Robert and James if they need any help with their new “house guest”. Hearing hat Robert asks how he heard about that. Inez appears and admits that she had to protect them.

Daren appears and demands to know how Destiny could have attended without him. Matthew stands by her and tells Daren he needs to cut her some slack. Destiny as been through a crises involving who her real parents are. She faces him and admits that she just found out for the first time in her life that the parents she thought were her parents are not and the brother she always thought she has was her father and a murderer. He asks her why then Matthew knows about this but he does not.

Echo follows Clint outside and asks why he doesn’t want to acknowledge his own son. He tells her that he has 3 sons; Joey, Kevin and Cord. But Rex is nothing to him. She asks why he won’t give Rex a chance. And she wonders how long he’s known that Rex is his son.

At Dorian’s, after she confronts Rex and Kelly and why Rex is not with Gigi in Paris, he tells Dorian she needs to stay out of his love life and maybe get one of her own. Right when Rex and Kelly are distracted, Gigi calls Rex and Dorian picks up Rex’s phone. She informs Gigi that Rex is ready to take Kelly out. And Rex brought it up that he and Gigi were not having sex, not only to Adriana but to herself and Kelly. And she asks if she should get Rex for Gigi. At that point, Gigi furiously hangs up and faces Cristian across the table from her. She tells him she should have known that Rex would run straight to Kelly as soon as she is out of the picture. She drinks and appears intoxicated while she tells Cristian that Kelly is supposedly offering Rex lots of jobs. But they always end of running into each other naked. And it’s more than coincidental. Cristian remarks that that sounds like Layla’s work where she sees a lot of naked men. Gigi’s phone rings. She picks it up, tells Rex to go to hell and to put some clothes on.

Destiny tells Daren that it’s a little too much to process that her entire life is a lie. He protests to her that not her entire life is a lie just because of the revelation of her family. And he asks her why she is pushing him away.

Inez sits at the table with Nora while Bo leaves. She tells him that she really owes him a thank you. Nora tells Inez that Bo likes to do a lot of nice things for people and there is no reason to read anything into it. She then asks Inez why she doesn’t have her date with her, who she assumed was Clint?

Outside, Clint admits to Echo that when Rex had to get a blood transfusion and Shane needed a bone marrow donation, he wondered why it was that the people whom he believed was Rex’s biological family could not do it. He went back and checked Rex’s birth records and did the math to find out that he was conceived about the same time he slept with Echo. He appears smug indicating that he only wanted to protect his family’s fortune from Rex. She tells him he is a heartless bastard to care more about money than about his son.

Dorian greets Todd and Téa. John and Natalie appear. Todd makes a comment about how John can only afford a cheep suit and jacket. He asks if he can get them something from the bar.. Right then, when Natalie is alone, she runs into Vivian who can see that she has some things on her mind. Natalie admits that she has been going crazy waiting on the paternity results and wonders if she could ask Vivian to put a rush on the test.

Blair rushes to get the door and sees James dressed in a tuxedo. And we know why he’s there.

Alone in the hospital office, Marty goes through the papers and has run off copies of the documents that confirm that Natalie had a paternity test to find out if John or Brody is the father of her baby. When she is done and remains unseen and uncaught, Marty smirks and says: “Got ya, Natalie”

Right then, we see Vivian, at the party telling Natalie she’s sorry. But she cannot make the results of the paternity test go any faster. It looks like it’s been delayed

Destiny is angry and tells both Matthew and Darren that she doesn’t even want to be there and is only there for Dani. Shaun finds her and tells her hat he knows that she has good reason to be furious with their brother. She clarifies Greg is her father and Shaun is her uncle. And now, for the first time, she finds out that her father hid his girlfriend who is her mother. And if that’s not enough he worked with a serial killer and almost got Dani’s mom killed.

When James appears at the door, he tells Blair that maybe he should not have come. He knows that maybe Star is not up to having company after her boyfriend has been sent to prison. But Blair asks him to wait and not leave.

Cristian tells Gigi that he came all this way and he and Layla could not even have one night together. Not even one night.

At Todd’s party, Kelly admits to Rex that she hasn’t been able to go to a party or have any fun in a long time. She used to always have fun. She used to like to skydive. And she wonders what happened to the person she used to be. Téa greets them and thanks Kelly for all she has written about her.

Viki tells Charlie that it’s unconscionable that Echo has not let Rex know that she is his mother and Charlie could be his father. He tells her that it’s not his place to tell Rex because if he did it would be hurting a lot of people.

Clint tells Echo that he made certain that his medical team stood by to prevent Rex from dying just in case he was Clint’s son when Rex was in a coma and in need of a blood transfusion. He remarks to her, so much for him being a completely heartless bastard. She then tells him that she is going to go in and tell Rex everything. But he tells her she doesn’t want to do that. OR else she will never see her son again. He informs her that not long ago, he caught Rex breaking and entering his office a attempting to steal private corporate files. That is corporate espionage and he could have him put Rex in prison. So any time he wants, he could have Rex put away. She cries and reminds Clint that he didn’t always used to be this cruel. What happened to him? He tells her that he can protect Rex from a prison sentence and make certain that everybody gets what they want.

Inside the party, Téa announces that she has learned some very important things. That everyone should be grateful to be alive and to have the chance that they have and live life to it’s fullest. And when you find someone to love, you should love them with your whole heart. Todd then asks everybody to give a warm round of applause for Daniella. Right then, Dani gets up to sing a song. And he tells her mom this is for her. She sings about how she wishes she listened to how her mom has guided and how she is now so grateful for all she has learned from her mom. And we see a discontented Viki and Charlie. Rex and Kelly are both confused as what to do with their lives. We see Gigi and Cristian both discontented at the table in Paris. Destiny then stands beside Daren and Matthew and they all listen to Dani. Nate watches her in awe. Téa smiles at her daughter.

Starr is alone unable to leave her room, distraught and unable to put down the album of her memories with Cole. Blair is downstairs alone and looking at a picture of Starr as a child. Dani finishes her song: “Everything I Learned, I Learned From You”. Everybody claps and Téa hugs her daughter.

James comes up to se Starr. She asks what he is doing there. She tells her he had to find out if she as ok. At that point, she kisses him.

Todd and Téa face Dani and tell her they love her. Téa thanks Todd for this great night that has been perfect. HE tells her that it’s going to get better. There is champagne waiting for them in a hotel room. She asks if he is suggesting that they abandon their guests. Right then, Rex asks if anybody has seen Echo DiSavoy. And people tell him yes. She is on the rooftop. Right then, Echo and Clint return to the party. She tells him she will never understand him if she lives to be 100. Clint returns to Inez and apologizes for taking so long. Viki finds Echo and tells her that she needs to know who Rex’ Balsam’s real parents are.

Right then, Kelly follows Rex up to the roof. He ends up kissing her.

In Paris, Gigi asks Cristian if he understands wanting to be with someone and not able to be with them. At that point, he kisses her.

Nate invites Dani to go for a late night swim. Robert finds Langston and asks if they might have another chance. But Dorian demands that he stays away from Langston.

Marty gets dressed and arrives at the party. John and Natalie see her and he tells her he’s glad that she found a way to take a break and attend. She looks at him and at Natalie, and coldly tells them it was hell. But she “found a way”.

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