OLTL Update Tuesday 11/9/10

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 11/9/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Gig calls Rex when she arrives in Paris. She tells him that they served all kinds of specialty items that she’s not used to eating on her flight. She’s staying in the city of love and it’s amazing there. He informs her for the fist time that he has yet to find his parents and they are not Rick and Lily. He asks her about Cristian. She tells him that Cristian in thought. Cristian rushes to see Layla. Adriana is not far away and gets on her phone to call Kelly. She tells her that she is enjoying sex with “somebody”. When Kelly is on the phone, Dorian enters with a guy whom she assumes is Dorian’s “friend”. But Doran clarifies that he is not her friend. He’s Kelly’s.

Nora and Téa are alone in the courtroom before Cole’s trial. Téa tells Nora that she is glad that Nora is prosecuting and not somebody else who might want Cole’s head on a platter. She is going to pull every trick in the book to beat the charges for Cole. But Nora warns her that it will take a miracle beyond having her coming back from the dead to accomplish what she wants for Cole. Starr is with Cole and ready to support him through his situation. Marty enters, sees John and asks where Natalie is after she has railroaded Marty’s son.

Natalie and Jessica are talking about their respective pregnancies in Viki’s home. Jessica declares that she is finally going to find out for the first time whether her by is Brody’s or Ford’s.

Brody is alone in the sauna looking at a newspaper article and discontent.

Natalie hides from Jessica the secret about it being possible that Brody is the father of her baby. But Jessica tells her sister she is “onto” her. Natalie asks her what she means.

Cole and Starr meet with Téa. They express their gratitude for her helping him. She tells Coe that she knows he did society, herself and her daughter and many others a big favor and she is determined to help him. Starr then asks Cole if he heard that. Téa just told him that she will make the charges go away. Téa then warns Starr that she did not say that.

Kelly observes Dorian and her “new friend” and obviously has an agenda for his being with Kelly. She tells her niece that the guy is a licensed massage therapist but she obviously has other plans for him and Kelly.

Gigi talks to Rex about how he’s going to find out the deep dark secret from Echo when he attends Todd Manning’s party. He tells her that he wants her to enjoy herself and come back to give him good loving. Gigi observes Cristian happily with Layla. Adriana interrupts them and asks Cristian if he has no hug for his cousin. He hugs her. She tells him that she knows hat it’s taken a toll on their relationship to have Layla so far away. But she and Layla are going to be very successful with designer wear. And Layla’s being celibate the whole while will make their experience all the batter. She mentions that she has a lover. She sits with Gigi and clearly wastes no time making Gigi feel uncomfortable and ill at ease, reminding her that she does not dress nor play the part of a high class person. She still resents Gigi for taking Rex from her.

Rex enters the steam room to see Brody and knows that he is upset about something. But it’s unclear just which paternity test Rex knows about.

Jessica tells Natalie that she knows that Marty must be very upset since Cole’s arraignment is today. Natalie tells her sister hat she knows she better take a maternity day off from work and not attend the hearing. She tells Jessica that Marty may be Jessica's) friend. But she hates Natalie’s guts. Hearing that, Jessica tells her sister that she knows that Marty must not hold a grudge against Natalie for doing her job. But little does Jessica know.

In the courtroom, after Marty remarks to John that it’s kind of coincidentally odd that Natalie is not there, he asks her what she is implying. She tells him she knows that Natalie has not taken the day off to get vitamins.

Jessica asks Natalie if she’s sure that Marty is not just mad at the things that Natalie said to her before. Natalie tells Jessica she knows that she gave Marty reason to be offended by telling her that John was only obligating himself to be with Marty because of their baby, right before Marty lost her baby. But she knows that this is about something else. Jessica assures her sister that Marty must realize that Natalie is the police department forensic tech and it’s her job to find out who fired the gun and not falsify information. But Natalie informs her sister that Marty wanted to take the rap for Cole and wanted Natalie and John to let her turn herself in and confess to killing Eli so that Cole wouldn’t have to go to prison. But she reused to oblige Marty with that.

In the courtroom, Téa tells the judge that Mr. Thornhart was aware that Mr. Clark was a serial killer and had his infant daughter and her mother held captive. Mr. Clark blew up a building. He’s been getting away with murder for a long time and covering his tracks. And MR., Thornhart's actions should be viewed as having extenuating circumstances.

Natalie tells Jessica that Marty was furious with her. She sounded like she wanted to get revenge upon her. She hauled off and hit her after finding out that Natalie would not let her get Cole off the hook for murder. Jessica is surprised that Marty would hit a pregnant woman. And she tells Natalie that regardless of how Marty may be angry at Natalie for what has happened to Marty’s son, there’s no way that she would want to get revenge upon Natalie.

Brody asks Rex if he has any good news with him and Gigi. He wants for at least one of them to have good news. Rex admits that things are painfully slow. Both he and Gigi are afraid to take it to the next level and it’s killing him.

Adriana admits to Gigi that she was in Llanview and “had a moment” with Rex but doesn’t want to tell Gigi the details. When Gigi presses her to tell her what happened, Adriana admits that she and Rex kissed. This obviously does not sit well with Gigi.

Kelly demands to know what the hell Dorian thinks she is doing inviting this guy over there. Dorian asks her what the hell she is “doing” with Rex Balsam. Kelly protests that she has only a professional relationship with Rex. Dorian also has a concern that Kelly might be “interested” in Todd Manning. Kelly tells her aunt that she is the pot calling the kettle black. They argue about whether Kelly should “need” a man. Dorian tells Kelly that the man she’s invited over is a certified cranial sacral therapist and can unblock her chakras so that she can clearly see things the way they are and raise her standards. She knows that Kelly has been in a loveless marriage for too long with Kevin. Then she was with that Englishman who offered her nothing. And she asks Kelly a blunt question of how long it’s been since she’s had sex.

Rex admits to Brody that not long ago, when Gigi was with Schuyler, he did not trust her. And she did not trust him.

Adriana indicates to Gigi that she is not going to prevent Gigi and Rex from moving forward. But she knows that they have not had sex for a long time. She does not hesitate to share that she and Rex had very frequent and mind-blowing sex and he was all over her. So, she can’t help but wonder if this “celibacy thing” with Gigi and Rex is really all it’s cracked up to be. Gigi then asks Adriana how she would know whether she and Rex have sex. Adriana informs her that Rex told her.

In the courtroom, Téa tells the judge that Mr. Thornhart endured days believing that Elijah Clark had brutalized Cole's) little girl and her mother. When that bomb was detonated, he believed that they had been killed. She asks the judge what man would not want to act as her client had. The judge and Nora have to reflect that Cole has now committed his 3rd felony. But the judge tells them he will take the circumstances into consideration. He then calls a recess. Starr and Marty gather around Cole and seem surprised that it appears that the judge has not yet convicted Cole. Marty then turns to John, remembering overhearing Natalie and Brody’s “private” conversation that indicates that Brody could very well be the father of her baby. And she informs John that she saw Natalie at the Ob-Gyn clinic the other day. And isn’t it a bit odd that Natalie didn’t even let John know that she went there when he’s the father of her baby?

Natalie asks Jessica if she wants to watch another movie. Jessica tells her she’d rather just take a nap. She would rather be unconscious since every moment she spends wondering the results of the test are unbearable to her. She asks what if this is Ford’s baby? She is so afraid that she will lose Brody if that is the case. Natalie assures her that Brody won’t bail on her. Jessica appears emotional and tells Natalie she knows that her sister understands and she can confide in her about what it means to have a baby with the man she loves. She tells Natalie she knows how crushed Natalie) would be if she found out that her baby might not be John’s. She thanks Natalie for being the best sister and hugs her. She leaves. And Natalie is yet again, uneasy knowing that Jessica is still clueless about her secret.

John and Marty talk about Natalie during the court recess. He asks her what she is implying about Natalie’s OB-GYN appointment. Marty then tells him he may call his girlfriend and ask her himself. The judge enters again. He instructs everybody to rise and tells them that court is back in session and he is going to make his ruling.

Rex and Brody talk about their respective entanglements with Gigi and with Stacy and how he helped Gig break up with Rex when Stacy was threatening them. Rex admits that he does not want to even think about it.

Dorian and Kelly argue about the guy whom Dorian invited to be Kelly’s massage therapist. Dorian tells her if she does not want to “avail” herself of Wyatt’s services, Blair might. Alone with Wyatt, Kelly tells him she does not know what her aunt told him. She does not want a massage. But thank you. He tells her it’s obvious that she could have any guy she wants. But why doesn’t’ she just let him “loosen her up”. She tells him she is not really “into” that short of thing. But when he begins to massage her shoulders, she does admit that that is good.

In Paris, Layla admit to Cristian that he hates being away from him for so long.

Gigi ask Adriana how it is that Rex told her that they do not have sex, Adriana tells her that she and Rex have become great friends ever since she encouraged him to get back with Gigi. Adriana knows how to make Gigi feel self-conscious and uncomfortable in the rich and aristocratic surroundings that Adriana lives in. Gigi calls Rex while he’s in the sauna and demands to know if he really did tell Adriana that they have not had sex yet.

The judge announces to the court hat he has taken everything that has been said and presented in this courtroom into consideration.. He knows what Mr. Thornhart was up against. However, Mr. Clark was ready to be arrested and had the right to a fair trial as any other person. He cannot condone vigilante justice. This is Mr. Thornhart's 3rd offense. He knows that Mr. Thornhart assaulted and falsely accused Todd Manning of killing his mother’s baby. Téa then stands up and reminds the judge that Mr. Thornhart had no clue what had happened. It was Mr. Clark who caused Mr. Thornhart's mother to lose her bay. The judge then tells the court that he cannot offer Mr. Thornhart a suspended sentence when he’s been on probation and parole for previous offenses and given too many chances to reform yet not done so. However, he will offer Cole the minimum sentence which is 10 years in Statesville. That is obvious not ok with anybody.

Kelly lets Wyatt give her a massage but it appears to be too much for her. And she sends him out the door.

Brody comes to see Natalie. She tells him that Jessica is resting and has no clue about their secret. Natalie) feels like the biggest hypocrite in the world to have Jessica feeling guilty and like Natalie) is such an honorable person when Jessica has no clue what they did.

The judge announces that he will give MR. Thornhart a little time to get his affairs in order before being shipped to Statesville. Téa and Nora are apologetic to Cole and not ok with the sentence.

Natalie tells Brody that even though Jessica is unaware, she got her own amnio. And what if they find out that Brody is the father if her child?

Outside the courtroom, Marty tells John that maybe he needs to find out what Natalie is up to and if she can really be trusted. He asks her what she is talking about. She then spells out to John that when Natalie went to the OB-GYN clinic the previous day, she got an amniocentesis to find out the baby’s paternity.

Wyatt leaves Dorian’s home and Dorian asks where he is going and where her niece Kelly is. And knowing that he is free, she asks him to be her massage therapist.

Cristian is happily with Layla. But Adrianna tells her she’s sorry. But their reunion has to end before it starts. Gigi is on the phone with Rex and he tells her that he and Adriana are just friends and call and email sometimes. She asks him how it is that he could have divulged to his ex wife, who hates Gigi’s guts that they are not having sex. She tells him that there is no excuse for his not keeping his mouth shut when Adriana asked him. Gigi then angrily hangs up. And Kelly walks into the sauna steam room to sit beside Rex.

John goes to see Natalie while Brody is there and asks her if she had an amniocentesis.

Nora and Téa ask Marty if she needs anything. They know that she is distraught. But she declines their help and goes out the door.

Starr and Cole return to Dorian’s. She asks if the reason he is there is not so that he can say good bye. He tells her that there is something he has to talk about. She then tells him they do not have time. He tells her this will not take long. And he announces that he is breaking up with her.

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