OLTL Update Monday 11/8/10

One Life to Live Update Monday 11/8/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Dani is ready to tell her parents about distributing the invitations to their party. But she walks in on them and obviously “sees something” that causes her to scream and rush out the door.

At Dorian’s home, Blair remarks that Starr is distraught that Cole had to turn himself into the cops for murder.. Dorian remarks that if she could give Cole a medal, she would. But they all know that nobody can help Cole with his situation Dorian tells Blair, Kelly and Langston that they must have a Cramer women family meeting. Langston asks her about what. Dorian replies to Langston about Langston

At Robert’s and James’ apartment, they open the door and are stunned at who appears outside their door. It’s their long lost father. They remark that they thought he was in jail.

Inez brings Bo and Nora some cookies to thank them for their assistance with James so that he is now safe and sound and not in trouble.

James and Robert’s father smugly asks them if they should not welcome him back. Robert firmly tells him he better go away.

Viki informs Charlie it was a little odd that when she confronted Echo about hurting Rex, Echo got very defensive and told Viki how she dare accuse her of hurting Rex. Why would she care about hurting Rex or being accused of doing so if Rex is a stranger to her? Charlie asks her if that has to mean that Rex is her son.

Clint admits to Echo that he’s known all along that Rex is his son but has done everything in his power to make sure that that little bastard never knows about that.

Téa and Dani suggest maybe postponing the party knowing what Starr is going through. But Todd tells them that Starr would not want that.. It’s the reception they never had And if they wait until everybody’s life is in order, they will never get to have the party. He tells them he believes that Starr will want them to go with it. Téa then tells Todd that she needs to go and visit Cole in jail and make sure that he is ok since she is representing him. He tells her hat he can come with her to give out some invitations. He knows many people at the police station who he wants to invite.

Rex bangs on Echo’s door after talking to Viki and Charlie about the secret. Clint is in there room and demands she not answer the door. But Echo tells him she does not care what he wants. She then opens the door and Rex tells her that he needs to talk to her. She tells Rex she needs to talk to him also.

Viki tells Charlie that it’s entirely possible that Echo got pregnant with Rex by Clint and that make Clint Rex’s biological father. But he tells her that doesn’t really add up. IF Clint was the father of Echo’s child, wouldn’t she want the Buchanan money and not keep it a secret?. Viki agrees with that. Plus she knows that when Echo came back to town, this time, she didn’t seem particularly interested in Clint. The person she was “interested” in was Charlie

Dorian tells Langston that she is a bit concerned that Langston might be getting back with Robert Ford at some point. She knows that Langston went with him to the hospital with him and very protective of him after he got assaulted. What was that all about?

Robert and James’ father tells his sons that maybe they need to let bygones be bygones. Robert tells him he needs to go away and stay away. He then tells Robert he has a attitude and tells James he needs to get another roommate. James then tells their father that Bobbie has been really good to him and he backs him. Both sons ask their father what he wants. He tells them that it should be very obvious what he wants.

At the station, Inez tells Nora that she is really encouraged that James had a chance to go to college. Clint has really helped him. And she was very worried that James’ good intentions to help Cole could have ruined James’ live. Bo ahs guided James to make the right choices and not ruin his life. Todd, Téa and Dani come through the door. Nora hugs Téa and Dani. Téa immediately asks Nora what she plans to do regarding Cole’s case. Nora tells her that they need to take a day off from work. But Téa protests that Cole had good reason to believe that Eli murdered Starr and Hope by blowing them up in the warehouse or had hid them and he’d never see them again. That should be a case in his defense right there. But Nora tells her it’s not going to happen. Téa then concludes that she is going to vigorously represent Cole although Todd and Dani agree that she needs to rest and recuperate. . Inez then tells Dani it’s great to see her and remarks that Nate was really happy to see that she and her mom were both safe and sound. Hearing that, Téa concludes to Inez that she must be Nate’s mom. Bo then introduces Téa to his assistant and Nate’s mom, Inez Salinger. Inez and Téa have a conversation in Spanish that the others cannot comprehend. Todd then tells Bo and Nora that they are invited to a party. He wants to celebrate the miracle of Téa’s life. And Inez is invited also since she is their daughter’s boyfriend’s mom. Téa is ready to go up against Nora in court and tells her it was great to see her and Bo and hopes they will make it to the party. Todd remarks to Nora that Bo’s assistant might need a “date”.

James and Robert’s father reminds his sons that he is still their father and has not forgotten the 50 grand that James lost for him.

When Dorian, Blair and Kelly all assume that Langston may be “rekindling” things with Robert Ford, she tells them that she has not made any plans to get back with him. Just because she took him to the hospital when he was coughing up blood, it doesn’t mean anything. What was she supposed to do? Just leave them there to suffer? That would have been mean. Hearing that, Dorian protests that Robert Ford is “mean”. He’s a snake and Langston needs to never trust him again. Blair then asks Langston just why Robert got sick and needed medical care.. Langston replies he was assaulted. The three of them all scoff and ask by whose husband. She protests that none of them are in any position to give her advice on finding the right man. Dorian got left at the alter. Blair married a serial killer. And Kelly obviously has interest is somebody who is taken. Hearing that, Kelly protests that she and Rex have nothing going on. But Langston clarifies that she did not mean Rex. She meant Todd. But after hearing Kelly bringing up Rex for the first time that sounds very interesting. Overhearing that, both Blair and Dorian seem to agree and want to know why Kelly assumes that others believe she has feelings for Rex.

Viki then tells Charlie that it’s pretty suspicious that Echo has the other half of the necklace that was left with Rex when he was abandoned as a baby. And it’s obvious that Rick and Lily are not his parents as they are fictional characters. She also tells Charlie she now knows that he spent many of his drinking days with Echo. He slept with her right about the time when Rex could have been conceived. She asks she may be so bold as to ask what the probability would be that he could be Rex’s biological father. SO that would mean how often did Charlie sleep with Echo? Once? Twice? Often?

When Rex goes tot talk to Echo and Clint is in the room, she asks what he wanted to talk to her about. He tells her he is afraid that she is playing him. And he wants to know why and what is going on with her.

At the same time, Viki and Charlie talk about the probability of Charlie’s “drunken sex” with Echo. And Todd, Téa and Dani walk in to overhear their conversation. Todd asks if the two of them are “having drunken sex”. He smirks and asks his sister and brother in law to fill them in on the details. Téa smiles. And everybody seems happy and light hearted to see that Téa is alive and well. Viki and Charlie hug Téa and express how happy they are to see the three of them together. They tell Viki and Charlie they should not have barged in on them without calling ahead. But they are having a party for their delayed wedding reception. Téa remarks that this may not have great timing. But they are very grateful and want to share their love with everybody. Viki and Charlie remark that they are sure to be there. Todd tells them that he wants them to take their own advice and not let their marriage go south again. Alone with Charlie, Viki tells him that is exactly what she is having some concerns about.

Robert protests to his father that it is not James’ fault that the money disappeared. He had Bull threatening him. The father tells them it’s because of James’ little girlfriend getting involved in it. James tells him he better not blame Starr. The father tells them again he wants his money. He puts his hand on James’ shoulder. Robert stands in front of his brother and tells the father he better let him go. The father tells Robert he need not baby-sit James. It was he who left his younger brother behind… so that Robert could be Mr. Fame and Fortune in Hollywood. And he asks Robert how that went by the way. Robert then demands again that their father gets out. When he sees his father has not budged, he grabs him by the collar and tells him he will throw him out. But Robert falls over coughing and lacking strength. It appears that this father is concerned that he is hurt and asks Robert what happened to him. And who kicked his butt?

In Echo’s home, Rex tells her that he wanted to have a conversation privately with her. Clint tells Rex that he himself was there first. Rex then tells Clint that he can say what he has to say no mater who is there. Rex then asks Echo what is up with the scam involving his parents, the half heart necklace and the fictional story of Lily and Rick. Clint then protests to Rex that he better not interrogate or harass Echo. She’s told him everything she knows and Clint appears very protective of Echo for the first time.

Viki tells Charlie that whatever is up with Echo or whoever she had Rex with, it’s obvious that the reason Echo came back into town was to come between Viki and her husband yet attain.

At Echo’s home, Clint is ready to physically remove Rex telling him the lady has humored him all she’s going to. But Rex upholds that he is not going anywhere. Not until she tells him the truth about his parents. Hearing that, Clint and Echo stare at each other not knowing what to tell their “son”.

Dorian asks Kelly if she has something going on with Adriana’s ex. Blair tells her cousin that even if she says that nothing is going on, Kelly might want something to “go on” or else she would not have let it slip out of her tongue. Kelly protest to her aunt and cousin that she and Rex have had some encounters by accident. Dorian then tells her she must know that there are no such thing as accident.

Todd, Téa and Dani go to see Echo. Téa thanks her for the pictures she took and they invite her to the party. Both Clint and Rex are standing in the background. Téa then acknowledges that Rex helped them catch Eli so he is also invited.. But nobody appears to invite Clint.

Charlie tells Viki that they are having an argument that could be over right away if she would just stop obsessing about Echo and walk away. She then tells him that he should realize that he can’t walk away if there is the slightest change that he is Rex’s’ father. If that is possible, then wouldn’t he want to know?

Meanwhile, Rex tells Echo that he wants to get some answers about his parents. He goes out the door. When they are alone, Clint asks her why she didn’t spill the beans to Rex. She tells Clint that maybe she was doing him a favor. It’s very plain to see that Rex hates Clint’s guts and if he ever found out that Clint was his father he might go for his throat.

James and Robert’s father tells his sons that they must remember the good times they had together. They tell him that all they can remember is being beaten. He talks about all of the imaginary fishing trips and fun times and blames “their bitch mother” for walking out on them. But they know that she had no choice. Finding out for the first time that James has been informed by Robert about their mother, the father asks the two of them what kinds of brainwashing that woman has been putting over on them. James furiously tells his father that if he makes any threats to their mother, he will be sorry. Robert even seems protective of Inez.

In Bo’s office,, Inez tells Bo and Nora that it’s been a long time since she’s been to a party. They ask her why she doesn’t just go with them and they can introduce her to their friends. Bo gets a call. Nora then tells Inez that she ahs an idea. Why doesn’t Inez just get a date?

James and Robert’s father tell his sons that if they don’t come up with the money, James could be charged with grand larceny. They protest that he cannot do that. He tells them that he will leave for a while and then come back and expects to see a “little attitude adjustment” when he returns. Right when he goes out the door, Todd, Téa and Dani enter. Todd asks who this man is. James tells Todd he’s an “old family friend”. Todd then responds by telling him that any old family friend of James’ is a friend of his.. James then asks Todd if Starr is ok. Todd replies no she’s not. But she will get better. And he tells James and possibly Robert, even possibly their father that they are invited to a party. He tells them he will see them at the dig and departs. Alone with this sons, the father asks who the hell was that. Are they ashamed of their old man? Robert informs him that that was Todd Manning. Their father almost got two of Todd’s daughters killed. James tells him yes. When his old friend, Bull was waving his gun around. Robert then gets in his face and tells him he owes James an apology. James just saved his sorry ass, he tells him.

At the station, Inez asks Nora if it would not seem a bit “pushy” for her to show up with a guest. Nora asks her if she really wants to go to this party alone. Bo then asks Inez if she could excuse them for just one second. Alone in the office with Nora, he asks her if she is doing a “little match making there”. They both smile. And she tells him she just wants to get everybody what they ant.

When Echo is alone with Clint after Rex is gone, she asks him why he sent his son on a wild goose chase so that he would ever know who his father is. Why is he ashamed of his own son? Clint replies because Rex is a gold digging piece of trash. Just like his mother.

Charlie then admits to Viki that yes, a part of him wants to know if he is Rex’s father. He knows what it’s like to lose a son. And that emptiness and pain never goes away. He wakes up with it every morning. So she must know that a chance of being a father again and especially to somebody as good as Rex. He tells her he just doesn’t want to get his hopes up and then find out he’s not. She tells him she understands. But knowing that the truth is out there, doesn’t he want to find it? Rex appears. Viki asks if everything is alright. He informs them that he went to see Echo again. She then tells him that before he says anything else, there is something he needs to know.

Kelly gets the door and tells her family that the last thing she has is a crush on Todd. Todd, Téa and Dani enter. She hugs Téa and Dani. Dorian tells Téa and Dani is so good to see them. Dani asks if anyone wants to go to a party. Todd tells them if they want to be there, they are invited and not to be late. And he encourages them all the bring dates.

Echo tells Clint that she intends to go to that party tomorrow. He intends to see their son. She will tell him anything she wants to tell him. And there is not a damn thing Clint can do about it. Clint’s phone rings. It’s Inez who informs him that she was invited to Todd Manning’s party and would like to see if Clint is free. He tells her he would love to go with her. Echo overhears.

After Todd tells the Cramer women they should all bring dates, all four of them are a little bit dumbfounded. Langston then tells Dorian, Blair and Kelly that out of all of them, she is the only one with the slightest chance of a date and they are all on her case about that. Dorian then tells her that she may forget about if the date she is considering is the likes of Robert Ford.. Kelly then asks Dorian whom she intends to bring as a date. Dorian replies that they are Cramer women. They are not dependent on men nor need dates in order to have a good time.

Robert and James’ father sits on their couch and affirms that he is their father and he could sure get used staying at their place.

Inez is then standing outside Bo’s and observes him happily with Nora.

Viki shows Rex the book about Rick and Lily. She affirms that they are fake. Rex asks if they are not his real parents then, who is. She dares not answer. Rex tells her he assumes that no doubt, Echo will attend Todd’s party and take pictures. And he is going to be there expecting answers from her.

Todd and Téa return home happily getting ready for the party. He tells her that they seem a lot happier than many of the people they have invited. She tells him that maybe they have earned it.

Robert and James’ father helps himself to beers out of their refrigerator.

Langston then observes her invitation and appears to be lost in thought. Dorian observes her.

Inez sits alone at her desk watching Bo and Nora dancing and happily together.

Clint leaves Echo’s room and appears incomplete knowing that sooner or later Rex will know the truth. Echo is alone in her room with the necklace Viki and Charlie are wondering what to do with the secret that she did not dare tell to Rex. Rex then goes outside the door and reads his invitation wondering what he’s going to do.

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