OLTL Update Friday 11/5/10

One Life to Live Update Friday 11/5/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Jessica and Brody go to the hospital and talk about the paternity test and their “confidence” that he is the father of her baby and not Robert Ford. But as they talk, they stand right outside Robert’s hospital room while he walks out the door to overhear their conversation. He asks if they are there to get a sonogram and ultrasound and amnio to make certain the baby is ok. They awkwardly reply that there are other reasons, (which he knows well of) for why they are doing that. He knows that they are doing a paternity test. Jessica replies yes. After this, they will know who the baby’s father is. She tells him.

Not far away, Natalie asks Marty if Cole is ok. Marty angrily asks her if she wants to have Cole put away and tells her if there is any justice in the word, nobody will ever find her son.

Cole goes to the police station. John and Bo place him under arrest and read him his rights. James stands beside him and says nothing . But Starr rushes in and tells Cole he cannot do that. She asks him why he would do this or not tell her why he walked out of the place they were staying. He explains that he did not know how to tell her and knows this is the right thing to do. She does not want to leave him alone. But he tells her the cops have to put him in a cell and she cannot be there. Nora enters. John informs her that Cole turned himself in and needs to know what she intends to do, She tells John that she wants to postpone and think about what she scan possibly do to prevent him from going to prison. She is ready to call Marty.

At the hospital, Marty furiously tells Natalie that if she had one unselfish bone in her body, she would not have ruined Cole’s life. She informs her that she is there to meet with a review board regarding Hannah ‘O’Connor. She is probably going to be in serious trouble for not seeing the reality about Hannah. And she knows that Natalie must live for that and Cole has to pay.

Vivian asks Natalie if she is there alone for the amnio or if the baby’s father is there. Natalie admits that she is there alone and has not told the father anything about it.

Robert asks Jessica and Brody why, if they are certain that Brody is the father and it’s settled, then why are they taking the risk of the amnio. Brody asks him why he thinks it’s any of his business. Jessica then asks Robert if he can tell them anything they need to know about his family history. He replies as far as he knows all of the babies in his family were born healthy, unless you count the “SOB” gene they got from his old man.

Viki informs Charlie that Rex has gotten some false information that Rick and Lily are his parents. But she has found that that is fiction. Lily and Rick are characters in a story book. He asks her what this has to do with Echo. She informs Charlie that Rex found some very important, relevant and significant things in Echo’s room. She happens to have the other half of the necklace that was left with Rex when he was a baby. And she talks about gathering evidence. But Charlie protests that she is assuming that a crime has been committed when she does not know. He tells Viki he thought she was going to let this go. But Viki protests that Echo is lying. And not about something small. She has lied about whom Rex’s parents are. So she cannot let this go.

Rex tells the same story to Bo.

Clint asks Echo why she needs to tell him about her son. She then divulges to Clint that her son is Rex Balsom.

Viki informs Charlie that Rex read to her a letter that his father allegedly wrote to his mother. IT rang a bell with her. And she went and looked at a book in her study. And when they asked Echo about it, she was stunned. He suggests that maybe Echo knew nothing about it and just didn’t want to be interrogated. But Viki is very suspicious of Echo and believes she would scam Rex about his parentage. Charlie asks her why Echo would do something like that.

Echo confesses to Clint that the half heart necklace that Clint gave her many years ago was left with Rex. He asks her about that necklace not remembering the details. But she admits to him that it was herself who left her baby at Llanview hospital. And there is no question that she is Rex Balsom’s mother.

Rex admits to Bo that he has recently had a “need” to find his dad. But he later asked himself why he’d care about a guy who could care less about him. Bo tells Rex he understands why, regardless of that, he has to find out where he came from. Rex protests that he was ready and willing to let it go. But then Echo showed up and indicated that she knows something about it and he may not have gotten correct information about his birth. Bo then tells Rex that he realizes that he has to find out the truth about his birth parents.

At the station, Starr tells Cole that she can’t let him do this and prevent her or baby Hope from ever seeing him again while he’s in prison for life for committing murder. Marty rushes in and is ready to prevent anything from happening to her son. But she knows she’s helpless.

At the Ob-Gyn clinic, Vivian tells Natalie she can assure confidentiality. So they may get started.

Brody tells Robert that he need not care about their baby. But Robert protests that he has some rights and wants the baby to be safe if it’s his. Jessica breaks up the argument and asks Robert why he’s at the hospital. He tells her he hurt himself at the gym. But she somehow knows there’s something he’s not telling and appears protective of him. He does not want to answer that. But Brody knows he’s gotten beat up and asks if he got caught by the husband or boyfriend of one of his “partners”.

Natalie is in the exam room getting changed and leaves a message for Brody.

Robert is alone in his apartment on his lap top looking for information on amniocentesis and appears to be searching to learn more. James enters. Robert asks his brother if he is still aiding and abetting a fugitive. James informs him that Cole turned himself in. Hearing that, Robert appears to be “encouraged”, smirks and tells James that now he no longer has this barrier to prevent being with Starr. James tells his brother that it does not matter. Starr is in love with Cole. But Robert reminds his brother that if Cole goes to prison for life, sooner or later, Star will get tired of being alone and will choose James. He appears cocky. But James does not seem to find it funny.

At the station, Starr tells Cole that she is distraught and needs to do something but she does not know what. She asks him what she will tell Hope.

Marty reminds Nora that Cole thought that Eli killed Starr and Hope. That is the reason he snapped.. She reminds Nora that she signed off on Hannah’s release so maybe she should be held responsible for what Hannah did and the fact that Hannah fooled everybody. But Nora tells Marty that she, herself, also was fooled and agreed to drop the charges against Hannah. Marty furiously tells Nora that she will never forgive Natalie for what she did to Cole. Why couldn’t she have kept her mouth she? Natalie has no idea what itís like to be a mother

John answers his phone when Natalie calls him from the hospital Ob-Gyn exam room. He informs her that Cole turned himself in. And she cannot tell him what she has been tempted to tell him. Vivian is ready to do the test.

Jessica and Brody are outside and ready for her tests. She goes with the nurse. Brody tells her she may go ahead and he will sign her in. But as soon as he gets the clipboard, he sees that Natalie has signed in and must be nearby. He goes and finds her room and watches as they do the ultrasound for Natalie’s baby. Natalie notices him at the door and appears stunned.

Viki tells Charlie that it’s obvious to see that Echo didn’t just come back to town after all these years for nothing. She obviously has a plan. He tells her she has no evidence. Viki admits that she did not have anything concrete or confirmed to tell Rex. But she wants to get to the bottom of this. She tells Charlie that that poor boy has suffered enough in his life.

Bo talks to Rex about his suspicions regarding Echo and Rex’s biological parents and suggests that maybe Clint could find out some things about her since he used to know her. But Rex tells Bo no way does he want Clint involved in it.

Echo tells Clint she remembers the day she got pregnant. It was by him. And she confirms to Clint that he is Rex Balsom’s father. Hearing that, he tells her that’s the biggest load of crap he’s ever heard. There’s no way in hell that he’s Rex Balsom’s father. He demands to know what she is in town for. Is it extortion? If she was pregnant when she was with him, she would have come back long ago to get at some Buchanan money. But she tells him that she was with a man named Giles. She has been away for a long time. She tried to come back and tell Clint about their child. But she overheard him talking to Viki and about how they were going to get back together. Viki was the love of his life. He made a tragic mistake and would spend the rest of his life making it up to Viki. He promised he never leave her or cheat on her again. She overhead him and Viki talking about how they will never let “that dreadful woman” ruin their lives. She cries and explains to him that at that point she knew that she had to get out of there and leave them alone and that her baby would never have a good life knowing how he was conceived. She wasn’t about to tell Clint because he would resent her and resent their baby. She couldn’t do that to her child. So she drove to the hospital and left baby Rex there, hoping that somebody somewhere would adopt and love him. SO she drove out of town and never looked back. And she made herself scarce, out of sight, out of mind and away from Llanview for all these years. She left her son but never let him go. He had half her heart.

After Bo suggests that Rex asks Clint to help him and possibly shed some light on what Echo might know about his birth and Rex shoots down the idea, Bo asks Rex why he does not trust Clint. Rex tells Bo that he knows that Clint and Echo are not on good terms and might not want to rehash his previous involvement with her. Bo then suggests maybe they bring Echo in for questioning. If it’s a stolen necklace, then the police have the right to do that. But Rex tells Bo that he might not have a case against Echo since he broke into her room to take it.

Not far away, John warns Starr not to put James up to lying for her and for Cole or else this “friend” she cares about will be in serious trouble and could go to prison with Cole.

James returns home to his brother and they talk about Jessica’s baby. Robert tells him that as far as he knows, there are good genes in their family. And a part of him kind of hopes that that baby turns out to be his and has a good life with the good genes from both him and from Jessica.

Brody talks privately to Natalie before Vivian returns to the exam room after seeing her ultrasound. Vivian is then ready to inject Natalie with a needle that will confirm that paternity of her baby. Brody stands beside her and watches. She looks at him, as they hide their secret from everybody.

At the station, Starr asks Nora if she does not realize what Cole was up against when he shot Eli. She must understand. Nora does not dispute that but tells Starr that it’s up to the judge. She is the D.A. but has been overruled by judges before. Cole asks Nora what the worst case would be. Nora replies life in prison. Hearing that, Starr looks at her, horrified.

At their apartment, Robert asks James if he does not believe that Cole has been a jerk and if Starr deserves better. And maybe, if nothing else, James could comfort her and be a friend. James tells his brother he knows. But Starr has a lot of friends, like Langston. He reminds Robert that Langston was good to him when he went to the hospital. She stayed with him the whole while and made sure he was taken care of. Robert admits that yes. Langston is a good person. She kind of surprised him when he thought she hated his guts and would have cared less if he was hurt. James asks Robert if he has not considered reconciling his differences with Langston and getting her back. Robert tells his brother that he did seriously considered that. But as soon as Langston heard what he did to Jessica, his chances of getting back with Langston are toast. James then asks Robert if he really wants Jessica’s baby to be his and not Brody’s.

Natalie runs into Jessica at the OB-GYN. Jessica goes inside while Brody and Natalie are alone outside.

Starr cries and holds onto Cole at the station before they take him away. But John reminds them that they have to put the cuffs on for booking.

In Bo’s office, Rex tells him that he did have the master key to Echo’s room in Roxy’s hotel. But he did break in without her knowing so she could have a case against him. Bo then tells Rex that after trying and failing with breaking and entering and going out to New Mexico and coming up with nothing, why doesn’t he just go and talk to the woman. Rex is skeptical of that idea. But Bo urges him to know that honest can breed more honesty and he might get through to Echo yet.

Clint tells Echo that he knows that they could not be Rex’s parents. He knows that Rex found out about his bio parents in New Mexico. But she tells him that it was the fictional story of Rick and Lily. He tells her that that story is not his kind of reading. She tells him it’s not hers’ either. And she knows that Viki had the book in her living room. She names the author of the book, Blaize Party. Clint is then ready to go out the door. But she knows that Blaize Party was Asa’s ancestor. So Viki had to have copies of that book. And “that person” who sent Rex on that wild goose chase to NM was good and had to have known how to forge those letters and make sure they got planted in the right place. He even had to go so far as to get people in Santa Fe to confirm the story of Rick and Lily. This person had to have power and money. And she then confirms to Clint knows it’s him. Clint forged the letters.

At Viki's, Charlie tells her that he does not know who forged the letters and isn’t really concerned. It’s none of their business. But she tells her husband that it is their business. She is very fond of Rex and knows he is too. He tells her yes. He cares about Rex. But Rex has been though so much recently and doesn’t need to have the rug pulled out from him again. He’s just recently found out for the first time that Roxy is not his mom. This will make it even harder for him. And hearing and remembering that Rex was mislead his whole life about whom his mom is, Viki has an “idea” that scares her. She goes and looks at the copy of the speeding ticket that Echo got in Llanview. And it just happens to be the same day that a baby was abandoned at Llanview hospital with the half necklace. She asks what if Rex was mistaken in believing that his father had the other half and what if Echo left it with him. What if Echo is Rex’s mother?

Echo tells Clint she knows he forged the letters. He does not argue. She tells him they may now take that up with Rex. He then admits it’s true. He did forge those letters.

The cops are ready to take Cole away. But John offers to walk with him so he doesn’t have to be booked by a stranger. Starr cries and tells him she will call him as soon as possible. They will find a lawyer and a way to beat this.

In Bo’s office, Nora looks out the window and remarks that she sees what is happening. He tells her that he believes it’s good that Cole turned himself in. And he tells her that regardless of the fact that the world may be a better place without Eli, he was in custody in hand cuffs and ready to be booked when Cole shot and killed him and they can’t over look that. She tells him she knows. She will have to prosecute him but won’t fight his lawyer any more than she has to. He asks her about Starr. Nora tells him Starr is in shreds. And Marty also. She knows that something is going on with Marty. She is so angry and does not understand why she is not going to prison instead of Cole. And Nora does not know what they are going to do when Marty sees them lock the door on her son.

Marty overhears Natalie talking to the nurse about the amnio and the results of her baby’s paternity. She notices Natalie appearing happy. And Marty appears to be furious.

Vivian tells Brody and Jessica that in a few days, they will know everything about this baby.

James observes Robert on his computer looking at information about amniocentesis and is intrigued to see his brother so interested in Jessica’s pregnancy. There’s a knock on the door. James opens it and is stunned.

Viki tells Charlie that there are too many coincidences involving Echo and the necklace and Rex and the story about Rick and Lily in New Mexico. And one very significant thing occurred when she confronted Echo about hurting Rex. Echo, whom everybody assumes barely knows Rex, got very defensive toward Viki and told her how dare she accuse Echo of not caring about Rex.

Echo tells Clint that he is despicable to send his own son on a wild goose chase to NM and do what he has done. Clint admits that he did everything he could to make certain that “that little bustard” never finds out that he is Clint’s son.

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