OLTL Update Thursday 11/4/10

One Life to Live Update Thursday 11/4/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

John and Natalie are in his apartment talking about “baby McBain”. He tells her he will shower and get them both some breakfast. Alone, she says please let this baby be John’s and not Brody’s.

Jessica is with Brody who tells her he is on bed rest with the mother of his child. But she tells him that she is ready to take the test.

James goes to visit Robert in the hospital. Robert assures his brother that he’s ok and it’s so good too have his brother back when everybody was worried what happened to James. He asks James if he “got want he wanted”. Did Starr rush into his arms? James replies no. She went back to Cole Thornhart. Hearing that and knowing that James must not be ok with it, Robert asks his brother what he plans to do about it.

Cole awakens with Star and tells her that he is going to turn himself in for killing Elijah Clark.

Viki goes to see Echo at Angel Square and brings her the book of the love letters of Rick and Lily. She tells Echo she knows that Echo copied the letters out of that book in order to have Rex believing that those fictitious characters were his parents.

At the station, Inez asks Bo what James did to almost get put in jail. Bo tells her that he lied to John McBain about Cole Thornhart's whereabouts when Cole is wanted for murder.

Robert tells James that he must know that he was a super hero. He must have saved Starr’s life for a reason. But James tells his brother that he did not do that in order to win Starr over and get her to leave Cole for him. It’s enough to know that she’s alive and well and safe. He doesn’t’ expect anything more.

After Cole tells Starr he plans to confess to murder, she does not want to go thorough with that. She smiles and faces him happily telling him that they are going to find a new place to live and be together with their little girl and live happily even after even if that means being on the run.

Robert tells James he knows that he is not ok with Starr going back to Cole.

Brody tells Jessica that he wants to be with her and have a family together. He gets a call from Natalie who asks him if he has a second. Knowing he must be with her sister, she tells him she will call back. But she tells him that she cannot keep pretending that she knows that this is John’s baby. And for her own peace of mind as well as for him, she intends to get the paternity test. Right then, John enters and overhears her talking about a paternity test. He asks her what is up with that. She tells him she was just talking to Jessica about hers’ and Brody’s paternity test. He asks her what the specifics are regarding that. She admits that it’s pretty much out in the open ever since Brody went after “that guy at LU”. Hearing that, John asks if “that guy” would be a student. She tells him it was Robert Ford. She admit to John that Jessica made a horrible mistake and might be having another mans’ baby by accident.

After James tells Robert that he helped to aid and abet Cole to escape from the cops after he shot Elijah, Robert tells his brother that he could go to jail for that and needs to seriously think about what he’s gotten himself into.. What has he gotten out of this if Starr has gone back to Cole and he can’t have her.

Cole tells Starr that he believes he did the right thing blowing Eli away. He seriously believed that Eli had her and Hope buried in the warehouse. Yet he knows that he murdered a defenseless person. So, he might have to face the consequences. She protests that he did the world a favor. But he realizes in the eyes of the law, it may not be seen that way.

Dani is with Nate talking about Cole and Starr and her parents being back together. He tells her that his mom and dad split before he was born and his family doesn’t know of much “togetherness” between lovers.

Téa is in bed with Todd telling him she is still getting used to the fact that it’s not a dream that she’s really back with him. She tells him that she is finally feeling like herself again. She is starting to think clearly. And she’s been thinking that he married her in a last chance swell of emotion, believing she was dying. He was going to be the tragic widower without the reality of being married. And now she is there. SO if he wants to reconsider, she will understand. He smirks at what he is hearing. But she tells him she is serious. Does he want to stay married to her?

After Viki tells Echo she knows that Echo copied letters form a book to have Rex believing that his parents wrote them to each other. Echo tells Viki she does not know what she is talking about. Viki tells her that she believes Echo has some sort of agenda to scam Rex. Hearing that, Echo asks Viki why she'd (herself) have this “interest” in Rex Balsam whom she doesn’t even know? Viki replies that is a bit odd and knows that Echo knows the answer to that.

At the station, Rex confronts Clint who smugly tells him he could care less what Rex thinks of him and is tired of Rex butting into his business. Rex tells him he’s there to see Bo and assumes so is Clint. But Clint tells him he’s not there to see Bo. We know who he’s there to see.

In Bo’s office, he tells Inez that James told John that Cole Thornhart was sleeping in a certain motel room the previous night. Yet it turned out to be wrong. She tells him perhaps James really believed that Cole was there. Bo then tells her he realizes if he were in her shoes, he’d want to defend his son also. But the cops believe that James purposely lied to John. And James not helping Cole or himself. He tells her that it’s a little more than a “mistake”. If James does not tell them the truth, he could be charged with obstruction of justice. She then tells him she’s going to go and talk to James. The last thing she needs is another son in trouble. Hearing that, Bo asks her what is going on and assures her she can talk to him. She then informs him that “Bobbie” gotten beaten really badly yet won’t tell anybody who did that to him.

Outside Bo’s office, Rex tells Clint if he thinks he’s going to “replace” Kim Andrews with Bo’s assistant, then if she knows what is good for her, she will run screaming in the other direction, like Kim did. Hearing that, Clint tells Rex he better watch his step or Clint will make certain that Gigi won’t be able to afford to go to LU. Rex faces Clint and tells him he will tell Bo what Clint did to his son.

Robert reminds James that all he had to do was tell the cops were Cole was, and Starr would be free and be with him right now. James tells Robert he’s not like his brother. He does not assume a girl wants him just because he wants her. Robert reminds him he is protecting a killer. James then reminds Robert that he has been assaulted, taken to the hospital and has been coughing up blood. And he wonders why Robert is not telling anybody who did this to him and why they did it. Robert still does not want to discuss it.

Natalie informs John that Jessica’s “encounter” with Robert Ford happened when she “went back” to high school. Hearing that, John concludes that that is unbelievable. She reminds him that Cristian made it very clear that he was in love with Layla and Jessica felt like she lost the love of her life. She was lost and confused and it was a one time thing. It meant nothing to her, she tells John. She assures him (as if she’d like to tell him about the two of them) that it has no bearing on her love for Brody. John tells her that he hopes the kid is Brody’s. Natalie then asks John what if it’s not. She asks John what he’d do if it were him. Could John raise another man’s child?

Cole tells Starr that he does not want to be on the run. It will traumatize baby Hope enough. She asks if their daughter won’t be traumatized after losing her dad. He tells her the whole while he believed that she and Hope were gone, he made a bargain. And he concluded that he just wanted her back and decided that if she wanted to be with James that would be ok. He did not care about anything except that she and Hope were alive and well. She cries and tells him they are. And she wants him. He then tells her that he will give up anything and do anything for her and Hope. And they must face the reality that the cops could drag him away at any time. They hear a knock on the door and panic. IN response to that, he asks her if she wants to keep living like this.

Todd is with Téa in bed and tells her that instead of thinking what she is thinking, he has another idea. She laughs wanting to know what that is. Todd tells Téa that even if they already had a wedding and wedding night, they need another one. He wants a big one. She asks if she should be worried. He asks her to look at him and see that he is happy. She must know that that is not a very common occurrence with him. SO he wants to celebrate their wedding and knowing that she is alive and well.

Bo tells Inez that the cops have to do their job regarding James. She thanks him for telling her. He gets a call and asks his contact if they “heard anything about Thornhart”.

Starr panics and urges Cole to hide when she gets the door. But she sees it’s just the housekeeping staff. He then asks her if that is how she wants to live her life, having to constantly panic and hide at doors? She tells him that she wants to be with him and accept whatever they must deal with.

James then asks Robert who assaulted him. Why is he protecting this person? Robert replies maybe because he deserved it. James asks if he believes that they both deserved what their father did to them. Robert then concludes that his brother is not going to let up on this. So he decides he will tell James if James promises not to do anything drastic.

Outside Bo’s office, Rex sees Clint on the prowl for Inez and remarks that he is dishonorable.

After Natalie asks John what he’d do if he had to raise another man’s baby, he tells her he does not think he could handle that. He thinks very highly of Brody and realizes he may not be able to go through what he is going through. But he can see that she has something on her mind and asks if there’s something going on between Brody and Jessica.

Starr and Cole get ready to spend an intimate time together. And we see them from outside the window.

Echo asks Viki where she got this crazy idea that she is trying to scam Rex Balsam about his parents. Viki tells Echo that it’s kind of coincidental that the story took place in New Mexico. And that just happens to be where Echo went. Echo tells Viki she better go away and leave her alone. Viki firmly tells Echo that she is very fond of Rex and so is Charlie. She has not decided to tell him what she suspects until she hears it from Echo. But if Echo does anything to hurt Rex, Viki will make her sorry. Echo then concludes that she knows that Viki has no reason to trust her. But, she affirms, she would never hurt Rex. She then shows Viki to the door. Outside, Viki concludes that they will see.

Rex then goes to see Bo and asks if he has any time. Bo asks if something is on his mind. Rex replies yes. His father.

Outside, Clint is on the phone with Echo telling her he will change his number if she does not stop harassing him. But she tells him that it’s “His move”. They have something very crucial to discuss.

Inez goes to see Robert and James. She informs James that she realizes that she did not raise him and he may have good reason to believe that she has to stay out of his life. But Bo warned her that this is very serious. He could go to prison. She urges James to please not end up like his father.

Nate comes to see Dani. And Todd surprises him by informing him that he and Téa are having a party and Nate is cordially invited. He then asks Nate to buzz off so that he can have a few moments with his daughter.

Natalie feels her baby kicking right after she tells John he needs to go off to work and not worry abut her. He concludes that this is their baby. This really is their child.

Starr is in bed with Cole and tells him that they can live in the country and even grow their own food. They can home school Hope. If he does not like that idea, they can move to a city, get new identities and get lost in the crowds. He tells her that he thinks of living in a small town in a little yellow house with a swing set in the back yard. She smiles and tells him she has to go and take a shower and then pick up Hope. She then tells him that they can do this. But he appears to have his doubts. Right then, he gets a call from James, warning him that the cops are going to make him say where he is. He has already tried to mislead them. But now he’s giving Cole a head start and asks him to get the hell out of where he’s staying now. Ok?

Todd talks privately to Dani about asking her to do something for her mom. She then agrees to do it after not wanting to.

Inez makes up Robert’s hospital bed and tells him that she is talking to the doctors to speed up his release. She’d offer to have him come home with her but knows it’s unlikely he’d accept. He then asks her to wait and tells her that he really appreciates what she’s done for James. She tells him that she is worried about Robert and wants to know who did this to him. But he asks her to please leave this alone. And he goes outside the door

Outside in the hallway, Jessica tells Brody that she has a good feeling about this. She feels like she is carrying his baby and not Ford’s. And right then, they stand outside of Robert’s hospital room and he comes out to overhear them.

Natalie is carrying paper and stares at Brody’s name on a medical file and she walk out of John’s apartment at Angel Square. Right then, she runs into Viki as she is walking out of Echo’s room. And Viki knows that something is up with her daughter.

Echo then gets her door. Clint asks her what is so important that she keeps nagging at him like a goat. What is this about? She replies her son.

Bo tells Rex he thought that Rex put this whole thing regarding his parents behind him. Rex tells him so did he. But now he’s not so sure.

At the station, John and the cops wait for James. John reminds James that he sent them on a wild goose chase last night. So would he like to tell the police the truth? Or would he like to get charged with aiding and abetting?

While Starr is in the bathroom, brushing her hair after her shower, she talks to Cole about ideas for how they travel on the run. But she sees that he is not there. She goes looking for him but only sees a letter he wrote that he wants to be with her but knows what living on the run and away from her family would do to her. He wants her and Hope to have a better life than that. He needs to know that she and Hope are happy, free and safe. Right then, we see Cole walking in the police station. He writes in his letter to Starr that he knows he murdered a man. Whoever that man is, he knows he has to pay the price. He can’t let others risk their freedom and suffer in order to protect him. He tells Starr to have a happy life and for their daughter to grow up to be beautiful and loved and for them both to know that he will always love them. Starr reads it and cries bitterly alone in the motel room.

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