OLTL Update Wednesday 11/3/10

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 11/3/10


Written by Lisa G.
Pictures by Juanita

Cole is at a motel. There’s a knock on the door; its Starr. She assures him that she was not followed; after all, James has their back. Cole notes that James is ALWAYS there for her. He hates that he now owes him. Starr tries to tell him to forget James; they need to figure out what they are going to do. Cole is freaking out realizing that its over for him. They go back and forth on what happened and why he shot Eli. They are yelling at each other. She is trying to tell him that if they get a good lawyer and tell their side of the story of why he shot Eli, a jury will have to understand. Cole does not think so.

Starr asks Cole why he has to make everything all about James. Cole tells her he knows that James is in love with her. Starr is crying telling him that she loves him and not James. She is only grateful to James because he saved her so she could see Cole again. James goes to their hotel and tells them that John is on to them and offers to help in any way. Cole thanks James for everything he has done. After James leaves, Cole tells Starr that she needs to go home to Hope.

At the police station, James cracks and says he knows where Cole is hiding. James tries make a deal with John. John doesn’t bite and threatens to call his mom and Ford. He tells John that Cole is at a seedy motel called the Pine Cone Inn in Pine Valley. John makes some calls and soon realizes that James is lying. He begins coming down on James. He tells him that there is no way that he can help Cole with this one. He shot someone in cold blood while he was handcuffed. He threatens to arrest James who then retorts, you got nothing on me LIEUTENANT! What, you really want Starr in the middle of everything when they bring Cole in. James doesn’t budge. John is finally sick of him and tells him to get out there. Bo talks to John and tells him to get home. His girlfriend almost lost him today. Go home, that’s an order.

Also at the station are Greg’s parents. They are asking Bo and Nora for help. Greg was there for their son, now can they help him? Bo tells them the charges are very serious. He will lose his license and do time. The Evans asks them if they will be lenient because of what a good doctor he is and that he saved Téa’s life. Nora says she doesn’t think a judge will be compassionate and don’t forget about Todd Manning! Nora and Mrs. Evans have a quick chat about Destiny. She doesn’t think she will ever think of her as her mother again or forgive her. Nora assures her that Destiny will turn around, just give her some time.

As Téa is walking out of her hospital room with Dani and Todd, Greg is being escorted out in handcuffs. Téa stops them asks how he could do all this to her and her family. Greg tries to apologize and Todd nearly bites his head off saying, “Don’t say you’re sorry you son of a bitch!” Téa stops Todd and continues to try and get some answers from Greg. Why did he betray her trust? What about his oath? She says, “You filled me full of lies and drugs.” Greg tells them all that he did not have the courage to stand up to Eli. He also couldn’t go through with Eli’s plan; that’s why he brought her back to the states. Todd is so aggravated; he tells Greg if he wasn’t already in custody he would rip his heart out with his bare hands. Shaun walks in on this and says be my guest. Greg can’t look his brother in the eyes. Shaun turns to Téa, picks her up and gives her a huge hug and tells her he is so happy to see her. The Mannings leave, with a last warning to the officer, be careful with this prisoner you know what happened to Eli (he gestures shooting a gun with his hand). The cop starts to walk Greg out, but Shaun stops them and says he needs some answers. Greg tells him again that he hooked up with Charlene while he was in prison. She got pregnant, had the baby and died. Shaun wants to know how she died, she was young and healthy. He doesn’t want to say how she died, but she was the reason that he had to go along with Eli. Greg tries to cover again saying that if he didn’t go along with Eli, Téa really would be dead. Greg tells him to stop Monday morning quarter backing’ what did Eli have on him and Charlene! Greg tells him that they were fighting over whether or not to keep the baby. He wanted to give the baby up for adoption and Charlene wanted to keep the baby. She tried to storm out, but her heel got caught on the carpet. She fell, hit her head and died. Shaun accuses him of killing Charlene. No, Greg says, it was an accident. He then admits he never brought her to the hospital and instead disposed of the body. Shaun is livid! She had no burial, service, and her parents never knew what happened to her. Shaun tells Greg that he is as low as it gets. The cop then walks him out in the cuffs.

Natalie heads home to Llanfair and she bumps in to Brody who is getting Jess some milk. They stop and talk and Natalie tells him what happened with Marty and how she is soooo mad at her. She muses she should of buried the evidence. This is Cole’s 3rd strike and he will be going to jail. She tells Brody that Marty has sworn to get back at her and one day something horrible will happen to her. Marty implied that she knows something. She thinks that something will be the paternity of her baby. Brody tells her she really needs a paternity test and gives her his DNA results. John walks in and says Trick or Treat! What did I miss? Natalie hides the paper. They kiss and leave to go to his apartment.

Todd brings Téa and Dani home. Téa and Dani get very emotional before they even get in the door and starting hugging and crying again. Téa and Todd curl up together on the couch, amazed over their miracle. Téa then looks over and sees the urn. Todd jumps and grabs it and says he will get rid of it, but Téa makes him give it to her. She freaks out and throws it and then picks up a poker and starts hitting it over and over screaming that its full of lies. When she stops, Todd holds her and tells her its okay. He understands her anger because he is angry as hell. Things will get better, they are finally together, and it will be smooth sailing from here on out. He then jokes, vacuum that up (her supposed ashes). Destiny stops by and tells Dani how happy she is her mom is home and that she is sorry for Greg’s involvement. She wouldn’t blame her if she hated her for what he did to them. Dani tells her no she is still her best friend. It’s not her fault, its her brother’s. “He’s not my brother!” , Destiny said. Destiny backtracks and declines Dani’s invitation to come in. Dani goes in and Destiny checks her voice mail. She listens to a message from her mom who is pleading with her to come home. She looks in the window and sees Téa and Todd hugging and then deletes the voice mail.

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