OLTL Update Tuesday 11/2/10

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 11/2/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Téa is in the hospital with Todd by her side, crying and panicking remembering that she spent so many nights in a hospital closing her eyes and envisioning him but awakening to see that he wasn’t really there. She’s afraid to close her eyes and go to sleep again. But he assures her that everything is going to be alright.

Viki goes to find Clint and asks if he’s found out anything about Echo. He asks her if she’s had Rex on it. She replies yes. And the whole case has become very personal for Rex.

In Viki’s living room, Gigi asks Rex what happened when he and Viki confronted Echo about the necklace she has that appears to be the one his mom left with him when he was born.

Echo is on her computer in her room at Angel Square looking obsessively at pictures of Rex. Right the, Roxy enters and demands to know what she’s doing obsessing about her (Roxy’s) kid.

At the station, after Natalie confirms to Marty that she cannot let her take the rap for shooting and killing Eli when everybody knows that Cole did it, Marty furiously confronts Natalie. She hauls off and slaps her, tells her she has ruined Marty’s family and she will never forgive Natalie. She tells her she will make her pay.

When Starr is in the hospital checking her text messages, she is surprised to see Dani. She rushes to hug her sister and happy that Dani is ok.

John and the cops got the Starr and Cole’s home but only James is there. John tells James he knows that he is lying when he says he hasn’t a clue about Cole’s involvement in what happened to Eli. John has the cops check all the rooms. He tells James that he remembers James telling him he would stay at the PD until he could make a full statement about Hannah. But now, they find him at Starr’s home. What is up with that? James replies that he needed a friend.

Starr and Dani go to happily greet Todd and Téa. Starr hugs Téa and tells her that everybody thought she was dead. She does not understand how it is that Greg allegedly saved her. Dani and Todd try to explain to Starr that Greg was no hero. He was an crooked son of a bitch. But Téa does not want to talk about that. She just wants to rejoice that she is back with her family.

Viki informs Clint (having no clue what he is up to) about how Rex went to New Mexico searching for his biological mother. He found out for the first time in his life that Roxy was not his biological mother. And he went and found out that the necklace was a one of a kind that was left with him when his real mom abandoned him at the hospital after he was born. But low and behold, they find the very same necklace in Echo’s possession. Clint asks even if that’s true, how would that necessarily mean that Echo would know anything about Rex’s father? Viki replies that she and Rex confronted Echo and she obviously knows something about it. She asks Clint how it is that Echo would have something to do with Rex’s biological parents, Lily and Rick. Clint tells her he has no idea. But he avoids her eye and is obviously lying.

After Roxy asks Echo what is up with her “interest” in Rex, Echo tells her that her “friend” Viki has had Rex doing some P.I work for her. And she learned that Rex broke into her room to find personal stuff of hers. Hearing that, Roxy tells Echo that if she plans to call the cops on Rex, she may not have a case because the police commissioner is Rex’s best friend. Echo wants to assume that Roxy trusts her. But it appears that Rox suspects her not unlike Viki and the others.

Rex tells Gigi that it looked very much like Echo had some involvement with his father. And it’s kind of odd that the speeding ticket she got when she was last seen in Llanview was only days after his mom left him at the hospital. Maybe Echo is somehow connected to his mother. And he does not want to say the rest.

Viki asks Clint if he believes it’s very possibly Echo might just want money and might be attempting to blackmail Rex. Noticing that Viki appears to be protective of Rex, Clint tells her if this merely involves that Balsam kid, it’s not for Viki to be concerned about and not her problem. He tells her that she may not be the one in Echo's cross hairs. So maybe she needs to let it go. But she tells him that she and Charlie have had some arguments about Echo and he believes that she is overreacting. She tells Clint that she still believes that Echo is there to cause trouble between them. Clint then tells her that it appears that Echo already has.

Roxy tells Echo that Rex works hard in order to earn a living. He has a girlfriend who’s going back to school and a son to provide for. Echo is very surprised and taken aback to hear that Rex has a child. Roxy can sense that Echo is lost in thought. But she remembers that Echo is going to offer her some free photos in exchange for a free room. As soon as Roxy leaves the room, Echo is lost in thought.

Gigi tells Rex that since nobody knows anything about his actual birth, it’s entirely possible that somebody could have helped Lily gave birth. But, he remembers that Otto did not say anything about her when he revealed what he new to Rex in New Mexico. He wonders if his father married somebody else or had other kids. Did he have brothers and sisters whom he knows nothing about?. And they concludes that very possibly Echo has the answers to that question. Cristian enters and tells them that he has an offer for Gigi.

Todd Téa and Dani all surprise Starr by telling her that they know that Cole would have motive to kill Eli but are not worried about what could happen to him. Todd tells Starr that he backs Cole for ridding society of Eli and Téa can represent him.

John tells James that he thought he told him not to take matters into his own hands. And he knows that James believes that he is wiling to risk everything for Starr.

At the station, Marty tells Natalie that she begged her to help her to protect her son. She begged her by talking to her mother to mother. She protests that Cole acted to protect his infant daughter and the girl he loves and the baby she had that Eli killed. Yet Natalie wants to put him away. And Marty tells her she knows she (Natalie) wanted her (Marty) to lose her baby. She calls Natalie a selfish little whore. She tells her she only hopes that some day, after Natalie has her baby that her heart will break just like Marty’s is breaking now. And when that happens, Marty will be there to laugh in Natalie’s face.

At the station, Marty is waiting for Cole to come in. But James enters and tells the cops he does not know where Cole is. It’s obvious that he is covering for him.

Todd and Téa tell Starr that they will help Cole. Téa will represent him. Todd tells Starr that of course he wants to help Cole. For once that kid did the right thing to shoot down that no good slime Eli. Starr asks if Téa does not need to rest and get better. Téa tells Starr she will represent him but she needs Cole not to get into any more trouble.

At the station, when Marty sees James entering in Cole’s place, she confirms that her son must have gotten away.

Cole tells Viki he agrees with Charlie. She needs to get over Echo and not let it cause them to have arguments. He tells her that Charlie is a good man and he loves her. He tells Viki he remembers that he loved her with all of his heart all of those years ago. And he deeply regrets the tragic mistake he made with Echo. Hearing that, Viki concludes that he might have done something that he has not yet revealed.

At Angel Square, Roxy gets into her black evening gown and is ready to have Echo photograph her. Echo tells her that she believes she can make her a professional model. But she sees that Roxy is drinking and has strip poker in her salon and wants to cater to the spring break crowd. Echo tells her that there are many other things she can talk about. She then tells Echo that Rex and Natalie and Shane area all she wants to talk bout. Her family is very important to her. Echo then concludes to Roxy that that is an idea of something they could talk about while she shoots the photos.

Cristian has an idea and needs Gigi’s help. Rex asks how she fits in. Cristina replies that she can come with him.

When Echo photographs Roxy and asks her questions about Rex, Roxy talks about her son having some shady past behaviors including sleeping with a girl and her mother. She seems comfortable confiding in her about Rex’s history. But when Echo asks if it’s true that she is not Rex’s bio mom, Roxy appears guarded. She protests that she loves that kid just like he is her own. She then asks Echo what about her. Does Echo have any kids? Echo explains that her international lifestyle is a little difficult to raise a child and changes the subject, distracting Roxy to get her to do different poses. But Roxy wants to talk about raising kids. Echo asks her what Rex was like as a child. Roxy replies he was the cutest little angel. But, she informs her, she did not raise him when he was little. Echo gets her to pose again but asks her more about Rex. Roxy admits that she did not get her son back until he was a teenager. He used to be a con artist and a gold digger. But he’s gotten his act together and is now an honorable respectable guy. And she talks about his “real mother”. At that point, Echo drops her camera and seems discontent about something.

Clint tells Viki that when he cheated on her with Echo during their marriage all those years ago, he knew that they were stronger than that. And he believes that she is stronger than to be threatened by Echo now. They need to think about their two wonderful beautiful daughters who are going to make them grandparents very soon. But Viki remembers something else noteworthy. She informs Clint that Rex has love letters that his parents wrote. He read one out loud to her. And something sounded “so familiar” to her (Viki)\

Cristian talks to Gigi about how she can help him with many things when he goes to Paris. She can maybe run interference so he can spend some time with Layla. But she knows she cannot take off and go to Paris and leave Shane. But Rex tells her she needn’t worry. He and Roxy have that covered.

At the station, John reminds James that being an accessory to murder could get him and Starr into serious trouble. He then tells Marty that if there are men outside her house, Cole can’t go near there or they will find him. He also urges her to get Cole to turn himself in. He is a flight risk. And whether he confesses or not, the cops could find him and nail him. She then asks him why he wants her son to be put away. She reminds John that he used to care about Cole. He tells her he still does. She tells him he has a funny way of showing it. John then turns to Natalie and can see that she is upset about something. She tells him that Marty said some very brutal things to her. She blames Natalie for turning in the evidence that incriminates Cole.

Dani tell Starr she know that she is worried about Cole. But things have to work out. Just look at them. Only a few days ago, who would have thought that they’d all be happily together safe and sound. Téa reminds Todd that they have to play by the rules and she cannot be released from the hospital right away. Todd then reminds his two daughters that they are Mannings and they all play by their own rules. Yet he knows that Starr is uneasy about something.

Gigi tells Cristian and Rex that she can’t leave for Paris tomorrow. But Rex tells her she can. It’s an all expense paid trip. She argues about her job at Rodi’s and how she finds a passport. But Rex offers to cover for her. Rex asks her if she’s going to beg Cris to take her there. She then agrees. Cristian seems to have all of their plans into motion. She tells Rex that she always dreamed of going to Paris but the closest she ever thought she’d come was Paris, TX.

When Echo is photographing Roxy, she gets her to talk about Rex. Roxy tells her that she believes that Rex’s bad boy days are behind him. He works hard. He owns a night clue and he’s a very crafty P.I. She asks Roxy how much she knows about Rex’s birth parents. Roxy tells her that they are apparently Native American. Yet they know that Rex is not of Native American decent. So it’s kind of odd.

Viki tells Clint that the move letter that Rex’s dad wrote to his mom many years ago sounds familiar to her. Where did she see or hear or read it? She faces him to inquire as if he might know. He tells her he cannot “help” her but wants to encourage her to have faith that she has a good marriage with Charlie and nothing to worry about regarding Echo. Viki then leaves him alone in the room. And he shows that he still has the necklace that Echo had and that Rex had, in a box,

John tells the cops he wants to make certain that Cole is unharmed. Yet they must find him. Marty is furious with John and tells him she hopes that Cole is some place where they will never find him. She walks away. John then faces James again and asks him to cut the crap. He tells him he knows that he is trying to make things easier for Starr. But what he’s doing is making it harder for her. SO if he has feelings for Starr, he needs to know that he is not helping her by lying for her.

When Starr observes the happy reunion between Téa, Dani and Todd, she tells them she has to leave and find out what Cole is up to. She then remembers that Dani appeared to have left something at the Cherryville Clinic. And it’s a picture of Téa, Todd and Dani. She then leaves.

John tells James that if Cole contacts Starr, she will be aiding and abetting a fugitive. If he has any feelings at all for Starr, he will tell John what he knows about Cole’s whereabouts.

Alone in her living room, Viki looks closely at the love letter that Rex shared with her that his dad wrote to his mom. And she remembers something from a book on her library shelf. Clint returns to his home and seems to have some sort of secret. He gets a call from Echo telling him she needs to see him the next morning. There is something urgent they must discuss. Roxy re-enters wearing another set of clothes. But Echo wants to wait for another day to do more photos of Roxy

Todd and Dani help Téa walk out of her hospital room. Dani tells her parents that all of the bad stuff that they felt before, they may let it all go. When they get out into the hallway, they come face to face with Greg who is being escorted out by the cops. Téa stares coldly at Greg.

John tells James that he needs to really think about his priorities and what it will mean to him and to Starr and to Cole if he aids and abets a fugitive. John then urges Natalie to go home and get some rest, very grateful that they are both ok. She leaves. John then returns to James and asks if he has anteing to tell him. James says nothing. John then tells him ok. He may spend the night in lock up and they will discuss it the next morning. James then breaks don and informs him that he knows where Cole is.

Starr goes to find Cole at the secret place where he is staying. He tells her he was afraid she would not come. She tells him of course she will be there for him.

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