OLTL Update Monday 11/1/10

One Life to Live Update Monday 11/1/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Cole rejoices when baby Hope calls to her daddy and he sees the little one and Starr safe and sound.

At the hospital, Langston informs Blair and Kelly that she and James and Robert strongly suspect that Hannah O’Connor has kidnapped Starr and Hope. Blair is worried that James is not to be trusted knowing he has not answered his phone.

When Dorian gets off the elevator, she notices Clint with a half heart necklace in his hands, not knowing the significance of it. She scoffs assuming that he’s going to give it to his new girlfriend.

Echo goes to Viki's’ where Rex informs her that he found a very familiar necklace in her room. Viki asks Echo if it’s all coming back to her now.

At the station, Marty affirms to John and to Natalie that she killed Eli Clark even though they know better. She tells them whatever punishment she must face has to start so that everyone can get on with their lives.

Cole is happily with Starr and their little one. He tells her he was so afraid that he’d never see her again. They are all crying and emotional about how they found their way back to each other. Cole tells Starr that when he was lying alone in his bed in the dark, he heard his little one cry and wanted to make it stop. Starr tells Cole all that matters is that they are back and everything is going to be ok. Nothing and nobody is ever going to take them away from him, he tells her.

John tells Marty that nobody is asking her to incriminate herself. She needs to talk to a lawyer. She tells him she does not need a lawyer and is willing to waive her rights. She protests to John that he can’t be that difficult to understand. Eli could have killed her granddaughter. He killed many people and got away with it. He ruined her son’s life. And he killed her baby. James enters and assures Marty that Starr and Hope are back safe and sound. And he adds, no thanks to “her”. Hannah's in police custody. Marty observes her after James informs her what Hannah did and is stunned.

Cole attempts to explain to Starr that everything is not as simple and resolved as she believes. He attempt to explain that every night when she and Hope were gone, he would pray that they would come back. He would have paid any price. But she tells him that everything is ok. He tells her that he could spend the rest of his life trying to win her back and will not let anybody ever come between them again. She tells him that nobody will need to worry about Hannah anymore. He asks her if Hannah is really the one who took them. Starr tells him that the cops have her and they will never have anything to do with them again if she has anything to do with it.

At the station, Marty tells James she cannot believe that Hannah would have held Starr and baby Hope hostage. James tells her that she wanted both Starr and himself to bury themselves in a grave. She held a gun on them and told them if they did not do it, she would kill baby Hope. Marty may ask her. Hannah then protests to Marty that she wanted to “set Cole free”. She wanted what was best for him. She tried to get him to see the light. But he would not listen. He had to go back to Starr. James calls Langston and informs her that Starr and Cole are back safe and sound and Hannah is in custody. He asks how his brother is. She tells him that Robert is going to be ok.

At the hospital, after Dorian inquires to Clint about his failure with his love life and his past with Echo DiSavoy, he asks her if she’s heard from David. She smiles and tells him as a matter of fact, she did. And she told David to get lost.

At Viki’s, Echo tells Rex that he broke and entered into her room. Viki then explains that Rex is a private investigator. She hired him to find out what she is doing in town. And Rex found something very interesting. She knows that Rex has a personal connection to the necklace. And they would like for Echo to tell them what that means. Echo tells Viki this is unbelievable. Viki hires some punk to get into her room and invade her privacy. And it’s Viki who wants an explanation. She thinks she will tell the police what Llanview’s most law abiding citizen has been doing in her spare time. Viki tells Echo that perhaps the police would be more interested in what she is doing with that necklace. She asks Rex if he stole it. He tells her that that necklace belonged to his father.

At the hospital, Dorian tells Clint that she knows that Echo is back in town to settle some old scores. She wants to get under Viki’s skin. And Dorian can see that she might have already gotten under Clint’s skin.

Starr gets out of the shower and tells Cole how happy she is to be back. And she does not want to talk about how worried he was that he would have lost them. But he needs to explain to her what has happened. He asks her how it was that she and Hope got separated and Hannah got a hold of them when everybody believed that Eli had them. She explains that she went into the hospital to distract Eli when he was hurt and got him some medical supplies. And she called Cole. But Hannah answered Cole’s phone. She promised that she would give Cole the message and send him there to rescue Starr and Hope. But Hannah came in his place. She would have killed them were it not for James, she tells him.

At the station, Marty is in awe of what Hannah did and tells her she thought that she as trying to get better. Hannah protests that she is and she knows that she has a future with Cole. But Marty is furious with her. Hannah still assumes that at her arraignment hearing, somebody has to urge the judge to let her go. And that will be Marty. Right? Marty stares coldly at her confirming that that won’t happen.

At the station, Kelly tells Blair she needs to get checked out first after she was in the explosion. But Blair is not as concerned about that as she is about other things. They ask Langston what she knows. Langston admits that she does not know exactly where Hannah was keeping Starr and Hope. But James informed her that she wants to keep Star away from Cole because she was obsessed about him. Hearing that, Blair and Kelly are furious that Hannah got released form St. Anne’s. And Blair concludes that they have their “friendly neighborhood quack” to thank for that.

At the station, Marty angrily concludes to Hannah that she now knows that no amount of therapy would help her to get better. Hannah yells at Marty that she has betrayed her. They take her away. Marty concludes to John that she cannot believe that Hannah has fooled her. John reminds Marty that looks deceive. Just like how hard it is to believe that she would have shot and killed Eli.

Dorian informs Charlie that it appears that even if Echo is done with him, she is pretty fixated on Viki’s Charlie.

At Viki's home, Rex tells Echo that he knows where that necklace came from. He got it examined by a jeweler in New Mexico and found it it’s the only one of its kind. His dad gave it to his mom. He found the letter that he gave his mom when they had to be away from each other. He promised to find her the other half after she left the necklace she had with him when he was born. Echo remembers Clint asking her why the necklace was so important to her. And she told Clint that the other half of the necklace is not the “only precious thing” that she left behind in Llanview all those years ago.

Dorian asks Clint just how he plans to handle Echo as he seems too confident he will. He tells her he does not know but he knows he will.

Blair tells Kelly and Langston that Marty is a trained professional who let that psycho free so that she almost killed her daughter and great granddaughter. Kelly protests that they can’t blame Marty for everything. Blair reminds her cousin that she is not going to let that go. Langston then protests to Blair that Hannah had many people fooled including herself and Cole. Blair reminds Langston that she and Cole are not psychiatrists and not responsible for putting people like Hannah away. Marty is. And she needs to get her license to practice medicine revoked.

Meanwhile, at the station, Marty tells John that she shot Eli. She can accept the consequences. But she must protect her son.

Cole tells Starr that there was an explosion. Eli first called Todd and asked him to deliver a ransom for her and Hope and Dani. So everybody was outside the place waiting to see what Eli would do next when he was holding a bomb detonator in his hands. They got Dani out of the warehouse ok. But Eli set off a bomb and they all thought that Starr and Hope were in there and Eli killed them. And he went crazy. Starr indicates she is afraid to hear the rest. He admits he did something. He shot and killed Eli.

John asks Natalie what she found out about the gun. Natalie admits that Marty’s fingerprints were on the gun. But so were Cole’s.

Blair asks Kelly how she could defend Marty. Marty’s “patient” almost committed triple homicide. She argues with Kelly and Langston when Dorian enters and asks them to stop arguing. Blair tells her aunt that they are all fine. But did she knows that Hannah O’Connor almost killed Starr and Hope. Marty Saybrooke set Hannah free. Shouldn’t her medical license be revoked? In response to that, Dorian tells her niece that she knows that Marty Saybrooke has many faults. But tonight, they all owe her a debt of gratitude. Marty rid society of Elijah Clark once and for all.

At the station, John tells Marty that taking the rap for Cole is not the answer. And he and Natalie conclude that they cannot cover for Cole.

After Cole confesses to Starr that he shot Eli, she asks why the cops let him go and he’s not in jail. She cries and reminds him that he already has a record and this is not good. He then attempts to explain that he knows that. So does his mother. And that is why things had to be done the way they were done. There’s a knock on the door. Starr is very worried that it’s the cops ready to take him away. But it’s James.

At Clint’s home, he shows Nigel the half heart necklace and Nigel asks if Clint intended to give it as a gift. Clint then remembers Echo telling him that he must remember the necklace he gave her right before he went on a business trip many years ago.

Rex then asks Echo if she knew his father. She tells him that she spent some time in A.C. but never met anyone named Rick. That is the truth. Viki then asks her where she got it. She tells Viki it’s none of her business. But Rex tells her that he has the right to know. He tells her that when he went to find his mother’s grave, he left the half heart necklace on the grave. And recently, he went back to New Mexico to find it but it was gone. She tells Rex that is a sad story. But she’s done now. She tells Viki that she has gone too far having her followed. Why is Viki so insecure? She then warns Viki if she wants to play dirty, she (herself) gives as good as she takes and better. She wishes Viki and Rex a lovely evening and leaves.

Nigel then asks Clint if there is a piece to the necklace that is missing. He does not mean to intrude. Clint tells Nigel he is a trusted member of his family. Nigel then informs Clint that his friend Roxy informed him that she has a new tenant and friend named Echo DiSavoy. And he heard that Echo had a history with Clint and he might need to warn him. Clint thanks Nigel for his concern but tells him that Echo is the one who needs to be sorry.

After Echo leaves Viki’s home, Viki apologizes to Rex for how it was that he tried to find his parents and Echo not only helped him but had to antagonize him. She tells him she bets that there has got to be a way for her to divulge what she knows and she tells Rex she bets he can do it eventually.

Echo returns to her place at Angel Square and hides the necklace yet again. And she looks on the computer to find information and look at pictures of Rex.

Dorian ask Blair how it is that Marty would allow Hannah to run amuck. She tells her nieces she is going to go the state medical licensing bureau and report Marty. She did, however confirm, beyond of a shadow of a doubt that Marty successfully put an end to Eli once and for all. It wasn’t a fake death. He really is gone.

At the station, Marty protests to John that if she took the rap, it would not be all that serious for her. She might get a lighter sentence. But Cole can’t. He tells her that if it were just him, maybe he could help her make this go away. But Natalie is also involved in this. And if it ever got out that she helped falsify evidence in a murder, Natalie could go to jail. He tells Marty he’s sorry.

James tells Cole that he would not be there if it were not important and asks if he can come in. Cole asks if he wants to talk to Starr. James replies no. He wants to talk to him. He knows that Cole’s mom confessed to killing Eli. But he knows she did not do it. And the cops did not buy her confession. They know that Cole did it. SO he is there to warn Cole. The cops might be after him right now.

Nigel asks Clint if he needs anything further. Clint tells Nigel he is all set. Alone Clint has some private things going on.

Viki admits to Rex that that letter that he read to her that Rick wrote to Lily sounds familiar to her. She sees some sort of significance. It’s almost as if she’s read or heard it before.

Clint is alone in his living room closely examining the necklace and reading something he’s kept away for many years.

Echo is engrossing in pictures of Rex from her computer.

At the station, Natalie attempts to smooth things over with Marty but Marty says nothing.

At the hospital, while Blair is with Kelly and Dorian, Starr and baby Hope appear and she rejoices in seeing them.

John goes to Cole’s apartment and knocks on the door. But it looks like it’s too late. He’s already gone. He only sees James who is alone in the apartment.

At the station, Marty furiously hauls off and slaps Natalie. She tells Natalie she will make her sorry for destroying Marty’s family.

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