OLTL Update Thursday 10/28/10

One Life to Live Update Thursday 10/28/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Brody takes Marty to the station after she confessed to shooting Eli. Nora asks what is going on. She asks if Eli has been caught. Marty replies yes. He’s gone. She shot him. Now she needs to call Cole and they need to find Starr and Hope.

Langston takes Robert to the hospital after he’s been coughing up blood and was ready to pass out while with her and James. She asks the doctor if overworking at the gym could cause this. Robert does not want to tell anybody what really happened to him. But the doctor knows that Robert has been assaulted.

Bo and Natalie are outside the crime scene. She asks if John could be dead. She tells him she cannot believe that he could be.

Inside, John and Todd try to get out of the building and argue. But Todd is not concerned about anything beyond finding Star ad Hope. He yells for Starr. Téa and Blair hear him but do not know who is there.

Bo and Natalie find John’s badge. But she tells him this does not mean he’s dead. A building collapsed and it could have fallen out of his pocket. OR he could have left it on purpose so they would know where to find them. It could have been a clue. Bo is worried that his niece is becoming hysterical and wants her to calm down and rest. Right then, she feels her baby kick.

Cole is at home staring at the picture of Starr and Hope. He asks his baby girl how she and her mommy could be gone.

Hannah leads Starr, James and baby Hope to some place. She wants to have “fun” and have a Halloween costume contest. She has them dressed like the grim reaper. She is wearing a western hat and she pulls baby hope in a red wagon and dressed like a pumpkin. She smiles and tells them that they will be digging their own graves. They are afraid. She tells them it’s their funeral and holds her gun. She then drops it. And James is ready to knock her out. But she doesn’t let him and Starr prevents him from doing it when she holds the gun on them. But he tells her that he knows she won’t do it. She’s not a killer. She asks him if he wants to find out. Starr tells her she’s not going to get away with this. But Hannah tells her yes she will. She tells the little one that nobody is going to find Mommy and her friend. Nobody would look for them in a graveyard where dead people are buried.

At the station, Marty tells Brody and Nora that she needs to call Cole. But he tells her she needs a lawyer and only gets to make one call. Nora then asks Marty if she acted in self defense. Marty tells Nora maybe now. She shot him. Brody then informs Nora that Eli was in handcuffs when she shot him. Hearing that, Nora is very disappointed. Right then, Marty remembers noticing her son after shooting Eli. She tells Nora and Brody that Eli killed her baby so she killed him.

Natalie tells BO that the baby is giving her a sign. He tells her yes. The baby is telling her to get out of there and get some rest. She can’t keep breathing smoke. She tells Bo that this baby is telling her that his daddy is alive and well and wont’ let her leave him.

Marty tells Brody that Eli killed her baby when she was pregnant as well as ruining her son’s life. So she needs to use the phone to call Cole.

Bo tells Natalie that she has to get out of there. John is going to give her hell for not getting his baby out of this smoke. He asks if she wants to make John happy. She tells Bo she needs to know. He tells her she will. Because they know that John is going to get out of there and she’s going to be the first call he makes when he gets out of there. Bo hugs her and they leave together.

Todd asks John if he hears a voice. Is that a woman’s voice. John tells him no and assumes that he thought he heard Starr or Blair. He asks John just what he heard. Todd tells him he doesn’t know. Maybe the wind or a ghost and they need to forget it.

Blair puts her hand over Téa’s mouth to prevent her from screaming. She tells Téa she needs to sit down and take a break.

John tells Todd he does not believe in ghosts. Todd tells him neither did he until Téa. And he tells John they just need to keep digging. But John tells Todd he knows what Todd has gone through. Todd tells John he thought that losing Téa is the worst thing that could happen to him. But try losing your kid. John admits he could not imagine that. And they help each other attempt to move some heavy brick walls. Todd asks John if he thinks they will find them. John replies they have a shot. Todd tells him they have to get Blair back to the kids. John tells him she might have made it out of there already. He asks John if he is thinking but not saying that Todd is getting what he deserves. He tells John if he something to say, he should say it. John then tells Todd he may not be as alone as he thinks. Todd then asks John if this is some sort of “get in touch with Jesus” pitch. He is sarcastic to John. John then tells Todd he has to shut up and stay cool. He will tell Todd something he might want to know. But Todd has to promise to keep a cool head.

In the other part of the fallen building, Blair demands that Téa sits her skinny ass down. Téa argues that she does not have a skinny ass. She tells Blair that she has missed Dani so much. Blair points her finger at her and tells her that Dani won’t have to be without her one more night because Téa is going to get out of there.

At the station, Inez tells Clint that she really appreciates how he has gone above and beyond for her boys. Little does she know, however, what he did to Robert.

At the hospital, Langston asks Robert Ford who beat him up. He then remembers Clint sending his men to beat him continually and boasting about it. At that point, when Robert does not reply, Langston calls the police. And of all the people who could answer the phone at the station, Inez answers. Langston tells her that she would like to report an assault. The victim’s name is Robert Ford. Hearing that, Inez freaks to hear that her son has been hurt. Clint stands right beside her when she gets the call. She tells him that “Bobbie” has been hurt. He acts concerned and wants to come with her. In the other room, Marty tells Brody that she needs to contact Cole and does not care what happens to her.

Hannah has Starr,, James and baby Hope at the graveside and it appears there are people nearby. She pulls the gun on them and demands that they put on their masks so the passers by will believe they are just out in their costumes. Some people appear. One guy is wearing a police uniform (a real cop? Or just dressed as one?) They ask what is going on. Starr replies that Hannah has kidnapped and is holding them at gunpoint.

Bo returns and informs Nora that they have not found Starr or Hope. Now Blair is missing and so are Todd and John. He asks where Inez is. She replies that she had to leave because something happened to her son. Bo then finds out that since the building has been declared imploded, he has to do the search himself since nobody else is going to be able to do that. She then informs him that Marty has been arrested for shooting Eli in cold blood. They both cannot understand how Marty would do that. In the other room, Marty talks to Cole making sure she cannot be overheard while she tells him that he must make sure not to tell anybody what he did and cover his tracks and listen to his mother who will make certain that nobody suspects him for shooting and killing Eli. She tells him that she can’t tell him where she is (at the station after confessing). And she demands that he stays right where he is and waits for Starr and Hope.

In the other room, Nora knows that Marty is not ok. She reminds Bo that Marty is their friend and they should help her. But he knows all too well, that they do not have a choice except to go by the book.

At the gravesite, when the passers by who see Hannah holding a gun on Starr, Cole and baby Hope, they laugh and assume that they are just dressing up and possibly making a movie. Starr protests that they are being endangered. This is serious. But they assume it’s all a joke and leave. Hannah holds the little one and tells Starr that her baby will have a new mother and wont’ miss her. Starr yells that Hannah will never be a mother to Hope nor fit to be in a sane world. Hannah holds the gun on Starr and James and demands they keep digging or they are dead. Starr stares at her while her back is turned and she talks to baby Hope.

Inez goes to the hospital and asks the doctor what could have happened to her son. He does not know. She introduces herself to Langston and thanks her for helping her son. She also asks Langston if the people in the explosion have been found. Langston admits she doesn’t know but she and Robert and his brother were trying to find Starr and Hope. After having taken Robert to the hospital and not knowing the outcome for Starr and Hope, Langston asks Inez if the police might have found them. Inez admits that they police haven’t a clue where Starr and Hope are.

At the gravesite, James tells Hannah that they have reported her to the cops and it’s just a matter of time before they find her and turn her in and arrest her. At that point, Hannah appears worried.

At the station, Brody takes Natalie aside and asks if she is ok. She admits she’s worried about John. But he tells her she can’t even say or think it. John is going to walk through that door soon. He hugs her. And Marty observes and stares.

In Bo’s office, he tells Nora for the first time that apparently Téa is not dead.

While trapped in the building, both Téa and Blair and John and Todd are afraid that the building is going to fall upon them. Right then, for the first time, John asks Todd if he remembers believing that he was hearing voices from the grave when he got a phone call a while back. He tells John yes. He was having this “hallucination” about Téa calling him. John then admits to Todd that he was not imagining anything. Téa is alive. She did not die of a brain tumor. She never had one. Todd asks if she’s alive. John tells him he doesn’t know. Todd then tells John he has to start making sense or he’s going to hurt him. John tells him that Eli wanted Todd’s money and was going to use Téa and Dani to get it. He blackmailed Dr. Greg to tell Téa she was dying and give her the symptoms of a tumor and then kill her. But Greg could not do it so he hid her at the Cherryville Clinic. Greg confessed.

Bo tells Nora the same story. Nora then asks how long he’s known and if that’s why Natalie was reading Téa’s obituary. Nora then remarks that that is despicable and not even Todd deserves to have that happen. Eli is evil. And now they are prosecuting Marty for his murder when he’s gotten away with all of his.

Cole is alone in the apartment getting very antsy wondering where Starr is and if she’s alive and well why isn’t she coming home.?

James tells Hannah that when she found his bullet on the chain, he informed Langston and Robert and they all know what has happened. He sarcastically tells her he’s sorry. But she has not gotten away with this. Hannah then kneels on the ground and freaks. Starr promises to do what she wants. They get into a struggle and James gets hit with her gun. He’s passed out on the ground and Starr is hysterical. Hannah tells Starr that since her boyfriend did a really bad thing, he “goes” first. She tells Starr she needs to say good bye. She demands that Starr hurries up. Maybe she will see him on the other side. She then kicks an unconscious James and pushes him into the hole that they’ve dug. She tells Starr it’s time to bury him.

Langston calls Bo and tells him she believes that Hannah O’Connor might have kidnapped Starr and Hope.

Bo talks to Brody outside his office and asks him to pick up Hannah O’Connor and bring her in for questioning. Nora then asks Bo to tell her what he assumes Hannah has done now.

At the hospital, Langston tells Robert she has to go and find Starr. He urges her to be careful

At the gravesite, Hannah tells Starr that if she wants her “little pumpkin” to be ok, she needs to bury James in the ground. Starr cries and does what Hannah says.

John tells Todd that he believes that Téa was in this warehouse. Right then, Todd yells Téa and seems determined to bust through the bricks and walls to find her.

At the hospital, Brody finds Inez and tells her he cannot find James. Inez seems afraid and tells Clint that if Hannah is the one who kidnapped Starr and her baby, what if she has her son also? Clint holds her and consoles her. From inside his hospital room, Robert stares coldly at the man who had him assaulted hugging his mom.

Nora tells Marty that a lot of people would believe that Elijah Clark deserved what he got. She tells her that she will try to make this as easy as she can. Marty thanks her. Natalie enters and tells Marty that she had the gun tested. She asks if she’d like to tell her if she shot Eli why are Cole’s fingerprints on the trigger.

Langston comes to visit Cole and tells him she thinks that Hannah could have Starr and Hope.

After Hannah forces Starr to bury James in the dirt pile, Starr cries and tells her that he is suffocating in their. Hannah holds her gun on Star and smirks.

Todd and John find Blair and they tell her it’s a miracle that she’s ok. She then asks if they want “another one”. Right then, they look through the hole from where they’ve pulled her out of. And they see Téa.

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