OLTL Update Tuesday 10/26/10

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 10/26/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

When Cole sees Eli handcuffed to the police car and unable to grab his gun, Cole takes it out and points it at Eli.. Eli asks him what is up. Cole tells him that he needs to know where Starr and Hope are. Eli tells him he does not know.

Starr is ready to find a way to knock Hannah out when she comes back through the door.. But right then, James comes to find her and he gets knocked out instead.

At the crime scene, people still believe that Starr and Hope are there and nobody can find Blair nor do they know that Téa is alive.

Blair and Téa awaken after the explosion. They don’t seem to be injured but are trapped. Téa is worried that there is no way out but Blair wants to be positive.

Outside, Bo asks the cops when it might be safe to start searching. And he realizes that there is no confirmation that Starr and Hope are in there. The only two people whom he knows were in the building when it collapsed were Todd and John.

Inside, Todd comes to but can’t find John.

Brody is worried that people have been killed. But Bo tells him that he is not writing Todd, John , Starr or baby Hope off. Yet they know that Blair is unaccounted for. Brody tells Bo that there is evidence that Téa did not die. He tells Bo that it may sound crazy but he believes it’s entirely possible, after talking to Natalie.

Blair tells Téa she cannot believe she is alive. Téa tells her she’d like to keep it that way so they must get out of there. Blair asks why it always happens that the two of them are trapped and near death together They remember over a year ago being trapped in the old frat house and when Téa almost confessed her secret to Blair. Blair had no clue that Téa had a child. And now she has believed that Téa died and she was ready to be her daughter’s new mom.

Dani struggles to get out of the stretcher although Natalie tells her she cannot go anywhere. She is freaking and afraid that her mom is in there. Natalie tells her that they will save her mom and find Hope and Starr. Dani then informs Natalie that Starr and Hope were never in the warehouse and it appears Eli never had them.

Cole firs a shot at Eli and Eli falls to the ground. Marty rushes to find her son and is relieved hat he is alright. But she notices Eli on the ground and is stunned. Cole calmly tells her hat they must find Starr and Hope and not worry about anything else.

After James passes out from Starr knocking him out, Hannah appears and laughs. Starr tells her if James figured out that she’s there, Cole will too. But Hannah doubts that and admits that she considered shooting James but reconsidered because she didn’t want to prevent him from having his little reunion with Starr especially since it will be their last. Hannah pulls the gun on her and Starr asks what she are going to do with her and Hope. Hannah smugly replies that she knows that the smell of rotting flesh will be too notable to her parents when they come back so she can’t kill them there. Starr pleads and promises she wont’ do anything Hannah does not want her to go if she lets her go. Hannah tells her she does not buy that and will make everything good for Starr’s and James’ final journey. She leaves and Starr urges James to wake up and wants to make sure he is ok.

Marty notices Eli on the ground. Cole tells his mom he believes that Eli killed Starr and Hope. She then asks her son to please tell her exactly what happened. Cole tells her that everyone went to help. John and Todd could also be dead because of Eli. She then tells her son that he has to get out of there. She knows what Eli was and what he did. But he was handcuffed and defenseless and ready to be taken into custody. And if he confesses what he did, they will see it as cold blooded murder. She reminds her son that he has a record already and they could lock him up for the rest of his life. But he tells his mom he has nothing to live for without Starr or Hope.

James gets up and tells Starr hat he’s certain that baby Hope will be ok. Star cries and tells him she is worried that she can’t keep doing this much longer and convincing the little one that everything is ok. He holds her and assures her that he will get them out of there.

Nate runs to find Dani. She tells Natalie and Brody if she can’t go in there to see if her mom is ok, then they need to.. It’s ok if they leave her there. She’ll be ok. Nate is there with her. They must go and save her mom.

Brody then tells Bo that there is a theory that Greg Evans kept Téa hidden at the Cherryville Clinic and lied to Eli and other that she was dying because Eli threatened him if he did not kill Téa.

Téa is with Blair and yells to ask if someone is there. Blair tells her that she cannot yell anymore. She tells her there is no point since people do not even know that she is alive. But Téa reminds her that Eli and Greg and Dani and herself (Blair) know that she is alive. But Blair tells Téa that she knows how to get them out of there so they don’t need help from anybody else and Téa must trust her. Téa then asks if it’s just the two of them again..

Todd goes looking for John but he does not answer. Todd then discovers John is lying on the ground after heavy metal has fallen on him.

Nate tells Dani he was such an idiot trying to find a way to enable her to run away. IF he’d just let her go off with Ross, this might have never happened. But she knows that Eli would have done this no matter what. She cries and tells him that even if Ross had his problems, she loved him. But a miracle happened. Her mom is alive and well.

Téa tells Blair that Eli someone how Greg to make her sick. Eli needed her to die so that he could control Dani’s custody. Blair asks her why. Téa replies probably money. Blair then remembers that Eli must have falsified her Will for her. He had it all worked out so that Ross could have custody of Dani. But she cannot understand how Dr. Greg could have worked with Eli. Téa admits she has no idea. But apparently she owes her life to Greg’s act of conscience. Blair admits to Téa that Todd and Dani have been devastated believing she died. She tells her that Todd has really bonded with Dani and been there for her the whole while. And he was falling apart inside. He had such a hard time and could not accept it. She remembers Todd thought he heard Téa’s voice on a phone. Téa then remembers that he did. She did call Todd but the nurse took the phone away from her. She could not understand why. She thought she was still in the hospice in Tahiti and could not understand why Todd and Dani were not with her. What she would not give to hear their voices again.

In the other part of the demolished warehouse, Todd wants to save Starr and Hope without John whom he cannot find. He then uncovers John. John comes to but is trapped underneath the heavy metal.

Bo and Brody go looking for missing people. They find John’s badge and Brody assumes that that son of a bitch killed John. He asks BO what kind of a monster Eli is to have killed an innocent child, assuming that Starr and Hope are inside and dead.

Starr tells James that she has tried and failed every way she can possible try and fail to get out. She still cannot believe,, however, how he figured out that Hannah had them. He tells her he knew that she was wearing the necklace so he had to confront Hannah. She gave him this story about how Cole threw it in the trash but he knew it was bull. He tells her hat he did not want to tell Cole what Hannah was doing until he knew for sure. He assures Starr that Cole has been distraught about her and Hope missing but seems to trust Hannah.

Cole tells Marty he does not care what happens to him. But she tells him she does. He has to get out of there. He cannot stay. But he tells her he cannot leave Starr and Hope. But she tells her son he won’t find them there. He needs to go. She will find him later and everything will be ok. She admits she does not know what will happen. But he needs to leave and not answer his phone nor talk to anyone. But he refuses to leave until he finds Starr and Hope. Cole goes off and Marty picks up the gun on the ground next to unconscious Eli. Natalie notices her and asks what happened to Eli. Marty replies he’s dead. And she shot him.

Cole returns to his and Starr’s apartment and cries uncontrollable, falling to the floor when he sees Starr’s sweater yet still cannot find her nor his baby daughter.

At the crime scene, Marty “calmly” tells Natalie that she shot Eli But Natalie doesn’t’ seem to buy that knowing that Eli was handcuffed and ready to be put in prison. Marty protests that he took her infant granddaughter and her mom. He killed Starr’s babysitter. He has been getting away with killing people and fooling everyone for many years. He blew up a building. And nothing was going to stop him. And he killed her baby. What was she supposed to do? Wait for justice to be served and see him get off on a technicality? Natalie then informs Marty that she knows that he is not responsible for anything that could have happened to Starr and Hope. Dani just informed her that Eli never had them.

James tells Star he never knew how dangerous Hannah is. She tells him that it’s clear that she is not playing with a full deck of cards and has an obsession about Cole and believes she can have him if Starr is gone. She admits to James that there is no telling what Hannah is capable of. He must know that she is dangerous. He asks her if she is afraid she won’t be able to apprehend Hannah, reminding her that Bull was a professional killer yet he didn’t win. They got though that and can get through this also.

Blair and Téa look for a way out of the place and Téa is afraid they won’t make it out if there. They argue and Blair tells her she wants to apologize to Téa. Because she was digging into Téa’s past, she brought Eli into their lives. She married him. She thought that he died in a fire in Tahiti. Yet, in comparison, Todd turned out to be a stand up guy and a hero. Hearing hat, Téa tells her she must have been gone longer than she thought.

John notices that he cannot move his arm. His shoulder is dislocated and he needs Todd’s help to get it popped back in. But Todd does not want to. John asks if he wants to try his luck finding his way out of there on his own or finding the girls. Todd then agrees to do what John asks him to do and John instructs him how to move and rotate his arm and shoulder and put it into place. Todd does what he says and John yells in pain. Right then, Téa and Blair can hear that.

Bo tells the fire chief that if they have not found any bodies, he will not declare any deaths.

Blair and Téa wonder where they are or who might be nearby.

Todd tells John they have to get out of there and find his daughter and granddaughter. They look for ways to escape but can’t find it.

Téa and Blair are similarly baffled about how to get out of there. Blair wants to encourage Téa to work together and find a way out and not get discouraged.

Nate tells Dani he cannot believe that her mom’s alive and wasn’t even sick. He tells her that he cannot wait to see the look on Destiny’s face when she finds out Dani is all right. But she is worried that Starr and Hope are nowhere to be found and she doubts that Eli ever had them. She is hoping that Starr and Hope got away safely.

James notices that Starr hurt her ankle trying to climb up the window. She tells him that she did that and then she had the bright idea of writing an SOS on a baseball and throwing it out the window. And Hannah had to find it. He wants to help her with her ankle and do first aid. He knows they have no ice but he can wrap it so she can stand on it. She is very impressed by the things he knows how to do. They joke about how she almost bashed his head in. Right then, Hannah enters again, with her gun and declares that she was right. The two of them belong together. Just like herself and Cole. James tells her she is crazy. She asks what his problem is. She is only giving him what he’s wanted ever since he came to this town. Now he and Starr can be together and so can she and Cole.

Brody returns to Natalie and Marty and informs them that John and Todd went into the building looking for Starr and Hope but there was another explosion. Hearing that, Natalie rushes into the building to save John and ignores Brody who tells her she can’t do that. Alone with Marty, Brody asks her what happened to Eli. She tells him she shot him. She knows that the cops have a job to do. So Brody may go ahead and arrest her. Brody tells Marty as far as he’s concerned, she did the world a favor. But she tells him she knows he has a job to do and needs to do it. Right then, he places her under arrest and reads her her rights.

Cole is back at the apartment distraught while he observes a picture of Starr and Hope with Starr’s voice saying happy father’s day, daddy.

Dani demands that Nate gets the neck brace off of her so that she can go and make sure her mom is ok. She did not get her back just to lose her again, she tells Nate.

Inside, Blair and Téa struggle to find a way out.

Natalie demands that Bo tells her where John is. He tells her they think he was inside the building when it collapsed. Bo tells Natalie that this building has collapsed and has a lot of smoke that’s dangerous for her and her baby.

Inside, John and Todd are attempting to climb their way out of the building.

On the other side of the building Blair and Téa do the same. And right then, Todd comes face to face with Téa and is stunned.

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