OLTL Update Monday 10/25/10

One Life to Live Update Monday 10/25/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the crime scene, Marty demands that Natalie lets her through and tells her if she does not, she will start asking questions about why Brody was so interested in Natalie’s baby. She tells her it sounded like he was the father of her baby instead of John.

When Eli finds that Blair is not in the van as he told the others she better be, he tells Todd that if he can’t have his wife, then Todd can’t have his. Right then, he activates the explosives. Dani rushes to save her mom. Todd runs after her and John dives into the explosion.

At the hospital, Greg informs Destiny and Shaun for the first time that he is not Destiny’s brother. He’s her father. She cries and her mother and father (grandparents) tell her that this does not change anything.

After the explosion, Eli is alive and well and so is John. Cole rushes through the explosion to save Starr who he believes is in there.

Outside Marty’s home, while Hannah is alone and James is attempting to find out the secret about Star and Hope, with the help of Langston and his brother, Robert, he runs into her. She tells him that Starr’s father is ready to give Eli the ransom money and save Starr and Hope. But James seems to know better.

At that point, Starr is alive and well for the time being, leaning over her little one’s crib and telling her how she knows they both miss their daddy Cole but he cannot be with them now.

Yet, Cole has no clue where she is and assumes he must save his girlfriend and daughter or find their bodies in the explosion.

At Buenos Dias, Gigi and Cristian talk about paintings. She tells him that she does not think she could ever paint like some of the famous artists. He tells her that artists have to look at the subject even if they are a beautiful naked model. She tells him that photographing a person is a little different than a landscape or fruit bowl. A landscape or fruit bowl cannot look back at you.

Destiny cries and asks how it was that all this time she did not know who her own father was. Greg tells her that he was just starting med school. A girl he was seeing got pregnant. And he didn’t think they were ready to raise a baby. He cries and apologizes to Destiny. Mrs. Evans tells her daughter that being a social worker, she tried to help her son but found that they could not find another family. Destiny is furious when she concludes to them that Greg was her father and was going to give her to strangers. He lied to her. All three of them lied to her her entire life. Shaun stares coldly at his brother and parents.

John tells the cops that somebody has to get Eli out of his sight. Brody asks if he’s ok. John tells him yes but he cannot find Blair. John is ready to find her. Brody tells John that Téa is definitely alive and Eli has to know where she is. Brody asks Natalie what happened. She tells Marty that Eli rigged the place with explosives and it appears the girls are still in there.

Cole rushes through the warehouse calling for Starr. But she is not there.

Outside Marty’s, James tells Hannah that it’s She tells him she knows where they are. Hearing that, he asks where. He informs him that Cole and his mom talked about some abandoned warehouse and he should have no trouble finding them there. James knows she’s lying about that.

John informs Brody that Eli told Todd if he could not have Blair, Todd could not have Téa. Right then, Téa finds Dani and carries her out of there. Cole still attempts to find Starr but he gets crushed with metal falling on him and sparks and fire all around him.

Mrs. Evans tells Destiny she needs to know that they are still a family. But Destiny cries and tells her mom that you are not supposed to lie to the people you love. Shaun demands to know how his parents could have lied and have Destiny believing they were her parents when they were not. And how could Greg have done what he did? Greg protests that he wanted his daughter to have two loving parents. Shaun asks why it is that Greg was going to enable Eli Clark to get away with all that he did in order to keep his secret. Destiny then asks Greg who her mother is. She at least has the right to know that.

At the crime scene, Brody asks Eli where Téa is. He assumes that Greg kept her alive and did not do what Eli wanted. Eli then smugly tells him he has no idea where Téa is but knows she’s dead.

Outside the building, Marty asks Natalie if Cole is in danger and why he has not come back. She is very worried that something has happened to her son.

Cole awakens, with a big heavy scrap of metal on top of him.

Natalie and Marty argue outside until Marty gets inside. Todd tells Marty she has to help them. But she needs to get in to save Cole, she tells him.

Starr is with her sleeping little one at Hannah’s parents’ home. She tells her she will protect her. But she knows that Hannah will be back. So she has to be ready for Hannah.

Hannah tells James that Cole’s mom let her live there. She feels kind of funny since she is not family. But she cares about Dr. Saybrooke and her family. He tells her that he thinks she’s right that the cops will have everything taken care of. SO he might as well stay there with her.

While Cole is stuck underneath the heavy metal, unable to get up or speak, John goes in with a flashlight calling for Starr and Blair. Yet he has no clue that Cole is there.

At Buenos Dias, Cristian tires and fails to get a hold of Layla. He rationalizes to Gigi that since they live in different continents, they must realize that circuits will be busy much of the time, there will be limitations and that’s the way it is. She tells him it will get easier. He asks her if that is how it happened between her and Rex for the many years they were apart. She tells him yes but things have a way of working out like this painting. When you first see it, it looks like complete chaos. But when you look at it carefully and give it time, things will all work out. She tells him he needs to give it time with Layla.

Destiny demands that Greg and her parents tell her who her mom was. Mrs. Evans tells her that it was a girl whom Greg was seeing for a short time. But Shaun asks why they can’t answer a simple question. She has the right to know. Greg then tells them that she was a girl “from the old neighborhood” whom he had to forget about. Shaun then realizes that the threat that Eli held over on Greg must have been more than the simple fact that Greg got his girlfriend pregnant. And he demands to know that the secret was. Greg then confesses that she was not his girlfriend. She was Shaun’s.

John finds Cole and assures him he will get him out of there. But Cole can only think about Starr and Hope. Jon assures him they will find them.

James tells Hannah that he is not going to the warehouse even though she tells him he need not baby-sit her and she will be ok. He tells her he does not believe that Starr and Hope are in that warehouse. She asks where else they would be if Eli kidnapped them. He admits that he has no idea where they are. But he thinks she does.

At the crime scene, Natalie talks on the phone to Brody and asks where John is. She asks if he went into the warehouse to endanger himself. He assures her that John is a pro and she must stay calm for herself and the baby. She better not even think about going to find John. She must stay where she and the baby will be safe.

Inside, John asks Cole if when he lifts the heavy metal, if Cole can roll so that he can get it up off him and Cole can get out. But Cole demands that John finds Starr and Hope.

James asks Hannah why she gave him that song and dance for him to fight for Starr. She asks him what that has to do with where Starr and Hope are. He asks her why she suddenly got a hold of the bullet necklace of his that Starr previously had. He does not buy that she found it in the trash. He knows that she is so obsessed about Cole that she would do anything for him including doing whatever she can to keep Starr away from him,. She tells him that is insane. He tells her exactly. Just like the reason they had around the clock shrinks for her at St. Anne’s. Right then, she reaches in her purse where her gun is.

Inside the demolished warehouse, John tells Cole he is determined to get him out of there.

Shaun then concludes that Greg and Charlene cheated on him behind his back. Greg protests that they meant no harm. Shaun was in poison and they were working really hard on his appeal. Mrs. Evans protests that it should not have happened But it did happen and it gave them her. She is their beautiful baby girl. Shaun is furious with Greg and tells him that Charlene promised to wait for him. Greg could have had any girl he wanted. But he had to take his brother’s. Shaun asks his brother why does he always have to take from him? Greg protests that he was not thinking about that and knows there is no excuse. He was wrong. Shaun is right then ready to physically attack his brother and their parents attempt to pull him off of Greg.

At the crime scene, Dani is on a stretcher unconscious and Todd attempts to get her to wake up and squeeze his hand. But she is non-responsive. Bo tells the paramedics that the smoke is getting thicker and he’s worried that many people could be inside and they must get them out. Brody tells Eli he knows that Téa was in a clinic in Cherryville and asks if that’s where he found her. Eli tells him as far as he knows, Téa is dead. Brody asks the other cops if they have found Starr and her baby. But nobody has seen them.

John attempts to pull Cole up so he can get on his feet and walk out of the warehouse. He helps him get out although there are electrical explosions all around them.

Todd asks the paramedics how Dani is. He tells her that he will be right back after he finds Starr and Hope. Marty demands that she goes with him if Cole is there. But he tells her she needs to be there for Dani. She will be terribly afraid when she wakes up and does not see him. Marty asks if Todd if Blair is hurt. Todd admits that nobody has seen or heard from Blair.

Bo has the cops searching for places where the missing people could have gone. And he will let Brody get the truth out of Eli. Brody demands to know where Téa is. Eli continues to tell him that if he cannot have his wife, Todd Manning cannot have his. Brody demands to know if Téa is in that warehouse or not. John then brings an injured Cole out of there. He’s bloody and injured but can walk. Yet he’s not going anywhere until he finds Starr and Hope.

Still stuck in Hannah’s parents’ home, Starr is ready to find a way out.

Hannah shows James the baseball that she found yesterday. It says Mother and Daughter held captive in basement. Please call Todd Manning. At that point, James knows that she is keeping Starr and Hope She tells him he better calm down or else he will never see either one of them again. He tells her that he just needs to know where they are and this will be all over and done with. He knows that Eli threatened her. But she admits that it’s not he who put her up to this. She admits she got a lucky break when Cole forgot his phone and she answered it when Starr called from the hospital and told him where they were.

John asks Brody if anyone has heard from Blair. He assumes she’s in there also. Todd follows him and tells him if he thinks he’s going to prevent him from finding his family, John must first shoot him. Natalie tells Marty that Cole has gotten out. Marty tells her she must call him. Natalie talks to Dani who is regaining consciousness and needs to know what happened. She is terribly afraid of what has happened to her mom.

Eli continues to smirk when Brody demands to know where Téa is. He physically attacks Eli and tells him he is scum to think it’s funny when a baby could be dying in there. But Eli knows that Starr and Hope are not there and could care less about Blair or Téa who are nowhere to be found.

Destiny demands that Greg tells him where her bio mom, Charlene is. He admits that she ran off. He then admits that he was trying to protect Shaun and that is why he could not tell anybody. He then admits that Charlene is dead. He is so sorry. But Destiny cries and runs out.

Todd tells the firefighters that he demands they let him in to find his daughter and granddaughter. They prevent him but John helps Todd attempt to find them

Hannah pulls the gun on James and tells him that she knows that he just wants to save Starr. She tells him that Starr does not deserve Cole. He belongs to her now. And she aims the gun at James.

Gigi and Cristian get ready to leave and she tells him all about raising Shane as a single mom. He tells her she’s lucky. She’s waited all this time and now she has Shane and Rex. She tells him she just wishes he would call. Right then, her phone rings and she asks Rex if he got a flight.

Mr. and Mrs. Evans protest to Shaun that Greg never told them anything about Charlene. Greg tells Shaun he was trying to protect him. Shaun tells Greg Greg was just trying to protect his sorry ass.. He goes after Destiny and holds his sister in his arms. Inside the room, Greg admits to his parents that there is a secret about how Charlene died. Hearing that, his mom asks how she died. He replies that he killed her.

When Natalie and the paramedics put Dani in a bed in a stretcher, Dani tells them they must find her mother.

John and Todd go inside and look for Starr, Hope, Téa and Blair. But none of them are anywhere to be found more metals falls on them. Cole is worried when he’s afraid that people are in danger.

Starr moves the crib with Hope in it and tries to find a way to alert passers by to know that they are trapped inside the house.

Cole opens a brief case that says explosives. He picks up a gun. He walks over to Eli. And he shoots him.

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