OLTL Update Friday 10/22/10

One Life to Live Update Friday 10/22/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

In Marty’s home, Hannah admits to Cole that she has something to confess to him. Last night, she had a dream that Starr and Hope died. But we don’t hear the rest. Outside the house, Robert, Langston and James are in Robert’s car keeping a close watch on Hannah. Langston returns after going to get some food for Robert, apologizing for not being able to find him the veggie burger he prefers. But, she tells him, there are some curly fries. Hearing that, he reminds her that one small serving of that is worth an hour of crunches. She jokes with him about his obsession over his abs. James the asks them to stop getting distracted and keep their eyes on Dr. Saybrooke's home to see if Hannah can lead them to Starr.

After Greg admits to his family that he worked with Eli, Shaun and Destiny ask him how he could do that. Eli has hurt people, killed people. Destiny tells Greg she knows the only way it could happen is that Elijah threatened him. Greg confirms that Eli gave him a choice. He either goes along with what he wants or Eli exposes the truth. Shaun and Destiny ask what truth. Greg replies that he betrayed his family.

Eli is ready to take Dani with him alone and leave Téa there. She struggles and screams but he covers her mouth and takes her away. Téa struggles to prevent him but is helpless while bound to the chair and her mouth is gagged.

Bo has the cops ready to circle the place where Eli has the hostages. John, Todd and Blair are all right behind him.. Todd reminds John that his daughter and granddaughter are in there. John assures him they will do this as safely as they can but must be ready. Todd tells him it’s pretty simple. He gives Eli the money. Eli gives him the girls. Right then, Eli calls John and can see the sirens surrounding the warehouse. John tells Eli that he has tried and failed to get the helicopter that he asked for. But there is a van and GPS and the random money. Eli tells him he will consider his change of plans but only after he gets to talk to his wife. He tells John he needs to put Blair on the phone.

Hannah tells Cole that this dream seemed real. It was as if her subconscious was preparing her for something. Cole tells her that she needs to know that Starr and Hope are going to be ok. She reminds him that Elijah Clark is a psychopath. He tells her he knows. But he also knows that the cops will bring Starr and his daughter back safe and sound. She sounds gracious and tells him she hopes he’s right. She then secretly reaches inside her purse and holds her gun in her hand without Cole seeing or knowing.

In Robert’s car, James and Langston wonder why he appears to still be in pain from overworking himself at the gym the other day. He tells them it does not help for him to be cooped up in this vehicle waiting to find out about his crazy ex’s obsession over Cole. James reminds his brother this is not about him. This is about Starr and baby Hope. James tells Robert if he wants to leave he may. But Robert tells his brother he is there in his vehicle but asks James how long this will take. James tells him he plans to see it through for as long as it takes. Robert seems to be in discomfort.

At the crime scene, Natalie tries to get past Brody. But he tells her she cannot endanger herself. She tells him that she believes Téa Delgado is alive and she believes that Eli may have her.

Matthew and Clint sit at a table at Buenos Dias. Matthew admits he’s not hungry nor thinking about work. He attended Destiny’s birthday. Her brother Greg just woke up and her family is at the hospital. Clint tells Matthew, sounding flip, that he supposes they will finally find out if Dr. Greg was involved with that maniac.

At the crime scene, Blair talks to Eli and tells him she will do anything for the kids. He tells her the only way she will get what she wants is if she leaves there with him. He tells her that this town is no good for either of them. So she needs to let him take her away so that they can have the life they’ve always wanted together. She asks him how she knows that he will let her have the kids. He tells her because he does not need these kids when the two of them can have their own children together. When that happens, he will let those kids go and be with whoever they want. He’ll have no use for them when he has his own.

Outside the warehouse, Natalie tells Brody that she happens to know that Téa is alive and that Greg had her falsely believing she had cancer when she did not and that she was dying and gave her drugs that made her sicker and having her falsely believing he was treating her for inoperable cancer. Brody asks her how she knows that. She replies because Greg confessed that Eli put him up to doing that by threatening him with some secret.

Greg tells his parents that he’s ready to confess his secret. At that point, Mr. and Mrs. Evans demand that Destiny and Shaun go outside the room so that they can talk to Greg privately. They ask why they cannot hear what Greg has to say. Mrs. Evans tells her son and daughter this is not a request. Alone, Greg tells his parents that he is ready to confess and let Shaun and Destiny know “the truth”. His mom tells him over her dead body.

At Buenos Dias, Matthew tells Clint that he is worried about Destiny and her family. Clint tells him he admires his loyalty to his friends and knows he has that same loyalty for his own family. He reminds Matthew how he helped catch that snake in the grass Rex Balsam. Matthew then asks his uncle just what Rex was doing in his office and what he found out. Clint replies that Rex was about to steal corporate secrets from B.E.

At the other table, Gigi talks to Cristian about her newest project. She talks about how she has a vision about the necklace that Rex’s biological parents left with him that they uncovered when they went to New Mexico. They talk about how she likes the French Impressionist. She knows he has some things on his mind and he admits that her favorite painting was Layla’s favorite also.

Hannah overhears Marty informing Cole that John informed her that the cops have found the place where Eli is keeping Dani and (she assumes) Starr and Cole. They ask Hannah if she wants to come with them. She tells them she does not need to.

Outside, in Robert’s car, they all wonder what Hannah plans to do after Cole and Marty leave the house. Robert still tells James and Langston that the cops have no way of believing their theory that Hannah kidnapped Starr and baby Hope. But Langston tells him it’s entirely possible that she did with how she is obsessed about Cole. Yet they know that they lack evidence that cops would listen to.

John tells Eli that until he sees those kids, he get nothing else. Blair tells Eli she will give him what he wants if she lets them go. Right then, he brings Dani outside. Blair and Todd stare at her stunned. Todd demands that Eli lets his daughter go but Eli smirks. John tells Eli that nothing will happen until they see all of the hostages alive and well. Eli tells him in that case, they have a problem. He cannot give them Starr and Hope.

In Robert’s vehicle, outside Marty’s home, Robert coughs and gasps and tells James and Langston that he can’t sit there forever. Langston then asks him just how he hurt himself at the gym. He replies with free weights. Noticing he’s coughing up blood into a tissue, she asks how that would make him cough up blood.

At the crime scene, Brody asks how Eli could have threatened Dr Greg to work with him and just what he had on him. Natalie admits she does not know exactly what. She tells him that she knows that Greg attempted to hide Téa at the Cherryville Clinic but Eli apparently got to her first. SO she’s going in there. But Brody tells her he will not let her in there. She tells him she’s pregnant, not an invalid. He tells her he wont’ take any chances. If anything happened to her or that baby, he could not live with himself. Right then, Marty stands nearby overhears and listens intently to Brody’s concern about Natalie’s baby.

Greg tells his parents that it’s time for Shaun and Destiny to know the truth although they vehemently protest that he cannot do that. Mr. Evans then tells Destiny and Shaun there is something he and their mother must tell them. Destiny asks if it has anything to do with Greg. Is he ok? They assure her that Greg will be fine. Mr. Evans tells them that they have to deal with this as a family and Destiny needs to know how much her parents love her. That will never change no matter what. Hearing that, she asks what they are talking about. At that point, Mrs. Evans confesses that she and Destiny’s father are not her real parents. Destiny looks at them stunned and shocked.

Blair faces Eli and Dani and tells him if he has done anything to Starr or Hope she swears she will kill them. He assures her that nothing has happened to them. All she needs to do is get in the van and make the exchange. IF she goes with him, they will come out. He then warns everybody not to mess with him. All it takes is the press of a button in his hands and Dani is dead.

At Buenos Dias, Gigi admits to Cristian that she is embarrassed to have opened her big mouth and admit that she likes the same painting as Layla. They also talk about how a ticket to Paris will be very expensive is about as expensive as the cost of her car and she remembers the cost of living in Paris, TX. And she remembers that she turned off her phone when Rex is trying to call her.

At the other table, Matthew asks Clint if Rex Balaam broke the law and tried to steal from B. E., why, then, didn’t Clint have him arrested? Clint replies it’s because Bo cares for that guy. And Natalie still sees that low life as his brother.

Blair gets out of the van and climbs into the warehouse where she believes Eli is keeping Starr and Hope.

Alone at Marty’s home, Hannah realizes that if Starr and Hope come back safe, she will have no chance with Cole. The only way she will get to have Cole is if those two are out of the way.

Robert continues to cough and gag and get sick and Langston and James wonder if he should not see a doctor.

Destiny asks her parents how they could have had her falsely believing that she is their biological daughter when she is not. Shaun tells them that he remembers when his mother birth to his younger sister. But their mom reminds Shaun that he was in Statesville when Destiny was born and only heard that his mother was pregnant and gave birth to her. Destiny then asks if they are saying she adopted and she cries.

Blair rushes into the warehouse to find Starr and Hope but is shocked and in awe when she sees Téa tied to a chair when she’s believed all this while that Téa is dead. Téa urges Blair to help her. Blair removes the gag from Téa’s mouth and Blair asks how it is that she saw her ashes and everybody believed she’s dead. They both laugh and Téa tells her not yet. But, she tells Blair that the urgent thing they must do is find Dani before Eli takes her away. Blair tells Téa that Dani is ok. She’s right outside and he’s not going to take her anywhere. But she can’t find Starr or Hope. Téa then admits to Blair that they are not there and she doubts that Eli has them.

In Greg’s room, Shaun demands that Greg tells him how he could have kept the secret from him and from Destiny that she was adopted. And how could he have bargained with that serial killer just to keep the truth from him and from little D. and how could their parents not have told them that she was adopted? Mrs. Evans then protests to her son that it’s not that simple.

Langston and James tells Robert they need to get him to a hospital. He tells them not to worry. But James tells him that he wants to know that whatever happened to him is fixable. They get out of the vehicle and Robert can barely walk. SO James and Langston hold up on either side to help him walk. James thanks his brother. Robert asks for what. James tells him for helping him with this. Robert then tells his brother the only thing he wants from him is to hear that he found Starr and Hope.

When Hannah notices that they are gone, she grabs her purse and gets ready to go.

At the crime scene Eli announces that as soon as he gets Blair, he will let Dani go and he and Blair will leave in peace.

Inside the warehouse, Blair struggles to get Téa untied and does not want her to panic. She tells her they need to be careful because if Eli does not get what he wants, he will press a button. So Téa needs to let her help her get out of there and they must move fast.

Eli then lets go of Dani and is ready for Blair to join him in the van, but she’s not there.

James runs into Hannah outside of Marty’s home and asks what she is doing there. She tells him she could ask him the same thing, She asks if he is spying on her.

Mr. and Mrs. Evans tell Destiny and Shaun that Destiny was not adopted. She is their flesh and blood. Hearing that, Shaun demands to know how they could not be her parents yet be her flesh and blood. Greg answers because they are not her parents. They are her grandparents. He tells Destiny that he is her father. She cries and puts her hand over her mouth.

At Buenos Dias, Matthew tells Clint he hopes that Destiny is ok. Clint tells him that is great loyalty. Matthew says maybe he should go to the hospital to be there for his best friend. Clint tells him that maybe at a time like this, Destiny needs to be alone with her family. Just in case Dr. Evans is guilty, they need to be able to deal with it alone. Matthew tells his uncle it would be devastating to so many people if Dr. Greg went to jail. All of the patients that he’s saved. Clint tells Matthew he knows all too well since it was he who shipped Greg into town so he could make Matthew walk again. But, he tells his nephew, they have important work to do. And they leave together.

At the crime scene, Marty demands that Natalie lets her through. Natalie tells her she cannot do that. John will freak if she puts herself in danger. Marty tells Natalie she is going to save her granddaughter and if Natalie prevents her from doing so, she will start asking questions about why Brody was so concerned about Natalie’s baby.

Blair is busy untying Téa while Eli is waiting for her in the van and telling her that they need to have a life together. Todd is holding Dani who is crying in his arms. At that point, Eli busts out of the van and demands that Blair gets in there with him now. He then tells Todd that if he cannot have Blair, then Todd can’t have his wife either. Hearing that, the only person who knows exactly what he is talking about is Dani. Seeing Eli holding the bomb activator in his hands, she rushes into the building, ready to risk her life in order to save her mother who is trapped inside. Todd runs after her. And John seems to be running right into the explosion.

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