OLTL Update Thursday 10/21/10

One Life to Live Update Thursday 10/21/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

While in captivity, Dani talks to Téa about what it meant for her to believe that her mother was gone forever. She had many dreams that her mother was there for her and then had to wake up and remember that she was dead. She asked God over and over to please bring her back. Téa remarks that it appeared that somebody was listening. And now, she knows that they might die together. Téa assures her daughter that they are not going to die Dani tells her she must know that Eli has completely lost it, but Téa tells her she must know that Todd is moving heaven and earth to find them.

Todd is taking drastic action to get the girls back. Blair tells him that he is being really stupid to mess with Eli and informs him that last night Eli broke into the hospital and tried to kill Dr. Greg. And were it not for Shaun, Eli would have succeeded.

Shaun and Vivian are standing beside Greg’s hospital room. She tells him that he needs to get to Destiny’s birthday party. That’s what Greg would want. She needs at least one of her brothers there even if it’s just for a short while.

Destiny is celebrating her birthday and opening presents with her parents and Darren. She remarks that it’s not the same without Greg and without Dani although she is grateful that they are there for her. Matthew enters. She hugs him and tells him it’s great that he wants to be there for her, but she tells them that with Greg in a coma and Dani in captivity, she cannot celebrate.

Natalie tells John that although they cannot prove that Téa is alive, they cannot prove that she is dead. He tells her if Téa is alive, where is she?

Eli has both Dani and Téa tied to a post and Dani makes it clear that they don’t’ trust him with anything. Dani demands to know where Starr is. Téa tries to calmly tell Eli that Dani is scared and tired and he cannot blame her for losing her temper. He tells her it will all be over as soon as he gets what eh wants.

Todd and Blair realize that nobody knows what Eli’s involvement with Dr. Greg is about, but he tells her that maybe she should try to find out since she was married to Eli. Hearing that, she warns him not to be rubbing her nose in bad judgment calls she’s made or she can remind him of the same about him. She tells him that John does not want him to buy Eli off because it will only enable Eli to get away and never be brought to justice, but Todd tells her he is ready to pay off Eli or do whatever is needed in order to get his daughters and granddaughter back.

Natalie tells John that they need to find out what Greg knows about Téa being alive.

Todd tells Blair that his only solution is to give Eli all the money he wants so that he can get the girls back, but she doesn’t want to do that because he could make Eli more dangerous.

Right the, Vivian talks to an unconscious Greg about how Eli blew it and he needed not worry, but he needs to wake up.

Destiny’s parents urge her not to put off celebrating her birthday today even if her brother and best friend cannot be there. She is intelligent and beautiful and has a family and friends who love her and who are proud of her. Darin tells them amen. Shaun then appears. Destiny rushes and hugs her brother.

In Greg’s room, Vivian notices something odd about Greg’s vitals and is afraid he will die on her. She rushes to revive him and is afraid.

Destiny makes two wishes; one for Greg and one for Starr, Dani and Hope. And she blows out her candles. Nate comes by and informs them that Elijah Clark called and let him, Todd and Blair talk to Dani, but nobody can find Starr and Hope. Hearing that, Matthew tells Nate it’s his fault that Dani, Starr and Hope are in danger. If he hadn’t helped her try to escape from going with Ross, then it would not have happened. Mrs. Evans asks if Eli would hurt Dani if he’s her uncle. Nate tells her it’s very possible he would since he killed his own brother. Destiny asks why Eli would kill his own brother. None of this makes sense. And she tells the others she knows that there is some suspicion that Greg is involved in this but she does not believe it. She tells them if Greg did help Eli, it’s because he had no choice and Eli forced him.

Vivian and the nurse revive Greg and see that he is ok, but she’s worried that something might have happened and Eli could have poisoned him again.

Téa tries to reason with Eli but Dani tells her mom there is no way to get him to see any reason. He’s a monster. He tells the two of them that he does have a reason for doing what he is doing.

It appears that Greg is opening his eyes and lucid when Vivian is standing over him. He asks her what happened. She tells him that he scared her half to death. Eli Clark came into his room and tried to pump him full of a lethal drug. She’s going to call his family since today is Destiny’s birthday. At that point, he seems to want to get better.

Eli asks Dani if she thinks he’s made Todd sweat enough.

Blair is on the phone talking to Jack who is staying with her mom. She tells Todd that the kids are missing so much. He asks her why doesn’t she fly out to be with them. She tells him she is not going anywhere until the girls are back. And even when they are back, she won’t let them out of her sight again. They hear the phone ring again.

At the station, Natalie tells John that she wants to go and investigate the room where she believes that Greg was treating Téa in the Cherryville Clinic. She assures him that she won’t overexert herself while she’ pregnant. He talks about their future together and their commitment, still unaware that the baby may not be his. He gets a call and tells her he has to go. Eli has made contact. She urges him to be careful. He tells her he will and leaves.

On the phone Todd tells Eli that he has taken his sweet time getting back to him. Blair gets on the phone and demands that he lets her talk to Starr. He tells her that will not be possible. She tells him she needs to know that Starr and Dani are alright. He tells her she will have to take his word for it. Todd tells Eli he won’t get one dime until Todd knows that they are ok, but Eli reminds Todd that this is his “party” and not Todd’s.

Destiny opens the gifts that her friends have given her. Darren has all of her favorite music downloaded but he admits he regrets that he lacks the cash to afford a “Pulse”. Matthew gives her his gift which is a real Pulse. This creates some awkwardness. Destiny’s father tells Matthew that’s generous of him but Destiny cannot accept anything so expensive. Matthew then tells Mr. Evans it’s quite alright. He’s making money and got a big bonus from his boss, his rich uncle Clint. Mrs. Evans remarks that it appears that Matthew is following in his rich yet wreck less uncle’s footsteps. Nate gives her his gift which is expensive jewelry that makes Matthew feel “threatened”. He tells her that Dani wanted to give it to her so she can consider it from both of them.

Vivian informs Greg that Natalie is there to ask him some questions, but maybe he should not speak to her without a lawyer. Natalie enters his hospital room and asks if he can help the cops by answering some questions about his involvement with Eli. She knows that when she went to talk to him once before, he told her something about Téa Delgado sounding like she is alive and as though he was working with Eli. She tells him that he can come clean and help the cops right now. He then admits to her that yes. He has been working with Eli and is willing to admit to his involvement in what happened to Téa and about the kidnapping of Dani.

Eli tells Todd that what he wants from Todd is to send Blair to him. Todd then reminds Eli that Blair tried to kill him and she might not be of much use to him since he lied to her and she knows he’s a serial killer.

Greg confesses to Natalie that Eli did in fact threaten him into having Téa falsely believing that she had a brain tumor when she did not so that he could help his brother get custody of Dani. He tells her that he took Téa to a hospice in St. Kits and had everybody believing that she died when he gave her drugs to make her think she was dying and put her in a coma and secretly brought her back to Cherryville to help her get better when Eli wanted him to kill her. He was stalling Eli when he holds something over Greg, but he knows it has to stop now.

Destiny’s mom shows her daughter a card that she found among Greg’s things that he never had a chance to send it. Destiny reads Greg telling her how much she means to him and how he knows he’s rarely been there for her when she has needed him but she’s never been out of his thoughts.

Meanwhile, Greg admits tot Natalie that Eli threatened his family. He kept the secret from everybody, but Téa is alive and getting better right now at the Cherryville Clinic. Hearing that, Natalie informs him she knows that’s not the case anymore. Téa has disappeared.

Eli tells Todd and Blair that they will never see the girls again unless he gets not only the money but Blair as well.

Destiny hugs Nate before he leaves and assures him that they mustn’t worry. Dani will come home soon. She has to. Matthew follows him outside and tells him that he has a problem with the fact that Nate not only took Dani from him but seems to want to “steal” his best friend from him. Nate gets in Matthew’s face and tells him he needs to leave him alone. Darren breaks up their fight.

Inside, Destiny and her family all wonder what will happen with Greg.

Greg then asks Natalie how it could be that Téa disappeared. He had a nurse with her around the cock. Natalie informs him that she disappeared also. He tells Natalie that the cops have to find her. She tells him that is exactly what they are trying to do. He protests that he is only trying to protect his family, but the cops tell him they have to place him under arrest as soon as he’s cleared to get out of the hospital for aiding and abetting Eli’s actions.

Eli then tells Todd and Blair they need to “work it out” and have Blair meet him at the Industrial Park. Todd tells him not until they know the girls are ok. He tells them they will have to trust him. When she gets off the phone, Todd tells her she is not going near Eli. John agrees, but she tells them both they are running out of options and she might have to take her chances by giving him what he wants.

Vivian calls Shaun and tells him that his brother is awake and recovering. Shaun tells his family and they rejoice, but, she warns Shaun, there is a problem. Greg is under arrest.

While Eli holds Téa and Dani captive, she tells him he is psychotic and she cannot believe that she ever loved him. If he hurts Blair she will never forgive him. Téa then tells Eli that she realizes he wants the money but needs to leave Blair out of this.

Todd tells Blair he cannot let her put herself in danger. She asks him if he knows of a better option. He tells her he thinks he does and asks John to arrest her. John then tells Todd that maybe they can make Eli think they are giving him what he wants until the “other shoe” drops.

Eli is then ready to take Téa and Dani away somewhere and have Blair come and meet him although they plead that he not hurt Blair.

Destiny, Shaun and their parents all rush to see Greg and are so happy he’s back and going to be ok. Destiny tells her brother now that he’s awake, he can set those cops straight that he had nothing to do with Elijah Clark, but Greg has to admit to his sister that they are correct. He did. Shaun asks Greg why he would work with Eli. The man has hurt people, killed people. Destiny tells Greg there’s only one way he would work with Eli. Eli would have had to be threatening him. Eli admits to his brother and sister that Eli was holding something on him. Shaun and Destiny ask just what that is, but it appears Greg cannot tell them.

Eli is ready to take tea and Dani somewhere. Outside the place, Blair enters with Todd and John telling them that all she cares about is getting the girls back.

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