OLTL Update Wednesday 10/20/10

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 10/20/10


Written by Lisa G.
Pictures by Juanita

James is looking at Hannah’s necklace and Cole stops by to apologize for taking his anger out on him at the police station. Cole says the only one to blame is Eli and James asks him if he is sure about that. Cole goes on to also apologize for blaming Nate. James asks what about Hannah, is she to blame? Cole defends Hannah saying that she was also a victim of Eli and she is a different person now. Cole wonders out loud if the two of them can work together to find Starr. Cole then finds the necklace and says that he thought Starr had the necklace. How did it get here in his apartment? He lies and tells him that Starr returned it to him after Natalie found it. Cole says he doesn’t care his only concern is finding Starr and Hope. Cole leaves and Langston pays a visit to James to talk about Hannah. They tell each other about their suspicions of Hannah. They agree not to tell Cole because of how hot headed he is; they think he’ll rush over and confront Hannah. If that happens, Hannah will shut down and they will lose Starr forever. Ford comes back and tells them what happened with Hannah and he thinks she knows exactly what happened to Starr.

In the attic, Starr is trying to reassure Hope and is running out of food. She promises her ice cream when they finally get out. She puts Hope in the crib and lies on the floor to try and get some sleep. She hopes James will figure out that Hannah lied about the necklace and will get to Cole before Hannah does. Starr falls asleep and dreams about Cole and Hannah being together. She dreams of Hannah professing her love to him and she dreams they are laying on the couch kissing. In her dream, she is pleading to Cole to find her and James walks in and says I’ll save you. She dreams of them arguing over her, both professing their love. Starr wakes up to Hannah crying and she is flustered over her dream. She reassures Hope by singing a song.

Ford pays Hannah a visit at Marty’s. She has the baseball in her hand and when he asks what she is doing with it, she says it’s to relieve stress. Langston is also there and is wondering why he is there. Langston stays to hear what Ford has to say. Ford asks Hannah if she will give him a second chance. Langston’s chin hits the floor. She goes on to tell him what a dog he is. He says he realizes that hooking up with Langston turned him into a dog and that he really wants Hannah back. She looks into his face with slight disbelief and amazement. Hannah’s phone rings, she steps out of the room to take the call. When she does, Ford tells Langston that he didn’t mean anything he just said and he needs her to leave and trust him. Ford tells her he is trying to help Starr. If he doesn’t believe her, talk to James. She tells him she trusts him and leaves. Hannah returns and Ford continues to apologize to her for everything he did. If they had stayed together, Eli would never have been able to hurt them. She tells Ford they can’t get back together because of Cole. Ford asks her if she thinks that she and Cole can be together. He is standing behind her, real close, trying to convince her that he wants to be with her. Langston was never his and Cole can never be hers with Starr in the picture. Hannah whips around and says, “What if she wasn’t?” He continues to goad her and says you will never have a chance with Cole. Wanna bet she says and in walks Cole. She rushes to him and hugs him. Ford leaves and she tells Cole that Ford wants her back, but she rejected him because she is waiting for the right guy.

Echo pays Charlie a visit and they talk about how much he misses Jared. She tells Charlie she understands his loss and wants to help ease his pain. She is very upset and wants to share something about herself with him. She has to say it, but contemplates what Vickie is going to say about it. Vickie comes home and kicks her out before Echo can tell Charlie her secret. Charlie tells Vickie she over-reacted and whatever Echo had to tell him sounded important. Vickie tells Charlie, of course it’s important, this is Echo’s MO to try and get one of her husbands in to bed. He tells Vickie she is being paranoid, that Echo doesn’t have an ‘evil agenda’. Has Rex found anything out yet? She tells Charlie that Rex found out that she had been back one more time. Came in to town and left very quickly. Charlie says so what. She keeps going back to Echo sleeping with her husband and she knows she is after Charlie. Charlie jumps up and says that is never going to happen. Stop getting so wound up over her!

At the diner, Vickie sees a drawing that Gigi is working on. It’s a drawing of the half heart necklace. Gigi is drawing it from memory because the original necklace is gone. Vickie thinks her drawing is amazing. Gigi comments she is really enjoying the class. Cris is also at the diner, he leaves a message for Leila telling her he misses her. Markko tells him is going to stick around till Starr is found. Cris asks if there is any other reason why he is going to stay in Llanview. Markko says no, long distance relationships don’t work. He doesn’t realize that Leila is in Paris. After Cris walks away, looking pretty upset, Gigi tells Markko about Cris and Leila’s current living arrangements. He feels like an idiot!

Rex is in Echo’s room and he finds a half heart necklace. He holds it up wondering why it is in her room. He thinks back to the last time he had the necklace and wonders if this is his father’s half. He puts it back down and takes a picture. He scoops the necklace up and as he is putting everything back, Echo comes in and catches him in her room. Rex bluffs his way out by saying he was looking for someone in another room. Echo then recognizes him and asks if he works there. He tells Echo that he some times helps his mom out. Roxy is your mom, I don’t see the resemblance. He leaves and she goes to her box in the drawer. Rex heads over to the diner and shows Gigi the picture of the necklace. They bounce ideas around about why she would have this. Maybe his father gave it to her, but he doesn’t think he’ll get a straight answer out of her, but he thinks he will from someone else. He is going back to New Mexico and will show Echo’s picture around to try and get some answers. He is going to try and get the other half of the necklace back from the grave and show Echo. Back in the room, Echo puts on the necklace, looks at herself in the mirror and starts to cry.

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