OLTL Update Tuesday 10/19/10

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 10/19/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Viki goes to Dorian and asks her how she is holding up. She asks if there is anything she can do. Dorian tells Viki one thing she could do is stop looking at Dorian with so much concern and pity, and she reminds Viki that she could do the same to her with the fact that Echo DiSavoy is in town.

Brody comes home from work and informs Charlie that Eli is at large and almost killed Dr. Greg. They still cannot catch him or find out where he’s taken Dani and Starr and baby Hope. Sensing that Brody might want to take matters into his own hands and now knowing that Jessica and Brody have to face results they don’t want to face from a paternity test, Charlie tells Brody that he doesn’t want him to play the hero and reminds him that that is how he lost his son Jared.

Echo checks into Angel Square and tells Roxy that she prefers something cheap and low profile over somewhere like the palace to stay. At that point, Roxy tells her that is great and but she needs a deposit. At that point, Echo’s smile fades.

James tells Robert that it seems very odd that Eli called Todd Manning and let him talk to Dani but not to Starr. It’s also a bit odd that Hannah happened to find his bullet chain that he last saw in Starr’s possession.

Starr is attempting to get out the window after she managed to break it open with the baseball. But before she can get herself and baby Hope out, Hannah appears with the baseball in her hand and tells Starr nice try.

At Buenos Dias, Gigi is talking to Cristian and telling him she has noticed that Rex is being unusually hostile toward Clint Buchanan and wonders what that is about. Rex talks to Clint who reminds him that he wants to help Gigi to stay in school. He tells him that itís better for everybody if David Vickers stays gone and that Dorian never finds out the truth about him. Rex then asks Clint if that is what he told himself when he cheated on Viki with Echo DiSavoy

When Roxy tells Echo of the different forms of payment she will accept for rent, Echo attempts to distract her by telling her she has great bone structure. She tells Roxy that she is a professional photographer and Roxy must let her know if she needs any shots taken. Roxy then looks at Echo’s business card with all of her ties yet Roxy finds it odd that she’s never heard of Echo. Echo tells Roxy that she and Viki go way back and she’s worked on the Banner. Roxy finds that odd also, knowing she’s never heard Viki mention that.

Dorian and Viki agree that Echo is a vulture who is up to no good ready to scam money from both of them and cause trouble in both of their lives.

Echo finds out that Roxy owns a salon and tells her that in order to keep her business afloat, she needs photos and publicity and tells her that she would be happy to help her with that. She tells Roxy that she did the famous photo of Dorian but cannot show that to Roxy. She shows her a small snap shot of Viki and Charlie and reveals that she calls Charlie Chuckles.

Hannah informs Starr that her nosy boyfriend has been asking a lot of questions. Hearing that, Starr asks if Cole is trying to find her and suspicious of Hannah. Hannah clarifies that she means James. He’s really concerned about her disappearance and wants to get her back Yet, she hasn’t heard that Cole is particularly concerned.

James asks Robert if he does not believe that it’s possible that Hannah is holding Starr and baby Hope captive somewhere because she is obsessed about Cole. Robert tells his brother that he finds that a bit far fetched.

Viki informs Dorian that Echo asked for a job at the Banner. Dorian informs Viki that Echo wanted to take pictures in an attempt to get Starr and Hope and Daniela back. She wants to make Dorian’s family’s tragedy a photo op. They agree that they both want Echo out of their hair but Viki reminds Dorian that Dorian) and Echo used to be friends.

Roxy talks to Echo about Charlie Banks. She informs her that Charlie is a good friend of hers and she’s noticed that he has had problems with drinking and can’t drink. He had a really bad patch, fell off the wagon and he and Viki almost split for good, when Charlie lost his son. Hearing that, Echo is very surprised and intrigued to find out that Charlie had a son.

Brody and Charlie are talking about how they both miss Jared. Charlie tells Brody he knows that after finding out that Robert Ford could be the father of Jessica’ baby, it must rally be testing Brody. He urges Brody to confide in him about what he’s feeling.

James tells Robert that when he talked to Hannah, it seemed consistently like she is keeping some secret and has some intense obsession about Cole. Robert tells his brother that that is the way Hannah is. But James also knows that Eli got Dani the car and took her away. But it appears he did not take Starr with him. Robert asks James if he believes that Hannah kidnapped Starr from her kidnapper. James tells his brother he believes it’s entirely possible that Hannah is fooling everybody into believing that she’s getting better and cleaning up her act so that she can do something like this and never get found out. He tells Robert he must consider the possibility that that could be what is happening.

Dorian tells Viki that she is mistaken to say that Dorian) was Echo’s friend. She tells Viki that she does believe that Echo and Clint did a very bad thing. But Viki remembers that Dorian really encouraged them to be together. And they both agree that they’d be better off if Echo really did die all those years ago. Dorian tells Viki she must know that Echo appears to be after Charlie. Viki then admits that Charlie admitted to her that many years ago, when he was drinking, he did have a relationship with Echo. Hearing that,, Dorian affirms that if Echo causes any trouble for Viki or for Clint, Viki must let her know and Dorian will make Echo sorry.

Echo asks Roxy that name of Charlie’s son. Roxy tells her his name was Jared. He was a gorgeous guy and the love of her daughter, Natalie’s life. And they were married. But Jared was killed and his death was very tragic for everybody.

Brody informs Charlie that he and Jessica decided to get a paternity test. Charlie asks Brody what he’s going to do if it turns out that the baby is Ford’s. He asks Brody if he will be able to handle that.

Rex tells Clint he knows that Clint stepped out on the greatest woman in the world to be with a bimbo named Echo DiSavoy. Hearing that, Clint tells Rex that he needs to be more concerned about Gigi than about Clint’s business with his ex wife.

Cristian and Gigi talk about her art inspiration and how it’s all about that necklace that Rex’s biological mother left with him when he was first born. Cristian ask Gigi why it’s all about Rex and not more about her.

Rex tells Clint he knows that Echo came back to Llanview years ago and got a speeding ticket right when everybody thought she was gone for good and the judge ordered her never to come back.

James tells Robert that he wants to find out what is up with Hannah. Robert tells him if he is really convinced about this theory, he needs to call the cops. But they both know that he has no solid evidence. He needs more. James knows that Hannah is suspicious of him and not about to tell him anything. But, he tells Robert, maybe Robert) could get some information out of Hannah.

Hannah asks Starr how she plans to escape with a bad ankle and a baby. Hannah then picks up the baby and alarms Starr. Starr demands to know what she is doing. Hannah replies she is taking the little one with her.

Robert tells James he does not want to get involved in this. For one, he really messed Hannah up enough as it is and doesn’t want to repeat old habits. But James protests to his brother that Starr’s and Hopes lives could be at stake. He then concludes that he won’t ask Robert to help him. But Robert concludes to his brother that he will do it. The last time he saw that look of disappointment on his brother’s face was when he left him with their father. He will go and talk to Hannah and see if he can get her to talk about what she may have done to Starr.

Starr tells Hannah that it’s been hard enough for her to explain the necklace. How is she going to explain why she has a baby with her? At that point, Hannah realizes that may be true.

Dorian asks Viki if Rex has found out anything interesting about Echo. Viki tells her they both remember the judge telling Echo she must never come back to town. But Rex found that Echo got a speeding ticket in Llanview at a later date shortly thereafter.

Clint then asks Rex who would care of Echo drove too fast across town many years ago. Rex tells him that there’s evidence that she was there when she was supposed to be gone. He wonders why.

Dorian tells Viki that she’s sure that the reason Echo came back after she left was to find Clint. And she knows that right now Echo wants to get her claws into Charlie.

Echo and Roxy wrap up their talk and Echo tells Roxy she has some errands to run. Roxy reminds her that she still needs the deposit. Echo tells Roxy that maybe what she can do for her instead is offer her some free photography that would normally cost more than the amount Roxy would collect from a deposit. At that point, Roxy agrees and concludes that they can be great friends. Alone in the room, Echo admits that she is blown away to find out that

Clint tells Rex that Echo is the least of his troubles right now and he goes out the door.

Alone in the room at Angel Square, Echo takes out a secret box. At that point, we see her with that very box many years ago. And there’s obviously something very significant about the box.

Starr tells Hannah she must know that she can’t exactly hide Hope if she goes anywhere. Plus she must know that if Cole finds out she’s kidnapped his child, he will never forgive her, much less want to be her man. So why doesn’t she just leave Hope with Starr? Hannah then admits she is not certain what she should do.

Roxy runs into Rex with at Buenos Dias and informs him she’s going to have a photo shoot with a world famous photographer. Hearing hat, Rex asks his mom who is the photographer. Roxy replies her name is Echo DiSavoy. Hearing that, Rex is stunned.

Gigi talks to Cristian about her and Rex going to NM to find Rex’ biological parents. And when they heard the story about how his parents found their way back to each other, that is how she and Rex found their way back to each other. And they left the necklace that his mom left with him after he was born on her grave.

Rex then demands that Roxy tells him just where Echo is right now. She tells her son that Echo just rented a room at Angel Square but said she was going out.

Dorian is on the phone urging Bo and the cops to please find her girls. She tells Viki every time that phone rings, she freaks. Dorian wants to evade talking about how she is all alone after the girls are missing and wants to distract Viki by talking about Echo. But Viki wants Dorian to admit how worried and scared she is.

Hannah gives Hope back to Starr and tells her she will let her know as soon as she figures it out. Starr holds her baby and asks what the crazy girl was going to do with her little one. She tells Hope she does not care what that crazy girl does to herself) But she will never let Hannah near her little one. And, she tells Hope, that James appears not to trust Hannah either. So maybe he will find them.

James is alone in the apartment looking at his bullet on a chain and urging his brother to get to the bottom of what is going on with Hannah and come home.

Hannah returns to Marty’s home and hears a knock on the door. She rushes to open it assuming it’s Cole. But Robert surprises her and tells her it’s just the two of them.

After Viki urges Dorian to talk about what she is feeling, Dorian thanks Viki for stopping by and shows her to the door. Viki tells Dorian she will leave but urges her to call if she needs anything.

Rex goes to Angel Square, carries some linen into Echo's’ room and knocks telling her it’s the housekeeping staff. He sees that the room is empty and finds the key to unlock the door. He goes around looking inside drawers to see if he can find out anything.

Cristian gets a text message from Layla and informs Gigi that she wants him to go to Paris. But he’s so busy with work. She tells him she can help with the students while he’s away. She tells him some times you need to get away. SO she urges him to go to Paris and re-connect with his fiancé.

Rex discovers, the mysterious box that Echo has kept in the bottom drawer of her room. And he seems to recognize it.

Echo comes to see Charlie and tells him she heard about his son’s death and wanted to tell him how sorry she was. She tells him she never knew he had a grown son. She then tells him with that, she knows he will understand. She tells him, sounding very serious, that there is something she needs to talk to him about.

Rex opens Echo’s box and takes out the very necklace that he found in NM that his biological mom left with him when he was born.

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