OLTL Update Monday 10/18/10

One Life to Live Update Monday 10/18/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Clint goes to Robert Ford’s apartment and introduces him to his “associates, Mr. Black and Mr. Blue”. When Robert opens the door, the two guys come after him and assault him repeatedly.

James leaves Marty’s home and runs into Hannah who is returning and he knows it’s kind of “odd” that she would have the bullet chain that was his that he last saw in Starr’s possession when nobody has seen or heard form Starr.

Starr is trying and failing to get out of the room where Hannah has locked her and baby Hope.

Shaun is at home with Vivian relaxing.

Eli goes to see an unconscious Greg and tells him that he and Téa and all the people who thought that Eli was dead and tried to outsmart him are stupider than Greg realizes and will regret what they did.

Nate goes to see Todd and apologizes. Todd asks him for what. Nate replies for making Todd lose Dani.

Dani busts through the door of the place where Eli has left her and Téa captive and sees her mother for the first time on the other side. She freaks and later rejoices to see that her mom is alive.

After Robert is getting assaulted by Clint’s “men”, Clint smugly asks Robert if he may help himself to food and drinks out of the refrigerator. He thanks Robert and tells him he’s a very generous man. Robert gets punched to the ground and ready to pass out and asks why this has happened. Clint tells Robert he may ask Clint’s daughter.

At the Ob/Gyn clinic, Brody tells Jessica that they don’t need to make a decision right away. She tells him that she knows what she wants to do. She is going to marry him and have this baby and have more children. He is the man she loves and wants to be with for the rest of her life. She tells him that they have to face the reality of the paternity test. So she wants to get the test done. And then, she confirms to him that she wants to have a house full of kids.

Starr tries to amuse baby Hope while they are held captive. She rolls a ball to her on the floor and it rolls away. Starr then observes a window up at the top of the house and wonders if there is a way for them to escape.

Hannah informs James that Cole had the bullet necklace in his apartment. She asks James if he’s there to see Dr. Saybrooke. James tells her no. He wants to see Cole and see if they can put aside the fact that they do not get along in order to find Starr. Hearing that, she reflects how it is that everybody is so concerned about Starr. But he tells her that before he goes anywhere, he needs to know how the necklace wound up in her purse.

Nate admits to Todd that Dani did not want to leave him or his family or any of the people she loves. And he tells Todd that they would have never guessed in a million years hat her uncle would have kidnapped him. Todd tells Nate if he is apologizing, Todd does not accept his apology.

Vivian asks Shaun if he can do something for her. He replies anything. She tells him to take a deep breath and relax and asks if that does not feel better. He tells her he does not know what he would do without her,. He kisses her and tells her he has to meet Destiny later so they can go and see their brother Greg.

Eli manages to privately enter Greg’s room unseen and puts on a doctor’s hat and scrubs. HE tells Greg that he really thought he was smart to have attempted to pull this little stunt of having Eli believing he was dying so that he could kill Eli. But Eli did not fall for it. And it was Greg who pumped Téa full of drugs that made her unconscious and he will have to explain his involvement in all of this and could lose his license to practice medicine. He tells Greg that Téa might make it through all of this. But Greg might not be so fortunate.

Dani and Téa cry together and Téa promises her daughter she will never leave her again.

Starr then declares to her daughter that Mommy is going to try to climb up to that window at the top of the building and asks Hope to promise her mommy she will never try anything this stupid. Starr then puts boxes and papers and junk on the floor and stacks it as high as she can so that she can climb. She appears worried that she could fall and hurt herself abut realizes it’s the only chance they have of getting out of there.

Hannah tells Nate that she lives in Cole’s mom’s home and kept the bullet on the chain for Starr. But James knows there is something not right about that.

Todd invites Nate into his home and wants to talk to him. Nate asks why he is invited if Todd is not going to accept his apology.

Dani cries and tells her mom that she and her dad were determined not to let her die alone and finally located the hospice where she was.. But Dr. Evans told them it was too late. She does not understand how all of these things could have happened. Dani can see that her mom needs some water and rushes to get her some.. She asks what happened because she does not understand. Téa admits she does not either. She tells her that apparently Eli concocted some plan to make her think she was dying.

Eli stands over unconscious Greg’s bed and gets a needle syringe and is ready to inject Greg with a lethal drug. He tells Greg that Téa and Dani almost got him in trouble for what he did. But he managed to subdue them. He tells Greg that everything fell into place for him and maybe he should thank the “Doc”. So he will make this as painless as possible. Eli gets ready to inject the lethal dose to Greg.

Shaun finds Brody and asks if Eli has told the cops what he wants. Brody tells him that he said he wants $50 million from Todd in order to bring Dani back to him. He still hasn’t given them a clue as to where Starr or baby Hope are.. And they don’t’ know what they are going to do. Vivian meets with Jessica and Brody ready to do the paternity test.

At Robert’s kitchen counter and has his men punch and assault Robert, knock him down repeatedly and pull him up to get beaten again. He “calmly” tells Robert that what he knows is that Robert lured Clint’s emotionally impaired daughter into his bed and exploited her and may have gotten her pregnant. He tells Robert he’s a mongrel and Robert is going to find out what Clint does with mongrels.

Vivian tells Jessica and Brody that things are getting better for her but she wants Jessica in bed for a few days. They tell her that they do want a paternity test. She tells them she can do an amnio that has minimal risk. They schedule to have it done. But Brody asks if the “other candidate” needs to be there. She tells him as long as they have DNA from both Jessica and Brody they are ok. And, she tells Brody, he can save them some time by taking the test now.

Clint tells Robert that he could care less if Robert is the biological father of Jessica’s baby. But just in case Robert is “That guy”, he will be watching him. Robert then tells Clint that he realizes that this must means that Robert is out of a job. He tells Clint he may do whatever he wants to him. But he asks Clint not to take away James’ grant since James has not done anything. Clint replies to Robert that James will keep his grant. And he tells Robert, Robert will keep his job.

James tells Hannah he knows that she wants Cole and is obsessed about him> And she needs to know that herself and Cole ain’t gonna ever happen> But she seems to believe differently and realizes that he has feelings for Starr. She asks him what he would do if Starr informed him she was free. She doubts he’d send Starr home to Cole.

Starr then attempts to climb but falls.

Dani manages to untie her mom from the chair and asks her if she is sick. Téa tells her no. There was never any cancer. Dani cries and gasps and tells her that is so great. Téa admits that she still needs to recover from all these drugs they’ve been giving her to make her feel sick but she will be ok. Dani informs her that she and Todd and all of the people who loved Téa had a funeral for her. She tells Téa that Eli set them all up. He even killed his own brother. He killed Ross. But she cannot think of any of that right now Dani tells her.. Eli set this all up so that that Ross could have custody of her. Téa then figures out that she made a serious mistake to entrust Eli to draw up her Will and name Todd and Blair as Dani's legal guardians after she’s gone. And she knows how it must have ruined things for them.

Todd tells Nate that he knows that Eli would have taken Dani no mater where she was and was willing to kill his own brother to do it and Nate is lucky to be alive.

When Eli is ready to inject Greg, Shaun walks through the door. He asks the “doc” (not noticing who he is if there are any changes in his brother. But at that point, Eli attempts to club him over the head and escapes.

Jessica asks Brody how she could be so lucky to have him. He tells her he is the lucky one. He has her and two beautiful children.

Clint tells Robert that he doesn’t intend to get him fired from LU although he could. He reminds Robert that his friends only damaged Robert’s torso. He would never hurt Robert’s mother but asks Robert how his mother would feel and what she would do if she found out what her son did. He tells Robert he likes his mother but “family comes first”.

Todd informs Nate that Eli called and let him talk to Dani. She seems ok so far. But he wishes he could have talked to Starr.

Dani informs Téa that Todd has been such a mess all this while since she’s been gone. And she admits they cannot find Starr.

Hannah tells James if he really wants Starr he might want to “think” about fighting for her. But James tells Hannah the only thing he’s thinking about is having her come back safe. Hannah needs to realize that that guy who has them is a stone cold killer. She tells him she knows all about Eli Clark. And she hopes that they have faith that things will work out. And she believes that when Star come s home, she will realize that James is the one for her and not Cole. But James tells her she needs to realize that Starr and Cole will get back together. And he seems to know that she is hiding something.

Starr falls to the floor and appears to have injured her ankle. She tells her little one that they can move to a Plan C although she hasn’t thought of what it will be. She then sees Hope pick up a baseball. And she declares that the little one is a genius.

Nate tells Todd it’s very odd that Eli didn’t let him talk to Starr and remarks that that is the first rule of kidnapping is to let one know that the victim is alive. That way they have something to bargain with. So Starr must be alive and well. But Todd tells Nate he better leave. Alone, Todd talks to himself about what he is supposed to do when he hasn’t a clue what has happened to Starr. He sees Téa’s urn and asks her what he should do.

Dani manages to untie her mom from the chair. Téa tells her they need to get out of there and call the police. She hugs her daughter.

Jessica tells Vivian she will let her know when Brody’s DNA is typed and they can set up the amnio. Shaun appears with a bump on his head and informs them that Eli is at large and tried to kill his brother. He tried to go after Eli but he got away. Brody gets on his police scanner and attempts to find out where Eli went.

Starr holds the baseball that Hope found on the ground and attempts to throw it up to the window on the ceiling so they can find a way out.

James comes home and sees his brother injured and asks what happened to him. Robert tells him he must have overdone it at the gym. James informs him that when he went to Marty’s to talk to Cole, he wasn’t there. But Hannah was. He asks Robert how crazy he believes Hannah is. Robert replies she’s certifiable and advises James to stay away from her. James tells him that it appeared that Hannah knows something that she was not telling him. And he wonders how it is that Hannah was carrying his bullet on a chain in her purse when Starr last had it. He asks Robert if he believes that Hannah could have kidnapped Starr and Hope.

Jessica talks to Brody on the phone while he goes to Greg’s room to see if he can catch Eli and she is in Vivian’s office. Clint appears and asks her about her appointment. She tells him she’s doing good and she and Brody have decided to do the paternity test. He tells his daughter that Brody is a good man whom he trusts to do the right thin. And Clint does not believe that Robert Ford is going to be any trouble for them.

Nate goes to Robert and James’ home and informs them that Todd told him that Eli called and let him talk to Dani but not to Starr. Eli let him talk to Dani but refused to put Starr on the phone. Hearing that, James is stunned.

Alone in Marty’s home, Hannah inquires whether James suspects that she might have had a hand in Starr’s disappearance and if so she will have to “move things along”.

Starr manages to break the window and tells Hope that somebody will have to see it and call baby Hope’s grandpa.

Todd tells Téa’s urn that he will do whatever it takes to get Dani back. He wont’ let her down.

Dani helps Téa get to her feet to walk. She asks her what is the first thing she will do when she gets home..

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